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Gordon Ramsay cannot believe a culinary teacher has no experience as a chef.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Sean V
Sean V Hace 8 minutos
He is rude af tho regardless of how you look at it.
seabear uwu
seabear uwu Hace 3 horas
He lowkey reminds me of my Drill Sargent
Iman Hace 4 horas
T.B.F. Plays -games
T.B.F. Plays -games Hace 4 horas
7:13 no you didin't!!!
甘い悲劇 Hace 5 horas
I got a Gordon Ramsay ad before the vid
Vinny C
Vinny C Hace 6 horas
5:31 is the best part of the video 😂😂😂
Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez Hace 8 horas
from a chef who serves undercooked burgers, i'd take his criticism as a joke. there are many BETTER chefs!!!!!!! people just believe TV like idiots and close their minds. this imposter only shows us simple home food when he cooks cause thats the only thing he knows how to cook. A steak can be cooked to perfection by anyone. an asian omelet, give me a break!!!!!!!!!! throw this fake ass cook in a deep fryer and fuck his mother!!!!! fucking narcissist with very little to show.
aukieveyanna simpson
aukieveyanna simpson Hace 8 horas
You CRAZY with these raw lamb chops
code thecampingrusher
code thecampingrusher Hace 8 horas
he’s not looking for a rise out of you.. you’re looking for a rise out of him. you know what you’re doing by going there and cooking for chef ramsey. have something in mind ahead of time
code thecampingrusher
code thecampingrusher Hace 8 horas
“have you made this for your father?” “no chef” “you should” i c r i e d
Lei Wulong
Lei Wulong Hace 8 horas
"I teach manners too" Gordon looks up and the to be continued meme music starts playing.
%% Hace 9 horas
“ The dish is clumped, like you “
alwaysthisnicknames Hace 11 horas
i love it how they all look terrified
Lusty Classy Cat
Lusty Classy Cat Hace 12 horas
3:06 😂🤣
Lusty Classy Cat
Lusty Classy Cat Hace 12 horas
Hmm colin 😻
Lis Nikoliqi
Lis Nikoliqi Hace 14 horas
''I'm proud that I'm gay'' It's like when Vegans have to tell everybody they're Vegan every 5 minutes.
SDQR123 Hace 14 horas
"Chef": I teach manners too chef Gordon: *YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL*
Georgia Holovacko
Georgia Holovacko Hace 14 horas
Hilarious! That's why I love Gordan. He was so nice to the young lady telling her to cook the dish for her father. Then he ripped that culinary lady about her bad cooking. Hahaha!
tigurius555 Hace 15 horas
that fake instructor's such a fat cunt
Sean Macguire
Sean Macguire Hace 16 horas
5:31 ramsay had the perfect opportunity to say the food was shit
Trevor Miscewitz
Trevor Miscewitz Hace 19 horas
"I teach manners too, chef." *Last Surprise from Persona 5 plays*
Turpo Hace 19 horas
*im NO shreak*
Mr. Douchebag
Mr. Douchebag Hace 20 horas
The reason he's so hard on chefs here than on masterchef is because they are well experienced chefs in the industry. So they should know everything of the fundamentals. I mean come on man, you don't need to be a chef to know NOT to use a dirty pan.
egrifi Hace 21 un hora
What is the souce? It likes piss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jermay Altergott
Jermay Altergott Hace un día
uhm did anyone notice how fucking HUGE the culinary teacher's pupils were? that bitch is tweaking it bra
Mark Rojas
Mark Rojas Hace un día
Dat Woop Thing
Dat Woop Thing Hace un día
7:28 .. Classic !!!
Jerrod Duhon
Jerrod Duhon Hace un día
Greatest chef in the world? Hardly
Its Twisttty
Its Twisttty Hace un día
“Im no shrek I bang it out”
Jose Namaste
Jose Namaste Hace un día
6:14 for the shitty teacher chef. Couldn’t find it in the comments so your welcome! Sub to my page plz
Aron Piper
Aron Piper Hace un día
"I teach manners too chef" It was at this moment everyone but she knew, she fucked up
alphawolf 01
alphawolf 01 Hace un día
Yo tbh I’m happy ppl actually stand up to him, this dude acts like he some god of cooking boi get outta here.
Jan Berkemeier
Jan Berkemeier Hace un día
I've been cooking Spaghetti wrong for a lot longer than these kids
StunniGod 333
StunniGod 333 Hace un día
A 23 year old executive chef???? I can imagine how annoying working for him was.
kirtiman kashyap
kirtiman kashyap Hace un día
Okie Miss Manners, fuck off back in line 😂😂😂
Micky Deloach
Micky Deloach Hace un día
Ramsey could use some manners! He’s just a pompous ass I’d like to be able to go to one of his restaurants and do the same thing to him fuck him
There is something wrong with the world today
There is something wrong with the world today Hace un día
Nobody gives a fuck if you're out and what does that have to do with you fucking cooking?
Yaniv Steltzer
Yaniv Steltzer Hace un día
i actually thought from the title that her food was going to be the best dish out of the bunch.. boy was i wrong.
GD GAMER Hace un día
“ I teach manners too chef” TOP 10 FAMOUS LINES SAID BEFORE DEATH
Rice And Curry For Days
Rice And Curry For Days Hace un día
Jesus fucking Christ colleen is the most annoying piece of shit on this show. How did she get in the kitchen? She gets fucking nothing right
L0e Hace un día
I really don't care if a waiter forgot what I ordered. Just ask me, it's all good!
Sparky's Space
Sparky's Space Hace un día
Look's like the teacher forgot a lesson on respecting your superiors, especially when they don't respect you, because there is a reason they don't respect you. It is a difficult lesson to learn, and you can't learn it until you have learned why they are your superior. I was JUST like that teacher my first day of basic training in the military.
Haley Scoggins
Haley Scoggins Hace un día
What season is this someone help
EightCore Hace un día
Jumbo flames Nerf Wars
Jumbo flames Nerf Wars Hace un día
Jumbo flames Nerf Wars
Jumbo flames Nerf Wars Hace un día
YoshiMonster2000 Hace un día
25 late start
Benjamin Lacart
Benjamin Lacart Hace un día
Big guy had a good attitude
Drew Jacob
Drew Jacob Hace un día
"I aM a LoT OldEr ThAn ThEsE KiDs" -Colleen Middle age white american woman entitlement at its finest. Should be hit with fraud charges. You can see the feeling of superiority in her eyes. Her food was spit on the ground and she still tries to take charge. Hope Gordon had an impact on her life and ego.
Mohammed Chowdhury
Mohammed Chowdhury Hace un día
Love this GUY!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeddie Hace un día
Colleen: I teach manners too chef Also colleen: Why do i hear boss music playing?
Zara Hace un día
the fat guy (not to sound rude) his eyebrows were sexy
(〉_〈) arrgh!
(〉_〈) arrgh! Hace un día
Marco Pierre White made Gordon Ramsey cry!!! Boo hoo.
Corrupted Sans
Corrupted Sans Hace un día
4:48 Me: * saying that I can't find the remote * Mom: "what happens if I find it?" * Immediately does and proceeds to get the sandal *
Funkum Hace un día
This is the funniest shit ever.
Melissa Coy
Melissa Coy Hace un día
oh my god he's so annoying
Tamaki742 Hace un día
Colleen reminds me of what my brother told me about his culinary teacher back in high school. Like my brother is passionate about cooking and had learnt from my Mom, who graduated from culinary school. His teacher had no experience whatsoever, yet acted like she knew everything there was about cooking.
toxic Hace un día
Do you want 300 dollars
Gamer 4 life
Gamer 4 life Hace un día
Lol charges 100 dollars an hour, but can not cook spaghetti.
Jake Wareing
Jake Wareing Hace un día
I feel like the gay guy was more focused on showing he was gay than cooking (No offence to gay people there’s nothing wrong with them it’s just that he made a big deal about him being gay and also made a bad dish)
leen Ananzeh
leen Ananzeh Hace un día
Lol but he didn't do anything wrong until he was asked about the badge... soo.. I can't really accuse him for something not confirmed.
TigBits Hace un día
I have a soft spot for Robert. I love his outlook.
Rose Bon
Rose Bon Hace un día
Y’all say what u want about that teacher but I’m more pissed at the guy who hunts whatever he finds for sport
Jackson Miles Davis
Jackson Miles Davis Hace 2 días
Ramsey just grabbed that steaming hot spaghetti like it was nothing.
MarcusT Hace 2 días
Reality shows are dumbing down the world
Big Drako
Big Drako Hace 2 días
Ur openly out okay I’m openly honestly being a fudge packer is seriously dangerous and disgusting lifestyle keep ur sexual lifestyle out of the table please literally
Harpo Marx
Harpo Marx Hace 2 días
Why hasn't somebody bounced a frypan off of his head yet?
Spaghetti Nerd 2019
Spaghetti Nerd 2019 Hace 2 días
7:16 This was me
Morgan Olfursson
Morgan Olfursson Hace 2 días
The greatest chef in the entire world !!! Good one ! She never ate at the Tawaraya in Kyoto or the Kitcho or the Azurmendi.
Jimmy Bachand
Jimmy Bachand Hace 2 días
Colleen is broke now
The Husky Family
The Husky Family Hace 2 días
ok, so we have "who are you? im an idiot sandwich" and "i teach manners too"
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