Hands Like Houses - I Am (Official Music Video)

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Hace 4 años

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The disconnect
Is welling up,
And good intentions are not enough.
Your words are weary,
Their hearts are strained,
And idle vows find the deepest pains.

I’m sick, I’m tired
Of hollow hope,
Of promises, empty,
Your way with words,
They’re feeding back inside my head,
Oh, the things I could say that won’t change a thing.

I am not the same,
I won’t feed on fame.

You’re one of a thousand voices,
In my head that all just sound the same.
If mine never made a difference,
It won’t make the meaning change.
You’re one of a thousand voices,
In my head that all just sound the same.
If I will make a change,
It’s by my words and not my name.

I’m tired, I’m sick
Of misfit beggars
With able tongues and easy outs.
I hear you clearer than you hear yourself.
Bite down on your blindness, and spit it out.

I won’t sink into the sea of grey,
I won’t melt into the choir of angels.

I won’t sink into the sea of grey,
A violence of colour.
I won’t melt into the choir of angels,
I’ll step up and scream it -
I am dissonant.

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Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn Hace 7 días
I LOVE HANDS LIKE HOUSES!I used to not like songs like this but after my breakup I literally feel like a whole new person.what I used to like,i dont anymore really.my taste in music changed what i want out of a relationship changed even my personality.im glad I'm not the same.i improved and I'm happy!and these songs make me feel like I'm not alone.im so thankful for these songs.
Hannah Styles
Hannah Styles Hace 8 días
Lesnar vs. Styles...
Nova Hace un mes
I've really been missing out on this for FOUR YEARS?!!!!
Aaron Krenning
Aaron Krenning Hace 2 meses
My band was one of the winners of the contest that Trenton held on Instagram, and let me tell you Trenton is an amazing dude. Very knowledgeable about lyrics, melodies, mixing, editing, and music in general. He really helped my band out, even though we may not be very active at the moment. We sent in a song and gave a breakdown of who we are and what we are about, and he gave us a very detailed response about what was good and what could be better about the song! Trenton really helped us understand and develop a style that is unique to us. If anyone would like to check us out, we are called When Troy Falls. We are on Spotify and ESwomen. Currently starting to work on some projects again! Thanks for any support! And a big thanks to Trenton for all of the help and knowledge you provided!
BKvidz Hace 3 meses
This is one of the best songs ever written so much meaning!!
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Hace 3 meses
I love nice Rock!!!
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia Hace 3 meses
This is one of the first songs I listened to from them and from that moment I fell in love with their music ❤
Gondrette Hace 4 meses
Seeing these amazing people tomorrow!
Lïzâ G
Lïzâ G Hace 5 meses
2019 anyone !?(This is officially now my favorite song)
Marcos Daniel
Marcos Daniel Hace 5 meses
oi brasil
DevilFrog61 Hace 5 meses
Find your niche and go deep...Not everyone is gonna like you, but the people who do will fucking LOVE you. I fucking love this band.
Murder HeWrote
Murder HeWrote Hace 4 meses
From day one. I am a groundweller bro
Game Braver
Game Braver Hace 5 meses
Retrodead14 Hace 5 meses
So underrated
Brandon C
Brandon C Hace 5 meses
AHH so this is what emo is..
FreshBroc410 -
FreshBroc410 - Hace 3 meses
No, this is not Emo.
Allison Fraser
Allison Fraser Hace 6 meses
Meanwhile my hands are like mansions
Mac n Cheese
Mac n Cheese Hace 7 meses
Accidentally clicks on the video...bEsT MiStAkE eVeR mAdE
Kavalli Kyorshiro
Kavalli Kyorshiro Hace 7 meses
Last good album. 2018s album was a snore fest
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart Hace 7 meses
These guys are coming to Cape Town in March and 2 of my friends in 2 different bands are both in the opening acts lol
남자스펀지 Hace 7 meses
2019 anyone?
skoottar Hace 8 meses
They look like they just came out of the office and found some spare time during their break to shoot a video.
Adilson Rosa
Adilson Rosa Hace 8 meses
Como a voz desse cara é parecida com a do vocalista do FoB
Claudia and Sophie
Claudia and Sophie Hace 8 meses
I found this from PVRIS White noise, it was playing at the end of it and i'm so happy I added it to my playlist XD
Maj3stik Hace 8 meses
If anyone hasn't seen them live. You must!!! They are amazing live too.
Isac Thorn
Isac Thorn Hace 8 meses
Why, why bother. This sounds like a million other bands from the 2000s. Next.
Fringed globe 40
Fringed globe 40 Hace 8 meses
Am I the only one who’s getting natewantstobattle vibes off this?
Brandon Gravitt
Brandon Gravitt Hace 8 meses
Getting Papa Roach vibes!
Chinedum Josiah
Chinedum Josiah Hace 8 meses
Bee jesus
Bee jesus Hace 9 meses
Good to see some fellow Aussies killing it. Good on ya boys!
Cayden Martin
Cayden Martin Hace 9 meses
Brent Lievense
Brent Lievense Hace 9 meses
This song is on repeat!
Imraan Akollo-Arenz
Imraan Akollo-Arenz Hace 9 meses
I've been sleeping on this
Gian Alvarado
Gian Alvarado Hace 9 meses
Madmon Hace 9 meses
thousands AWSOMENESS
11th Hace 10 meses
Wasn't really into this until I saw them live These guys play flawlessly and the vocalist brings over so much emotion No remarks what so ever... perfect
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies Hace 10 meses
how the hell has 928 people have not taste in music between em i dont know these guys are a machine live every song is bang on
Rj Seven
Rj Seven Hace 10 meses
Pussy rock
Silver Jay
Silver Jay Hace 11 meses
cannot believe I'm seeing them in London today
Freazlix Lit
Freazlix Lit Hace 11 meses
Усачев молодец! Все успевает! И блоги вести и подрабатывать солистом в HLH.
2000madh Hace 11 meses
Anurag Kataria
Anurag Kataria Hace 11 meses
4 tracks Superhit
Magesso Felitiano
Magesso Felitiano Hace un año
shit's rad
Tom Woodley
Tom Woodley Hace un año
Woodley hehe
Dora Kont
Dora Kont Hace un año
guys you are amazing i love all of your songs!!!!so talented!!
_ic0ffee _
_ic0ffee _ Hace un año
This came out on my birthday 3 years ago and even tho I'm not sober I'm still tearing up 😭😭💖 the nostalgic
WINGS.CU Hace un año
it's just me or it's really sound like suicide season?
Andrew Nathan
Andrew Nathan Hace un año
anybody hear "Throne" by BMTH in this one? feel as if Oli and crew listened to this as inspiration for it
Hamim Uchiha
Hamim Uchiha Hace un año
I AM 💜
Shmee jthm
Shmee jthm Hace un año
Sounds a lot like two lead fishs song released in 2013
RainbowByt3s Hace un año
Jake Giguere
Jake Giguere Hace un año
The drummer kinda looks like Sal from Impractical Jokers
Flower Bomb
Flower Bomb Hace un año
I am not perse
Gum Dum
Gum Dum Hace un año
Speed it up to 1.25 play speed
Pranav Borkar
Pranav Borkar Hace un año
Todd The Humble
Todd The Humble Hace un año
Lord Kingdom Sent Me Here.
St1gmatic Hace un año
no comments? how is it even possible
CLNJOKER 93 Hace un año
Claudia Garcia
Claudia Garcia Hace un año
This song is fking amazing, i love it.
Marco Rodi Rodimarco88 Rodi
Marco Rodi Rodimarco88 Rodi Hace un año
Mat 11
Mat 11 Hace un año
why the fuck do these bands always gotta look like a bunch of pathetic little soyboy antifa sissys
adamax08 Hace un año
Musics dope but that drummers playstyle looks kinda boring. Totally chilled pokerface all the way haha.
Anderson Andre Ferreira
Anderson Andre Ferreira Hace un año
Brasil 💜💜💜
Michael Hace un año
are they splitting up? it's been 3 years now give us an album or tell us you're done, what's going on??
Caprey Lance
Caprey Lance Hace un año
the first song i heard from them was Torn, never regretted ever since
Aaron Cates
Aaron Cates Hace un año
When did Pewdiepie join a band.
Chris Daspit
Chris Daspit Hace un año
Softcore less-progressive Periphery.
John Bryant
John Bryant Hace un año
Am I the only one that thinks about that head flapping pigeon that was random on Facebook during the first few seconds ?
Kylie Chesner
Kylie Chesner Hace un año
Love it !!
Lee 36
Lee 36 Hace un año
So where can i bought that cool shirts??😄
Matt D
Matt D Hace un año
we need more music from these guys
nameless wonder
nameless wonder Hace un año
In my head they all just sound the same....yes indeed I know that feeling!!
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