Giant Fruit Ninja in Real life Challenge to Find Matt's Missing Memories!

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Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

Hace un mes

Matt Slays tries to earn his name reveal with a battle royale in real life with fruit ninja!
Rebecca Zamolo recently tried being a Disney princess for 24 hours to find her missing memories. Before that Matt and Rebecca were busy saving RZ Twin in a Game Master Escape room as they were destroying the GM Lair! The winner of that had to challenge and compete in the last to fall asleep challenge with the game master network. Now Matt had a sudden flashback of his memory. He remembers he put something in the hidden tunnel in Matt and Rebecca's backyard pool. He hid a key inside an abandoned tunnel system. The first item Matt pulled out was a samurai sword. The second mystery item was its twin sword and throwing knives. Last was a large item that had a secret message saying do not open until you are ready. Matt wants time alone so he asked Maddie and Rebecca to trust him and leave him in the back yard while he calls his best friend Daniel. While Rebecca and Maddie are inside they discover hidden security footage that shows Matt having a secret meeting with Mr X. Matt and Daniel win the high score in fruit ninja in real life and slice open fruit with ninja skills. What is inside the last hidden mystery item? Can Maddie and Rebecca trust Matt? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca Hace un mes
Subscribe so we can trust Matt! What is inside of the bag?
Olivia Gonzalez
Olivia Gonzalez Hace 23 días
Hi l'm a fan
Geraldine McCarthy
Geraldine McCarthy Hace un mes
@Muneeb Hassan omg
Leanne Leach
Leanne Leach Hace un mes
I have no clue
Maria Salas
Maria Salas Hace un mes
I don't know if we can trust
COD MOBILE Hace un mes
Me fannnnn
pravat sarangi
pravat sarangi Hace un hora
matt is telling the truth
Donut and pretzel Queen
Donut and pretzel Queen Hace 3 horas
Yes Matt is right
Shawn Crocker
Shawn Crocker Hace un día
He's telling the truth
Michelle Clark
Michelle Clark Hace un día
In cloodo
Shantasia Osborne
Shantasia Osborne Hace un día
Josee Tiberi
Josee Tiberi Hace un día
Rebecca trust Matt telling the truth! I love you Rebecca enyce Maddie your videos are the best
Michelle Kish
Michelle Kish Hace 2 días
He is
Michelle Kish
Michelle Kish Hace 2 días
Because he like it
Osvaldo Isidro
Osvaldo Isidro Hace 2 días
Matt is Rite
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth Hace 2 días
He is telling the turth
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth Hace 2 días
I didn’t even know Daniel can do that
hayley kelly
hayley kelly Hace 3 días
matt was telling the truth ther mystery person wasb really danel
quezadaa21 Hace 3 días
Matt is telling the truth and he was doing that thing for you
Cat Meow Meow
Cat Meow Meow Hace 3 días
What has happened to Rebecca
Alex Mondragon
Alex Mondragon Hace 3 días
Matt slays is a current telling the truth but Daniel and download there he was telling the truth but he was not telling the truth coming in here I barely I'm part of him so I can get Secrets out of him by
Sarai Moreno
Sarai Moreno Hace 3 días
matt why did you do that
Jasmine Buckles
Jasmine Buckles Hace 4 días
He is telling the truth
Kevin Butryman
Kevin Butryman Hace 5 días
Fin perry
Fin perry Hace 5 días
matt is telling the truth
Zoe Simpkinhi
Zoe Simpkinhi Hace 5 días
Matt was telling. The troof
Pyjama Ninja Clan
Pyjama Ninja Clan Hace 6 días
Rebecca and Maddie quit accusing Matt or else I will accuse you two next and we will see who's going to laugh
Yahairaj Perez
Yahairaj Perez Hace 6 días
Bobby Bauer
Bobby Bauer Hace 6 días
Rebecca you can trust Matt I mean Rebecca and Maddie but whatever you can trust me just trust me you can trust Matt go look at the for whatever by the way he was with mr. X by the way I don't even think you have a gardener I'm sorry but can he lied to you kept a secret from you and Maddie you know how the queen and gems got back so he Matt had to give the queen of gyms close to mr. Ask because he didn't know where to put them so he threw it towards his way because he would have helped mad through the Bar-B-Q so I don't even know
Bella Fernandez
Bella Fernandez Hace 6 días
He is telling the truth
Josh Figueroa
Josh Figueroa Hace 6 días
i saw some1
Kahrema Wright
Kahrema Wright Hace 6 días
daniel hit 2 ballons because he threw it in the middle of the ballon
fatima el kadaoui
fatima el kadaoui Hace 7 días
MATT is tallying the truth
LaFrae Harris
LaFrae Harris Hace 7 días
he is teling the truth
K C Hace 7 días
I have played fruit ninja on my tablet
Girish Rujgobee
Girish Rujgobee Hace 7 días
Saniya Baty
Saniya Baty Hace 8 días
Mystery person is Daniel but they're looking at footage from maybe the past
Mia Li
Mia Li Hace 8 días
Matt is telling the truth
Sarah Baldwin
Sarah Baldwin Hace 8 días
He is telling the truth
Anna Phillips
Anna Phillips Hace 8 días
Rebecca and madie Matt was telling the truth about taking to the mestery person it really was Danie
Raelyn Matthews
Raelyn Matthews Hace 8 días
I know this is still has a crush on
Nyasia Clark
Nyasia Clark Hace 9 días
I play fruit ninja
Ashley Jessup
Ashley Jessup Hace 9 días
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hace 9 días
Matt is with Daniel not Mr X
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Hi hi Matt and middie and Rebecca and Connor I love you you so much
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Hi hi middie and Matt and Connor I love you so much
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Hi Matt and Rebecca and middie I love you so much
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Hi Matt and Rebecca and middie
CXL PRO Hace 9 días
Lying to your wife
CXL PRO Hace 9 días
Clues in real life liar
Gabriella Boucher
Gabriella Boucher Hace 9 días
Matt was talking with Mr. X .😍
Kate Hardy
Kate Hardy Hace 9 días
He is telling the truth
Joseph Slenkovich
Joseph Slenkovich Hace 10 días
I don’t know when
Catherine Clay
Catherine Clay Hace 10 días
Najwa khalisah
Najwa khalisah Hace 10 días
Yeah matt is telling the truth
Deneisha Bennett
Deneisha Bennett Hace 10 días
Elizabeth Chopping
Elizabeth Chopping Hace 10 días
Rebecca lisson to me .... Mat is telling the truth about Daniel came
Cris Torres
Cris Torres Hace 10 días
That’s telling the truth
Robert Jenny
Robert Jenny Hace 10 días
the queen of jemes was spying
Airreanna Blake
Airreanna Blake Hace 11 días
Yes he is
Billy Flavel
Billy Flavel Hace 11 días
Kellyn Carlos
Kellyn Carlos Hace 11 días
What is somone say
Amanat Kaur
Amanat Kaur Hace 11 días
Hello 👋 matt
Xxcloudy_angelXx Roblox
Xxcloudy_angelXx Roblox Hace 11 días
When Rebecca said”no daddy I want it “ my face said🤭😊
Pamela McAdoo
Pamela McAdoo Hace 11 días
He is
Evelyn Aranda
Evelyn Aranda Hace 11 días
That is not him👍
he is nat lying
Tayara Emalla
Tayara Emalla Hace 12 días
Rebecca Matt is working with mr X
Wong Cindy
Wong Cindy Hace 12 días
Yes yes yes yes yes
Bev Beattie
Bev Beattie Hace 12 días
You’re the best
Daia Maugi
Daia Maugi Hace 12 días
I don't trust matt
Daia Maugi
Daia Maugi Hace 12 días
I love you every
Daia Maugi
Daia Maugi Hace 12 días
Jiya suryank 🤣🤣😂😂😂🌹I love you rebecca zamolo pranks matt
Daia Maugi
Daia Maugi Hace 12 días
Hailyn Janae
Hailyn Janae Hace 12 días
I mean Matt
Hailyn Janae
Hailyn Janae Hace 12 días
I think that’s mat Clone
Hailyn Janae
Hailyn Janae Hace 12 días
I think Mr. X is tricking you and you should trust max
Adele Taylor
Adele Taylor Hace 12 días
I think he is telling the truth 🙂
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