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Hace 15 días

at least i got a facial... also click here cen.yt/functionemma to get 20% off your custom formula from Function of Beauty. Available in the US, GB, EU, CA, AUS, and NZ only. Function of Beauty makes unique personalized hair care that is vegan and cruelty-free.
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emma chamberlainemma chambievlogGOING ON A TRIP BY MYSELF

Kyle Palsson
Kyle Palsson Hace un hora
did she just bite her soup...? 17:02
james.h Hace un hora
14:28 has me creasing
chloe vilarreal
chloe vilarreal Hace un hora
What’s hummus ???? Omgg
hadas maymon
hadas maymon Hace 2 horas
You should try hummus and pita in Israel - the best in the fucking worlddd
Lorena Jake
Lorena Jake Hace 3 horas
60° is really nice where I live
Nathan Ballard
Nathan Ballard Hace 4 horas
You say fuck a lot
Rafa Shaikh
Rafa Shaikh Hace 5 horas
Emma - *i have been using this shampoo for 2 weeks now it makes your hair soft, smooth ME- *stares at her *cute* messy bun*
Angela Berry
Angela Berry Hace 7 horas
𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓱𝓪𝓼 𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓱𝓪𝓭 𝓱𝓾𝓶𝓪𝓼??
Grace Hinrichs
Grace Hinrichs Hace 7 horas
you should call us (your fans) “Chamber Pots”
Kay Marie
Kay Marie Hace 7 horas
Lol I went swimming by myself the other day #lonely
Noa Rudao
Noa Rudao Hace 10 horas
she said pita lol.
Jana Par
Jana Par Hace 11 horas
Who else was eating with Emma while watching this vid? Only me? Okay
L.A.B ART Hace 13 horas
Why does she act like a distressed pornstar?
Lourizz Aro
Lourizz Aro Hace 18 horas
you really need a bf rn hahahhaha
yo beaut
yo beaut Hace 18 horas
anyone here was once an og subscriber of emma until emma moved to la and now has come back because she missed emma
Mia Matuszak
Mia Matuszak Hace 19 horas
why is this relatable ...
Sara Renee
Sara Renee Hace 19 horas
Okay pls pls pls make a video about cheer and your experience!!! You go to the same school as a lot of people on Cali Smoed, do you think you would’ve wanted to be on a worlds cheer team? How do you feel about cheer now? Do you still keep up, like watch worlds routines etc
Chunky Rexx
Chunky Rexx Hace 19 horas
Laguna Beach isn’t 2hrs away from LA 💀💀💀 it’s literally like 40min lmaooo
Donald Bullock
Donald Bullock Hace 21 un hora
More road trips
Alaina Vargas
Alaina Vargas Hace 22 horas
Howwww tf are you driving with one leg?
ChestertheCheetah Hace 22 horas
why is your left leg up on the seat are you pushing the brake with your hands or something?
B Tn
B Tn Hace 22 horas
I wish I could do this, I love being by myself
Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson Hace 23 horas
when the guy at the spa place said ms.chamberlain i kinda freaked out like what its so weird
nti the mob
nti the mob Hace un día
Stuck in the glass let her talk to you
nti the mob
nti the mob Hace un día
nti the mob
nti the mob Hace un día
3mm@s bf tag
natalia Hace un día
i would check the bible’s for money
Yousf Traf
Yousf Traf Hace un día
eswomen.com/women/UCIxSSm39gTMKbfCOe889plQ #pubg😘😍❤️🔥
Savannah Blackwell
Savannah Blackwell Hace un día
nobody gonna talk about how shes dRiVInG wITh a FreAkinG leG iN heR seAt !!!😂😂
jasmine a
jasmine a Hace un día
u should collab with haley pham :3
iiellie T
iiellie T Hace un día
Omg you did this on my birthday!!!
Did anyone notice the paper clip earrings that match Ethan’s necklace
Mia Davila
Mia Davila Hace un día
12:04 Is it just ne or does she look like a who? Lol I'm a fan of hers no hate to her😁
Jack M records
Jack M records Hace un día
emma: *exists* everyone: HoOOoOooNnNNkKKk
CJ Corter
CJ Corter Hace un día
So I'm still waiting to be friends. LIKE LETS BE FRIENDS AND U woNT BE SO LONEY
Anonym Person
Anonym Person Hace un día
Y does she have so many dislikes??
rosecoloredtyleretta Hace un día
wait, there's a room just for the ice??
Lucy Brooke
Lucy Brooke Hace un día
Maybe if you didn’t think u were better than ur friends (Hannah and Ellie) u would be w them for a trip
Ankur Agrawal
Ankur Agrawal Hace un día
You voice is so annoying. I don’t know why people even watch you.
marakie Hace un día
And you taking the time to comment hate on a successful 18 year olds youtube video for an absolutely irrelevant opinion is annoying. grow up you idiot
ComSci Hace un día
Over playing anxiety issues will be the downfall off this generation.
Brenda Chan
Brenda Chan Hace un día
how is she driving without music?! wtf
Gracey Mckay
Gracey Mckay Hace un día
Because copy right
J_Hon_ Napitan
J_Hon_ Napitan Hace un día
Laguna Philippines
Priyanka Kathayat
Priyanka Kathayat Hace un día
Umm I have a question do all these people just come here to dislike the video?
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis Hace un día
she hurt my feelings
Gracey Mckay
Gracey Mckay Hace un día
smileyface Hace un día
am i the only one who doesnt like her?!!?!?!?! Like look at what she wears and how she never tries!
Cheerful Cloud
Cheerful Cloud Hace un día
Uhh I really don’t even know whats hummus...?
Asmaa Khan
Asmaa Khan Hace un día
I feel like o would enjoy a vacation to myself,I just like my me time it doesn’t happen everyday
aalyah martinez
aalyah martinez Hace un día
ilyyy pls help me fix my bumper. have a blessed day
aalyah martinez
aalyah martinez Hace un día
but for real i really do love you
Jazzy Pandaa
Jazzy Pandaa Hace un día
Trust me Emma, the older you get the more you will appreciate spending time with yourself and being alone. Lol sometimes you need a breather. Lol
Malieya _Hammy
Malieya _Hammy Hace un día
is it safe for her to be driving with her leg up like that like hun I'm worried
Angela Runyan
Angela Runyan Hace un día
Nobody: Emma: dID tHeY jUsT hOnK aT mE??
Adagio Borntrager
Adagio Borntrager Hace un día
Sadly you’ll still be the baby until you’re like 25😂
Isabella Helfand-Elg
Isabella Helfand-Elg Hace un día
Hi Emma I love you so much and all the other ppl reading this you are amazing loved and worth it and always love yourself ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ⚠️pls like this comment⚠️
Isabella Helfand-Elg
Isabella Helfand-Elg Hace un día
I’m a Emma but without acne
vuuspalding Hace un día
how is it possible that you were away for 24 hrs and not once, did i hear you say, " I gotta take a healthy almond coffee shit?!" you are weird but very adorable in a "must see what she will say, or do next" kind of way. You go girl!!!
Degan Hace un día
Why was your leg up while u were driving?
Angelica Ramirez
Angelica Ramirez Hace un día
I love your podcast I can’t
DimmyLVEVO Hace 2 días
Being allowed to drive a brand new Mercedes SUV and not allowed to drink bombay just seems so messed up
Marlfox Hace 2 días
Ok I watched the whole thing and a couple words come to mind, "Potty mouth, spoiled rotten"... No hate or jealousy, just saying how it is...
TazzyK 118
TazzyK 118 Hace 2 días
Someone like if you noticed the same black car following emma
Elizabeth Maldonado
Elizabeth Maldonado Hace 2 días
What an annoying bitch
Hamza Eddouik
Hamza Eddouik Hace 2 días
Is she driving with her foot on the seat ???? 😂😂😂
Natasha Williamson
Natasha Williamson Hace 2 días
Omg it’s 60 degrees out it’s so cold maybe if u came to Britain the highest it get it 20 degree No hate i love you emma
Holly Rood
Holly Rood Hace 2 días
Emma: 60 degrees is not that hot me: wut
Adalicia Rael
Adalicia Rael Hace 2 días
Nobody: Emma: says the f word 50 times in one video
Amber J
Amber J Hace 2 días
I would fucking LOVE to go on a little trip all by myself. I love being alone lol so that shit would be niiice!
Saydys adventure !
Saydys adventure ! Hace 2 días
My last three brain cells when I do something stupid which is mostly 17:00
Saydys adventure !
Saydys adventure ! Hace 2 días
9:20-9:24 sounds about right seems pretty normal
Nylah Green
Nylah Green Hace 2 días
I’m going to turn 13 on the 26th hehe
Blake Melkey
Blake Melkey Hace 2 días
Next time go on a bike ride in the middle east
Hannah Greenway
Hannah Greenway Hace 2 días
4:37 😂😂
Unicorn_loving_ savege
Unicorn_loving_ savege Hace 2 días
Does anyone notice how much weight she’s lost? Her skin Is not glowing as much as it used to it’s really pale and her hair doesn’t look as heathy and I getting through anorexic stuff and those were Side effects I had
Addie String
Addie String Hace 2 días
Her: of any of you don’t like hummus what’s wrong with you” Me:is allergic to hummus Me: I guess a lot of things are wrong with me (btw I’m getting ur merch)
Addie String
Addie String Hace 2 días
Her: of any of you don’t like hummus what’s wrong with you” Me:is allergic to hummus Me: I guess a lot of things are wrong with me (btw I’m getting ur merch)
Dan Buckley
Dan Buckley Hace 2 días
She worn the same sweatshirt for 3 days....
monique bedford
monique bedford Hace 2 días
Youre making me realize i can go by myself and have fun!
• gretaiskrazy •
• gretaiskrazy • Hace 2 días
Emma without food: *lonely* Emma with food: *uncomfortable* Emma with Starbucks: *Coachella*
• gretaiskrazy •
• gretaiskrazy • Hace 2 días
*floating in a pool...* Huh it does sound like a *NIGHTMARE*
Alyssa Fick
Alyssa Fick Hace 2 días
as little as she did, it was 19 minutes and interesting and thats just how amazing she is
Adena Baker
Adena Baker Hace 2 días
Emma your 18 now you and eathen can tell everyone your together PLEASE SAY YOU ARE
Umm mmm
Umm mmm Hace 2 días
I recently turned 18 and I have enough money to book a hotel cuz I feel like it lol
Malachi S
Malachi S Hace 2 días
the amounts of honks😂
JAM Gaming
JAM Gaming Hace 2 días
Every time she gets honked at
Joy Joy
Joy Joy Hace 2 días
Take a shot every time emma says "lonely" :)))
Kristiyana Dimova
Kristiyana Dimova Hace 2 días
14:12 hilarious .
Will Wilkerson
Will Wilkerson Hace 2 días
Mommy and daddy must have some deep pockets
ismi gomez
ismi gomez Hace 2 días
"something that i cant touch, cz i still very young"... oohh No :D
Ruth Ahern
Ruth Ahern Hace 2 días
Here before 8 million. ❤❤
Anna Sargent
Anna Sargent Hace 2 días
where is the sweatshirt from?
Itskenbean Hace 2 días
This is a whole mood
Ellie Avalon
Ellie Avalon Hace 2 días
Always forget that you can't drink until 21 in America!! Madness, this was hilarious though
Indi chilby
Indi chilby Hace 2 días
I think this is the most relatable you’ve ever been
George  Bonham
George Bonham Hace 2 días
Man, I would have gone with you Illinois sucks.
moony Hace 2 días
This video has officially traumatised me about going on trips by myself lol
cAmeRoN MccRaCkEn
cAmeRoN MccRaCkEn Hace 2 días
Emma: “cUz I hAvEnT dOnE fUdGiNg aNyThInG” Me: “yOu bReAtHeD”
Gigglehub Hace 2 días
car 78,593 miles away: *honks* emma: “was that to me?”
macdonaldsadler Hace 2 días
Why you driving with just 1 foot? Even on a automatic you need both feet.
Remy Madrigal
Remy Madrigal Hace 2 días
How much times did she say lonely.
Tyrah Fitzgerald
Tyrah Fitzgerald Hace 2 días
Chloe Comstock
Chloe Comstock Hace 2 días
this is me im gonna be lonely forever
DRESSING UP AS EACHOTHER ft Dolan Twins & James Charles
SELF IMPROVEMENT *i need help*
emma chamberlain
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