Hard Target - America AF (Official Music Video)

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Hard Target

Hard Target

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"America AF" featured on the album "Joyridin" ORDER NOW - cmdshft.ffm.to/Joyridin
Follow on IG: @hardtargetmusic
Video by - Breadwin Deville & Matt Trees
Follow on IG: @breadwin @treesmatt
S/O the ladies in the video:
@friendcheska @droptopblonde
#hardtarget #americaAF #joyridin

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Travis Campbell
Travis Campbell Hace 28 minutos
Post the lyrics.... Damn
Diablo 17
Diablo 17 Hace 5 horas
When I listen to this song my neighborhood does too ;)
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny Hace un día
USA first and foremost 🇺🇸
Peter Toadstone
Peter Toadstone Hace 2 días
He didn't even get attractive girls for his video
AmmoC9M Hace 2 días
You must have missed the chick in the police T shirt - she be hot
David Portell
David Portell Hace 2 días
Also rev the fuk out
RoyalWulffDry Hace 3 días
Bumping this every day on my way to work! Stuck behind enemy ANTIFA lines here in Oakland CA!
James Daugette
James Daugette Hace 3 días
AMERICA AF man that be banging and the female officer can cuff me anytime. Keep on keeping on
Eleesa Adams
Eleesa Adams Hace 5 días
VOTE! Don’t expect others to vote while you sit home. Get out and vote! We can’t lose this country.
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin Hace 5 días
twinglock40z Hace 5 días
Bro, you need to check in with your primary care physician. I don’t know what causes blue pee but the red pee is a little concerning. Looks like your of about the age to start getting your prostate checked. Remember early detection is the key and you’re already pissing red, ya might want to put a rush on that. Lmao. Dope video though!
joaquin vigil
joaquin vigil Hace 5 días
who's the redhead with the tats?
The Scottish One
The Scottish One Hace 5 días
Lots of really good songs ruined by lame mumble rap autotune god oh ever came up with auto tune should be shot.....
hunter Jackson
hunter Jackson Hace 6 días
Hell no ima stick with church
Russ Wilkerson
Russ Wilkerson Hace 6 días
Flo grown for sure. Snorting whiskey, drinking cocaine. 😂🤣🇺🇸☠️
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho Hace 6 días
None of those chicks look enthralled to be in this vid......................NONE OF THEM!
Colt Deeds
Colt Deeds Hace 6 días
What's the redheads name? She is 😍😍
James Wheat
James Wheat Hace 8 días
Trump should start playing this at his rallies and skip all the soft liberal artists who dont like him
Top Hat
Top Hat Hace 21 un hora
@Cody2130 Vote for Biden and see what can really happen to the 2nd !!
J O Hace 4 días
BLM now arming themselves!!!! Trump making america hate again !!!
Cody2130 Hace 5 días
To bad Trump has done more to erode the 2nd since Clinton
Bluntfrunt AC
Bluntfrunt AC Hace 5 días
Liberals carry guns too silly. How many republicans skate?
Bluntfrunt AC
Bluntfrunt AC Hace 5 días
@Sean Griffin Soft liberal artist like who Tech N9ne? That is a beautiful red jacket you are wearing. Lol too funny.
Forrest Zorzut
Forrest Zorzut Hace 8 días
Been here since down a road, crazy to see how far he's come. also this slaps
Nitti Griti
Nitti Griti Hace 8 días
Who makes your beats
Amber Flower
Amber Flower Hace 9 días
William Lake
William Lake Hace 9 días
David Schultz
David Schultz Hace 10 días
This song is legit haha new sub!
R. M. Gormley
R. M. Gormley Hace 10 días
Yall came up on my 'barn nerds' pandora, ever since then I been loving it! Texas Strong!
Hunter1488 Hace 10 días
dam tht beat hits hard as fuk💥💥
Blake Toksen
Blake Toksen Hace 11 días
Daniel Goodin
Daniel Goodin Hace 11 días
Florida go get it
Hootie Mac
Hootie Mac Hace 12 días
Cali. Snowflakes about to hear this LOUD AF!!!!!
William Mason
William Mason Hace 12 días
BLUE SHIRT 💯** LAND of the FREE **** because 🖕***** 💯 PRICELESS.... 🗽PATRIOTS RISE🗽
big Jay
big Jay Hace 12 días
This girl has some talent rap, country she's great
Andy Flores
Andy Flores Hace 13 días
Your songs are bad ass perfect beat
ZachManZ71 Hace 13 días
You make a milli yet bud? Haha
Cash Money Pollock
Cash Money Pollock Hace 13 días
Love tha song bro. Got chu a new fan. Keep up tha great work.
Kim Odell
Kim Odell Hace 14 días
Danm it dude
North Side Norm
North Side Norm Hace 14 días
Canadian AF But shout out to all my brothers south of the border!
Austin Post
Austin Post Hace 14 días
Checkin in from Brooksville Fl. Just down the way buddy. What’s good !!!
Cody W
Cody W Hace 14 días
Trump's new opening song for his Rally's is strong this year....
killerta87 Hace 15 días
Damn I was sleepin and missed this, this is bangin
Mark Senterfitt
Mark Senterfitt Hace 15 días
I'm wit this shit
Mark Senterfitt
Mark Senterfitt Hace 15 días
Fk yeah
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Hace 15 días
I don't think this is an Anti-Liberal song, but if idiots wanna think that, that's on them. Everybody who doesn't follow an Autocrat is not a Liberal! BLACK FOLKS AND INDIANS carry guns too!
Rebel Juggalette
Rebel Juggalette Hace 15 días
Did you America today!? Get your America on! Let your freak flag fly!😄👍🇺🇸
RICK Smith
RICK Smith Hace 16 días
I think i here liberals bleeding blahahahah hahahahaha!!!!!
Dean Hall
Dean Hall Hace 17 días
Hey bubba u should check out this flogrown bombshell named Savannah Dexter.
Harindu Fernando
Harindu Fernando Hace 17 días
adam oleary
adam oleary Hace 17 días
could of been better
johnnymcblaze Hace 18 días
It's crazy how much of a hometown feel those girls have. They would fit right in around my way.
M L Hace 18 días
This is so Southern California
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 18 días
That's Kacy
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 18 días
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 18 días
That's KC
Correll Rambo
Correll Rambo Hace 18 días
what genre is this supposed to be? not talking shit but what is this considered? pop rap country rap?
James L
James L Hace 19 días
I don't always have this playing when driving. But when it comes on the whole town listens with me :)
Brooxxy aka Brooklyn Hills
Brooxxy aka Brooklyn Hills Hace 19 días
Just like watched a movie, and that was fun! Keep up brotha, cheers from Volgograd city, Southern Russia 🇷🇺
IrishTryAwarded Hace 19 días
I can't tell if this is supposed to be a parody of extreme US nationism or they're, like, serious.
Po' Pimpin' Offroad and Outdoors
Po' Pimpin' Offroad and Outdoors Hace 18 días
Its that serious!
Chuck McDiscs
Chuck McDiscs Hace 19 días
Blasting this from my truck today to annoy all the hipsters in Portland who moved here to ruin my state (Maine).
Stoned Philosopher
Stoned Philosopher Hace 3 días
Portland maine?.......try Portland Oregon we got them murder hippies here lol they are really crazy as fuck over here lol I can't stand them.
Gabrielle Holland
Gabrielle Holland Hace 9 días
Agree there's a whole bunch in Michigan
Brandon68plus1 Hace 11 días
Sorry for you bud. We got room in Texas for you we are America AF down here!
Joseph Kasprzyk
Joseph Kasprzyk Hace 18 días
So sorry Chuck McDiscs! They doin the same here in Michigan!! Stay strong sir! God bless!
Alex Mikhael
Alex Mikhael Hace 19 días
right on rock on!! MORE MORE MORE !!!
J Lew
J Lew Hace 21 un día
i prey NOW for you to explode to pull this USA together. Real know real!!!! i know your doing good for the people.. Its Gods plan. Be patient. Black White Mex MIX! PURE GOOD HEARTS ARE PROTECTED
J Lew
J Lew Hace 22 días
best song ever!
Cary Tomaszewski
Cary Tomaszewski Hace 22 días
Right on got a collection myself
Paul Rawson
Paul Rawson Hace 22 días
This is my bump in my all black neighborhood I feel this shit in my bones
Skynet1 Hace 22 días
This has to be Florida, but also works as Texas.
cmag3175 Hace 13 días
You where it’s not?....California.
Michael Corigliano
Michael Corigliano Hace 17 días
Florida lol
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny Hace 22 días
This is My New Anthem 🇺🇸
Typical Epiphany
Typical Epiphany Hace 23 días
This dude a better version of Shotgun Shane just not gay like Shane
YRUSONOZ 79 Hace 23 días
AMERICA AF😎🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Austin Davis
Austin Davis Hace 23 días
Oh so this isn't a joke..
David Kay
David Kay Hace 24 días
hard target's videos always have more cake than a bakery
Stephen Nichols
Stephen Nichols Hace 24 días
Samuel Coots
Samuel Coots Hace 25 días
"SimonCity" bang'n!
Michael Burnette
Michael Burnette Hace 26 días
My neighbors hate me but IDC still playing this as loud as I can in the garage with the doors open u can hear it down the road lol
ricktherezman Hace 7 horas
Yep me too.
F Loko
F Loko Hace 26 días
Super wackkk
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