Harley Quinn's PERFECT Egg Sandwich Recipe - NERDY NUMMIES

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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

Hace 2 meses

This is SO delicious.
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Breakfast Sandwich:
Ciabatta bread
2 American cheese slices
1 tbsp Olive oil
2 Large eggs
2 Turkey bacon strips
Hot sauce
1/4 cup melted butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Lime Margaritas:
1 cup tequila
1 lime
1 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 cup Triple Sec
2-3 tbsp Agave syrup
6 cups of ice
I had so much fun #Cooking this #Breakfast #Sandwich from the new Harley Quinn movie! This is a movie I saw twice in theaters and already own on digital. I love 'Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)'! Have you seen this movie?
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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Hace 2 meses
Hi everyone! Make sure to watch until the end for a second SURPRISE Recipe! I hope you guys enjoy the video. Have you seen the new Harley Quinn movie yet?? 😊❤️
Rosalinda Villarreal
Rosalinda Villarreal Hace 2 días
2 times
Rosalinda Villarreal
Rosalinda Villarreal Hace 2 días
Tilly Ody
Tilly Ody Hace 2 días
Yes I have also rrrreeeaaaallllyyyy want that egg Sandwich right now
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan Hace 5 días
Don't swallow a diamond 💎😆
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan Hace 5 días
Let's hope no one comes to chase you before you get to bite it!😆
You look like here
Mina Babe
Mina Babe Hace 3 horas
I love this lol
Christina McQuaid
Christina McQuaid Hace 4 horas
You look so good like Harley Queen soo cute
Dacrazy Kim Kim
Dacrazy Kim Kim Hace 6 horas
That looks good
Dacrazy Kim Kim
Dacrazy Kim Kim Hace 6 horas
Your so pretty and I love you
Master dinero 13
Master dinero 13 Hace un día
Willie Figueroa
Willie Figueroa Hace un día
Do something quarantine related
Pamela Fassler
Pamela Fassler Hace un día
Wownthat is cool love you ro/harly quinn
Eden Renfro
Eden Renfro Hace un día
I love her jacket 🧥
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez Hace un día
It looks soooo goooooooooood!😖😋 I like my eggs scrambled or tortilla style😋😋😋😋
Sienna Still
Sienna Still Hace un día
Twinsies on the eggs
Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan Hace 2 días
Luv'd the Movie! 😂💕🇵🇭
SolFaze52 Hace 2 días
You should switch your YT name to nerdie numies
SolFaze52 Hace 2 días
Your my favorite your the best
Daniel Valenzuela
Daniel Valenzuela Hace 2 días
I love hiw really slightly she had in both ponytails pink and blue
Marshmallow Vlogs
Marshmallow Vlogs Hace 2 días
Rosanna “I have an egg I have a sandwich UH Eggsandwich
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Hace 2 días
Yea I love the movie
Mo1 Mo1
Mo1 Mo1 Hace 2 días
Man I love Harley Quinn she is my favorite DC character
Elif Tekeen
Elif Tekeen Hace 2 días
Tapos Mondal
Tapos Mondal Hace 2 días
Hearly Quinn is my favorite supervillain
Amaia Castillo
Amaia Castillo Hace 3 días
If this woman was my mother I would not ask for junk food ever again in my life
Aranza Walls
Aranza Walls Hace 3 días
This was iconic !
brokenwolf girl 666 777
brokenwolf girl 666 777 Hace 3 días
I luv cheese too
Rafaela Fernandes
Rafaela Fernandes Hace 3 días
Man, i really want this jacket, it's just perfect !!!! Maybe inconvenient, but perfect !!!! >:3
Andrea Blancarte
Andrea Blancarte Hace 3 días
Peyton Jennings
Peyton Jennings Hace 3 días
thank you!! I’ve been looking for the recipe for so long!! I’ve watched the movie 10 times😂😂😂
loud sipping.
loud sipping. Hace 3 días
she looks a lot like harley. i was surprised when i saw the thumbnail i thought she had margot robbie over to make the sandwich.
Danielle Salvia
Danielle Salvia Hace 4 días
The eggs in the movie sandwich are actually duck eggs because Margo Robbie is allergic to chicken eggs
Lilou GLMMV Hace 4 días
Omg I love you so much!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Meowf Meowf
Meowf Meowf Hace 4 días
It looks really cool! :3 Could you maybe try to make some doki doki literature club cupcakes? :3 its a horror game, but the graphics are ADORABLE!!~ it talks about white, fluffy cupcakes, decorated like little kittens in one scene :)))
Hareer Stars
Hareer Stars Hace 4 días
Midnight's Studio
Midnight's Studio Hace 4 días
I love Harley Quinn she is the best 😍😍😍😍
Alexa Lazar
Alexa Lazar Hace 4 días
You should make all your family pancakes
espnz _
espnz _ Hace 4 días
God I remember watching her when I was like in 5th grade. I don’t even think I missed a video lol.
Lilian Ma
Lilian Ma Hace 5 días
You look like Haley-
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan Hace 5 días
Use the brush not the jacket miss Pansino 😆😂
The Chill oof
The Chill oof Hace 5 días
Who else cried after watching the death of Harley’s egg sandwich in the beginning
kawaii catcat
kawaii catcat Hace 5 días
I love her cosplay!!!!
I wanna see Rosanna collab with Gordon Ramsey
koala lps plays
koala lps plays Hace 5 días
I was there when thy were filming this movie
Collin Donovan
Collin Donovan Hace 5 días
loved the video... but you forgot the stray armenian arm hair🥺
punkmonkey123 Hace 5 días
American cheese is garbage
Ruthie Morrison
Ruthie Morrison Hace 5 días
u should do a vegan recipe
Unicorn Cricket Club
Unicorn Cricket Club Hace 6 días
Did anyone notice that she kinda looks Harley 🤪🤪
MST can negate
MST can negate Hace 6 días
As a fun fact they actually used duck eggs because the actress i believe is allergic to chicken eggs
Sue Lee
Sue Lee Hace 6 días
Her cosplay is amazing. She strongly resembles Harley Quinn from BIRDS OF PREY. ❤️💙
Royale bee
Royale bee Hace 6 días
Bro I have watched this movie maybe 10 times....... This video is everything
Lc Lc
Lc Lc Hace 6 días
SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! But who else got upset when harleys sandwich fell on the ground and she never even got to bite it smh🤦🏻🙁
Michael Cantu
Michael Cantu Hace 6 días
I have and it was awesome
Michael Cantu
Michael Cantu Hace 6 días
When I eat, I am fancy. It'll work for Harley Quinn's perfect chaos
Nick Carrizosa
Nick Carrizosa Hace 6 días
I love you Rossana I did the best I just look up to you I wanna be a baker when I grow up and you’re like the best are you show me please and can you ask Jsteenif you can make more videos with you and clam thank you
Lillprincessgir :-:
Lillprincessgir :-: Hace 6 días
It’s made with duck eggs cause chicken eggs upset marget robbies stomach
I love the lion Gard 123
I love the lion Gard 123 Hace 6 días
I watched the movie 11 times
Mitchell Dizon
Mitchell Dizon Hace 6 días
I like scramble egg too
Khaleel Mian
Khaleel Mian Hace 6 días
I've seen birds of prey 13 times😬😬😬I think I'm obsset with the film and I probably made this sandwich every lunch/breakfast
NotAsMuchAsADailyPotato Hace 6 días
She is still so happy and cheerful after all that had happened shes laughing, smiling and really trying to entertain us. And just so you know Ro, you can take a break whenever youd like we arent going to stop you
ADEDAYO Owojori Hace 7 días
Ro, have u watch suicide squad?
Matiz Diaz
Matiz Diaz Hace 7 días
I love this movie
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Hace 7 días
i have and im a kid
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls Hace 7 días
Omg my mouth is watering for you are the best I love you and your channel
Sharkie Alami
Sharkie Alami Hace 7 días
I want an egg sandwich now
Marlen Sierra
Marlen Sierra Hace 7 días
love your harley look rosanna
Sofia Mccown
Sofia Mccown Hace 7 días
Sofia Mccown
Sofia Mccown Hace 7 días
Sofia Mccown
Sofia Mccown Hace 7 días
Taco Bella
Taco Bella Hace 7 días
Wyvern Sunfyre
Wyvern Sunfyre Hace 7 días
I'm a month late but I love this nummy tribute! I've been eating this breakfast sandwich for a good while now, it's my favorite thing and so easy to make. I like to play around with it and enjoy the different variants~
ZincOrigin Hace 8 días
I swear Rosanna secretly played Harley Quinn they are twins
Ricardo Soto
Ricardo Soto Hace 8 días
That sandwich looked so good I was drooling 🤤
Shanna Wetzel
Shanna Wetzel Hace 8 días
What does her necklace say
1GoldRunner Hace 8 días
Please everyone, *DO NOT* cook with dangling or low hanging accessies and apparel such as the sleeves Rosana is wearing. You increase your chances of setting yourself and your dwelling on fire! She even recorded herself unintentionally knocking down a cup with her sleaves so everyone please be careful.
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