Hairdresser Reacts to People Going Brown to Bright Red

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

Hace 8 meses

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some girls go from their natural brown hair to intense fire engine red! It's quite an intense change.
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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo Hace 8 meses
Hi beautiful thanks for being here 💞🥰
Mary Gorie
Mary Gorie Hace 13 días
Brad your so funny I love you 😍 yesss
Sophie BERRY
Sophie BERRY Hace 16 días
❤️tysm omg-❤️
Cross Cultured
Cross Cultured Hace 17 días
What would happen if I put orange on my naturally dark blonde hair with grown out bleached ends?
Miaa LopezZ
Miaa LopezZ Hace 28 días
Kaylen Quintero
Kaylen Quintero Hace un mes
BRAD Help!! I have virgin brown/black curls like the first girl. Do I need to lighten before dying my hair w/ developer and dye??
sarah Hace 19 horas
:$ It's not a dollar sign it's a shy face !
cecilia espinosa
cecilia espinosa Hace 21 un hora
me seeing this a day after i dyed my naturally blonde hair brown: 😦
someone you know
someone you know Hace un día
Sunja Hace un día
As someone with naturally brown hair I feel mildly offended. But then again, after like 10 years with the same hairstyle I also wouldn't mind a change.
Cat Hace un día
SIR, SIR,...the first two people had black hair
Kennedy Ford
Kennedy Ford Hace un día
Brad mondo please let me make you a shirt that says “color doesn’t lather” 😭😭😭😭 I run a small little boutique out of my house!🌻
Reagan Hace 2 días
Brad really is just coming for us brunettes
Periş Demirci
Periş Demirci Hace 3 días
solid brown hair isn‘t boring at all if you have a nice hair color. blonde hair is usually very thin and dull looking so i don‘t get your opinion at all sry
Jade Toghill
Jade Toghill Hace 3 días
Red hair is by far the nicest colour looks very pretty
Rawan _76
Rawan _76 Hace 3 días
Can you give me some advice I’m going from natural black hair to burgundy any tips ???
Jess Goodwin
Jess Goodwin Hace 3 días
My hair did the same I have black hair and red routes and it was very red on processing 😂 it doesn't look bad but wanted it all red 😂
Gia 002
Gia 002 Hace 3 días
Okay but the second girl... You're telling me I've been KILLING MY HAIR WITH BLEACH FOR NO REASON WTF I AM SO ASHAMED AND STUPID
Jessica B
Jessica B Hace 4 días
I bet this is the video that made him finally join us, brunettes..... Due to all the angry ones hahahaha 😂😁🤣 I'm not mad tho 😂💀
Lindy Jones
Lindy Jones Hace 5 días
Me having naturally solid brown hair being sad cause Brad doesn’t want me to have brown hair
Tallis In Wonderland
Tallis In Wonderland Hace 5 días
I love how Brad loves us mums and is “You go Mum!” When we are unintentionally ruining our kids’ hair 🤣
Ale Sainz
Ale Sainz Hace 6 días
So you are telling me my red doesn't take on my ends bc of my pre used colors .👁👄👁 Any advice please im desperate
Unmumsy Musings - Josephine_kk
Unmumsy Musings - Josephine_kk Hace 7 días
2 words I didn't think I'd hear in a brad mondo video: Vaseline + penetrate 🙈
Risha Dahagama
Risha Dahagama Hace 7 días
Who says my hair is dull and yours isn’t
Leigh Alpin
Leigh Alpin Hace 8 días
I did the bright red from brown in 2016 and it was gorgeous. I got so many compliments on it. Also, did not do it myself. Definitely let my stylist do it.
Natalia Alvarado
Natalia Alvarado Hace 8 días
So I dyed my whole head Rihanna red when I was around 19, I’m pretty sure most of my hair was virgin, I used that Lorel hi light color for dark hair, I used 40 volume and came out with Rihanna red. I love it but my curls were more frizzy and big than they are now that my hair has been virgin for like 3 years.
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel Hace 8 días
Brad, immediately at the start of the video: *excited balloon noises*
Shaun Woo
Shaun Woo Hace 8 días
The first one need to do a protein treatment
starlitmagi Hace 9 días
I've used the hi-color many many times and it's my favorite red to do my hair! I like to mix up different shades though. One of the last times I mixed the purple and the red which had this really amazing turn out of being deep purple but in the sun it was deep red. Love! A long as you apply hi-color by the directions you will love your results
Nikki Hammond
Nikki Hammond Hace 9 días
Lmao to all the people getting the butt hurt over him hating on brunettes. I am a brunette and I’m not bothered 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love my hair color. I look horrible as any other color. It’s just his opinion.
Ally Thing
Ally Thing Hace 9 días
Last one looks amazing :D
Troy Sharp
Troy Sharp Hace 9 días
Youre such a cutie brad 😍
silvia livick
silvia livick Hace 9 días
Like watching but brads to childish to be any kind of hairdresser just dont belive he is
Vinny Arden
Vinny Arden Hace 10 días
I've had brown hair for too long now, plan to dye it once I'm not broke. Used to dye my hair a lot forever ago and I miss color. Brown is for real boring. 🌻
im just so about y o u
im just so about y o u Hace 10 días
ppl getting mad worked up over hair color-💀
UWU Hace 10 días
This video is so gay lmao i watched it only because i want to dye my hair read but in some cool way.
cachorro Hace 11 días
everytime you say ~hi beautiful~ I just go HIIII BRAAAD :^> laying down like a potato. you are so funny and kind, I enjoy your videos so much
Chloe Allen
Chloe Allen Hace 12 días
Omg I watched this and now I feel like my hair looks like a used tampon 😌
Ashley Ball
Ashley Ball Hace 12 días
Oh Brad.. how i love you ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊
itsberriebaby Hace 12 días
Your reaction on 9:30 PRICELESS lmao 😂😂😭❤
chelsiie123 _
chelsiie123 _ Hace 12 días
my red hair and my half red half black are my favourite hair colours on me😅
Claire Mae
Claire Mae Hace 12 días
fire engine red has been my color for yeaaars. people would always ask me if it was my natural color because it matched my skin so good. i would use professional dye though. but i decided to grow it out a little over a year ago. in halfway there!!
Ai Aodamo
Ai Aodamo Hace 12 días
God this comment section is painful. Ya'll need to calm down.
Selah Shorts
Selah Shorts Hace 12 días
hun, black people but Vaseline on our scalp protect it from anything, yet again yalls hair is a lot different form ours.
emma Hace 14 días
all the brunettes are crying rn
Natasha Ahmed
Natasha Ahmed Hace 14 días
Is no one gonna talk bout the weird noise brad made at the beginning😂😂😂
Sanne Kloosterman
Sanne Kloosterman Hace 14 días
I'm just sitting here with my natural light brown hair... thanks Brad but luckily my hair naturally has a lot of different variations in it (from very blonde all the way to black) so it's not one-dimensional tho
Cora Wood
Cora Wood Hace 15 días
I’ve had blonde hair for a year and I dyed it dark red and I am so in love
Leelikesdick Hace 15 días
Bitch what? Natural brown hair is beautiful. I hate that everyone knocks brown hair.
Aussie Bunnie
Aussie Bunnie Hace 15 días
i think she used the petroleum because she is mixing up chemical relaxing process with coloring
Nicole Carpenter
Nicole Carpenter Hace 16 días
Wait....✋ color doesn't lift color brad? Whaaaa? 😳
Craftkid Rocks
Craftkid Rocks Hace 16 días
Luv yaaaaa brad still filmes when I’ll he’s amazing
Girl Cave Gaming
Girl Cave Gaming Hace 17 días
Now for the last person how the fuck😂 because my hair is so dark and I can’t get any color to show up in my hair. It’s not black it’s really dark brown and I don’t wanna bleach it so I’m stuck help me
Alinnea Lee
Alinnea Lee Hace 17 días
Oh Brad, sweetheart... most people who have natural brown hair have black, red, or lighter brown highlights and undertones. You’re missing out on a whole spectrum of shades and dimension, love. It’s just those boring brown box dyes that are so blah. I’m glad that you’ve learned to love the brunette since this was filmed.
Relly Fuhrmann
Relly Fuhrmann Hace 17 días
Watching brad mondo while coloring my hair xD
Elle Morris
Elle Morris Hace 17 días
brad mondo calling me out for being a brunette.. IM TRYING TO CHANGE IT, BRAD MONDO
Katie Ochs
Katie Ochs Hace 17 días
Does "color doesn't lift color" apply to artificial color only, or natural too?? Could I put blonde/light brown dye on top of natural brown hair??
Mickey Markley
Mickey Markley Hace 17 días
0:03 me when i see a spider
Siba Jack-Pama
Siba Jack-Pama Hace 17 días
Brad just killed vaseline for me
Chula Matangi
Chula Matangi Hace 17 días
Thank you Keep up your Good work!
Cross Cultured
Cross Cultured Hace 17 días
I love a deep chocolate brown hair
AJ_Zidare Hace 17 días
Could you do a video on how to make brown hair more shiny?! I love golden highlights just to brighten my medium brown hair but it always ends up breaking & looking extremely dry (I have dry frizzy hair to begin with)...but when its a medium brown all over, looks so much healthier & not as dull. Also, any colors from Sally's or somewhere that give a nice medium golden brown?
Reata Vandecoevering
Reata Vandecoevering Hace 18 días
I have used this color, my hair was trashed after using this. It has peroxide in it that why it works so well. I ended up paying a lot for color correction because it turned orange when it faded.
Nadine Milliner
Nadine Milliner Hace 19 días
Unpopular opinion: brunet hair is bomb.
Alix E123
Alix E123 Hace 20 días
Be a ginger or red head and be proud of it!
Couponing Val
Couponing Val Hace 21 un día
Thanks to you I now know why my hair never turns out the way I want. Roots are always super red and dark ends. Because I already have preexistent color in it!!! Lmao 😂 thank you!
Lauren Rethoret
Lauren Rethoret Hace 21 un día
I have been dying my hair red for like nine years now and I love it but I want to go back to my natural color it’s going to be AWHILE
Carley Burke
Carley Burke Hace 21 un día
Wow you really came for us brunettes huh!!!
Yasmin Paul
Yasmin Paul Hace 21 un día
Whenever brad screams he doesnt hate brunettes I just come back to this video lmao
Melissa Nailz Cliques
Melissa Nailz Cliques Hace 22 días
Watching while washing my hair with xMondo shampoo 😍😍❤❤❤ man I am obsessed with how good it smells!
Miranda Baker
Miranda Baker Hace 22 días
I forgot this is the video that makes me super insecure about my brown hair, whoops. We love a casual put down.
Miranda Baker
Miranda Baker Hace 20 días
@👑Queen Tia👑 I don't want to damage it, and it was a big struggle as I grew up to think of my hair as beautiful despite not being Barbie doll blonde. As a POC you don't see many Disney princesses rocking your representation.
👑Queen Tia👑
👑Queen Tia👑 Hace 20 días
Dye it then
Elly P
Elly P Hace 23 días
I have a rather dark brown hair and WAS blonde, with a loooong root and got my hair colored red and it looks REALLY good at the root but in the ends are veeery patchy, getting it fixed soon. LOVE your videos Brad!
moneypro85 Hace 23 días
Your lip filler is really good
Kelly Dorriety
Kelly Dorriety Hace 23 días
I did this to my light brown hair and it’s now like a dark pinky red color and now I need to remove the color but I don’t really know how to get the color out. What do I need to do? I really don’t wanna bleach it but I want my natural hair back now. Pls help
Ary La.
Ary La. Hace 22 días
Kelly Dorriety you can try to use color remover
plah!cēbō B4B3
plah!cēbō B4B3 Hace 23 días
Damn why is everyone feeling so attacked by this video? ...Relax?
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