Godfall - Reveal Trailer | PS5

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Learn more about Godfall: godfall.com. Godfall is a third-person fantasy looter-slasher focused on melee combat, coming to PlayStation 5 Holiday 2020. Developed by Counterplay Games & published by Gearbox Publishing.

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Sever Sheen
Sever Sheen Hace 3 horas
Why can’t they call this game “Kingfall” so it doesn’t offend any Christian gamers?
9mmToGo Hace 2 horas
Why dont we call it Allah fall. And calling it godfall wont offend Christian.
Jhon Vick
Jhon Vick Hace 6 horas
Where is gta 6😞
Pikachu with a Keyblade
Pikachu with a Keyblade Hace 7 horas
At least we know it’s called PS5. Right?
Pikachu with a Keyblade
Pikachu with a Keyblade Hace 7 horas
At least we know it’s called PS5. Right?
Leylin Farlier
Leylin Farlier Hace 9 horas
Yes it's Leylin
Jarel Soto
Jarel Soto Hace 10 horas
Still in development
Blake Slinkard
Blake Slinkard Hace 11 horas
Soo infinity blade?
joss gaming
joss gaming Hace 12 horas
Apa daya gak kebeli ps5, punya ps2 aja udah butut
THOR REYİZ Hace 15 horas
If its 500$ in America it will be 1000$ in turkey so I think i cant buy it I’m gonna sell everything and buy razer blade
aidsonixx _
aidsonixx _ Hace 17 horas
Ok but like is ther gonnna be skate 4
Facu ReyLeon
Facu ReyLeon Hace 21 un hora
Y porque recien me entero de esto
Rafael Junior
Rafael Junior Hace 23 horas
Mano olha o nome do jogo
Erik Iacopelli
Erik Iacopelli Hace un día
André Maia
André Maia Hace un día
Will be a RPG? Prease yes
k d
k d Hace un día
That's y pc will always be better consoles r designed to just run games while on pc u can literally customise ur graphics and ray tracing frame rate etc
Guilherme Novy
Guilherme Novy Hace un día
The sword change from a hand to the other was pretty weird
Rafael Pimenta
Rafael Pimenta Hace un día
Oh a medieval warframe . Lol
Potato Smasher
Potato Smasher Hace un día
0:35 Hearing that English anime dub-esque voice did a perfect job in executing the vibe for me lol
Emmanuel Torres
Emmanuel Torres Hace 2 días
Este juego seve que estara bien chido
Ibrahim Darwiche
Ibrahim Darwiche Hace 2 días
This is not the ps 5 trailer its a trailer taken by a 1 year old pc like the short gameplay of it.
Gary W-l-o-t
Gary W-l-o-t Hace 2 días
That dialog is pretty bad
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean Hace 2 días
It looks like it can run on ps4 TBH, of course not native 4k but ps4 pro definitely will run this smoothly
Mark F
Mark F Hace 2 días
New warframe)
thebruce13 Hace 2 días
Not impressed, Game looks pretty boring
Mukarram Ali
Mukarram Ali Hace 2 días
Worst name of game ever
UnderScore _
UnderScore _ Hace 2 días
I’d only get the PS5 for the exclusives
Rusdi Setiadi
Rusdi Setiadi Hace 2 días
but in Computer exist 255 colour and in game 255 something same as 66 so for the mean something exist 66 holy book when conquer some area in universal a 255 Great Holy book exist or kebalikannya in planet where Computer is born something have 255 holy book only when conquer some area in universe get 66 great holy book
Brian Lin
Brian Lin Hace 3 días
Optimus Prime is that you?!?!?
Cali Dodger
Cali Dodger Hace 3 días
How much is the PS5 gonna cost?
Kontra Atack
Kontra Atack Hace 3 días
X Box Série X? PS5?
xXPhantomsRageXx Hace 3 días
Looks underwhelming
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva Hace 3 días
*Actual cutscene footage.
김한준 Hace 3 días
Looks like warframe
- Yaoshmite -
- Yaoshmite - Hace 3 días
Infinity Blade Players here we are 🤟
Lineker Blasig
Lineker Blasig Hace 3 días
Os gráficos do Xbox SX são mt superiores
Lineker Blasig
Lineker Blasig Hace 3 días
Hellblade 2 is the best!
TipOfTheSpear Hace 3 días
I feel like this game will look nothing like this upon release. Just like Dark Sector back in 2003 which became a different game when it was released.
The Don
The Don Hace 4 días
I'm gunna remortgage my home and get the ps5 the day it comes out
Esteban Hernandez Muñoz
Esteban Hernandez Muñoz Hace 4 días
Otra vez no muestran nada en sus lanzamientos
For Kids By Kids
For Kids By Kids Hace 4 días
Maybe cause I'm over 30 but not excited for these new consoles. Since ps3 seems like main difference is memory and nerdy stuff.
Gordnan Ramsay
Gordnan Ramsay Hace 4 días
the new warframe update looks pretty promising ngl.
Beni Maru
Beni Maru Hace 4 días
Coming soon...
Gromit Aardman
Gromit Aardman Hace 4 días
Pinta bien este PC game!
ismail salah
ismail salah Hace 4 días
Sir Yeet
Sir Yeet Hace 4 días
I can imagine that if you play this the fans will proceed to lift the PS5 off the ground
Evil Fuck3b
Evil Fuck3b Hace 4 días
Warboss Sloth Pope
Warboss Sloth Pope Hace 4 días
I'll look forward to playing it on PC 2021
highlife_farouk Hace 4 días
Everyone keeps talking about how it's just ps4 graphics honestly it's the art and gameplay and story that matters most look at SEKIRO
Thom Hartz
Thom Hartz Hace 4 días
Looks like a PS3 game
eliran heftzadi
eliran heftzadi Hace 4 días
Not gonna lie, Did not Impress me at all...
Jay Schneider
Jay Schneider Hace 4 días
I watch this trailer multiple times a week...I need more PS5 info!!
V 3
V 3 Hace 4 días
Yeah nice but does it run quake
Win From Within
Win From Within Hace 4 días
William Walker
William Walker Hace 4 días
The bad guys always got cooler stuff 😠
William Walker
William Walker Hace 4 días
They should make it when u beat boss levels u get there weapons too
lucky shot
lucky shot Hace 4 días
Anthem 2
zombievac Hace 4 días
Whelp, here's a guaranteed flop. Doesn't even reach PS4 Pro quality, and most of it was CG anyway, if not all. Looks totally generic and dumb. LOL, Sony.
Charles Châtenay for President 1900
Charles Châtenay for President 1900 Hace 5 días
Am I tripping or did they steal the sound file from SCP-682 in Containment Breach to use as that hydra's roar? Or is that just a generic royalty free soundfile?
Kenard Norman
Kenard Norman Hace 5 días
What is this one all about because the trailer makes no sense to me. Is this an actual story line?
Jorge alfredo Rodriguez najera
Jorge alfredo Rodriguez najera Hace 5 días
Looks like a bad ps4 free game
Phil_A Hace 5 días
I just wish I can tell PlayStation we don't care about dramatic cinematics we just want to see the gameplay to see is it worth the $$$$ that we will be paying
Mataratzu Hace 5 días
Terry Henderson
Terry Henderson Hace 5 días
Day one buy for me
German Lucatero
German Lucatero Hace 5 días
Looks like destint
    Hace 5 días
Why does the camera follow the player at his feet?! That looks annoying.
Nalyo Gaming
Nalyo Gaming Hace 5 días
It can't come soon enough... So excited for PS5 & this will be a day 1 purchase.
Niklaus Steffanmullen
Niklaus Steffanmullen Hace 5 días
is it supposed to be impressive or something ? looks like garbage for retarded kids
SannTheMan Gaming
SannTheMan Gaming Hace 5 días
Who’s here to see ps5 graphics
Spark Agar
Spark Agar Hace 5 días
I think the graphics will be better when it actually comes out and the ps5 will enhance it
Med Otaku
Med Otaku Hace 5 días
It already looks old...
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