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Pre-order the Canon EOS R5 today in Canada canon.ca/en/Features/EOS-R-System/Pre-order and in the US canon.us/plvmm
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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon Hace un mes
What is your favourite feature of the new R5? GUESS MINE! Ok thats easy. 4K 120 LETS GOO!
mark wilson
mark wilson Hace 6 días
Keeps your hands warm and toasty!🤣jk
Jason Lindquist
Jason Lindquist Hace 10 días
overheating is dope af aHHA
Gary Diamond
Gary Diamond Hace 12 días
My favourite feature is that it's really easy to make it overheat even when shooting stills before shooting video which basically completely negates your biased glowing review Peter, hopefully meaning people will pick up a more sensible choice like the Panasonic S1H, Sony A7R IV or something like them. Canon have a weak mirrorless game, being both late to market and not cutting edge with it either.
Abodh Gawande
Abodh Gawande Hace 12 días
Any Canon fans here? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Is anyone here? Oh never mind.. i think i can catch up with them on the sony side.. 🤣😂🤣😂
Kevin J Salisbury
Kevin J Salisbury Hace 13 días
The overheating is my favorite.
fourwheelerjock Hace 17 minutos
I know this is a little late, But i got my canon eos r5 and i am shooting video and cant view the files? All my drivers are updated and i even downloaded the canon HEVC avicator and still no luck, I can't even view photos in lightroom or premiere pro but i see jared polin and peter mckinnon and others can? So i'm wonder if some one out there can help me, Thanks.
Ninja.vom.Wolfstor Hace un día
The new Sony smokes this :D
Darrell Wood
Darrell Wood Hace un día
remember. 5dmk2 and then Nikon release theirs and killed them
Patrick Drahman
Patrick Drahman Hace un día
9:31 HOLY CRAP the guys hair standing up, WOAH
KNOWARE Hace 2 días
For $6k you get the bonus feature of being able to cook your dinner on it when it overheats after 10 Min at 8k Get a Panasonic S1H
The Rock Hour
The Rock Hour Hace 2 días
I just said to myself, I think I would be really good friends with this Peter Fellow, and afterwards, I'd probably just go home and sleep
Jack Ma
Jack Ma Hace 2 días
The overheating situation is really severe
Run N Gun
Run N Gun Hace 3 días
*I was more than a bit let down by the Visuals & B-Roll used as "test footage" here. There are so many hungry filmmakers and photographers out there that could've really put the Canon R5/R6 to the test, and shown off what it was truly capable of. I don't feel like this review was anything that any other ESwomenr could've slapped together.*
ar43r Hace 4 días
Peter McCanon
Vin Hace 4 días
I should join Black Lives Matter and loot me some "NEW CANON EOS R5!" 🤣
Andrei Telenkov
Andrei Telenkov Hace 4 días
6fps not enough. You are saying it's 12, but it is a lie. Read the manual!
helloworld Hace 5 días
I like it. I'll buy one in 10 years from now, when the price become around $1k
Alexandra Bach
Alexandra Bach Hace 5 días
Hi Peter. What kind of lenses do you use for the r5? :-)
Tim Valdez
Tim Valdez Hace 6 días
will external monitors slow down cannon r5 overheating?
Master Hace 6 días
What's the lifetime shutter limit?
ESVignettes Hace 7 días
When’s he gunna review the A7Siii? ...
Tobias Rehbein
Tobias Rehbein Hace 7 días
Damn the beat in the Background and the overly dramatic edit and cool talking really kill this Video For me... Uncritical review really bad
Yashika 4k
Yashika 4k Hace 7 días
Hey Pete man, How is this camera going to help with your short film and VLOG? R you are going to shoot 1080p on 2020?
LowJack Hace 7 días
Does it overheat at 4K 120fps? Or just using the 8K features?
M. P.
M. P. Hace 8 días
Please make a video of your watch collection 🙏🏼
Asif Yani
Asif Yani Hace 9 días
nice kit
Darren Lazarre
Darren Lazarre Hace 9 días
How does it handle audio?? Canon has always fallen short on audio.
Paul-Elie François
Paul-Elie François Hace 9 días
That was an great review for the Canon R5. Thanks Peter and dont listen to those haters. Every camera have some issue even the new Sony A7SIII.
Verbunden Hace 9 días
Personally I still wouldn't buy a DSLM until like 5 years or so. The bodies themselves are still way overpriced and the lenses are still just in the beginning. There are barely any lenses for DSLMs and those that are out there didn't have time to prove themselves. Third party companies like Sigma or Tamron didn't have time to put any good cheaper lenses on the market yet. Imo unless you have thousands of € to burn you should stay away from them for now. The prices will drop a lot in some years.
Mary Yvonn
Mary Yvonn Hace 9 días
This is why I am soooo inlove with this guy. You make the most best (yes that's intended) entertaining review on everything! Cheers Peter! ♥️ As for the camera, dope. Totally fascinated! I would really have to save a looooot more money than I thought 😅😂
John Fidge
John Fidge Hace 9 días
i just purchased an eos m50 after using the nikkon d3300 and moved over for the faster frame rate the d3300 takes 3-5 photos then needs a lay down for an hour
art LAB Pictures
art LAB Pictures Hace 10 días
it's good to shoot in Arctic ... LOL
Rambling Tog
Rambling Tog Hace 10 días
Within 5 year you'll get one for £1,000
Charles Lightfoot
Charles Lightfoot Hace 10 días
5D Mark 2 was game changing for the industry... I LOVE Canon, I LOVE Nikon and Sony was never a professional camera company ( I'm 53 ) This is NOT like the 5D Mark 2 in any way. The Sony A7iii release was like the Canon 5D Mark 2... The R5 and R6 is not a professional camera in my opinion for one reason... The over heating issue. On set with talent and crew when every minute is costing money, waiting for a camera to cool down ? At the end of the day these are just tools to capture content for the client. Canon used to be the cutting edge company, Nikon was and still is the conservative company, but as strange as it is Sony is now leading the way. And in the end who cares, this competition is better for all of us...
Olly Jelley
Olly Jelley Hace 6 días
Don't go on set with a mirrorless camera then, hire a cinema camera, or get something like the Z-Cam series which are properly designed for pure film work?
lacustagingasa Hace 10 días
Hi Peter! I saw in your vids and photos that you have dogs. Can you make a vid on how to make pet photography? That would be great. Keep up the good work!
Nunes De Lima
Nunes De Lima Hace 10 días
You're the best of the best, Mr. Peter Mckinnon . Thank you very much. 🇧🇷 From Brazil.
Yuto Arakawa荒川佑斗
Yuto Arakawa荒川佑斗 Hace 10 días
Adam Batchelor
Adam Batchelor Hace 11 días
My favourite feature is that Sony just smacked Canons ass, and Canon enjoyed it.
What Are You On About
What Are You On About Hace 11 días
I love how the a7SIII took the mantle as the biggest release of the year 3 weeks later ha!
HellbxyMedia Hace 7 días
@KASHMIR LUST and amateurs have sigma as an option.
HellbxyMedia Hace 7 días
@KASHMIR LUST professionals aren't concerned with sonys price compared to the cameras it holds its weight against.
KASHMIR LUST Hace 7 días
HellbxyMedia Hace 9 días
Was just thinking the same thing. Canons stocks are gonna take a smack with the A7siiis release. Took canon two bodies and they still couldn't get it right 🥴
monika laosi
monika laosi Hace 11 días
Palys Media
Palys Media Hace 11 días
One of the biggest flops, Canon could release a pile of *** and Peter would praise it. If you come here for unbiased advice I suggest you look elsewhere. I suggest Gerald Undone.
kulio nuel
kulio nuel Hace 11 días
One word A7siii
monika laosi
monika laosi Hace 11 días
look better than the movies." And 20min later you have to tell your client, "Sorry, have to go home now and wait 2-3 hrs for the camera to cool down." If you don't believe me on t
pedzsan Hace 11 días
There is this thing called “reading”. Its what normal people do with this other thing called “the manual” that comes with each lens. You might wanna try it some time.
find nene
find nene Hace 12 días
What BS paid by Canon. Yeah them a hot camera
Random Doosh
Random Doosh Hace 12 días
I miss you, Peter. I miss watching your videos. I hope you're still drinking coffee! Lol
Tuli Feld
Tuli Feld Hace 12 días
is this full frame?
miko foin
miko foin Hace 11 días
burgeoning mirrorless market. Thanks. I'll be sticking with my Sony.
Fredo Corleone
Fredo Corleone Hace 12 días
The “Grail” camera if you’re shooting in sub-zero temperatures.
What Are You On About
What Are You On About Hace 11 días
@miko foin get the a7sIII if you are doing video
TheOrisya Hace 11 días
In room temperature, the 'frail' camera
miko foin
miko foin Hace 11 días
This is my first camera that I'm TWEAKING about. This is going to be my first professional camera purchase
Reebs Hace 12 días
I don’t know how he does that intro with a straight face. Sheesh that shits corny
TheRealDirtySkillz Hace 12 días
Would have appreciated less talking and more videos.
Thomas Habermann
Thomas Habermann Hace 12 días
My favorite is the honest part of overheating. Check out Tony Northrup's latest review: Canon R5 is overheating in 15 min. when shooting 8K.
Mary Cherry
Mary Cherry Hace 12 días
this is my dream camera. i've been eyeing it out for months...so expensive
Abodh Gawande
Abodh Gawande Hace 12 días
Any Canon fans here? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Is anyone here? Oh never mind.. i think i can catch up with them on the sony side.. 🤣😂🤣😂
Donna Wetter
Donna Wetter Hace 13 días
so there is no HD RAW shooting?
Denis Ardelean
Denis Ardelean Hace 13 días
Bruh his name is a combination of Nikon and Canon
dphotos Hace 13 días
Most people do not need 8K. Over heating seems to be an issue with this camera. I have been shooting Canon since the AE1. I have been an editorial shooter for over 40 years. I am starting to retire so I am not sure I really need this.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace 12 días
off just a bit, and I always worry about losing clarity when using adapters.
Adam York
Adam York Hace 13 días
I'm a little bit new to this hobby. I'm researching which camera to buy to start off with and I absolutely love some of the slo mo I see in a lot of these videos. I haven't been able to achieve it so smoothly with the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I can't tell if its my lack of skill or the camera. Do you have any videos on how to achieve such smooth slo mo? Love your vids by the way.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace 12 días
Can you in fact use the LCD as a live view finder? That's one of the biggest things I love about the old 60D, but I've grown tired of the crop body, especially for celestial shots. T
darkcg79 Hace 13 días
With the performances this camera offers in 4K / 8K videos, saying this is a 4K 120 fps / 8K 30 fps capable camera is false advertising. I'm tempted to buy one along with a 10.000$ lens just to get a refund.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace 13 días
I love Canon
Ramon Bannister
Ramon Bannister Hace 13 días
The overheating issue is a deal breaker, unfortunately. Imagine taking this camera on a video shoot, you're all excited, you tell your client, "Yeah, recording 4k @ 60 FPS, this'll look better than the movies." And 20min later you have to tell your client, "Sorry, have to go home now and wait 2-3 hrs for the camera to cool down." If you don't believe me on the overheating issue, look up Tony and Chelsea Northrop. Tony reviews it and the R6 and both overheat within 30 minutes indoors. The R5 I think goes to 35min and then quits on you.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace 13 días
overcome the overheating issue.
Daniel Akerman
Daniel Akerman Hace 14 días
I have rarely seen such a hyped product release turn into such a resounding and utter catastrophe. This camera is a disaster - and could set Canon back a generation or more in terms of users. I’m sorry, but no amount of amazing specs can make up for the fact that the product is almost unusable in a large variety of circumstances and to a large proportion of the buying public. Canon is now facing the prospect of a total recall and/or class action lawsuits. Complete and utter fail.
Alex Hace 9 días
@Daniel Akerman I agree with you to some extend. But bad marketing doesn't make a camera bad. This camera should be and is slightly better than the A7RIV. Yes marketing went with 8K and stuff because it's much easier to grab the attention. E.g. better AF is much more difficult to measure and to promote than 8K. EOS R was Canon's first try in mirrorless, not bad not great. EOS RP is a beginners friendly full frame. R5 and R6 are pretty equal to A7III and A7RIV. End of the year we probably will see a cinema RF cam from Canon, probably also with low megapixel.
Daniel Akerman
Daniel Akerman Hace 9 días
Alex hey there. Yes I am serious. Lets be honest: photographers will use this camera, but Canon is marketing this largely to videographers. There is no need to hype 4K or 8k video to still photographers. And videographers cannot reliably use this in a professional capacity. A wedding videographer can’t use a tool that might shut off on them after 25 minutes and take forever to cool off sufficiently to shoot another 25. Your point is well taken: use the right tool for the job. My point still stands: this is the WRONG tool for a large segment of professional shooters and the very people Canon was targeting. It’s an epic FAIL.
Alex Hace 9 días
"unusable in a large variety of circumstances and to a large proportion of the buying public" are you serious? ^^ It is a photo camera and probably the best there is at the moment. Plus you can film in 1080p 10Bit 4:2:2 and 4K 24p 10Bit 4:2:2 or 4K 60p externally for as long as you want. I think there is no such camera either. If you want to go on a heavy video production with a lot of high res slowmo etc. why would you take a photo camera with you? ^^ Do you go to a formula 1 race with a truck?
David Price Media
David Price Media Hace 14 días
This is my first camera that I'm TWEAKING about. This is going to be my first professional camera purchase
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 14 días
So the overheating solution is to have two with to different lenses that you switch between and it would still be cheaper than a c300 mark lll or c500vmark ll
Tim Yarrow
Tim Yarrow Hace 14 días
No, it's not a "grail camera". That's the sponsorship and ambassadorship talking. It's a good camera with neat features that Canon needed in order to stay relevant in the burgeoning mirrorless market. Thanks. I'll be sticking with my Sony.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 14 días
I would be happy if Canon sent me the 5Ds... Please Pete get then to send me one....
Konrad Hace 14 días
Shame that Canon is so late... I'm already in the Sony system. It seems that the picture quality of this R5 is familiar to A7RIII (which is older and costs much less). Video capabilities are better on R5 but I'm the only photographer. Wondering how is AF speed of R5 to Sony A9 or A7III.
BU2AH革命 Hace 15 días
R5 just looks like a 135 frame Olympus E-M1 ... !!!
Wenen Hace 15 días
Looks like a Gh6 :P
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 15 días
"IBIS is now here! It does overheat though..." Me: Laughs in Panasonic.
alida flus
alida flus Hace 14 días
I pray whoever reads this becomes successful 🙏🏾
Blue Hasia
Blue Hasia Hace 15 días
How easy is it to switch from photo mode to video mode? the R had a huge problem with it not being simple.
Patricio Appel
Patricio Appel Hace 16 días
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 15 días
It's a great decision to introduce in body stabilization but dose it works on 8k?
Laktoes Hace 16 días
How TF do you get that intro shot without noise in those underexposed areas?
Max Vorobey
Max Vorobey Hace 16 días
hmmm but would it be enough of an upgrade from my lumix g9?...
Sharing Lungs
Sharing Lungs Hace 16 días
Camera looks impressive but way out of my budget as a hobbyist.
darkcg79 Hace 13 días
And in fact, the target of these cameras are not hobbyists.
Josh MayO
Josh MayO Hace 16 días
Can you in fact use the LCD as a live view finder? That's one of the biggest things I love about the old 60D, but I've grown tired of the crop body, especially for celestial shots. The lack of a pivoting LCD is what's kept me from the 5DmkIV, as well. Did you at any point use an adapter to use traditional EF-mount lenses? The idea of a new mount throws me off just a bit, and I always worry about losing clarity when using adapters.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace 16 días
Peter: so I’ve had the R5 for a couple months now here’s my thoughts on it. . . Mkbhd: finally, a worthy opponent.
Nathan Prachnau
Nathan Prachnau Hace 16 días
I pre ordered it 🤩
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace 16 días
something that is more of a side-effect of high res-video in mirrorless cameras not an issue with a specific vendor
Kai Cameron
Kai Cameron Hace 17 días
Hey so this is a totally hair brained idea could a device like an EMBR Wave cooling device be attached to the Canon R5 body in a location that would allow it to operate longer to overcome the overheating issue.
Isabella Littlewhite
Isabella Littlewhite Hace 17 días
I love Canon
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