Gordon Ramsay's Quick & Simple Lunch Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay shows off some quick and easy lunches to do while at home.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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All About Food by kSkk
All About Food by kSkk Hace 2 horas
I like it so much chef.yumm..
muhammad-Amiin Dhimbiil
muhammad-Amiin Dhimbiil Hace 12 horas
In god we trust. Deep statement chef.
Karmina Pérez Estrada.
Karmina Pérez Estrada. Hace 14 horas
Yo mexicana viendo su ceviche. T_T
M Harris
M Harris Hace 18 horas
The purity and freshness of the produce he uses looks so great. Where do you get it that nice?!
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang Hace 20 horas
Dear Gordon, can you please hire me as the person that eats the food after you made it. Please and thank you. Good day sir!
Luc Lievisse Adriaanse
Luc Lievisse Adriaanse Hace un día
Great now I'm hungry
Andrej Visnyovszki
Andrej Visnyovszki Hace un día
Recipe descriptions ?
Sentinel Returns
Sentinel Returns Hace un día
Gordon to olive oil : I love you Gordon to humans : you fucking donkey
aidan naufal huda
aidan naufal huda Hace un día
Gordon :Mackerel is so cheap but very incredible. Mackerel Salesman : “ we need to make the price higher”
SL R Hace un día
Wow...Mind blown! I’m quite sure that I can’t be that organized or skilled in the kitchen. But I wish my husband was! 😄
J McDonald
J McDonald Hace un día
The only mackerel I have found is canned or pickled- living in a land locked US state makes some fresh fish and seafood impossible to find. I have heard that fresh swordfish or tuna is a good substitute, any thoughts on this from someone who has cooked/tasted mackerel?
Anj Cabrera
Anj Cabrera Hace 3 días
Please try to cook some Filipino Cuisine, you won't regret it. 😊
Espo Hace 3 días
0:15, there's a smiley face when he slices the grapefruit
Qasim Mehmood
Qasim Mehmood Hace 3 días
The raw fish salad at start is absolute bullshit, first they eat raw meat and then spread various types of viruses
Tassie dragon
Tassie dragon Hace 3 días
Makeral..."The secret is...no one wants to eat it :
-ŠłyFœx -
-ŠłyFœx - Hace 4 días
Every fucking video he makes me so dam hungry
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Hace 5 días
Really. Cezar is popular? Personally, I think it's the worst thing to ever be called a salad. Simple leafy greens in a delicious balsamic vinaigrette is what I call a real salad. There is no bread, or meat, in a salad.
bobby ewin
bobby ewin Hace 5 días
Some of that chicken was still pink inside :/
Floofy Chill
Floofy Chill Hace 6 días
Do you know what simple means
Bunk Pop Cusco
Bunk Pop Cusco Hace 6 días
como puedo verlo en español latino?
Hana H
Hana H Hace 6 días
I thought it was just me.. Yeah it wasn't as simple as I think
Barbie Time
Barbie Time Hace 6 días
سلام عليكم ياريت تعمل الترجمة باللغة العربية
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Hace 7 días
Always Energetic
Always Energetic Hace 7 días
Watching Gordon Ramsey cook is like watching a beautiful love making scene in a movie.
KaRa Hace 8 días
Same Same
Same Same Hace 8 días
fucking food
Fomenting Discord
Fomenting Discord Hace 9 días
Hour and a half? Goddamn. Haloomi is awesome
Heather Scalise
Heather Scalise Hace 9 días
Always the most beautiful and delicious looking dishes I have ever seen
Sharon Boucher
Sharon Boucher Hace 10 días
I love to cook and i try alot of Gordon 's recipes, very easy to follow. Good job .😁
Billy Hace 10 días
The Mf grapefruit gave Gordon an attitude
Nasia Chandler
Nasia Chandler Hace 10 días
Ok that cheese toast looks amazing
chair is cute ➊
chair is cute ➊ Hace 10 días
gordon: quick and simple also gordon: puts alcohol in his grilled cheese
Sagar G
Sagar G Hace 11 días
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta Hace 11 días
It just works...
Detective Assassin
Detective Assassin Hace 12 días
"Delicious light dressing" Me : nice "nice" Me : oh
Mr Is
Mr Is Hace 12 días
Mr Gordon, could you share more of your recipes on how to make pineapple Bread, potato instead of rice and also I would like to have more collection of coconut recipes maybe you could share some from your creativity in making coconut rice in coconut shell. Greatly Appreciate mr. Gordon. Like u.
Aurora Araujo
Aurora Araujo Hace 12 días
It is not food. It is about art ♡
Yeah So
Yeah So Hace 12 días
"Quick & Simple" ??????????????????????
Madlib Beats
Madlib Beats Hace 14 días
@6:47 anchovies? Wtf man...their foooookin rawrr
SpiritualLight 4
SpiritualLight 4 Hace 14 días
Chef Ramsay, how ironic is this? I am having guests over today and serving grilled chicken breasts and my version of Caesar Dressing. Only difference? I add a touch of Worcestershire to my Caesar Dressing. Thank you for showing everyone your incredible talent! Much love!
Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy Hace 14 días
Hats off to you sir... just wow 👏
Shaban Kullolli
Shaban Kullolli Hace 15 días
Gordon:"I want it nice and thicc". After this quarantine we are all nice and thicc, Gordon.
SpiritualLight 4
SpiritualLight 4 Hace 14 días
LOL!!!! INDEED!!!!
Ashish David
Ashish David Hace 15 días
0:14 wheoaunangry orange
cup cake
cup cake Hace 16 días
Just came here to read the obligatory "this isn't [insert whatever the video title says] Gordon"
Abe Hdz
Abe Hdz Hace 16 días
I got a GR ad in a GR video, so... he’s paying himself?
default sherab7
default sherab7 Hace 16 días
but that knife size gordon used to slice the garlic
default sherab7
default sherab7 Hace 16 días
reminds me sometimes when my brother is ill i pretend to catch it too just so i can go to my grand mother’s house and eat her food and espiaccaly her watercress soup
Ester Happy Life
Ester Happy Life Hace 19 días
Disini chefnya pro, gak perlu kata2 "sudah cuci tangan ya guys"
DiaryOf LeoNoobGaming
DiaryOf LeoNoobGaming Hace 20 días
I dont understand? What if i dont have those ingredients? Is that really so simple? Am i quick to understand it?
Hülya Hocanın Mutfağı
Hülya Hocanın Mutfağı Hace 20 días
gorgeou8 Hace 21 un día
A world-renown chef who you would expect to be knowledgeable about the ingredients he cooks at least, yet cannot even pronounce the name 'Quinoa' properly. A bit of learning Gordon, 'Quinoa' is the Spanish version of a Quechua word kinua or kinúwa, pronounced as 'kee-NO-ah'. You're welcome.
Jeremy Oboe
Jeremy Oboe Hace 22 días
That soup looks so amazing!
Tejashri Suryawanshi
Tejashri Suryawanshi Hace 22 días
"My ultimate light lunch"that explains a lot........
Ren Hace 22 días
The ceazer salad seems delicious
Brooks Hace 22 días
Ok whoever titled this video is trolling hard. Literally nothing about these dishes are quick or simple. Ramsey said himself they take hours!
Adrienne Clough
Adrienne Clough Hace 22 días
Wait only in Jamaica we season chicken properly? Yall just use salt and pepper. Then you talk about flavor. What flavor? Anyways on a more positive note I'm getting addicted to watching you cook although I can't cook or eat 90% of the food you cook. I'm vegetarian.
Priya Seth
Priya Seth Hace 22 días
Your cooking is orgasmically good n inspiring, Boss! Tysm for these visually tempting recipes. :) I can't wait to try that anchovies in ceasar dressing...that recipe looked spectacular and mindblowing!
Marco Isaac Flores Ortega
Marco Isaac Flores Ortega Hace 22 días
The César Salad it’s Mexican 😒
Мария Джаниева
Мария Джаниева Hace 22 días
А нельзя потоньше кожурку отрезать
kenny ananda
kenny ananda Hace 23 días
Hello Gordon ,maybe we need to talk about what 'quick and simple"means?😠
Ashley MacDonald
Ashley MacDonald Hace 23 días
No one: Gordon: season your grapefruit juice
Carlos Hace 23 días
That ceasar salad looked amazing
Cooking With Chef Wilson
Cooking With Chef Wilson Hace 23 días
Excellent Job...
Malaysia Booker
Malaysia Booker Hace 24 días
Is olive oil the only oil you use to cook 👩‍🍳 or is there other oils
pied pluto
pied pluto Hace 24 días
i reckon the "quick & simple" goes for him
Bombed Nevada
Bombed Nevada Hace 24 días
Chickie nuggies for lunch again it is.
legueu Hace 24 días
0:15 angry grapefruit
Jevier Izza
Jevier Izza Hace 25 días
Quick and Simple Lunch Recipes Gordon : *Roast bunch tomatoes, Make some salads, Grill some chicken* Me : *eats Indomie*
animoD Hace 25 días
Gordon: Ultimate American lunch Americans in the comments: We'll be the judge of that.
redfish down
redfish down Hace 25 días
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