GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video shows police in Buffalo, New York, shoving 75-year-old to ground

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Two Buffalo, New York, police officers were suspended without pay on Thursday after a video showed them shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground, as protests over the police killing of George Floyd continued into their tenth night.
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HeroCosmo GT
HeroCosmo GT Hace 10 días
Is he dead?
Anser Farooq, Lawyer
Anser Farooq, Lawyer Hace 15 días
Where is this man's lawyer? Surely, when McDonald’s can be sued for serving coffee that is too hot (Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants); this man has a case worth litigating.
Hiccum Blurpaedius
Hiccum Blurpaedius Hace 21 un día
Kill the US government
Denis Lorenzo
Denis Lorenzo Hace 22 días
Pigs, pigs, pigs. Keep saying they're good? THE ONLY GOOD COPS ARE THE ONES STANDING WITH THE PROTESTANTS. THE GOOD ONE ARE THE ONE WHO DON'T TOUCH A 75YO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE. They deserve the faith of the poor man and even worse!
Michael Plitt
Michael Plitt Hace 22 días
The officer barely touched the guy. Then he goes tottering backwards full tilt like one of the three stooges. They pushed him back, they didn't push him down. What a joke.
Virus Healer • 20 years ago
Virus Healer • 20 years ago Hace 23 días
How stupid are cops they lie lie lie lie and lie
Gee The 'Bee'
Gee The 'Bee' Hace 23 días
The police were out way out of line and this man was an IDIOT if he did this beyond curfew. He should assume at least a small part of the blame. Neither I..nor any of my friends or family would do this because: The only possible outcomes from this man's actions were: 1) arrested, which was the best case. 2) provoking police (worst case happened) 3) injured or injury to others or property due to confusion and circumstance. He bought 2) and 3) Many people of all races get hurt. The same type of things you saw right here happened down in Katrina with the military, national guard and local authorities case they clashed in confusion at the sports arena and on the runway. Only down there the authority had guns with real bullets. Wake up people.
KLEENEX 2020 Hace 23 días
Loved it.
nickell nicholson
nickell nicholson Hace 26 días
luckily anonymous is back
StrongBackHand - YTPS And more
StrongBackHand - YTPS And more Hace 26 días
The officers should be stabbed twice and then left to bleed out in a cage
fn0rd99 Hace 26 días
GRAPHIC VIOLENCE means just that.. its just "graphics". None of this is real.. its just part of the STORY being told. You're watching a play.. and losing yourself in it.
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark Hace 26 días
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark Hace 26 días
Yilian Weiss
Yilian Weiss Hace 26 días
Those police officers that pushed that poor 75 year old man are a bunch of wimps!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!! But they're not because they pick on blacks and the old and the weak!!!! They think they're above the law !!! America should start giving these thugs jail time see if they like it !!!!! They'll get beat up and a little sex in jail if you know what I mean !!! BABA is waiting for them in Jail
Rita Cickwwer
Rita Cickwwer Hace 26 días
That's disgusting. Throwing a elderly man to the floor, what is wrong with the police? Are they on drugs😌
MrGlock86 Hace 26 días
Rita Cickwwer devils advocate here... a 75 man can kill you just as quick as a young man can.. was it right? Absolutely not and they deserved to be fired and charged, however, a lot of fuckin people don’t realize how hard of a job being a cop is. Most regular people clock in and clock out and are nice and safe in their fuckin offices.
Devonn Jordan
Devonn Jordan Hace 27 días
Whatever happened to officers friendly that visit your school and when he left made you want to become a police officer?
Brian Ruff
Brian Ruff Hace 27 días
max nemo
max nemo Hace 29 días
Mass sociopathy... He's right!
Peggy Baxter Carstensen
Peggy Baxter Carstensen Hace 29 días
The police are are lying! Why? Because they were in the wrong and knew it!
Kh Tr
Kh Tr Hace 29 días
75 year old in a riot situation walking toward and against the police ? What did he expect ? Who knows who he is or what he had ? He could be a terrorist with strapping sh1t. Obviously, he is provoking the police and looking to become a hero just like criminal Floyd ? I am not supporting the stupid cops who killed Floyd. But I think this stupid old man was looking for trouble and deserved the fall himself. The BLM has gone too far ....... left !! "Trump for 2020"
Nguyen Thi Thanh
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hace 29 días
Trump's response: Anti- Trumped guys try to blame Trumped and me by taking a shoved man a fake video and a fake reality !
Ciaran Parker
Ciaran Parker Hace un mes
America regime has list the right to criticise antidemocratic totalitarian states what we see is a trend under this administration 1 undermine the free press by branding and criticism as fake news 2 Trump tweets disinformation and insults any opposition see the unfounded statement about the 75 Year old protester as a antics activist 3 the New worrying development which has seen the police use excessive force against peaceful protesters and also target reporters on the ground. I do not apologise for the looters who are taking advantage of this situation they deserve to be brought to justice
Mythal Hace un mes
ESwomen has chosen the SIDE OF THE FASCISTS. They KEEP DELETING OUR COMMENTS if they ARENT SUPPORTIVE ENOUGH of the FASCISTS. THE ENEMY of the american people = police, judges, district attorneys, the politicians and the oligarchs that own them. REMEMBER WHO THE ENEMY IS! IT IS NOT OURSELVES, LIKE THE MEDIA KEEPS SAYING! Human history always repeats itself. Fascism presses too hard, and the people rebel. That is what is happening right now. Everyone must chose their side. The USA is currently worse than fascist Spain under Franco; and fascist Italy under Mussolini. The people in those fascist historical nations that support their fascist oligarchs faced the wall along with the fascists. Supporting the fascists means you ARE a fascist. Chose your side of history - right now - and very seriously. We are the 99%. We are the productive, educated, civilized citizens of this country. The enemy = police, judges, district attorneys, politicians, and the oligarchs that own them. They will all have to chose their side as well. Everyones choice will be remembered. Just like Nazi fascist Germany.
Mythal Hace un mes
57 POLICE have RESIGNED in response to this TERRORIST FASCIST ATTACK on an AMERICAN CITIZEN. I APPLAUD the police that RESIGNED - and CHOSE THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY! Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for joining the fight against the fascists!
gatocles99 Hace un mes
Why is Gugino rubbing his phone on the officer's radios? He is an agitator. He knew what he was doing. He deliberately defied orders to move in order to scan their radios with a scanner app. He was obstructing the police, and interfering with emergency communications, a crime in all 50 states. You news media should be ashamed of yourselves for not reporting the truth.
Cal Usilton
Cal Usilton Hace un mes
He was scanning police communications and he isn't fragile
Couldn't think of a profile picture
Couldn't think of a profile picture Hace un mes
Sometimes I hate my country
Alex R.
Alex R. Hace un mes
Who rushes a riot officer ? An 80 year old ?
Danny Evans
Danny Evans Hace un mes
America is know for its police brutality and now it shows they will literally walk over anyone who gets in their way.. That poor man is probably a veteran of a couple wars and i thought veterans in the states where held in high respect and so they should be!! America is the land of the free.. Freedom of speech.. Sorry but as a outsider looking in.. The only people who have Freedom is the police.. The Freedom to do what ever they F*****G want and get away with it.
david nichols
david nichols Hace un mes
The cop barely touched him! Besides, I hope the communist holdover drops dead.
Craig Hace un mes
this man is attempting to do something with police radios? Why is he swiping his phone likes he's scanning? Nobody noticed this?
DownThe Stretch
DownThe Stretch Hace un mes
Old Man is USING A SCANNER to black out the cop's radio waves. PAID. Cameraman right there. Watch the
Gusplays #
Gusplays # Hace un mes
so, today, the prez sez: this man is a provaceteur that was trying to scramble police scanners???? or something...?? oh, and he must be faking it, as his legs are crossed
Orson Cart
Orson Cart Hace un mes
He fell over of his own accored and did not realise he would crack his head.He was not pushed over, just backwards. He is just trying to jump on the Floyed bandwagon.
아저씨 Hace un mes
🤔 what was he doing with his cellphone like that? POTUS is saying he was trying to block or jam frequencies. Looks like it.
DefenderoftheCross Hace un mes
This "elderly" activist is probably an ANTIFA provocater trying to sabotage police equipment. He falls rather easily as if he had pretended to be shoved hard.
Tman Anderson
Tman Anderson Hace un mes
This man lived longer than them they should be treating him with respect
Denii MacDougall
Denii MacDougall Hace un mes
Ouch that gotta hurt😂
hotblooded1983 Hace un mes
Who the hell runs up to riot police waving their arms in the middle of a riot? A professional activist looking to do what the left does best and stage a crime. Justice for Juicy and hang those racist kids who insulted the Indian brave.............all fake, just like the left.
Carmen Santiago
Carmen Santiago Hace un mes
Wow, just wow. how do you shove an elderly man like that? Anyone with half a brain cell knows how fragile the bones of our seniors are. This man was clearly approaching to ask a question and he was elderly. This is filthy, despiccable, deplorable, inhumane and ungodly. These two stooges have someone bigger to contend with when they meet their maker one day besides getting punished here on earth for their actions. Repent - this was EVIL! We're supposed to protect our seniors!!!!!!!!!!!
hotblooded1983 Hace un mes
Hes a life long professional activist who was filmed before this saying "im here to have fun." Hes not a weak old man, he's strong and fit. But if what you say is true, then why would other protesters allow him to be in the middle of a riot and then run up to actual riot prevention police waving his arms, posing a threat in a hostile situation with no back up....... I notice no one comes until after............funny that....
Gage Bader
Gage Bader Hace un mes
Got to remember, the saying is "A few bad apples spoils the bunch." Why can't the people trust cops as a whole? Because you just don't know who's bad, and who's good.
Kredi Pam
Kredi Pam Hace un mes
C'est triste cette video👉
Mike Kon
Mike Kon Hace un mes
It's not so much the cop, but the union that's fucking protecting them from prosecution. If we took the union out of the equation we'd have more behaved cops in the US.
Scott-PottsWatts Hendricks
Scott-PottsWatts Hendricks Hace un mes
Things ain't adding up here
Baal Zebuth
Baal Zebuth Hace un mes
He fell with his legs cross trying not to break his cellphone but ok whatever fit the narrative.
Baal Zebuth
Baal Zebuth Hace un mes
The cross his a symbol that represent sacrifice.
Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy Hace un mes
They sure like to lie alot those cops
johnppg Hace un mes
He is a Antifa supporter. Lives in Amherst. He was trying to use skimming ,to get the police department frequencies. Watch the phone in his hand.. He passes over Mike first ,than radio o second policeman.. That's why he got pushed for not moving as directed.. Brave on Twitter that he can't get arrested for all the bad things he does.. Policeman are not at any fault.. Not guilty Period.
Angel Nichel
Angel Nichel Hace un mes
The old man is white,nobody say white lives matter? Nobody talks about racism? Nobody care who the old man is? So sad.
D Kemm
D Kemm Hace un mes
in reading all the anti-police comments below, I hope the entire police forces quit and we will see how that goes for all you poor ignorant uninformed ungrateful disrespectful people... I hate what happened to Floyd and the bad MN cop is going to pay for it big time, but that doesn't mean everyone should hate the police when the vast majority of them are good and are there to help you when your life is endangered...
D Kemm
D Kemm Hace un mes
read the background..he was an agitator and he moved forward towards the cops to block their path and even initiated contact he was told to move out of the way and vacate the premises and instead told the cop 'where to stick his baton' therefore the cops reaction...
Lautaro Salcedo
Lautaro Salcedo Hace un mes
*I hope they die 1 hour after that.*
Steevie Keys
Steevie Keys Hace un mes
Does anybody know what the old man is trying to give the cops? It looks like hes waving something at them?
Shadowser _14
Shadowser _14 Hace un mes
Holy fuck this is basically the point were police lost awer trust now am scared if I see them plus police shouldn't have this power honestly I give up on humanity
Hooo Hace un mes
We’re basically asking for this to happen with all the protesting
Reverb Twang
Reverb Twang Hace un mes
If you thing the video of the police pushing down that old man is sickening , you should see the one of the 100 officers praising the bad cops release .
Blagovest Cvetanov
Blagovest Cvetanov Hace un mes
Потресаващо!!! 😱
b10rain Hace un mes
Why don't you show the first 4 seconds?!?! You know... Where the guy was using an RFID scanner to steal police frequencies.
justin bro
justin bro Hace un mes
Should have followed police orders to clear area and not advanced in officers and touched cop. Being so frail he wasn't doing himself any favors being at a protest that often turn violent. It's all the old man's fault.
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis Hace un mes
What I wanna know is if the organizers had a protesting permit, and if they were permitted to host a protest here. If not, that's why people are getting arrested. This isn't me condoning what these officers did, I'm just saying
May day
May day Hace un mes
They're not peaceful protesters
Don Goergen
Don Goergen Hace un mes
Martin Gugino, the 75 yr. old who got pushed, is a long-time antagonist. He told people before this happened that he was going to provoke police to get a reaction. He wanted to get punched in the face. Notice that the is a tube coming out of the right side of his mask going to his right ear ( 0:19 second mark on the video) . Notice how much blood is on the ground almost INSTANTLY after he hits the ground. The guy is a TOTAL PHONY !!
Shanice B.
Shanice B. Hace un mes
Those officers won’t be able to get off from this one. All the elderly man was doing was trying to return a riot helmet. He wasn’t a threat.
corey oden
corey oden Hace un mes
This is what happens when you give a gun and a badge to a coward.
Singkong singkong
Singkong singkong Hace un mes
Democration OR Democrazy? Khilafah Islamiyyah is the best for Humanity
Chris Baltazar
Chris Baltazar Hace un mes
This guys need to be imprisoned.
george washington
george washington Hace un mes
Buffalo Police Officer Aaron Torgalski pushed over an elderly man whose head hit the ground, with clear blood pooling from his head. This is a horrific case of police brutality, and must be condemned by all reasonable people. The man is 75 years old, and his name is Martin Gugino.
Alee Tee
Alee Tee Hace un mes
Wtf... what's wrong with that people? I really hope the old man is okay.
proton2020 Hace un mes
this guy went there to get pushed over, he made no effort to stay on his feet. you can clearly see there is no acceleration on his torso or head and no excessive force made. I recolonise pantomime when i see it. He did this to himself
Kelley Perine
Kelley Perine Hace un mes
Why the hell is a 75yr old man in a riot to begin with. While just leaving him there bleeding wasnt the right thing to do it does look like he was aggressive towards the officers first.
Scott M
Scott M Hace un mes
cops barely touched him, slow the video down. fake bullshit agitator.
RAY WHEELER Hace un mes
Official statement from police is he tripped and fell. So without video of the George Floyd murder then police would have said his neck ran into the knee of Derek chauvin. Wow, these police are serial killers.
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