Grading Every NBA Teams 2019 Off Season Moves! FREE AGENCY + TRADES + DRAFT.

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Nick Smith NBA

Nick Smith NBA

Hace un mes

Who are your winners and losers of the 2019 NBA offseason?
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The Winners And Losers Of The 2019 NBA Off Seasonwinners and losers of 2019 nba draftwinners and losers of 2019 nba free agencythe biggest winners and losers of the 2019 nba draft

Nick Smith NBA
Nick Smith NBA Hace un mes
I meant RJ was the 3rd pick not 2nd and Ja was 2nd and not third 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I don’t know how I mixed them up lmao! My bad. It’s 4am here in Australia... I need some sleep 😂 Hope you enjoy the video!
Joey beanbags
Joey beanbags Hace un mes
VArsovski10 D for knicks ur actually dumb
Scicee Gee
Scicee Gee Hace un mes
You rated Celtics B lmao broken down Hayward kemba can’t win no playoff experience lmao yet rate Rockets C rockets number 1 2017 number 4 2018-19 with Westbrook major upgrade defense in Houston. Blazer are trash can’t win
Chungus Bigo
Chungus Bigo Hace un mes
Whats ur team
Matthew Chiarot
Matthew Chiarot Hace un mes
Nick Smith NBA is a cunt
Huawei ColClaz
Huawei ColClaz Hace un mes
Can we get a F
Clive Barry
Clive Barry Hace un día
Justin Gauthier
Justin Gauthier Hace 5 días
BUCKS a D fucking terrible list malcolm brogdon cant stay healthy and never will and they got a 1 and a 2 for him there like he deepest team in the league with out him
Curtis Knight
Curtis Knight Hace 5 días
They need to create a 2k20 WNBA Video Game
sportsamania Hace 6 días
Gr8 accurate video glad it didn’t waste my time
Murrue Ramius Mu La Flaga
Murrue Ramius Mu La Flaga Hace 6 días
Every normal people will say Spurs are not good cuz they dont get good trades, but at the end of the season, you can see them playing in playoffs, in my opinion, even though they don't have multi superstars in the team or good drafts, they were able to accomplish this because of their great coach and manager, Gregg Popovich. Spurs might be rank D in trades but in reality they deserve better than that. Middleton is like a mini Leonard, that's why they gave him a max deal. He may not have the styles like Kyrie in his plays but the most important thing about him is his efficiency, super hardworking inside the court. Nets and GSW trade is like delayed gratification vs instant gratification, when Durant fully recovers, even if people will say his pace might slowdown a little bit, his shooting accuracy is still there, so he is still a big threat. I like your A+ list, all of those teams are insanely overpowered.
Tizm U
Tizm U Hace 7 días
Lol let’s also talk about Tacko Fall
Trashy Potato
Trashy Potato Hace 7 días
Trae young getting mvp this year
FabiM _
FabiM _ Hace 9 días
Anthony Davis is too pretty 15:42
James KellyJr
James KellyJr Hace 9 días
Why did Kevin Durant move
TheRevive Hace 11 días
Stfu you sound dumb rockets is at least b not a c
Cardi C
Cardi C Hace 11 días
Raps in 5 finals 2020
James Durant
James Durant Hace 14 días
“Derrick Rose who is actually a decent player” 🤦‍♂️ C’mon man, gotta respect the man.
Take the L
Take the L Hace 15 días
Dumbass don’t ever say Isaiah Thomas can be an mvp candidate there’s like over 30 ppl better than him
BrysonVlogs21 Hace 16 días
Thunder is getting Lebrun James jr
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye Hace 16 días
Milwaukee bucks signed Brook Lopez & his brother plus Giannas older brother its gonna be a crazy season for them 💯💯
Cole Sisikefu
Cole Sisikefu Hace 18 días
Zion will bust, Lonzo will lead team, lakers..clippers finals.. clippers win in 6..
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now Hace 18 días
If Westbrook doesn’t get the ball much he might start defending him even if they’re on the floor together
Immortal 187
Immortal 187 Hace 19 días
Lakers A+ noice!
Immortal 187
Immortal 187 Hace 19 días
Rockets at C was harsh lol.... Nuggets were a D.... Celtics were a D+.... Warriors were a C-.... Portland a C... Getting bored with corrections, done watching lol
SrirachaIceCream Hace 19 días
Definitely not. Celtics walk away from the Kyrie experiment with another all star pg in Kemba, already better than a C, which is an average offseason. Enes is a good pick up too. Warriors could have had nothing when KD left, but they get a replacement for Klay in Russell, and also a great trade piece. Nuggets might have been a C, since they really didn't do much in the offseason, but they did enough as a rising team in the west. Portland... You're so wrong it hurts. They strengthened their wing depth with Baze (getting rid of Turner's contract) and a steal @ pick up #25 in Nas Little. While keeping Hood. They got a replacement for Nurk while he's injured in whiteside, and got Anthony tolliver, a 3&D pf. WHILE GETTING RID OF Meyers Leonard's contract. ultimately they cleared a lot of playing time for their younger players too, anfernee Simon's and Zach Collins are getting better and better everyday. Smh, you're watching ESPN too much and not watching the games enough
Ernest Guo
Ernest Guo Hace 20 días
Nick: I love [Team name]'s draft pick, I think they will develop/play really really well
Yo mom Is gay
Yo mom Is gay Hace 22 días
LMao, what if the suns ended surprising everyone and won the championship Bruh seeing Ricky Rubio, and devin holding a trophy together would just crack me up.
Yo mom Is gay
Yo mom Is gay Hace 20 días
@Nathan Harper, I mean you never know. This is the NBA anything unexpecting can go down.
Nathan Harper
Nathan Harper Hace 21 un día
The suns will not win a championship
Tim S
Tim S Hace 26 días
How is it possible for my team (Suns) to make bad move after bad move? Stopped clocks are right twice a day. Suns are worse than that! It’s almost like someone told them to take a dive. Instead of one fight this dive has lasted a decade. Fucking embarrassing.
The Moyai
The Moyai Hace 26 días
Even with the raps losing kawhi they still have a load of young talent and p Siakem can become a raptors legend and considering before kawhi they were still beating teams a lot and honestly with who they have, I feel like raptors can have there young talent like siakem and og anounoby they can do very well in the future.(not trying to look like a hater or anything I’m just pointing it out) also they have signed lots of potential talent as well
Richard Tompkins
Richard Tompkins Hace 27 días
First of all the Rockets have been compeating and your video su ks stopped watching after your lame ass commentary about the rockets. C ru serious
Iqra Taylor
Iqra Taylor Hace 27 días
Thumbnail triggers me.
Poppin Productions
Poppin Productions Hace 27 días
IN MY OPINION you should replace the Houston Rockets with the Oklahoma City Thunder
Damian Bailey
Damian Bailey Hace 28 días're the biggest joke on ESwomen for disrespecting Westbrook and Harden like that 🤣
Anselmo Paulino
Anselmo Paulino Hace 28 días
I’d give jazz An A-
Hong-Bao Nguyen
Hong-Bao Nguyen Hace 29 días
nba bold prediction Alfonzo Mckinnie will break out as a star
Ima Gamer
Ima Gamer Hace un mes
the Mavericks got goran dragic
Angelo Corsere
Angelo Corsere Hace un mes
Still don’t see the lakers being higher than a 5 seed in the west
imagine screwing the bucks lmao
Slagle Bagel
Slagle Bagel Hace un mes
Celtics should be higher. They drafted pretty good with getting college studs and got Tacko
Kevin durant
Kevin durant Hace un mes
The nets got me so they won
Brayden Saly
Brayden Saly Hace un mes
Wait but a lot of teams are upset they couldn’t get enes Kanter for that much money 5mill a year in a decent Center ain’t that bad
Chris B
Chris B Hace un mes
dude big thanks for that video! but if you lower your voice in the video a bit it would be even more pleasant to listen to all of the news summed up together :) keep up the good work
Will lloyd
Will lloyd Hace un mes
rockets should be a b and celtics should be a c
BBall Griot
BBall Griot Hace un mes
Al Horford an "amazing" defender? Extremely overrated. Horford, very cleverly, goes out of his way to avoid being posterized by staying out of the restricted area as much as possible, because to fans, being posterized = bad defense.
BBall Griot
BBall Griot Hace un mes
Denver Nuggets are so overrated. Melo's Nuggets won the same amount of games, 54, several seasons ago, and advanced to the West. Conf. Finals, further than the Jokic led Nuggets.
BBall Griot
BBall Griot Hace un mes
New York didn't "lose out" on Kevin Durant. I believe them when they say KD's injury was too big a red flag. KD is unlikely to play in the regular season, and not getting any younger. The Knicks opted to go with youth & potential. Julius Randle is no KD, but he is young, doesn't rely on being super athletic, and plays a "big dog" type game that can give a team swag.
Pablo Novi
Pablo Novi Hace un mes
"C" can NOT be average (as it should be) when you've got fully HALF the teams graded at "B" or higher. i.e., all the teams from "C" upwards should be shifted down one grade - except the Clippers and Lakers. That being said; COMPARATIVELY, this is a fine set of ratings. (Your biggest mistake? I would've put the Dubs at "F" - losing KD & Iggy is horrific).
Chanttin Tramper
Chanttin Tramper Hace un mes
Ja morant was 2 overall pick
T-ROD T Hace un mes
Horrible start so I won't even continue to watch. The Suns addressed everything they needed to! You didn't even bring that up! You just don't like their moves. I didn't like a lot of what they did either as A Suns fan, but it was a successful enough off-season with a non-experienced GM. They finally have a good point guard, they got many power Fowards, they have a solid back up center, and they re-signed Oubre. That's a C at least according to your chart.
Ádám Endre Károly
Ádám Endre Károly Hace un mes
My opinion Biggest winners and best team: Clippers Biggest loosers and the worst team too: Hornets
Kaiden Ohno
Kaiden Ohno Hace un mes
m a
m a Hace un mes
This nigga is fucking trippin he said since OKC lost Paul Gorge made them drop to a fuuuucking E
Flynn Maris
Flynn Maris Hace un mes
7:24 3rd puck like so they see
Blueface Babyy
Blueface Babyy Hace un mes
Knicks are a F just because of expectations vs. reality
gshots 007
gshots 007 Hace un mes
Why every body hating on Russ to Houston 🤦‍♂️just wait...
Elan Castle
Elan Castle Hace un mes
The mavs got Wright curry and might get iggy so I think they have done well this of season the got better just not allot better.
Hamish Cahill
Hamish Cahill Hace un mes
oh my gosh another Aussie nice were from? Witch state could meat u
Miller Guzman
Miller Guzman Hace un mes
You are stupid Rj was drafted in number 3 overall pick😒🤬😡🥶
CaturisLab Hace un mes
are you dumb nick ja was the second pick watch the draft
Kai O'Brien
Kai O'Brien Hace un mes
I think the L.A teams did the best in the off season
the vloger Uhh uhh uhh
the vloger Uhh uhh uhh Hace un mes
Rockets should get better than a c
KXING Apocalypse Entertainment
KXING Apocalypse Entertainment Hace un mes
If you knew how little money the Pistons had and yet finessed for all those players we got, you’d grade them with an A, lol
Boomie Hace un mes
This video sucks dick
Spaghet Freak
Spaghet Freak Hace un mes
Boston C they lost Kyrie horford most of their bench let's argue
Sheen Lantern
Sheen Lantern Hace un mes
You mention Keldon Johnson, but not Luka Samanic, the guy the Spurs took with their higher pick?
Maddog Martinez
Maddog Martinez Hace un mes
I like it my kings a c 👌
An_Troll Hace un mes
Bro knicks should be an F-
XxBEASTxX3614 Hace un mes
Wtf do they look old
Ο Brave είναι γτπ
Ο Brave είναι γτπ Hace un mes
U are such an idiot .You rated Bucks that just lost Brogdon with D an yoy rated OKC with B who lost PG and Westbrook.I wasnt meant to get that angry but thats ridiculous
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 Hace un mes
Mill Bucks should have shipped Bledsoe and kept Malcolm
Toxic HD
Toxic HD Hace un mes
I think Zion lonzo and Ingram was almost a downgrade
John Robert
John Robert Hace un mes
had to close the vid the moment he gave the knicks a C
mutalix Hace un mes
Its alright man, just cause you wanted westbrook to go to Miami and it didnt happen, h-town got a low score?
Felken Cx5
Felken Cx5 Hace un mes
7:24 RJ is the 3rd pick 12:48 And Morant is the 2nd pick
LPS TV Hace un mes
Honestly idk how Westbrook and harden will work together because they are both ball hogs
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