Hairdresser Reacts To Bleach Videos Addressed To Me

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

Hace un mes

Hi Beautiful! All the videos I watch today have my name in the title so this should be VERY interesting.
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Hairdresser Reacts To Bleach Videos Addressed To Mebradmondobradmondonychairdresserreacts

Iris _LOV3R
Iris _LOV3R Hace 2 horas
Thank you for the wonderful intro✨
Lily Melano
Lily Melano Hace 3 horas
Good lord just go to a salon 💇🏻‍♀️ But thank you to those who don’t because I need Brad Mondo’s videos in my life
Grace Gabriel
Grace Gabriel Hace 15 horas
React to Mackenzie Marie plsssssss, she dyes her hair with markers and stuff
Gwen Covey
Gwen Covey Hace 16 horas
At least it's not t-18
Hailey-B. T.
Hailey-B. T. Hace 18 horas
Thank you, only person who complimented me today and didn’t put me down!!❤️❤️❤️
HerMakeupIsRad Hace 20 horas
That last girl DESTROYING her beautiful new blonde killed me
Lara W
Lara W Hace 21 un hora
8:18 that girls face looks weird
Lara W
Lara W Hace 21 un hora
my new profile ig
my new profile ig Hace un día
Is the second girl going for a rat tail of wtf is that
my new profile ig
my new profile ig Hace un día
The second girl just did not want that one string of hair to be touched lol hanging out the entire time that bothered me so much
my new profile ig
my new profile ig Hace un día
She REWend her hair and did not stop her hair was gorgeous 🙁
4everunicorns122 :D
4everunicorns122 :D Hace un día
🤣 8:03 He aLWaYS PausES ON Da FuNNiEst PArtS Of dA VidEOS~I LoVe diS GUy 🤣
Kaylee Graziani
Kaylee Graziani Hace un día
I’m just gonna propose you react to ThatMidgetAsian. He has a couple videos where he does his hair and I think you’d love him!!!!!!
Aydan Cadorette-Lawrence
Aydan Cadorette-Lawrence Hace un día
i always dye and bleach my hair at home cause hair dreesers dont do it right
Derek Magruther
Derek Magruther Hace un día
I'm a 30 something hetero Male who is balding. Why do I love this channel?
mikrokpop Hace un día
I'm lowkey stressed out by the fact, that the suspenders on his shirt don't match (the front and back don't match)
Abbie Marie Hudson
Abbie Marie Hudson Hace un día
Where were these videos when I bleached my hair white after box dying it black for 3 years
p m
p m Hace un día
20:43 : lindsay Lohan after 5 kids and a lot of crack
Drawings by Alina
Drawings by Alina Hace un día
I am from germany
Naty Alicia
Naty Alicia Hace un día
Brad's shirt brooo 😂😂
apequestrian Hace un día
No one: Brad at 17:30: *minecraft injury sounds*
The Dreamer
The Dreamer Hace un día
Best quote ever “at least It’s not t18”
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson Hace 2 días
Uhh i love your intros always makes me feel great 💁💁💇💆
Jasmin Appleby
Jasmin Appleby Hace 2 días
binging your vids whilst working at home bc im obsessed w u but honestly brad that shirt is not it can we retire that ?
Gracie clark UwU
Gracie clark UwU Hace 2 días
Brad: you look incredible Me: *eating two slices of chocolate pie with a night gown on* *thanks...* 🥰😜😶
Gracie clark UwU
Gracie clark UwU Hace 2 días
I'm feeling really sick after eating those cakes 🤮😖😷💔
Jasmin Terry
Jasmin Terry Hace 2 días
“you look incredible today!” *wearing a hoodie, laying in bed with double chin, hair messed up and all*
Emily Keys
Emily Keys Hace 2 días
I’ve bleached my hair to a really pale blonde before and then dyed it like a dark blonde and it came out the medium-ish blonde I wanted.
irene angelucci
irene angelucci Hace 2 días
Noooo,the last girl looked so amazing with the platinum hair, why did she have to change her mind😭😱 especially, why that red, she looks way older and just meh. Aw Gosh, I can't any longer.
Natalia Mendez
Natalia Mendez Hace 2 días
I try to convince my mom to get her license because she’s always done my hair. I would say the worst was not because we messed up but because the color mixing did not go the way we expected it because the girl at Sally’s told us if we mixed Salmon Pink and Coral Pink I would get this rose gold color I wanted. Did not happen I ended up with pink orange hair 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Fran Jenkins
Fran Jenkins Hace 2 días
All of these videos are just saying to us don't bleach your hair
Tatiana M
Tatiana M Hace 3 días
OMG. Girls should use the corona crisis to become blond and actually get used to it. The second girl looked so GOOD with the fixed hair.. She just didn't get used to it. That red hair made her 20 years older.
Isabella G
Isabella G Hace 3 días
The second girls hair when she put the red in it looked like my hair but much more tame and straight. Yeah I’m a mess,❤️
Juliet Leon
Juliet Leon Hace 3 días
does the last girl look like chucky after she went red or is it just me? 😂
Ashley Dailey
Ashley Dailey Hace 3 días
The second girl says she’s watched every one of your videos but I don’t think she paid very close attention lol
Makayla Baker
Makayla Baker Hace 3 días
I used a high lift blonde color with 30 developer and it got my hair from box dye dark brown to a dirty blonde! Then I waited a few weeks and bleached it and it came out an even white blonde :)
chelsea harris
chelsea harris Hace 3 días
the last girl looked so good with the complete blonde 😕
Ashley Dailey
Ashley Dailey Hace 3 días
You are so ridiculously good looking and sweet and amazing
StellaDaPotato Hace 3 días
20:34 I think you broke him
StellaDaPotato Hace 3 días
2:56 I sEe a cAt!
Stéphanie Fabióla
Stéphanie Fabióla Hace 3 días
OMG BRAD !!! please react to @rarikari bleaching her roots also btw I've used T18 and it colored my non-lightened roots and made the lightened part of my hair darker, I wish I saw your videos before I did that but you live and you learn lol
Megan Felter
Megan Felter Hace 3 días
The Lexx Files
The Lexx Files Hace 3 días
Sat watching this and suddenly hearing @simplynailogical theme tune. 2 of my faves. 💛
The Lexx Files
The Lexx Files Hace 3 días
I am loving brad's more natural hair! Looking good honey!
Erin Carey
Erin Carey Hace 3 días
Perfect color for a girl with lots of dirty blond hifhlights and the hair is soo amazing !!!
Emster Hope
Emster Hope Hace 3 días
Brad: you look incredible today. Me: lying in bed, still in pajamas, and not showered
Katie Hake
Katie Hake Hace 3 días
I went blonde in 2017 then i would get my root touch up when i could then i started bleaching my roots then last year my hair was breaking i found aphogee protein and used tresemme antibreakage shampoo and conditioner that has save my hair that it growing and it not breaking as much
oH mAh gOSH iMa pOtATo
oH mAh gOSH iMa pOtATo Hace 3 días
I would go to the hair dressers but the last time I did that a tall bald person did my hair... never again (he wasn’t a bad hair dresser and he was a nice guy)
Genna Pieffer
Genna Pieffer Hace 4 días
Love the hair color so beautiful and well done whoever did it tell them amazing job
Meme A
Meme A Hace 4 días
So I literally can care less about hair but because of quarantine I've watched maybe 15 of his videos today and I'm obsessed. #QuarantinedLife
Patty Yuraitis
Patty Yuraitis Hace 4 días
Gen Galati
Gen Galati Hace 4 días
I LOVE u brad I hope everything is fine with this virus 🦠 ❤️❤️
Mystical Stories
Mystical Stories Hace 4 días
me: sitting in my room in quarantine haven't taken care of my hygiene in a week due to mental health Brad: "Hi beautiful... you look incredible today." Me: ;///^///; "thank you"
Mary Ashini
Mary Ashini Hace un día
Mystical Stories I FELT this
Kitty xRae
Kitty xRae Hace 4 días
Her hair looked like a clown costume wig 😱
Beauty By Kate
Beauty By Kate Hace 4 días
im about to bleach my hair right now. lol wish me luck i need it
Sarah Sizzy
Sarah Sizzy Hace 4 días
I love Brad even on my gloomiest day he makes me smile 😍😘
Valeria T
Valeria T Hace 4 días
the last girl looked like chucky after she dyed it red lmaoooo
Francis Rose
Francis Rose Hace 4 días
8:02 am I the only one who laughes because of the pause of the video? 😂😂
Zaddy Phantom
Zaddy Phantom Hace 5 días
Guess who just bleached her hair🤪 sorry I didn’t record it😔😔😔
Ariel Schafer
Ariel Schafer Hace 5 días
Your hair looks so different... 😨
barruska21 Hace 5 días
The second girl .. omg the blond was so amazing on her. She is so beautiful, with that blond she reminded me of a marylin monroe 🤩 whyyyy, its wasnt too loud 😢
Marie Smide
Marie Smide Hace 5 días
Brand Mondo I’m new to your channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cannot take it no more 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Galaxy1207
Gacha Galaxy1207 Hace 5 días
That last girl be lookin like Fiona from Shrek 🤣
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hace 5 días
I feel like a new woman - second person dying their hair I do too - Brad
Marin Thornton
Marin Thornton Hace 5 días
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson Hace 5 días
I'm all for this outfit for you, by the way. 💞💞💞
TheMotherConfesser Hace 5 días
Tia’s skin is amazing
Kenzie Lynn
Kenzie Lynn Hace 5 días
Brad: you look INCREDIBLE TODAY me, at 11 am: 👁 👄 👁
Arden Delehanty
Arden Delehanty Hace 5 días
Brad: Hello beautiful! You look so pretty today. Me: Hasn't brushed hair and lying in bed with old pj's on Me: Haha yeah sure thanks
dandelionveins Hace 6 días
Yesh, I am wearing two pairs of pants. ICONIC
R Sh
R Sh Hace 6 días
20:55 at a pause xD
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