Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box

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Are you better off than you were three years ago? Most Americans think so. #FoxNews
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Greg GutfeldGutfeldGutfeld monologueGreg Gutfeld monologue

Tom Frazier
Tom Frazier Hace 4 días
Trump, you should have known about this, insofar you have have seen Democrat politics for years. They seem to win with hound dogs (Carter, Clinton), ambitious dream teamers (Obama). For our part we should have really reassured Condi Rice, who turned us down. I'd love to see a real black president, accent & all. Condi is a bit talented tenth, but has all the class of any ten Old White Men.
ringhunter 100
ringhunter 100 Hace 13 días
Republican 2020
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Hace 21 un día
Trump's no doubt has the comedic touch and is very wealthy. He also donates his salary to needed programs. What president has ever denied taking his salary and redirected it for the good of others? Answer. NONE!!!!
Dennis Sullivan
Dennis Sullivan Hace 23 días
Bud M.
Bud M. Hace 23 días
Your Schiff guy is absolutely sickening. I'm not watching this channel if this is the sort of crap you provide. Goodbye!!
NF NF Hace 28 días
Trump 2020!!!!
DmaxHd Hace un mes
That bloomberg , what a goof .
Kenny Barton
Kenny Barton Hace un mes
Lol lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!
ladyjillian12 Hace un mes
Trump Train USA
Lu Larsen
Lu Larsen Hace un mes
Lu Larsen
Lu Larsen Hace un mes
Lol Bloomberg isn’t scaring ANYONE ESPECIALLY ...PRESIDENT TRUMP
Patricia Santoro
Patricia Santoro Hace un mes
The don' t do or say anything to better our country.
Craig Hart
Craig Hart Hace un mes
Trump is not a nervous cat. He is a tiger ;and the dog pound is the GOP
Plainsman Hace un mes
Fox News, the president’s personal ESwomen page, conducted a poll that they released Thursday, and buried way down in the results is that should Trump face Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, or Joe Biden, he’d lose to all of them.
Preston Hanson
Preston Hanson Hace un mes
Get out and vote and force it to happen. These phycos will win if we get complacent
Sunforged Hace un mes
Women aren't funny
Villa Villa
Villa Villa Hace un mes
Warren seriously opens every sentence with, "We've got to-" in that awful nasally tone
DRealSidewinder Hace un mes
Lisa David
Lisa David Hace un mes
Sunforged Hace un mes
Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Hace un mes
Why are they cutting off the follow up discussion? I love that. It is part of Greg's monologue.
Karen Kreiser
Karen Kreiser Hace un mes
He is funny but he is getting it done.
Dylan Hace un mes
RGC2005 Hace un mes
Beer is good and 'dems. are crazy.
Thomas Skarimbas
Thomas Skarimbas Hace un mes
Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box : - Republican gerrymandering - Voter suppression - People removed from voter rolls - Digital voting machines - He'll claim the whole thing is rigged (like he did last time, when he won, remember ?) and refuse to leave office if he actually loses.
Jenn RN
Jenn RN Hace un mes
We cannot be complacent and assume anything! We cannot stay home. We have to get out and vote! These dems cannot be trusted and I have a feeling there will be TONS of voter fraud to overcome! Vote like you're pissed!
J J Hace un mes
*So trump does not like what our Intelligence has gathered and blatantly takes them for liars for doing their job in an effort to protect our country..what angers me is that there is now a Trump loyalist with absolutely no background and experience, and I don't understand how people are okay with a blatant disregard of the lives of OUR TROOPS putting their lives on the line for us and now their safety is compromised.. what a slap in the face for those service men and women who are serving or are veterans. **Please reply so i know this comment has not been deleted*
vickie tudor
vickie tudor Hace un mes
It is --as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, lol.
GuyTron65 Hace un mes
He's more nervous than a horse in a barn fire ... would be more apt =D
James G
James G Hace un mes
FK OFF mini mike!!!
Rob Hill
Rob Hill Hace un mes
Every conservative needs to vote and he will win. Why because he has done everything he promised, to the African Americans he said try me they did and he has done more in 3 years Obama couldn't do in eight. More jobs, unemployment down, less people needing food stamps. Come on he delivers.
Duke of Norfolk
Duke of Norfolk Hace un mes
Five naturally comedically talented people, making fun of mini Mike. Come on folks, that’s mean , it’s also extremely funny.🇺🇸
paradigm respawn
paradigm respawn Hace un mes
"Already Missing You!"
munnypoltric Hace un mes
None of you dipshits realise that the two party game is just for show. The way America works has already been decided. it ain't changing. Anyone who cares about Politics in America is in show biz or an idiot. Guys, America is America. It is not up for debate. Nothing can threaten it ya dumbies
munnypoltric Hace un mes
What do you mean hard to beat? He is unstoppable. Ain't no one in the dem line up that America wants. Haha. It's obvious. All is well. The Don is sticking around. Not even worth questioning
Kristenia Frisk
Kristenia Frisk Hace un mes
Illegal Alien Amnesty Bills H.R. 5038(Farm Workforce Modernization Act) H.R. 5383(New Way Forward Act) will flood the US with illegal aliens. Voting in November 2020 will not matter if these bills are passed in the next few weeks. The bills are in the Senate now. Contact your Senator by googling their name below and tell them to vote No on HR 5038 and HR 5383. 54 Senate Republicans by State: ALABAMA Shelby, Richard C. [R-AL] ARIZONA McSally, Martha [R-AZ] ALASKA Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK] Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] ARKANSAS Boozman, John [R-AR] Cotton, Tom [R-AR] COLORADO Gardner, Cory [R-CO] FLORIDA Rubio, Marco [R-FL] Scott, Rick [R-FL] GEORGIA Loeffler, Kelly [R-GA] Perdue, David [R-GA] IDAHO Crapo, Mike [R-ID] Risch, James E. [R-ID] INDIANNA Braun, Mike [R-IN] Young, Todd [R-IN] IOWA Ernst, Joni [R-IA] Grassley, Chuck [R-IA] KANSAS Roberts, Pat [R-KS] Moran, Jerry [R-KS] KENTUCKY McConnell, Mitch [R-KY] Paul, Rand [R-KY] LOUISIANNA Cassidy, Bill [R-LA] Kennedy, John [R-LA] MAINE Collins, Susan M. [R-ME] MISSOURI Blunt, Roy [R-MO] Hawley, Josh [R-MO] MISSISSIPPI Hyde-Smith, Cindy [R-MS] Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS] MONTANA Daines, Steve [R-MT] NEBRASKA Fischer, Deb [R-NE] Sasse, Ben [R-NE] NORTH CAROLINA Burr, Richard [R-NC] Tillis, Thom [R-NC] NORTH DAKOTA Cramer, Kevin [R-ND] Hoeven, John [R-ND] OHIO Portman, Rob [R-OH] OKLAHOMA Inhofe, James M. [R-OK] Lankford, James [R-OK] PENNSYLVANIA Toomey, Pat [R-PA] SOUTH CAROLINA Scott, Tim [R-SC] Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] SOUTH DAKOTA Thune, John [R-SD] Rounds, Mike [R-SD] TENNESSEE Alexander, Lamar [R-TN] Blackburn, Marsha [R-TN] TEXAS Cornyn, John [R-TX] Cruz, Ted [R-TX] UTAH Lee, Mike [R-UT] Romney, Mitt [R-UT] WEST VIRGINA Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV] WISCONSIN Johnson, Ron [R-WI] WYOMING Barrasso, John [R-WY] Enzi, Michael B. [R-WY] INDEPENDANTS Sanders, Bernard [I-VT] King, Angus S., Jr. [I-ME]
John Dowling
John Dowling Hace un mes
LOL the CNN guy playing Stratego on America
you are right Texans do not say that
Sandra Braithwaite
Sandra Braithwaite Hace un mes
for southern states he should have said ~ as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rockin chairs ~
Brandy Moore
Brandy Moore Hace un mes
What is he talking about being from Texas and something about a dog and cat? I’m a 10th generation Texan, and I’ve never heard of that. Don’t try to talk tough, Bloomberg. We handle things a whole different way.
Tracy Minor
Tracy Minor Hace un mes
I'm from and live in Texas, that's news to us.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Hace un mes
The saying is "As nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs"
Buli StiK
Buli StiK Hace un mes
Is this a comedy show or the news or??? Are they saying all news is a joke anymore? And why the F@^# do i get this unfunny garbage suggested and force fed through the next video to play when the previous video i played had nothing to do with this? 🤔
Maritech17 Hace un mes
Force fed ? 😂. Try using your finger !
Justin Sward
Justin Sward Hace un mes
Love it! 🤣👌👍
ponchocosmico Hace un mes
Bernie is the real deal. ... ( even Joe Rogan realized it.) The emperor has no clothes...( and no tan fake...)
Lady Bug
Lady Bug Hace un mes
Keep tweeting President Trump we love your tweets!
K Dante
K Dante Hace un mes
I’d like to concentrate on the discussion but the blonde girl has me searching Instagram and pornhun for leaked nudes. Lol
William Fabe
William Fabe Hace un mes
Conor Hace un mes
Oh if only we could have heard when Don Lemon was weeping...
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson Hace un mes
The only way democrats can win is by cheating,they been caught at that many times,keep a she out for Democrat cheaters. Trump 2020
Impact Two
Impact Two Hace un mes
Because we’re gonna vote for Donald Trump!
Dude Man
Dude Man Hace un mes
Trump is helping great companies like stock symbol: ALPP, ALpine 4 Inc to bring manufacturing and technology jobs back to the USA
Santos Garcia J.r
Santos Garcia J.r Hace un mes
I mean for a millionaire or what ever you are you sure ain't funny you look really stupid
Zin Tielk
Zin Tielk Hace un mes
You disabled the comments of the vid about Buttigeig so called going after Christians for voting for trump yet, there can be comments on this vid. Guess you dont want people to point out where you take things out of context to fit your agenda.
James Engeman
James Engeman Hace un mes
Trump will be hard to beat because Trump's buddy, Vladimir Putin, is already affecting the 2020 election. Also Trump is a lying thief. And guys like Greg Buttfeel and the other Fox Trump blowhards will continue to spread misinformation along with the Republican party. It's amazing all the unconstitutional and illegal things Trump has done and you hypnotized Trump supporters can't see it. Try getting away from Fox for awhile and read.
Jackson Blaze
Jackson Blaze Hace un mes
IS AOC REALLY A PERSON OF COLOR? Why does Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez call herself a woman of color. She looks simply hispanic style white, the way many white people look in Spain or Italy and other places. Judge Jeanine Pirro is darker than AOC. I would love to ask to do a DNA analysis next time she claims racism. According to Wikipedia, a Latino can be of any race or combination of races: White American / Caucasian, Black / African American, Asian American, ...‎Hispanic and Latino Americans and so forth. It's a group of people joined together by Spanish language and similar, but then aren't Brazilians latinos? The racial make-up of Puerto Rico is over 80% white, and I think she probably white. Why is it that nobody has challenged her on this issue, on using the probable pretense of being a person of color to attack others and actually win election, I believe.
no name
no name Hace un mes
I live in Florida and I will be voting Trump
Howie Hậu Tran
Howie Hậu Tran Hace un mes
I am a Texan and we have a saying about Mini Mike here in Houston “Mike is a moron”
Shannon Hace un mes
Don Lemón isn’t weeping. That twerp wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for Trump.
Cheryl Moss
Cheryl Moss Hace un mes
Love Greg. He makes me laugh in unexpected ways.
clayton mccormick
clayton mccormick Hace un mes
mike in this case you are the 5 lb cat and trump is the 250 lb great mastiff looking for lunch.
cheezymuffin Hace un mes
is Trump the best president? no the smartest? no the best person in the USA that could be president? no so why is he president? cause all the people that run against him are either worse. or don't know what bathroom they should go in.
Owen Lott
Owen Lott Hace un mes
What we Texans would actually say is “making him more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs” but Bloomberg is a dumbass and needs to keep Texas out of his mouth, we don’t like him.
Seve True
Seve True Hace un mes
American Politics is sick! You Americans should embrace and respect the office of the US President, not foolishly break it down because you don’t like one man! The best CEO’s in company’s are the ones disliked the most because they don’t have time for Company Politics..They get the job done, show results and move on Similarly with Trump Your country has more enemies inside your borders than outside them Trump is doing a sterling job. When he’s gone so to will your country slip into an abyss and invariably the next leader will be a communist puppet controlled by the lobbyists, funders and puppeteers Quite frankly , as an outsider looking in, Trump has turned your Politics onto it’s head by showing the American public how you the voter have been fooled and brainwashed! He is good because he’s an astute businessman.Never was a Senator, never was a Governor. Not even an attorney. Which proves one point.. No one influenced him and he owes no one any favors Unique in your politics! Thats why they don’t like him, he’s not part of the sick breed that the Political scene is so used to Ultimately, it proves how gullible we as a people were and still are when we are controlled by corrupt Politicians
J C Hace un mes
Wow Bloomberg is gonna waste a billion
the man with no name
the man with no name Hace un mes
Trump 2024
Lillian Joyce Nesper
Lillian Joyce Nesper Hace un mes
And cats are not scared of dogs.
7c8f Hace un mes
Bloomberg has the personality of a DEAD CODFISH!
psikogeek Hace un mes
High point of this show: 4:26
terry bigler
terry bigler Hace un mes
Truth is that the country is so single minded that Trump would probably win if half of the republicans did not vote at all
terry bigler
terry bigler Hace un mes
who the hell are these nobodies ? Never heard of any of them,,all I can think is that fox had an open slot
terry bigler
terry bigler Hace un mes
If you think that who runs the country is a joke then I feel sorry for you
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