Hard DK Doubles

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Alpharad Plus

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this is what gameing loooks like
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The real Jeffguy
The real Jeffguy Hace un día
It’s funny how “yeet uwu” was captain kidd
Woomy 2443
Woomy 2443 Hace 9 días
People seeing hard DK be like: guest I’ll die
Thats Ruff Dog
Thats Ruff Dog Hace 27 días
BakufuDifu Hace 27 días
Alpharad and Co. at TRG Colosseum?
FetusLegend Hace 28 días
Next time you play items remember that hero’s d throw combos into FS
Karate Kid
Karate Kid Hace 29 días
hear b me out Hero amibo
Sloom Cycle
Sloom Cycle Hace un mes
This is epic Chanel
Awesomeacuz 13
Awesomeacuz 13 Hace un mes
"Mizuku Idoriya" -Alpharad 2020
Lazermichael Gaming
Lazermichael Gaming Hace un mes
I sure love my favorite anime character Miduku Idoriya
Nick1wasd Hace un mes
I had no idea Jacob knew Jules, that's so sick! I love Jules, I ran across his content WAY back in the day, he's so good!!!
Will Johnson
Will Johnson Hace un mes
My favorite character from My Hero Academy-a is Miduku Idoriya
Edward Galardi
Edward Galardi Hace un mes
Cant judge a song based on only 20 seconds, but the sounds harmonize with your voice pretty well. I really do like the videos where Jacob talks about music.
Samkett's Great moderator
Samkett's Great moderator Hace un mes
If we’re talking about Jacob’s music, can we talk about “The Science Museum?” It’s truly a masterpiece. I almost cried listening to it... from laughter, but still. Listen to it.
Noah Barone
Noah Barone Hace un mes
Love the music
Named Name
Named Name Hace un mes
So they are friends with Jules, Toxic, and Adriana… what if they show up at Thrown Controllers Live or on TRG Colosseum?
Dost Hace un mes
Hard DK last round got 4 kills with his D-air alone.
Patrick Harper
Patrick Harper Hace un mes
13:50 but actually alpharad, ya got carried by Isaac to the blast zone
Ja mal
Ja mal Hace un mes
13:42 can we just talk about the sick combo Hard DK did
some dude that likes anime
some dude that likes anime Hace un mes
Angelic Zalithan
Angelic Zalithan Hace un mes
666th comment. oh no.
Looyigi#1 Hace un mes
Towards stopping the fires
Looyigi#1 Hace un mes
Little Z donated $650 on the 11th of January, theirs a video on it and everything
Nate W.
Nate W. Hace un mes
"They got washed" *2 seconds later* "Did we lose?"
DamagingDdl Hace un mes
I like how alpha rad plus is basically joe’s channel at this point.
LaMar Hopson
LaMar Hopson Hace un mes
who is little z?
Paulthemailman Fawfulthemailma
Paulthemailman Fawfulthemailma Hace un mes
I actually did not know you were into music
Joseph Lentz
Joseph Lentz Hace un mes
subbed to make little z mad
Nate Correa
Nate Correa Hace un mes
Can you crit the final smash not the smash ball but the move you do when you press be
Hijinks Hace un mes
Hard DK fucks my mother, part 3
peter tarulli
peter tarulli Hace un mes
Alpha your dk vs my amiibos
makewayfilms Hace un mes
I have subscribed to piss little z off. XD
I need help
I need help Hace un mes
The name is pronounced suh b scrib
Collin Swaffotd
Collin Swaffotd Hace un mes
Please make Hard DK merch!!!!!!!!!
RYCKroll Hace un mes
Subscribe to Little Z
Blazing Kite
Blazing Kite Hace un mes
16:38 "have u watched my hero academia?" "isn't that called boku no hero academy?" "no, that's a different show" E X C U S E M E W H A T "okay well boku no hero is the japanese translation, the original version is just my hero academia" E X C U S E M E W H A T X2
ハッピー Hace un mes
miduku idoriya
ChaosController Hace un mes
@SwiftAssassin Isn't that goku's son?
SwiftAssassin Hace un mes
the original version is called naruto
ChaosController Hace un mes
Juiceslinger Hace un mes
Subscribed to alpharad plus and unsubscribed from Little Z
Matthew Marchbanks
Matthew Marchbanks Hace un mes
How is Gigaslash so smooth when he does it? When it gets used on my switch, the animation gets all slow and choppy .-.
vaughnyboy8 Hace un mes
Alpharad, have you heard of VGM CON, in Minneapolis? Another music and gaming convention (much smaller than MAGFest). If you liked MAGFest, you'd probably also like this one a lot too. (Full disclosure, I run that convention lol. It's an absolute blast though)
Spicy Italian
Spicy Italian Hace un mes
Please send me the album my guy
Grant Mackey
Grant Mackey Hace un mes
I love it when you see *p r e v i e w* at the beginning of the video
That one Youtube Channel
That one Youtube Channel Hace un mes
What if they sub to apharad plus and little z?
Toast 424
Toast 424 Hace un mes
What were to happen if Hard DK was stolen?
Robert Flinch
Robert Flinch Hace un mes
"How did we lose?!" Asked Alpha, walking into his 10th ganon f smash
SabbyGaming Hace un mes
This is the truest from of gameing
Keeys Hace un mes
can we appreciate that Alpha isn't just another crappy rapper
Not Maleek
Not Maleek Hace un mes
Don’t worry bois iM gOiNg tO uNsUb FrOm LiTtLe z
PowerBread Hace un mes
kevin maples aka used to run the instagram melee hell account
Ronin Goding
Ronin Goding Hace un mes
I thought they were talking abou deky scrubs from zelda until they said mydoria
Manuel Cordones
Manuel Cordones Hace un mes
F#$₩ Alpha give us a release date because holy S@#$% that was good
classy cool principal
classy cool principal Hace un mes
I was classycool at 25:00 epic
Wildheart Razorfang
Wildheart Razorfang Hace un mes
It's honestly funny how he purposefully made himself say Deku's name wrong and Jo completely bought it.
Wade Mitchell
Wade Mitchell Hace un mes
Omg i was in this vid
Wade Mitchell
Wade Mitchell Hace un mes
like no joke
Wade Mitchell
Wade Mitchell Hace un mes
i honestly am having a heart attack
Thicc_Boi_Matt Hace un mes
When u live in Maryland and you don’t know a ESwomenr you watch was there
BlueFire 1398
BlueFire 1398 Hace un mes
12:58 lol
RuinedSilver Hace un mes
Imagine entering a tournament. You see sans and Hard DK. They get to finals. P4 ness is the winner.
Destructo1115 Hace un mes
that moment when he tries to make chat upset " Miduku Iidoriya
Jared Grumney
Jared Grumney Hace un mes
comment number 638 that it's so cute when Jo says "man" i.e. "he's trying, man"
Zac Radford
Zac Radford Hace un mes
That sucks that GANON killing the assist trophy counts as points for their team
thien pham
thien pham Hace un mes
Aidan Hill
Aidan Hill Hace un mes
Bro i love toxic eternity, his cover of amusement park from nier slaps so hard.. Its so dope that you know him
kkdj20 Hace un mes
The melee series with Josh is GREAT, exactly my level of comedy. Please continue (:
Pastykake Hace un mes
"Also: so, cool story-" *ad break*
Edin Hace un mes
Okay so funny story I actually work dispatch at magfest like if I had known that my favorite smash ESwomenr was going I would have asked my boss if I could take a shift off, looking forward to seeing you guys next year
Spring_Time_Fun gaming
Spring_Time_Fun gaming Hace un mes
5:49 how did you live and he did not6:53
Spring_Time_Fun gaming
Spring_Time_Fun gaming Hace un mes
Brandito Hace un mes
Why would you want to see deku when you could see demon slayer guy
Jonathan Boyd
Jonathan Boyd Hace un mes
Captain sans
Jack Hills
Jack Hills Hace un mes
Oh my god, he actually didn’t spend all his money, to save Australia instead, no way Okay but actually I like y’all better ngl
AceBattleStorm Hace un mes
I like how the video went from getting more subscribers to their friend to promoting all their friends
GoldenWolf Hace un mes
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