Hairdresser Reacts To Troom Troom Hair Hacks

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

Hace un mes

Hi Beautiful! Troom Troom be doing some wild stuff on their channel. Let's talk about it.
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Madelyn Lou
Madelyn Lou Hace 45 segundos
I have really really long hair that goes down to my bottom and yet my hair has never ever gotten stuck in my shoe laces
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith Hace 6 minutos
Curling Kills.... That should be merch.
Shelly Zombie
Shelly Zombie Hace 38 minutos
Why his reactions so genuine lmaoo
Pualani Knapp
Pualani Knapp Hace un hora
I refuse to believe that troom troom actually believes in any of their hacks.
Haley Murphy
Haley Murphy Hace un hora
5:40 ngl she looks like the girl from lazy town...who remembers?
Shanika Anderson
Shanika Anderson Hace un hora
I honestly dgaf about hair, but I am addicted to this channel. We don't have enough pure ESwomenrs, thankyou ❤
Emily Marlaina
Emily Marlaina Hace 2 horas
Brad is the ONLY youtuber I can tolerate when I am in a bad mood and all ESwomenrs are annoying me. You just can't ever be mad at the man he's too positive 💛💛💛
Kaydence Queen
Kaydence Queen Hace 4 horas
Omg 8:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron Collar
Aaron Collar Hace 4 horas
I do not have Instagram 📷🤳📷🤳
Charlie Cat
Charlie Cat Hace 4 horas
Me filming a ESwomen video: *films whole video without pressing record* Also me: AAAAHHHHH I GIVE UP
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Hace 4 horas
I was chill until she called herself queen RiRi like boo I was about to throw hands and will at any moment for the queen
Ashlie Hankinson
Ashlie Hankinson Hace 7 horas
I love his intro calling everyone beautiful 🥺 we see you brad you’re beautiful ❤️
Anna Hultz
Anna Hultz Hace 7 horas
The heart one would be cute for a crazy hair day event
Madyn Ward
Madyn Ward Hace 8 horas
When I cut my hair my “best friend” said that it was ugly and that I needed to grow it back
Nick Ark
Nick Ark Hace 8 horas
That is literally the most bizarre channel I've ever seen in my life wtf??
Isabella Liddle
Isabella Liddle Hace 8 horas
“ShOe LaCeS MaKe ThE BeSt Wig!”
Harmony Cummins
Harmony Cummins Hace 10 horas
"And before you skip the intro, I'm doing a give away!" Me: skips anyway cause I don't have social media
Denise Marie
Denise Marie Hace 11 horas
😨 oh no! I watched this video too late 😭 I missed the giveaway
Shay Lamb
Shay Lamb Hace 14 horas
Omg I would love some hair products!! I have such a hard time spending money on myself! But I have curly thick hair and i wish it could be healthier and more luscious ❤️
Charlène Perrin
Charlène Perrin Hace 18 horas
A whole generation of chrildren punished by their parents because of Troom Troom beauty/lifestyle hacks 😂😂😂
lil ky
lil ky Hace 21 un hora
i dont agree . i am not bootiful .
stasha crevar
stasha crevar Hace 22 horas
At this point, troom troom is a joke
Mainly Madeline23
Mainly Madeline23 Hace un día
f in the chat for Christy
Beguiled Kinwa
Beguiled Kinwa Hace un día
Brad Mondo: watches troom troom video. Brad 5 minutes later: Sweeney Todd someone
Tamra Armstrong
Tamra Armstrong Hace un día
Troom troom is a weird channel with useless hacks....i already know before i even watch this video
Gia Nieto-Giovanini
Gia Nieto-Giovanini Hace un día
You got a new subscriber
Annika Watrud
Annika Watrud Hace un día
"YA KNOW ........... A LITTLE BIT...dumb" Brad Mondo hahahahhahahahahhahaha
Mya Sandoval
Mya Sandoval Hace un día
I know there's no chance for me to win because this is an older video but no shade Brad I'm kind of sad because all the giveaways are always want to be entered for every single one involves Instagram I don't have Instagram I'm not allowed to have Instagram that is why I never win any giveaways sorry
loving makeup
loving makeup Hace un día
What the FU*K did I just watch?
melody Hace un día
Maitri Jamieson
Maitri Jamieson Hace un día
That intro tho
Harley dominique
Harley dominique Hace un día
My hair is like 3 feet long and I can say I’ve gotten my hair stuck in my laces before but it barley happens 😂.
Abi does Gacha life
Abi does Gacha life Hace un día
Umm I was born in 2010
daphné occean
daphné occean Hace un día
troom troom is offensive asf. curly kinky hair is fkn beautiful, colored hair is too and short hair is too. cancelled.
Mom Hace un día
The intro tho
Mello ChickenNuggets
Mello ChickenNuggets Hace un día
Directions weren't clear. Now my hair is on fire now Troom Troom
crazy kiwi kitty cat
crazy kiwi kitty cat Hace un día
get her out!
Suranya Govender
Suranya Govender Hace un día
Ive never laughed harder
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Hace un día
Omfg wtf Are they doing😭
Mia Bermudez
Mia Bermudez Hace un día
now I actually want that red hair
Mia Bermudez
Mia Bermudez Hace un día
Yo I legit thought that bird sound was coming from my window cause it is open @~@
fonitekaboo Hace un día
I just love how wonderfully racist troom troom is (sarcasm), honestly why the hell you have a black girl pulling all kinds of shit out of her hair? It wouldn't be as bad of it was actually things that got caught in hair. 😡
iiSunny Lorrie
iiSunny Lorrie Hace un día
Once my friend said "EWWWWW SHORT HAIR IS UGLY AND NOT FASHIONABLE, YUK" When I told her my sis has short hair... I shouted at her for making fun of my sister's hair
Hamish Jeppe
Hamish Jeppe Hace un día
Hendry hart
Maddie Sheldon
Maddie Sheldon Hace un día
You will never have a husband...i- 😂😂
Valery Herrera
Valery Herrera Hace un día
5:36 no offence but she looks like the girl from lazy town
Dave & Megumi Gill
Dave & Megumi Gill Hace 2 días
r u rasist
Neighborhood Nimrods
Neighborhood Nimrods Hace 2 días
Why did I laugh so hard at this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ellegaitor Hace 2 días
Wow these are brutal!
BreezyMist Hace 2 días
Love that mean girls reference in the beginning
shero kikito
shero kikito Hace 2 días
him:so you agree your really pretty me:no.. im ugly...i didnt agree....
Elizabeth Chun
Elizabeth Chun Hace 2 días
troom troom you didnt have to cut a hole in a perfectly good jacket you could have just stuck the hair down the back of the jacket aka the hole that was aLREADY THERE
Sara Alsafadi
Sara Alsafadi Hace 2 días
i really want to win because i have curly hair and i really don’t know what to use on it so i hope to win the xmondo products!
Maggie Norrena
Maggie Norrena Hace 2 días
The fact that I’m curling my hair while watching this 😂
Alicia Tonkin
Alicia Tonkin Hace 2 días
I wish I could afford all of your products.
Alicia Tonkin
Alicia Tonkin Hace 2 días
Yeah it's really nice to have a compliment at the beginning of his videos. Thanks Brad 😊
Jillian Stevenson
Jillian Stevenson Hace 2 días
Here for my daily confidence boost from Brad❤
Carol-Anne Yerby
Carol-Anne Yerby Hace 2 días
I don't see how these are even hacks. It's just unrealistic short stories.
Aiden Hoffman
Aiden Hoffman Hace 3 días
Brad I need you to tell me what haircut I should get because bro I don’t give a fuck about my hair and I just want it to look good and I’ve had this haircut for 10 years. I NEED a change.
Thats Kai
Thats Kai Hace 3 días
Ha midget hair I have a beautiful bald head
Cyndi Murphy
Cyndi Murphy Hace 3 días
I mean, I guess you could wrap the long hair around the clothing line and let it dry in curls??
Cyndi Murphy
Cyndi Murphy Hace 3 días
Not my shoelaces, but I've caught my lonh hair in doors, the clothes dryer, and a vacuum cleaner!! Also sucked a strand down my throat on a windy day.
Mireya Rodriguez
Mireya Rodriguez Hace 3 días
“before you skip over my intro” lmao brad i would never skip over your intro
NBAA Airmail
NBAA Airmail Hace 3 días
Do you only use your products
Kaitlyn Stewart
Kaitlyn Stewart Hace 3 días
Troom is problematic
XxAlex_RayxX :D
XxAlex_RayxX :D Hace 3 días
I have long hair and i dont have Struggle and it dont take that long to dry long Hair it only take 30 min!
A Lion
A Lion Hace 3 días
could you imagine you're just standing there on the street bitch with a sweater on her head walks up to you with a pair of scissors grabs your sholder and fukin goes ham on your jacket as she stands there intensely watching you eat then takes your hotdog and starts eating it herself
Natalie Hace 4 días
I love that you're finding joy in troom troom! I would totally be down for more of these vids! 😂❤️
layla fuzzy
layla fuzzy Hace 4 días
Brad dose miss Manny Quinn have some thing to tell us “ she’s in the closet”
Shivani Vimal
Shivani Vimal Hace 4 días
Troom troom is trolling us at this point ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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