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Halsey - Nightmare

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Nightmare by Halsey out now.
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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio & Targa Sahyoun
Production Company: London Alley

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Livia Monjay
Livia Monjay Hace un minuto
2 vlog brothers
2 vlog brothers Hace 6 minutos
Why is she licking everything?
Larissa Asbahr Lala
Larissa Asbahr Lala Hace 19 minutos
puta merda, eu amo demais essa mulher
Marti Platt
Marti Platt Hace 34 minutos
This is giving me Tatu vibes.
Cele B
Cele B Hace 37 minutos
toooooooooooo much blood i luv the song not the vid
Kowalskithegreat Hace un hora
I thought this song was Taylor swift for the longest time
Cloouder N
Cloouder N Hace un hora
So bad like really bad
종국경 Hace un hora
Khalil Maynor
Khalil Maynor Hace un hora
Omg could you guys imagine Pink, Avril, or Evanes. singing this...omg it would slap 👏😥😏
Mikasita Ackerman
Mikasita Ackerman Hace un hora
Halsey is Beautyful!!!💎💎💙💙😆❤❤
Angela H.G.
Angela H.G. Hace un hora
Who else is happy that its pride month 😊😊😊😆😆😁😏
Emine Sude
Emine Sude Hace un hora
Still legend
Jaliah Ferguson
Jaliah Ferguson Hace un hora
Ryan destiny
Stef Hace 2 horas
this is like t.a.t.u. all over again
Ingrid Orozco
Ingrid Orozco Hace 2 horas
Me gustaba más estando planita :c
nightshadow_04 Hace 2 horas
P!nk vibes for some reason
Melissa Ok
Melissa Ok Hace 2 horas
Wow I actually like this lol
Karma Chamaeleon
Karma Chamaeleon Hace 2 horas
Ughh I fucking love the music video lmfaoo!!!
Cristina Playz
Cristina Playz Hace 2 horas
*wOOW* this may jammmmm
Korro Ros
Korro Ros Hace 2 horas
The greatest woman
gabriel tello
gabriel tello Hace 2 horas
tonta halsey te metiste con BTS
Grapejellygoodness Hace 2 horas
How does this video have ads???
Nellie G
Nellie G Hace 2 horas
Saw her in Cameron Crowe's Roadies and have been a fan ever since.
atlas oikawa
atlas oikawa Hace 2 horas
Halsey was born to wear short hair I swear to God
Jana wehbi
Jana wehbi Hace 2 horas
Elisa Hoerth
Elisa Hoerth Hace 2 horas
What even?? You’re so fucking lesbian
Meganne Bruce
Meganne Bruce Hace 3 horas
I wanna date halsey but id settle for being her friend, what a kickass woman.
TATA FliP FlOpS Hace 3 horas
This song stayed in my head during an exam.. that’s how good it is😌👌🏻
Carol Zhou
Carol Zhou Hace 3 horas
if you’re reading this i hope you get your dream 💙💰
Erik Lindgren
Erik Lindgren Hace 4 horas
Sounds alot like t.A.T.u
Marlene sørensen
Marlene sørensen Hace 4 horas
Your simply said an incredible musician/artist.
Joosh Bobaa
Joosh Bobaa Hace 4 horas
I swear, after going through Halsey's discography, I need some stitches it's so edgy.
Cup of tae with a side Of kookie’s and suga
Cup of tae with a side Of kookie’s and suga Hace 4 horas
Lucky people who got to work with Halsey she is so nice!!! LOVED THE SONG!!!!!
Ar my
Ar my Hace 4 horas
Army? BTS? Boy With Luv?
Frau Faye
Frau Faye Hace 4 horas
*Avril Lavigne left the chat*
Annaleigh Brown
Annaleigh Brown Hace 4 horas
It is a proven fact that everyone who disliked is most likely named Karen.
Mari Hace 4 horas
ughh this song and video gives me life
Esra Eda
Esra Eda Hace 4 horas
I wanted to open my tumblr account again when i saw this music video
thegeekplanet Hace 4 horas
Регина Вильданова
Регина Вильданова Hace 4 horas
Мне одной припев напоминает нашу русскую группу тату?
Marc Nadeau
Marc Nadeau Hace 4 horas
it sux
queen kaygee
queen kaygee Hace 4 horas
Tbh im just coming back to this randomly and seeing the views going up everyday
Chloe Mills
Chloe Mills Hace 4 horas
I love halsey so much more than i thought i could because of them lyrics
GazB85 Hace 4 horas
Nobody: The Majority of ESwomen comments here: "Someone involved in the video: Asking about something that'll be featured in the video. Halsey: Yes!"
Ricardo Escobar
Ricardo Escobar Hace 5 horas
when she said "I'll show you my teeth" I rlly felt that T^T T^T
Arya Hace 5 horas
2:28 it's me
FYIYA Hace 5 horas
This song has definitely the same air as tatu all the thing she said look it up
Andee Fosselm
Andee Fosselm Hace 5 horas
I love this
Abida Ahmed
Abida Ahmed Hace 5 horas
I wonder how bts reacted to this🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣😏💀
Bŕůćė Èdìțś
Bŕůćė Èdìțś Hace 5 horas
0:33 Every mousquito
maria l
maria l Hace 5 horas
Dam shes hot☺
maria l
maria l Hace 5 horas
And shes fucking Rocking IT lol
JustTania MSP
JustTania MSP Hace 5 horas
Sometimes I wonder how BTS and Halsey collabed together
Kchaturvedy Hace 5 horas
MUSIC TV Hace 6 horas
"All the things she said" Ooopsy, wrong
Jay Hace 6 horas
Emmy Covers
Emmy Covers Hace 6 horas
*I did a cover of this song on guitar if anyone wants to peep it;)* It's not as good as Halsey but wanted to pay her tribute, love her empowerment, and would love some support :)
Ivan Sushong
Ivan Sushong Hace 6 horas
Katherine Vasquez
Katherine Vasquez Hace 6 horas
I love the video and I like the song but i feel like they clashed together.
omar oa 420
omar oa 420 Hace 7 horas
Vanessa Hayden
Vanessa Hayden Hace 7 horas
Director: how much on the “bad b*tch” scale? Halsey: yes.
chelsea applegate
chelsea applegate Hace 7 horas
UnKnown ɇclipse
UnKnown ɇclipse Hace 7 horas
2:22 that clap tho
Ame Amin
Ame Amin Hace 7 horas
You know a song is good when you feel like total badass just doing some grocery shopping while listening to it.
Zargabanth Hace 8 horas
I cant stand this bitch.
Matthew Wickham
Matthew Wickham Hace 8 horas
yeah its catchy but she is hot and female soo?
xAssassinosx Hace 8 horas
2:28 when your mom is coming and you have not cleaned the room yet
Hell Angels
Hell Angels Hace 8 horas
3:31, that's Debbie Harry damn!
ARMYللابد roro
ARMYللابد roro Hace 8 horas
HOLLEY Ann Hace 8 horas
Anyone notice how shes talking about bipolar too? Or is that just me? Halsey is queen 🖤❤
jacky wacky
jacky wacky Hace 9 horas
Cara : so what should I do Halsey: swag bitch ........... swag
Guli S
Guli S Hace 9 horas
This gave me t.A.T.u vibes 👩‍❤️‍👩
#boxing girl
#boxing girl Hace 9 horas
This song is amazing💜
TheCereAL BoSS
TheCereAL BoSS Hace 9 horas
2:04 Finally a boy! *Oh no*
Turbo B
Turbo B Hace 9 horas
0% talent 0% lyrics 100% sex
park sura
park sura Hace 10 horas
Ashymx Hace 10 horas
*Ears has left the chat*
mada mada
mada mada Hace 11 horas
The BBC Radio 1 live performance is ten times better than this studio version, believe me!
Julitte 15
Julitte 15 Hace 11 horas
Amy Flanagan
Amy Flanagan Hace 11 horas
I've got Pink and In this moment vibes from the music video...
The loud house best of best XDD
The loud house best of best XDD Hace 11 horas
Footage of when the feminist take over in 2036.
AshreidKian Hace 11 horas
Bro the newspaper eye block, #illuminatiConfirmed
Verty Richardson
Verty Richardson Hace 12 horas
How many pussy do u see in this video
Clarisse Dubois
Clarisse Dubois Hace 12 horas
It's a queen.
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Hace 12 horas
Berta's Hit Chart 6/19/2019 Top 5 Last: 4 Peak: 1(3x)
Jessica Klimko
Jessica Klimko Hace 13 horas
Jessica Klimko
Jessica Klimko Hace 13 horas
It was definitely clever but Maria brink (in this moment) did it first.... but she’s totally clever and absolutely AMAZING
Irina Cheremisina
Irina Cheremisina Hace 13 horas
Кто от bts?
Rakon dolla
Rakon dolla Hace 14 horas
هدي ملقاتش شكون ينيكها برك ههه
سید محمد حسینی
سید محمد حسینی Hace 14 horas
Messed up dirty song it is disappointing
El Brock
El Brock Hace 14 horas
Controversial equal rights supporter right here: I hate the label "feminist" because of the reputation of this kind of people. Imagine the hate if a man was to say "I keep my exes in check in my basement". IF YOU WON'T SAY IT TO WOMEN DON'T SAY IT TO MEN
ImYour MasochistLover
ImYour MasochistLover Hace 15 horas
Call me gay but I like seeing halsey in a suit because she slays it
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Hace 15 horas
Thanairys M. Colon
Thanairys M. Colon Hace 15 horas
Ok I got to be honest at the end Halsey looks like Eleven from Stranger Things😭❤️
Gyde Oneal
Gyde Oneal Hace 15 horas
Debbie Harry...DEBBIE FUCKIN HARRY!!! Fuck your "yes" "no" meme bullshit! It's DEBRA MUTHAFUCKIN HARRY!!!
halfless Hace 15 horas
when the song starts i was thinking in Loona
Emilee Barela
Emilee Barela Hace 16 horas
Came for halsey and came out with debbie harry??? Hell ya
CLI X Hace 16 horas
only 37m views ? seriously ? u deserve much more than 37m :(
Ernesto Barrientes
Ernesto Barrientes Hace 16 horas
A bed bug bitch 😂
八九我们 Hace 17 horas
Presto Media LLC
Presto Media LLC Hace 17 horas
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