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Official Music Video for "Have My Heart" featuring Chandler Moore & Chris Brown by Maverick City Music.
"Have My Heart" was written by Chandler Moore, Tiffany Hammer, Brandon Lake, and Steven Furtick. This video was captured with the Maverick City Music Choir in Atlanta at 1971 Sounds as a part of a song share and recording night for Maverick City Music Vol 3, part 1.
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You love with no reservations
You’re not looking for perfection
There’s no need in me pretending
I’ll give you everything
I’ll give you everything
You deserve my full attention
Nothing less than my devotion
Speak to me and I will listen

I’ll give you everything
I’ll give you everything
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
Be the Lord of my emotions
Set me free from selfish motives
Search me til there’s nothing hidden
I’ll give you everything
I’ll give you everything
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
You can have my heart
My heart is yours forever
If you want my heart, You got it
You got it, You got it
If you want my heart, You got it
You got it, You got it
If you want my heart, You got it
You got it, You got it
If you want my heart, You got it
You got it, You got it
TRIBL's mission is to be the home of live, moment-driven worship. We hope these songs and moments bring encounter with God's Presence and continue to be a place where His heart is revealed.
Let's unite the tribes, together.
Film: Mary Claire Stewart / maryclairephoto.com

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ManofGodsFire Hace 5 horas
Man. I love this. You got my Heart Lord
Eliette Henry
Eliette Henry Hace 7 horas
Lord God here's my heart have your way! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Warren Mokgosi
Warren Mokgosi Hace 8 horas
Bless the Lord.
Yulanda Douglas
Yulanda Douglas Hace 11 horas
Dear God I'm really sorry for things I have done, for they way I would act, Lord i want to confess my sins, Lord i want to be free of myself, Lord i need you to work on me, Lord i need you to please help me with my memory problem with my ways. Lord i need you in my life every day and every night Lord i need your help 😔 I'm hurt, broken and down i need you to stop these confusion in my mind in my life and show me the way of true life and living amen in Jesus name I'm sorry, I'm sorry God 🙏
Octtiria Phillips
Octtiria Phillips Hace 12 horas
Love this and Love this Song
Deborah Thomas
Deborah Thomas Hace 17 horas
MidSouthRebel Hace un día
Never have I cried so much.... this song along with refiner. I need him more than anything in my life right now.
Kasun Kumarasinghe
Kasun Kumarasinghe Hace un día
so simple
Akira Luiz
Akira Luiz Hace un día
Thank you, my Jesus! Obrigado, meu Deus!
Priscilla Budu
Priscilla Budu Hace un día
Just beautiful. You got it
Musa Mkhize
Musa Mkhize Hace un día
REGINE Hace un día
My favorite album since 2020💕
Estien Slabbert
Estien Slabbert Hace un día
I pray for a Spirit that can connect in whatever place, church, environment, worship setting I step in. Because His Spirit dwells within me, I will bring His presence wherever I may find myself, being the vessel. If there is lacking, let Him use me. Let me be so completely consumed by Him and belong to Him that His peace and presence arrive where I do. To die in myself so utterly that He be glorified! That I may be as bold and confidant as Paul was in saying "do as I do" in 1 Corinthians 11:1.
danell mcleod
danell mcleod Hace un día
Yes Lord you got it 🙌
Kristy Pannell
Kristy Pannell Hace un día
I like this group bc there isnt a stage they r just worshipping g like the people used to do back in the day
Ntwanano Shikwambana
Ntwanano Shikwambana Hace un día
Your music blesses my spirit. Whether I'm having a good or bad day - I thank God for the revelation your music brings to my life. May God bless you all.
Lorenzo Smith
Lorenzo Smith Hace un día
For everyone to see! Look at the crowd singing in perfect unity! Look at the crowd and see a glimpse of heaven! Everyone in unity and total love and awe of the one true savior! All barriers have been removed in this moment of worship. Let this be an example to us all and remove the barriers and let the true love of God reign in it hearts, so that the world would believe in it God. Amen
kingsmenacap kingsmenacap
kingsmenacap kingsmenacap Hace un día
Chandler Moore you are blessing life in Nigeria, God bless you guys
maxine nicholson
maxine nicholson Hace un día
Lord you got it🙏💛💗💚💜💙 Holy Holy Lord God Almighty. You have my heart. Praise The Lord!🙌🙌🙌🙌
Munyirwa Regina
Munyirwa Regina Hace un día
You can have my heart 🙌🏾
livia casais
livia casais Hace 2 días
Linda adoracao aJesus
Connie Maririmba
Connie Maririmba Hace 2 días
🙌🙌Lord, you can have my heart
Anne Rasugu
Anne Rasugu Hace 2 días
How can i like this a million times?Seriously excellent worship!
TRIBL Hace 2 días
yes! thank you!!
Bianca W.
Bianca W. Hace 2 días
You can have my heart, Lord. 🙏🙏
Lenny Smith
Lenny Smith Hace 2 días
Love you all to sing my old worship song:) app.box.com/s/tgkdadg21ngs04imy79j1k5vbr1cip6q
Yvonne Kennedy
Yvonne Kennedy Hace 2 días
You got it God..
MrCHURCHBOY274 Hace 3 días
Chris breezy lol
Kristy Parsons
Kristy Parsons Hace 3 días
Absolutely beautiful
Oswald Riera
Oswald Riera Hace 3 días
I noticed comments of diversity. I may be plain wrong but maybe it’s just not even needed to think about such things like a persons color for something like this? Maybe it’s just healthier for your mind & spirit to not even regard that as a plus, because “diversity” should just be a regular thing to yourself rather than praising that diversity because of the problems with out current world. It’s good to be detached from those kind of thoughts because a church loved my Christ never once praised diversity of people either. But I suppose that’s just my opinion? And no I’m not saying it’s wrong to talk about that either as that’s a good thing. I just think perhaps it’s not needed to even be a subject if you’re focusing more on talking to God, praising him, filling of his Holy Spirit & his words; rather than the problems of people in this world.
Christine Banville
Christine Banville Hace 3 días
So beautiful 🙏❤️😇
Portia Gts
Portia Gts Hace 3 días
So beautiful seeing all the young people loving Jesus and worshiping Him together. God doesn't see race, that concept is man-made to perpetuate division. Beautiful song, beautiful spirit of worship, beautiful reflection of His body.
Precious Elisha
Precious Elisha Hace 3 días
Kristy Parsons
Kristy Parsons Hace 3 días
Now this, this is the church, one in love, one in Christ...may this love and spirit if unity spread to every believer 💕
Daniel Odia
Daniel Odia Hace 3 días
Oh my Godddddd😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm tearing up
Brendah Akoth
Brendah Akoth Hace 3 días
Yes Jesus! You can have my heart! ❤🙏
Rhoda Mutale
Rhoda Mutale Hace 3 días
at first i was really confused which Chris Brown this was........But if the secular Chris is watching plz stop singing secular music and do a gospel song together it would really draw a lot of people to GOD. For those who listen to secular music you should also stop because secular simply means something which is not of God.
Rhoda Mutale
Rhoda Mutale Hace 3 días
Lord Jesus pls have our Hearts coz without you we can do nothing
Zinhle Motsa
Zinhle Motsa Hace 4 días
ahhhh after a long day....this is what i needed ...such a powerful song
Ronnie and Mel
Ronnie and Mel Hace 4 días
This song 😭😭😭 if you want my heart Lord, you got it!
Kristy Parsons
Kristy Parsons Hace 4 días
Him and Chris sound so well together
Kristy Parsons
Kristy Parsons Hace 4 días
I love Chandler's voice, so unique
Dennis Crosby Music
Dennis Crosby Music Hace 4 días
It’s why we’re seeing such a pushback in the world right now. Unity of the Body scares the crap out of the enemy lol
Travis Kimbrell
Travis Kimbrell Hace 4 días
God is moving. My aunt introduced me to this amazing congregation of heavenly people and voices just weeks ago. Since then, I can’t listen to anything else. Pretty sure I’m responsible for at least a couple thousand of the views at this point, and counting. #sorrynotsorry I’ve never seen such a moving and impactful, consistently amazing group of worshiping individuals in all my 35 years on earth. Please, please, PLEASE don’t ever stop Maverick City!!!! I’m not much of a voice, but to be able to worship in y’alls presence is atop my bucket list. Bless y’all!!!!!!!!
RealLife RealTalk with Biggs
RealLife RealTalk with Biggs Hace 4 días
🤣🤣 I thought Chris Brown turned Christian bruh. Lord do it in Jesus name. Amen
MarkPaul Silvester
MarkPaul Silvester Hace 4 días
Do you mean Chris Brown who sings rnbs ?
L P Hace 4 días
What an oily moment!
Mary wise
Mary wise Hace 4 días
My heart is yours forever
Mary wise
Mary wise Hace 4 días
You can have my Heart Jesus 🇨🇮
A whole favorite♥
Awongiwe Ntaote
Awongiwe Ntaote Hace 4 días
This song is my prayer 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. 🎶 If You want my heart, You got it. 🎶
Kristy Parsons
Kristy Parsons Hace 5 días
Just what I needed
phumlani konye
phumlani konye Hace 5 días
Wow this group is a picture of how we should be in life. United and being one love you guys God bless you all.
Oriol Buqueras
Oriol Buqueras Hace 5 días
Xariah Chase
Xariah Chase Hace 5 días
Don’t let your heart be troubled. Give it to God! I didn’t realize how lost and confused my heart is without God until tonight. I just did a Christian Yoga flow and the background music lyrics just said “Here’s my heart, Lord” and that just set me free, and then this video comes up next... I love how God speaks and moves through everything! He is on every platform. He knows that when we give to Him what belongs to him anyway, we are changed forever and set free to seek His kingdom💞💞💞✝️💟☮️💖🦋
Glynnisha Dixon
Glynnisha Dixon Hace 5 días
I live these songs I just pray the lyrics have the word JESUS in them way more @chandlermoore
Jamilla Guischard
Jamilla Guischard Hace 6 días
God let these words be uttered from my lips daily "You can have my heart God and my heart is yours forever!"
Moe Betta Minister
Moe Betta Minister Hace 6 días
Love this Amen Glory to God
Nowelia Blake
Nowelia Blake Hace 6 días
God is good
Eden Feruzi
Eden Feruzi Hace 6 días
Glory to Lord 😭😭❤️
Tameka Patterson-Dyson
Tameka Patterson-Dyson Hace 6 días
afua adubea opare
afua adubea opare Hace 6 días
You can have my heart Lord. I belong to you ❤️❤️❤️
Blessing of Heaven
Blessing of Heaven Hace 6 días
Blessing of Heaven
Blessing of Heaven Hace 6 días
Have my heart ♥️
Lori Gilmore
Lori Gilmore Hace 6 días
I just love the joy in this room. Wow would I ever love to join this group and just sing my heart out to Jesus.
Aliah Mitchell
Aliah Mitchell Hace 6 días
Straight up goosebumps😭😭😭
Caleb Leon
Caleb Leon Hace 6 días
Cool to see Amanda cook singing there
emmah akoth
emmah akoth Hace 6 días
powerful. Thank you Lord
Valencia Benavides
Valencia Benavides Hace 6 días
Abigail Mauwa
Abigail Mauwa Hace 6 días
These guys inspire me a lot, blessed are they, and may the Almighty GOD keep on blessing them!!!
Adri Oosthuizen
Adri Oosthuizen Hace 6 días
Yes I belong to YOU Jesus... with everything within me... beautiful song...
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