Go Behind the Scenes of Transformers 5: The Last Knight (2017)

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Making of/B-Roll of Transformers: The Last Knight
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Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Michael Bay
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Stanley Tucci, Laura Haddock, Isabela Moner, John Turturro
Production & Credits: Di Bonaventura Pictures, Hasbro, Huahua Media
Distributors: Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures
Country: USA
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Why they do not show the autobots and decepticon why?
donald duffy
donald duffy Hace 4 días
Bumble Bee was the best transformer movie.
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron Hace 5 días
Leandro Soares
Leandro Soares Hace 6 días
🤔 3.7000000000000 billion dollars is many zeros! But see Michael using his old hats maked think about something! i've a old hat of brand and it is my passion, i have this thought with me, if i won all this zeros in my bank account i wouldn't sale my old hat, i would keep with my brown old hat! 😁😁🤣 Hahahahaaa
Leandro Soares
Leandro Soares Hace 6 días
😁😁😁 i'm just kidding
Leandro Soares
Leandro Soares Hace 6 días
And the robots too! 🤖🤙 🤔 But i didn't see the Optimus!
Leandro Soares
Leandro Soares Hace 6 días
All the team are congratulated! Michael Bay, Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner all the team! 🤖🤙 📽🎥🎞🎬📺 All the saga... All the actors with their participations.
Gene Richardson
Gene Richardson Hace 6 días
lennox was in the air force in the 1st 3 and army in this oops
AT Hace 10 días
I want them to continue and make the transformer 6. The last scene of this film made me very2 curious about who unicron was.
RichformO4/Richwheels Hace 17 días
Feels like only one who enjoys the saga...haters...
Атомный Феникс
Атомный Феникс Hace 19 días
Transformers is bull shit.....👎👎
TIME TO PLAY Hace 21 un día
Is that real gun?
Robzon Rodriguez
Robzon Rodriguez Hace 25 días
That Mexican little girl is pretty Hot and Sexy, love her eyes...❤👌
GhouI Hace 28 días
I still miss Sam and Carly and malike
chilled Hace un mes
rip transformer 7
ditt Hace un mes
Can that camaro transform to bumblebee? :v
Nehir Güngör
Nehir Güngör Hace un mes
Only autobots not real :/
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Hace 29 días
What did you expect
SuperHumanPlanet Hace un mes
So they spent 150 million dollars for special effects on hologram robots
Zaman Force
Zaman Force Hace un mes
Wtf!!??.Sqweeks was real!???
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Hace 29 días
Dissonant Hace un mes
Where are the robots?
Eder Pico
Eder Pico Hace un mes
Fuera muy bueno que Optimus Prime y todos los transformers tuvieran vida propia y filmaran la pelicula
Meet Kertinz
Meet Kertinz Hace un mes
I 100 percent believe that this movie would of been good if they didn't cut so much out!
Tul Pooh
Tul Pooh Hace un mes
i dont know why that kid is in the movie.
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Hace 29 días
@Jason Reyes I think he hasn't seen the movie that's why
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes Hace un mes
Tul Pooh cuz she is famous and makes movies
Lonely Cowboy
Lonely Cowboy Hace un mes
the girl is beautiful 😈❤️
MisterPlayer YT
MisterPlayer YT Hace 18 días
KIM P CHANNEL Hace un mes
That soldier guy only remains original actor since first transformer
Joseph Conner
Joseph Conner Hace 15 días
He’s the same guy
Peter K Xu
Peter K Xu Hace 15 días
KIM P CHANNEL no bumble bee also come from original transformer
-kazdem- 2
-kazdem- 2 Hace un mes
Dude there real guns! I never knew that
Takahasi Last
Takahasi Last Hace un mes
USS ...????
Nebias Radebe
Nebias Radebe Hace un mes
Who Voices Nitro Zeus?
Bruce-Lee Promo
Bruce-Lee Promo Hace un mes
Good scene
Stefanus Kevin
Stefanus Kevin Hace un mes
I think that there is some of the robot fighting scene in this behind the scene video... but it isn't.... 👌
uğur özdemir
uğur özdemir Hace un mes
I understood 3 million dollars with the video, I did not understand anything else .. The server is beautiful
maureen cuevas
maureen cuevas Hace un mes
I love the movies but Bay is TOOOOO picky
Pak Ade Family
Pak Ade Family Hace un mes
It is looks like so hard to be an actor
not _Vasquez
not _Vasquez Hace un mes
3.7 billion dollars... wooooow
The Last Cigarette
The Last Cigarette Hace un mes
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More Hace 2 meses
0:17 It is Iron Hides head!
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More Hace 15 días
@Daniel Alberto Mouth and head shape are completely different, Jolt had a pointed shaped head, like a rain drop
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More
Chief Bosca - Games, Reviews and More Hace 15 días
@Syaza Juraimee Nah mate I don't think so, look at the mouth, it's completely different
Syaza Juraimee
Syaza Juraimee Hace 15 días
It's starcream's head
Daniel Alberto
Daniel Alberto Hace 22 días
That’s jolts head...?
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Hace 29 días
It's not exactly the same you can see it in the movie
Youney 88
Youney 88 Hace 2 meses
Ika Kemalasari
Ika Kemalasari Hace 2 meses
The amount of money to make the film the work the cars is soooo expensive probably almost 200 billion dollars probably even more since bumblebee 68 thousand dollars!! So i canot imagine how expensive this took!! Edit : its been 3 years since this movie came out i cannot wait for the new movie!!!!
Ika Kemalasari
Ika Kemalasari Hace un mes
@LEA 001 i think they will make it after the dumb corona virus
LEA 001
LEA 001 Hace un mes
Ika Kemalasari are they coming out with a new one? I heard they spent 150 milli on the movie but they make that back plus a few 100 million more
Malvo Hace 2 meses
Cara mais chato é esse cara só fica gritando esse boca de rola.
scott summer
scott summer Hace 2 meses
10 % wrecked cars 20 % robots 100 % explosions 200 % fights 300 % that bumble bee drifted 400 % green screens 1000 % illegal things 2000 % robots that were real you didn’t know 3000 % machines 4000 % violence 50000 % guns 60000% old people 700000 % bumble bee and barricade race 8000000000000 % hot rod keeps destroying a girl
Alban Akmal
Alban Akmal Hace 2 meses
hikopi Iikooo Kiolpio9ujjyn jhn uh jjjbi8i
transformer rose
transformer rose Hace 2 meses
My sis would freak if I was there she probably would cry tears of happyness
Funtimeboy12 dj
Funtimeboy12 dj Hace 2 meses
Transformers is a lie to me😢😭but I still love it
Shy_ Chikoy
Shy_ Chikoy Hace 2 meses
When I saw that Camaro....I was like... OH SHIT THEY ARE REAL!!
shahbaz kiani
shahbaz kiani Hace 2 meses
isabela is the best actress
MR.NuclearBlade Hace 2 meses
0:14 Michael looks relaxed.....
Lilia Hristova
Lilia Hristova Hace 2 meses
Lilia Hristova
Lilia Hristova Hace 2 meses
Tony Romero
Tony Romero Hace 3 meses
Disappointed film that wasn't enough to svaed the series before rebooted
Luthfi Sahbani
Luthfi Sahbani Hace 3 meses
I Don't know what happened... But it's the first time I feel bore for the Transformer storyline I've watched...
Russell Balbin
Russell Balbin Hace 3 meses
The girl was a useless character
Owen Peterson
Owen Peterson Hace 3 meses
Neni dian
Neni dian Hace 3 meses
5:45 The Part Of Real Cybertron
Amira the samurai
Amira the samurai Hace 3 meses
I love the transformers they so cool.
ZARGENTO YT Hace 5 meses
La chica me parece bonita
Venkat Mathagai
Venkat Mathagai Hace 5 meses
I loved Isabella Acting 😘😘😘
Alexander Timchenko
Alexander Timchenko Hace 5 meses
Worst film of this saga
Believers GOTG: Yakeen Hain Mujha
Believers GOTG: Yakeen Hain Mujha Hace 7 meses
Please make following movies likke: (1)Transformers Vs godzilla (2)Transformers Vs Jurassic park (3)Transformers Vs Atlantic & pacific rim
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Hace 29 días
Even though there will never be another in this universe it would be cool to make spins offs
Mr N Animations
Mr N Animations Hace un mes
Transformers vs Justice League
Harley Raquet
Harley Raquet Hace 3 meses
Transformers Vs avengers
koala squad come join now
koala squad come join now Hace 7 meses
I love transformers and my favorite one is Optimus prime
john doe
john doe Hace 7 meses
I want to go behind isabela moner...
RNN Desenh
RNN Desenh Hace 7 meses
J †
J † Hace 10 meses
for the people saying this movie sucked. Let me see you make a movie
rehan rama
rehan rama Hace 10 días
i know right.i think this is a good movie
J †
J † Hace 28 días
Elton Douglas same
Elton Douglas
Elton Douglas Hace 28 días
I grew up with all 5
Tea Gaming
Tea Gaming Hace 3 meses
J †
J † Hace 10 meses
Maddie 03 THANK YOU!! I honestly loved this movie
Luis Lorenz Bitoon
Luis Lorenz Bitoon Hace 11 meses
That awesome
Thando Msoki
Thando Msoki Hace 11 meses
Man do you know whats cool he builds entire settings but then blows them up
Thando Msoki
Thando Msoki Hace 11 meses
1:10 nobody got hurt
Tea Gaming
Tea Gaming Hace 3 meses
Thando Msoki no one
Arleigh Barbour
Arleigh Barbour Hace un año
50% transformers 50% fights 100% explosions
Mariam Karylle Tanseem
Mariam Karylle Tanseem Hace 3 meses
P-Meister Hace 5 meses
Arleigh Barbour that’s 200% dumbfuck
Rassenomatjutut Hace un año
11:09 Lady, if you mean I love Bayformers; fuck yeah!😄 That brutality, those special effects, that music, that tone darker compared to Transformers cartoons I watched from TV as kid, that magic of robots in so realistic disguise they could exist in real world, that way how transformations follow laws of physics! And no, I'm not kidding.🙂
Ole.180 Hace un año
Can somebody tell me why the kid is in the movie
Marshall Mathers the 4th
Marshall Mathers the 4th Hace un año
Where are the bloopers where she Isabela burps a lot.
Rory Anderson
Rory Anderson Hace un año
wait...so...how do you make the transformers?
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