Glass Animals - Heat Waves (Official Video)

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Director: Colin Read
Production Company: Pulse Films
road shimmer
wiggling the vision
heat heat waves
i’m swimming in a mirror
sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
can’t make you happier now
usually i put
something on tv
so we never think
about you and me
but today i see
our reflections
clearly in hollywood
laying on the screen
you just need a better life than this
you need something I can never give
fake water all across the road
it’s gone now the night has come but
you can’t fight it
you can’t breathe
you say something so loving but
now I’ve got to let you go
you’ll be better off in someone new
i don’t wanna be alone
you know it hurts me too
you look so broken when you cry
one more and then i’ll say goodbye
i just wonder what you’re dreaming of
when you sleep and smile so comfortable
i just wish that I could give you that
that look that’s perfectly unsad
sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
heat waves been faking me out

Music video by Glass Animals performing Heat Waves. © 2020 Wolf Tone Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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possiblysofia Hace 2 minutos
Snivelling Snob
Snivelling Snob Hace 5 horas
Listening to this while I’m creating the Declasse Granger II for Grand Theft Auto V
Butter fly_
Butter fly_ Hace 6 horas
Roland Juhos
Roland Juhos Hace 11 horas
Cascina Caradonna brought me here
Raquel Rivera
Raquel Rivera Hace 16 horas
Love this song so much 🌵🧜🏼‍♀️✨
Benjamin Brandies
Benjamin Brandies Hace 18 horas
This is by far one of the best songs of 2020
Scene Bby
Scene Bby Hace 18 horas
Scene Bby
Scene Bby Hace 18 horas
Just takin my tvs for a stroll
Scene Bby
Scene Bby Hace 18 horas
Dad lookin sexy here ok
Scene Bby
Scene Bby Hace 18 horas
M HOM Hace 19 horas
Fucking nailed it again, gentlemen.
Luiz Aksnes.
Luiz Aksnes. Hace 19 horas
Radio Doble Nueve 99.1 FM
Luke Nelson
Luke Nelson Hace 21 un hora
Not one to normally comment on ESwomen vids but this song is going to come close to my all time favourite.. and album is pure class
SleepyT Hace un día
This video is a personal message that folks seem to be missing
Rakiki Hace un día
vibes ✨
Rebecca Rossero
Rebecca Rossero Hace un día
this song 💜💜💜💜
Cassy Keogh
Cassy Keogh Hace 2 días
Dancing s cool
Gwen Hace 2 días
I love love love this song so much❤️❤️ I like all the songs but this is by far my favorite
CocoPops Hace 2 días
I just discovered this band because of an ad on Instagram and I’m OBSESSED with their sound 😍
Courtney Whayman-smith
Courtney Whayman-smith Hace 2 días
I Just sent this to the guy I am in love with. He wanted kids with me and I wasn't able to give him that so I decided to end what we had . I am obsessed with this song 😭
HEARCUFF Hace 2 días
You're beautiful (that includes indisputable talent you have).
BOOM The Bomb
BOOM The Bomb Hace 2 días
I love how even though there was no audience they still filmed it like the place was full of people
Cassy Keogh
Cassy Keogh Hace 2 días
I accidently sang fake prada on the wall lol....
Cassy Keogh
Cassy Keogh Hace 2 días
My mother drove a pink car as a kid and dad a lil mini yellow babes
장수개 Hace 2 días
Nike run club music
romcomfan Hace 2 días
London baby!
T Burrell
T Burrell Hace 3 días
I'm loving this song!!!!
SCP Time
SCP Time Hace 3 días
I've listened to this song 20 times and I'm scared about how addictive and amazing it is. The meaning and nessage is beautiful, the production is on point, and the instrumental and the sound in Dave's voice makes this the number one song to vibe to. Thank you GA for this absolute godsend of a song. 😊
AdventurPreneur Hace 3 días
I was just thinking the same thing this is my most repeated song of 2020! And i have a feeling it will be timeless to me forever! ❤❤
Yoohoo Drinker
Yoohoo Drinker Hace 3 días
Graffiti at 1:07 FIFTY
David Jordan
David Jordan Hace 3 días
In addition to being a great song and video, it was so gratifying to see the neighbors' participation by holding their phones horizontally in video mode. I think I only noticed one vertical video offender in the whole bunch. Well done, local friends.
chrisoAUS Hace 3 días
This song makes me feel 21 again, never thought I would hear those words coming out of my mouth. 90’s represent.
Dakota Mae
Dakota Mae Hace 4 días
Matthew Brunetti
Matthew Brunetti Hace 4 días
the license plate though, is a cool touch
Yoohoo Drinker
Yoohoo Drinker Hace 4 días
No AC gang represent
Kristin Leigh
Kristin Leigh Hace 4 días
The whole new album is fire 🔥♥️ and all of the ones before! Zaba is still the best but you see I'm still here loving every single song! You guys are awesome and wavey Davey's on fire 😂 Tokyo drifting ♥️ PLEASE keep doing what you're doing!
Charlotte Caling
Charlotte Caling Hace 4 días
Is it bad that I can’t stop listening to Heat Waves ? I have it on repeat like it’s not normal aha
YERP :D Hace 4 días
That one guy on his roof
caroline adhiambo
caroline adhiambo Hace 4 días
Splicerdubs Hace 4 días
sounds almost like fox stevenson!
nguyenminh truongvinh Blogs
nguyenminh truongvinh Blogs Hace 4 días
norah jones
Carla a Batatinha Do Febatista
Carla a Batatinha Do Febatista Hace 4 días
I and my lovely girlfriend we love this music❤️❤️
Marley Roberts
Marley Roberts Hace 4 días
Climbed out my attic window and am sitting on my roof getting high and watching the sunrise. Listening to this makes it so much better 💛☀️🌻
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez Hace 5 días
So we never think about you and me
Brian Vuong
Brian Vuong Hace 5 días
on some wes anderson camera zooms?
zachangle8 Hace 5 días
This song hurts so much to listen to right now... But at the same time I can't stop coming back to it.
Gabriela Vieira
Gabriela Vieira Hace 5 días
M W Hace 5 días
this vaguely reminds me of the black mirror episode White Bear....but happier
JD HD Hace 5 días
never heard of this dude before till someone commented saying the new song I posted has same vibes as this dude? I kinda see it?
Camilla Souza
Camilla Souza Hace 5 días
sephy Hace 5 días
man all their songs make me want to cry.
Snowstruck Willow
Snowstruck Willow Hace 5 días
I've rewatched this video so much! It represents quarantins and reminds you that no matter where you are, your friends will always be there with you. You guys are all apart but that doesn't mean you can't converse and stay in contact, and make wonderful music! I love this video;;
thezirons Hace 5 días
Great song and video!! After watching this numerous times, I just now realized that the license plates at 00:16 say "GLS ANIML" "H3AT WAV".
fckn jules
fckn jules Hace 6 días
I'm obsessed
Yola Cortez
Yola Cortez Hace 6 días
I put it on full blast in my virtual class (。ノω\。)❤️
Luis Barón
Luis Barón Hace 6 días
i love you
Raul Green
Raul Green Hace 7 días
I love this song
Bec Shades
Bec Shades Hace 7 días
Nice 😎
Bec Shades
Bec Shades Hace 7 días
I love Glass Animals
Jøel Rhdz
Jøel Rhdz Hace 7 días
Alguien dé aquí que hable en español 😏 ??
Fiona Pashollari
Fiona Pashollari Hace 7 días
having your first heartbreak over the summer and listening to this song when it released hit different....esp when it also came from one of our favorite bands together...
Ryan Losieku
Ryan Losieku Hace 7 días
i wish i had a cool comment
Michelle Burks
Michelle Burks Hace 7 días
In love with this song 🤩❣️ on replay
Luska Hace 8 días
Salve para os Br's 🇧🇷👌
Free Human
Free Human Hace 8 días
K.O.! Amazing! ✨🙌✨ & the US does need to be saved I think. : )
WEEBud Channel
WEEBud Channel Hace 8 días
Bro I need to talk bro.
snowfirepunk Hace 8 días
beautiful song. beautiful video. beautiful feeling.
fitfirst Hace 8 días
I really like this song
sara Hopkins
sara Hopkins Hace 8 días
Honestly my fav song of the year.
Natalie Voss
Natalie Voss Hace 8 días
i account for at least half the views
Meg O'Dowd
Meg O'Dowd Hace 8 días
guys are you planning a tour post plague?? I'm dying to see u live
0331ball Hace 8 días
4 days left y'all
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