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Post Malone - Topic

Post Malone - Topic

Hace 5 meses

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Goodbyes · Post Malone · Young Thug
℗ 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2019-07-05
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Brian Lee
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming, Vocal Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Louis Bell
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Manny Maroquin
Studio Personnel, Assistant Remix Engineer: Chris Galland
Studio Personnel, Assistant Remix Engineer: Jeremie Inhaber
Studio Personnel, Assistant Remix Engineer: Robin Florent
Studio Personnel, Assistant Remix Engineer: Scott Desmarais
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Mike Bozzi
Composer Lyricist: Louis Bell
Composer Lyricist: Brian Lee
Composer Lyricist: Austin Post
Composer Lyricist: Billy Walsh
Composer Lyricist: Jeffery Williams
Composer Lyricist: Jessie Lauren Foutz
Composer Lyricist: Val Blavatnik
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Post Maloneポスト・マローンポストマローンYoung Thug

Cat Cat
Cat Cat Hace 5 horas
rip juice world :(
Sebastian Kolbuszowski
Sebastian Kolbuszowski Hace 13 horas
rip juice wrld
ASAP Hace 21 un hora
Goodbye Juice.🙏🏽💔
Wotazz Hace un día
Imagine post x juice what of happend :[
Blazecreek Hace un día
RIP Juice man...
*** Hace un día
Juice WRLD rip
Dylan Dunbar
Dylan Dunbar Hace un día
Mamamoo Gaming
Mamamoo Gaming Hace 2 días
Want a sprite cranberry?
Regina Salma
Regina Salma Hace 2 días
Desember 2019? :v
1,000 subscribers with no videos
1,000 subscribers with no videos Hace 2 días
Josh vK
Josh vK Hace 3 días
When every recommendation is about Post Malone
XOCHITL ZAN Hace 3 días
so im here listen this master and i can't explain how i feel when my life is going bad, but just post malone songs can describe it
WeirdozChannel Hace 3 días
thugger really a fucking genius with his verse
ZackGTS Hace 6 días
2:08 Young Thug: *YEE YEE YEE YEE YEE*
queen of death lit
queen of death lit Hace 8 días
I am no good at good at goodbys
queen of death lit
queen of death lit Hace 8 días
I loveyour misic post molane It is verry good I love it
Francisco Valenzuela
Francisco Valenzuela Hace 10 días
demasiado cool esta canción
Den :0
Den :0 Hace 13 días
Post Malone: "and don't tell me to shut up when you know you talk too much" me: *automatically starts crying*
Den :0
Den :0 Hace 13 días
no one: literally no one: Post Malone: *describes my love life*
Jose Miguel Angelo
Jose Miguel Angelo Hace 16 días
R.I.P My Little Pony 2010-2019 Pray 4 Them.
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez Hace 16 días
i want you out of my head. He takes a part of his head off lol
Plague Seeker
Plague Seeker Hace 17 días
This is his best song yet
Anna Dominique Daen
Anna Dominique Daen Hace 17 días
Perfect song to whisk away bad vibes haha
Adrian Trejo
Adrian Trejo Hace 17 días
Man I feel this too much, had the exact problem with my ex. 5 years, and it ended like nothing.
ZidzisLV Hace 20 días
shit song
Mika Mika
Mika Mika Hace 21 un día
YOOO this song is 🔥 LITTY IN THE CITY 🌃
Vigil 707
Vigil 707 Hace 21 un día
post and juce hello?
LEE T-POP Hace 23 días
This is epic
Hypex Jaypro
Hypex Jaypro Hace 23 días
your gay\jk love you daddy
XxLunaticxXツ Hace 23 días
people if you date someone make a back up so that if they dumb you, you can replace them without crying ;)
Kronos2k Hace 25 días
Legit no one Not one single soul Young thug YEE YEE YEE 😆
Luka Ecimovic
Luka Ecimovic Hace 16 días
Santiphap Chomchun
Santiphap Chomchun Hace 25 días
Matthew Darnell
Matthew Darnell Hace 25 días
They said that he was a one-song hit
mr. nice guy
mr. nice guy Hace 26 días
Post Malone, remake this without him pls! it could be good but its just shit now sorry
mr. nice guy
mr. nice guy Hace 26 días
that young thug ruines it big time
I taint Mistaken yo
I taint Mistaken yo Hace 26 días
Can you not turn off the t.v? I’m watching the fight. I wonder which ☝️ 🧐
Coco GalaxyCheeseCake
Coco GalaxyCheeseCake Hace 27 días
*Swing swong you're wrong*
Alex .van45
Alex .van45 Hace 28 días
Rosel Orencia
Rosel Orencia Hace 28 días
So sad but so lovely about this song.Is the girl here fucks any nigga in this song? So the girl is wasted too like zombie malone was. They are both i right?
Adam Battye
Adam Battye Hace un mes
Evehtime post Malone releases another it makes my brain explode how fast it gets popular and trends
Daunte uflay
Daunte uflay Hace un mes
bye yall gon give this final listen to my favorite singer
Asuna Dragneel
Asuna Dragneel Hace un mes
Alina Z
Alina Z Hace un mes
Apollo Hace un mes
Young thug sounds so fucking bad
Jordann_0568 Hace un mes
This song puts you at ease..Just breathe and close your eyes.
Maddie Falkeborg
Maddie Falkeborg Hace un mes
i ligit have a math test today, but this really helped hahah
MetroMan 2011
MetroMan 2011 Hace un mes
Love this song so relaxing
Basil Farrwkh
Basil Farrwkh Hace un mes
it's really fucking amazing 🔥🔥
Swoop Ethan Da Savage
Swoop Ethan Da Savage Hace un mes
He should do a remix of this song with Juice WRLD, Lil Skies, and Quavo
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo Hace un mes
Mega Lachen
Mega Lachen Hace un mes
I had an exchange in Australia and at the last day when my host family drove me to the airport this song was in the radio.😅
Carter Williams
Carter Williams Hace un mes
Young thug was not mandatory for this music video
Jennifer Ketcham
Jennifer Ketcham Hace un mes
I listen to your songs all the time ♥
Jennifer Ketcham
Jennifer Ketcham Hace un mes
wow hi (play it cool me) SUP
Vangelis Kap05
Vangelis Kap05 Hace un mes
Young Thug sucks
Reed Farias
Reed Farias Hace un mes
If you wanna buy Adidas, i have the Nike fit hat lol get this lol
Paul Pelton
Paul Pelton Hace un mes
oop sksk
Aiden Armendariz
Aiden Armendariz Hace un mes
not a bad song though
Aiden Armendariz
Aiden Armendariz Hace un mes
this how I felt when a girl I liked played me
J Gamer El Crack YT
J Gamer El Crack YT Hace un mes
buena cancion
Vidi Games
Vidi Games Hace un mes
Como cortan el rollo sad los putos anuncios entre canciones fuckkk
Shannon Carlton
Shannon Carlton Hace un mes
Young pug ruined the song.
david pena
david pena Hace un mes
Fuck yeehha!!
Jermaine Scott
Jermaine Scott Hace un mes
Truth and love all day
The main homeslice
The main homeslice Hace un mes
All I hear at the end is “come back come back come back come back”
Abyss Hace un mes
Young Thug: Hey Post, your voice will be better with auto-tune. Post Malone: *hold my beer*
Yeyo Hace un mes
Katy Tyznik
Katy Tyznik Hace un mes
Love this song a lot lol
Toya lavette
Toya lavette Hace un mes
Young thug ruined it
Dearpy_Fox101 Hace un mes
when post said goodbye goodbye goodbye i felt that
Jalyn May
Jalyn May Hace un mes
imma doll so i can rate songs so it sucks.jk its the best
I can't stop singing this that's how good it is!!!
Sodapop Hace un mes
1:45 *mY sWeAtY gAraGe*
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