Girls Problems with Long Legs and Short Legs / Short People vs Tall People Problems

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Types of People in the Salon / 16 Funny and Awkward Situations
Too short or too tall and long… People of any height have their own problems. Do you want to know what kinds of problems do they have? Then watch our new funny video about awkward situations that happen when your legs are too long or too short!
Tobu - Expedition
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Long LegsShort LegsLong Legs and Short LegsGirls Problems

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Caroline Taylor
Caroline Taylor Hace 3 días
Hugo Lopez
Hugo Lopez Hace 5 días
Hi 😘👉👈🥰👧🏻
virginia Valasaki
virginia Valasaki Hace 6 días
Its sis?
Rishi Deokailie
Rishi Deokailie Hace 6 días
Sema Ramlu
Sema Ramlu Hace 4 horas
not bad
4kCinemaHD Hace 4 horas
Hi 🐇🐇🦄💜👩🏼‍🦱👧🏽🧑🏿‍🦱
Allison Venturarios
Allison Venturarios Hace 5 horas
Valeria Zamora
Valeria Zamora Hace 5 horas
Michelle Gannon
Michelle Gannon Hace 6 horas
Stop cracking your fingers
Vj Ffhj
Vj Ffhj Hace 7 horas
My favorite person in all woo hoo 🥰 videos are Rosie- Lola and Jenna
Kalyani M Nair / Kaveri M Nair
Kalyani M Nair / Kaveri M Nair Hace 7 horas
I love short
Vidita Saini
Vidita Saini Hace 8 horas
The voice of speaker is so good
Maria Montoya
Maria Montoya Hace 14 horas
Aminath Ahmed
Aminath Ahmed Hace 15 horas
Arasu Sivapatham
Arasu Sivapatham Hace 20 horas
Still a peace of garbage
Still a peace of garbage Hace un día
Im 8 but im very short
Sky_Gingerbread Playz
Sky_Gingerbread Playz Hace un día
I just got a heart attack when that lady kicked the bottle ._.
Nani Papa
Nani Papa Hace un día
I choose long legs!!!
johana martinez
johana martinez Hace un día
Excuse Me ThE pHotO Is VidEo 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😂 big mastak
My Roblox Coffee world
My Roblox Coffee world Hace un día
Short girls have it easier I’m way to tall 👩🏻
Unicorn dogs
Unicorn dogs Hace 10 horas
Im 8 years old so im short
Emma Ortiz
Emma Ortiz Hace 2 días
Alejandro Tellezsamano
Alejandro Tellezsamano Hace 2 días
Who votes for us let here there voice vote leave let a comment in my
Lara Johnson
Lara Johnson Hace 2 días
#I’m short
Venus Del Rosario
Venus Del Rosario Hace 2 días
You are the best of crafting
Thilagavathi Rajamani
Thilagavathi Rajamani Hace 2 días
I am really tall I am 4 foot 3 and I am only 13
YT MTJ Hace 2 días
Glendene Henry
Glendene Henry Hace 2 días
Like what😂 Zahra😂
Inathi Madikizela
Inathi Madikizela Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who’s too short to have long legs But too tall to have short legs 👁👄👁
Wong Tinkie
Wong Tinkie Hace 2 días
Jenna: *kicks camera 📷* Me:is the camera alright or was it fake idk
Dannieca Reyes
Dannieca Reyes Hace 2 días
I know I am short :)
Scott Sharp
Scott Sharp Hace 2 días
HAHA the tap dancing to loud huh
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo Hace 2 días
Umm when there was the one where they took the girl foot and use it as a selfie stuck who was taking the picture?
Heather Armour
Heather Armour Hace 3 días
I'm 90
Heather Armour
Heather Armour Hace 3 días
I'm 91
Glacy uwu
Glacy uwu Hace 3 días
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 6:53 since the long leg girl has long legs, she might as well also have a smaller drink not the same size as the short legged girl.
Dragica Davorija
Dragica Davorija Hace 3 días
Kick the bottle I almost fell
Joanna Muscat
Joanna Muscat Hace 3 días
Ok I bit to Kraft
Zoe Mehari
Zoe Mehari Hace 3 días
rosie is so funny looooool
Tıme Tø Drèam¡
Tıme Tø Drèam¡ Hace 3 días
My class calls me giant ;-;
{•XSailor EesX•}
{•XSailor EesX•} Hace 3 días
the tall girl, looks like violet opal, from gem galaxies
zoran budimir
zoran budimir Hace 3 días
I hsve rely long legs
Bryan Almanza
Bryan Almanza Hace 3 días
How are you supposed to take the photo
Me and Duncan
Me and Duncan Hace 4 días
Omg did u see how when she shaved her legs the hairy one was a different color lol
Me and Duncan
Me and Duncan Hace 4 días
I so understand the tall person problems and my BFF would understand the short this is the perfect vid for us lol
Cozy llama Bear
Cozy llama Bear Hace 4 días
Willem Doom
Willem Doom Hace 4 días
Natalia Petit
Natalia Petit Hace 4 días
Y’all over exaggerate
Vhuhwavho Ramakuwela
Vhuhwavho Ramakuwela Hace 4 días
Having long legs may be fun but you can Have problems
Victoria Joseph
Victoria Joseph Hace 4 días
is this video fake
Fernando Gasca
Fernando Gasca Hace 4 días
Idk what is easier
Victoria Joseph
Victoria Joseph Hace 4 días
I am the small one
Ashu Rani
Ashu Rani Hace 4 días
Funny video 😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄
Kiyaan Shah
Kiyaan Shah Hace 4 días
Jayden Garikai
Jayden Garikai Hace 4 días
Boe hre vangu by Tino mukandara
Christa Ludwina
Christa Ludwina Hace 4 días
Woohoo my legs are short and the most thing that always happened to me is... I cant get strong wifi even tho my wifi is strong!!!!!!
Patsy Gardner
Patsy Gardner Hace 4 días
Jenas tap danceing was to lowed
Ashley Bagsican
Ashley Bagsican Hace 5 días
C Kfttyb Ma’am
gacha_ girl
gacha_ girl Hace 5 días
1:16 funny
Mylia Garcia
Mylia Garcia Hace 5 días
We have to go for the weekend to get together and have fun 😉🐱🤠😁😄☺️😉🐱😜😀🙂😀😁😜
Rome Baeza medina
Rome Baeza medina Hace 5 días
Because it does not have the white thing
Rome Baeza medina
Rome Baeza medina Hace 5 días
You just got a Nother Short s
saima farooq
saima farooq Hace 5 días
saima farooq
saima farooq Hace 5 días
Zinet H
Zinet H Hace 5 días
Jenn Shortte
Jenn Shortte Hace 5 días
Did the girls tell me you’re so ugly I don’t like your friend because she’s so ugly I want her to so be ugly because she’s ugly because she’s ugly
Sze Yun Leong
Sze Yun Leong Hace 5 días
It's funny when the "error" appears
Yamilet Perez
Yamilet Perez Hace 4 días
It belongs to Windows XP
Lauryn Mullins
Lauryn Mullins Hace 4 días
That was funny
anthony wamalwa
anthony wamalwa Hace 5 días
Olivia Robloxian sisters
Olivia Robloxian sisters Hace 5 días
Ugh u dont tap dance like that
세잘나는 Hace 5 días
Im tall and I should say it's hard 🤣😅
Fathima Muqaddim
Fathima Muqaddim Hace 5 días
Rosie is cute
Beyza Ozkan
Beyza Ozkan Hace 5 días
Αλεβ Τερνεβσ
Αλεβ Τερνεβσ Hace 5 días
I ment the botel kik i can't even kik the lid of but kik the botel over it's so hard
Αλεβ Τερνεβσ
Αλεβ Τερνεβσ Hace 5 días
that's from tik tok
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