Giant Slime Stress Ball / 6 Giant Stress Relievers

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Did you get stressed again? We’ll correct it right now with the help of one of the 6 soothing things of big size for you. This Stress Relievers is perfect to make if you're bored at home during summer! It's super quick and easy to make and is so much fun to play with!
Supplies and tools
• Empty Pringles box
• Mentos label
• Pink acrylic paint
• Brush
• Orbeez balls
• Plastic bottle
• Knife
• Balloons
• Semolina
• Silicate stationery glue
• Acrylic paints
• Liquid washing gel
• Silicone sealant
• Plastic bullets
• Big clear jar with lid
• A piece of plastic ball
• Dry sand
• Clear spray
• Gold glitter
• EOS container
• Wire
• Hot glue gun
• Water
• Nail polishes
• Artificial grass and stones
• Pompoms
• Glitter
• Glycerin
• Big plastic jar
• Nutella label
• White glue
• Clear garden hose
• Scissors
• Food colorings
• Syringe
• Vegetable oil
• A pill of aspirin
• Paper
• Double sided tape
• Clear tape
• Old pullover
• Millet
• Shaving foam
• Plastic bottle
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Viswanathan M
Viswanathan M Hace 23 horas
Not nice your voice so bad
kayla kevin
kayla kevin Hace un día
Animal Sqaud
Animal Sqaud Hace 2 días
6:24> The owner:And sqes out a bit of shaving cream Me:you be you but THATS ALOT ;-;
Savannah Bugarin
Savannah Bugarin Hace 3 días
Daniel Ebube
Daniel Ebube Hace 4 días
This is wonderful
Peggy Wajer
Peggy Wajer Hace 4 días
Love it
QIAN JUNPING Hace 6 días
Good l think l will make one
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith Hace 9 días
Addie Landis
Addie Landis Hace 9 días
I love woyr videos
Queen gacha Demon
Queen gacha Demon Hace 10 días
As Wad
As Wad Hace 10 días
As Wad
As Wad Hace 10 días
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith Hace 10 días
Murugan Rathina
Murugan Rathina Hace 11 días
Please try ice cream hacks
Danica Allen
Danica Allen Hace 11 días
Maybe in a future videos you could make a giant squishy 🌮
Alnuca Artz
Alnuca Artz Hace 12 días
A “bit” of shaving foam that is?
Shayna Elif
Shayna Elif Hace 13 días
Grace Oladele
Grace Oladele Hace 14 días
I. Love. Same🍣🍝🍶
Nora Rendon
Nora Rendon Hace 14 días
Slime me!😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Natimations Hace 14 días
You copied 5-min crafts Boooooooooooooooo
Mackay Clan
Mackay Clan Hace 17 días
Why put orbess in a ballon when you can put a ton in the Pringle thing hehe
tayar 2nd
tayar 2nd Hace 18 días
Sofie Jin
Sofie Jin Hace 18 días
Why do you call Orbeez "Orspees?"
Jomar Sison
Jomar Sison Hace 19 días
It's so boring 😕
Alison Shadwick
Alison Shadwick Hace 19 días
6:21 and add a "bit" of shavig foam 6:25 more like three cans lol XD
amber skutka
amber skutka Hace 19 días
김지영 Hace 24 días
이거 보고 스트레스 볼 만들었습니다
Andrea Denise Mansibang
Andrea Denise Mansibang Hace 26 días
Troom Troom: Add in a bit of shaving foam. Also Troom Troom: Adds 3 cans of shaving foam. Me: Troom Troom said add a bit of shaving foam!!!
Maghfiroh Kamila
Maghfiroh Kamila Hace 27 días
Wow bagus sekalu
Maghfiroh Kamila
Maghfiroh Kamila Hace 27 días
Shawn Freeman
Shawn Freeman Hace 27 días
Indie NESHAUSEN Hace un mes
You guys are good 👍👍
Abbas Kabeer Arafa Chicken
Abbas Kabeer Arafa Chicken Hace un mes
Tammy van Beek
Tammy van Beek Hace un mes
leave a like if you have a giant balloon just laying around.
Rijan Komeng
Rijan Komeng Hace un mes
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The Golden Hawk
The Golden Hawk Hace un mes
Wow love you guy's
Ma Celia Ocampo
Ma Celia Ocampo Hace un mes
I want the both giant and with semelina balloon stress ball
diwan kadr
diwan kadr Hace un mes
Maxie Horton
Maxie Horton Hace un mes
I like all of your slime ideas buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
•Snowy’s World•
•Snowy’s World• Hace un mes
“Orzbeez” ITS ORBEEZ
Leah Goldsand
Leah Goldsand Hace un mes
Fill it with the ORZBEEZ😅😅🤣
Idle Hero player
Idle Hero player Hace un mes
All of them
zarish sultan
zarish sultan Hace un mes
This channel honestly just makes me happy 😂
Stephen Garrovillo
Stephen Garrovillo Hace un mes
I wish all of us can make slime
Eko winardi
Eko winardi Hace un mes
Eni.yu efertiny.yer
Jen Burgess
Jen Burgess Hace un mes
That is a lot of shaving cream
SparrowTail Hace un mes
“She is ready to sink into depression!” Why does Troom troom day that so happily?
Edu e jose Gonçalves sousa
Edu e jose Gonçalves sousa Hace 2 meses
the of kisem clan foe bastore yes the no
Nugget UnU
Nugget UnU Hace 2 meses
y de heck do we need to put color and glitter ?????????????
Mary Scott
Mary Scott Hace 2 meses
Did she really just say ors bees balls? Its
Mary Scott
Mary Scott Hace 2 meses
aubriana mclaughlin
aubriana mclaughlin Hace 2 meses
WTH is orsbees it’s orbezz
Spongebob Lover
Spongebob Lover Hace 2 meses
Who else wants Nutella now
Spongebob Lover
Spongebob Lover Hace 2 meses
It makes me cringe to hear her say orsbeez
Nevaeh Forbes
Nevaeh Forbes Hace 2 meses
Troom troom : makes brown slime Also troom troom: says that there's no trace of the slime *Sticks to hands*
Zamira Zz
Zamira Zz Hace 14 días
You’re my cousin
Chanclor Kids
Chanclor Kids Hace 21 un día
That's what I thought too. Then she said that b I thought it would come off. To fix it just add baking soda
sally ralph
sally ralph Hace 2 meses
Ball 🎱
On the side, please
On the side, please Hace 2 meses
“tie the ballon to a knot when it’s full of balls” i cant 😂
・popxtart・ Hace un mes
•Snowy’s Tama World• they didnt mean that
•Snowy’s World•
•Snowy’s World• Hace un mes
Inappropriate for a kids video
xoxo_rochelle _xoxo
xoxo_rochelle _xoxo Hace un mes
The idiot of the century :3
The idiot of the century :3 Hace un mes
Fill the balloon with B A L L S ! :D
Andrea bliss Llemit
Andrea bliss Llemit Hace 2 meses
Am it's giant but is OK😁
n3ro greco
n3ro greco Hace 2 meses
Liza Ann
Liza Ann Hace 2 meses
Cool I love these half there sick
Don E
Don E Hace 2 meses
"Add a bit of shaving cream" later on ADDS ALL
Skye Hamilton
Skye Hamilton Hace 2 meses
unicorn rainbow
unicorn rainbow Hace 2 meses
no no i didn't enjoy
•Moon• Hace 2 meses
То есть трум трум говорят на англ???????!!!!!!😨😨😨😱
Kylee Morgan
Kylee Morgan Hace 3 meses
6:42 Why would you add acrylic paint and glitter if the slime is going in an opaque balloon????
Divya Pareek’s Dreamland !
Divya Pareek’s Dreamland ! Hace un mes
So true
Kian Leslie
Kian Leslie Hace 3 meses
There was no real point in putting glitter in slime that is gonna go into a balloon
i quit making videos
i quit making videos Hace 3 meses
I have a pink stress relief filled with instant Snow
Jayona Beckham
Jayona Beckham Hace 3 meses
Weirdos hahaha how many likes did you get? Oh you got 1M (dislikes) haha😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋
Aman Butt
Aman Butt Hace 3 meses
I have subsribed nice video😊
Aman Butt
Aman Butt Hace 3 meses
My fav was nutella slime😍
Minecraft_addiction Hace 3 meses
When your on crack 0:03
Minecraft_addiction Hace 3 meses
When your on crack 00.3
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