Ghost - Chapter 8: Kiss The Go-Goat

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We wish to inform you Papa Nihil has been feeling particularly nostalgic as of late...Chapter 8 is available now for your viewing pleasure.
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Music video by Ghost performing Chapter 8: Kiss The Go-Goat. © 2019 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord.


xx zuza xx
xx zuza xx Hace 3 días
Hey, baby, kiss the goat Woah, kiss, kiss, kiss the go-goat You've been playing around the magic that is black But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back You've been daddied by all the dudes that wanna dad And all those dads never gave you the things that you should've had It ain't always what it seems when you cling onto a dream It ain't always there to please you (please you) But he's the guy you wanna do and you know that it takes two Luckily he wants to do you too Satan, Lucifer Osculum obscenum Hey, baby, kiss the goat Oh, kiss, kiss, kiss the go-goat Hey, baby, hey, hey, hey, kiss the goat Oh, kiss, kiss, kiss the go-goat It ain't always what it seems that glitter wasn't gold As opposed to what they told you (told you) But he's the guy you wanna do and you know that it takes two Luckily he wants to do you too Satan, Lucifer Osculum obscenum It ain't always what it seems when you cling onto a dream It ain't always there to please you (please you) But he's the guy you wanna do and you know that it takes two Luckily he wants to do you too Satan, Lucifer Osculum obscenum
Mary K
Mary K Hace 5 días
Kinda disappointed at the utter lack of acknowledging that this is partly an homage to Type O Negative's "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend." Nihil even stands and moves like Peter Steele, ffs. RIP.
Kitari Hace 6 días
*Officially Papa Zero was the sexiest Papa.*
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus Hace 7 días
That 🐐 taxidermic goat they keep panning to cracks me up..ridiculous
camilo toledo
camilo toledo Hace 7 días
ricky martin
Bloody Butterfly
Bloody Butterfly Hace 8 días
okay im sorry, am i the only one thinking young papa was really fucking hot?
Beanie scott
Beanie scott Hace 8 días
In this video is it actually Tobias forge in makeup or an actor?
Bloody Butterfly
Bloody Butterfly Hace 8 días
its an actor, his name is justin andrews
Noname Hace 8 días
You know my name
robert nunn
robert nunn Hace 8 días
Saw them in concert, I just don't get it
SigmaTheSigmificentOne Hace 8 días
2:30 the Sister Imperator is holding her belly aka smol Copia boy in there , heeeeeey that's cuuute
morphinesong -
morphinesong - Hace 9 días
이스탈로 쭉 가라... 너네는 이렇게 재미요소를 좀 넣어야됄드스..
Alandavid Torres castillo
Alandavid Torres castillo Hace 10 días
Adam Vickers
Adam Vickers Hace 11 días
She expected a Satanist to be faithful? Kind of goes against the whole ethos, doesn't it?
Dayn Kachur
Dayn Kachur Hace 12 días
As a metalhead...cant figure out why I love these guys so much!
ratboy incorporated
ratboy incorporated Hace 12 días
I swear Margot robbie is all over the rock scene
ratboy incorporated
ratboy incorporated Hace 12 días
Oh I'm kissing more than the goat papa
ratboy incorporated
ratboy incorporated Hace 12 días
God FUCKING damnit 60's nihil was daddy
Bloody Butterfly
Bloody Butterfly Hace 8 días
YES, jesus christ, I cant take my eyes off of him he's got that ... sexual charisma :D
Yahir Leobardo
Yahir Leobardo Hace 12 días
Sácale el brillo a una pena - Mägo de Oz
poopshitcrapwaste Hace 13 días
don't fuck with with your girlfriend or your balls will be hanging but from the wall of her apartament.
warlock Hace 13 días
Ghost 🇨🇦💗👻
Devour Dreams
Devour Dreams Hace 14 días
Whats the name of the cute dancing girl?
Mariano Rodríguez
Mariano Rodríguez Hace 15 días
When played backwards it´s all about a guy from Portland filling taxes
Lost Desert
Lost Desert Hace 15 días
Damn look at that trash masks...
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor Hace 15 días
Papa Nihil got that Anton Chigurh haircut
José Neto
José Neto Hace 16 días
70's vibe is strong with this one.
nigel fanai
nigel fanai Hace 16 días
My mum asked me if I was changing my religion AGAIN when she heard me play this... I was raised christian and am now an atheist. I guess that really bugs her hahaha.
Sean Devitt
Sean Devitt Hace 17 días
Nominated for two grammys. Did not get one and one of those was lost to a Saint. (St. Vincent).
Nethter Hace 19 días
Guys I found the video of them in 1968!
Slither Elaine
Slither Elaine Hace 21 un día
Who’s the sister? She is fine as hell
Adolfo Andrade
Adolfo Andrade Hace 21 un día
Rest in peice papa neil coolest guy that is old but still play
Ekrem Kara
Ekrem Kara Hace 23 días
Well, if my girlfriend does not want to s*ck...I call it ''7 inches of satanic panic'' ;-).
COMPUgames Hace 23 días
rip papa
Elijah Compton
Elijah Compton Hace 23 días
The smile at the end is just hysterical Love this
iBaxtter Hace 24 días
Man, this band is pure gold for 2020
DJ Glenn
DJ Glenn Hace 25 días
She can kiss the goat, I plan to transcend animal.
julio pires
julio pires Hace 26 días
I was borned this day
João Hace 27 días
Abraço para a bahia
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Hace 29 días
Am I the only one who thinks Papa Nihil sounds an awful lot like Tommy Chong?
CenturyT Hace 29 días
2:48 they censored the exhale
dana swagger
dana swagger Hace 29 días
I was 3 days old when this came out and I totally remember it, u dont forget awesome like this
Jeff Drum
Jeff Drum Hace 29 días
If I have to go into public wearing a mask I'm gonna sport a ghoul mask. Why didn't I think of this before?
Cris Bahamondez
Cris Bahamondez Hace un mes
Looks like Beto Cuevas with corpse paint hahaha.
Elias Papadimas
Elias Papadimas Hace un mes
"wasnt ghost from the 2000s?" "oh yeah explain this!"
Sebastián Campos
Sebastián Campos Hace un mes
I'm at that point where I like Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost, I think I have to decide on one
Ben Cummings
Ben Cummings Hace un mes
Proof that people crushing him aren't him aren't weird
Horst Urodeinon
Horst Urodeinon Hace un mes
praying that you get your Sirhan ASAP
Josh Portnoy
Josh Portnoy Hace un mes
Lets get the gouls together for a confinement concert, what do you say Papa? After all you caused all this !!
Diana Lorena Flores
Diana Lorena Flores Hace un mes
I really hope they can release another episode soon...
Sharon Bones
Sharon Bones Hace un mes
How people like like metallica fans from the black album till today.....bubch of retards.....tobias is anothet poser....making money of stupid talenr whatsoever
Robbie Fitzgerald
Robbie Fitzgerald Hace un mes
Anyone else notice that nobody who says "has anyone else noticed" has read the comments where all of this stuff has already been discussed?
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson Hace un mes
Am I going to have to create an Instagram account to keep up now ? 😲 I would rather have thought we would have a proper introduction to Papa Emeritus IV here ... ☠️
ily Hace un mes
satan ♥️
Jovanny gutierrez
Jovanny gutierrez Hace un mes
im ready for chapter nine
RebelNick Hace un mes
Greatest modern hard rock/metal or whatever ... band right now! Pure Fact!
robert cullins
robert cullins Hace un mes
Papa as a Buffoon...
Alexandria Occasional Cotex
Alexandria Occasional Cotex Hace un mes
God damn it ghost. Why is this so freaking catchy
Nick Weaver
Nick Weaver Hace un mes
This new guy does ghost good but I miss tabias they just miss his original sound
STJESSE17 Hace un mes
sistoooor every time the wind blows, your name will whisper: SISTER
Raf Tul
Raf Tul Hace un mes
hey its Ramm. kiss ra-ramm :)
GingaNinja Carly Hall
GingaNinja Carly Hall Hace un mes
I wonder if Tom Brady sings this song to his wife..
robert cullins
robert cullins Hace un mes
Tobias knocked the roof off of the studio with these screams!!!
Evan Huber
Evan Huber Hace un mes
As a Catholic , you'd think I'd be mad at the imagery, but I'm really not.
Axel Bacquet
Axel Bacquet Hace un mes
blue montains state, go goooooat!
María Hernández García
María Hernández García Hace un mes
The minute 3:39... Was it really necessary that sound effect?
Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough Hace un mes
Papa’s last incarnation was Mick Jager. The hair, the moves etc. it’s also a play on “papa was a rolling stone”. The Illuminati is responsible for forcing souls half-way into the bodies of willing participants in order to gain power through worship. Demons, ghosts, w/e you want to call them, that’s what’s going on here.
Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough Hace un mes
Lukas Graham is the cardinal
BARON MANSON Hace un mes
Justin Andrews played the young Papa Nihil. However the old version is rumored to be played by actor Alan Dale. You can tell the actor behind old Papa Nihil is much older than Justin Andrews. Also Alan Dale is rumored to be cooperating with the band in other areas too so it would make sense if he's the one who played the coolest Pope...the rumored father's father's father of Cardinal Copia.
KaNe Hace un mes
4:20-4:21 when me and the bros are stoned and I show them the songs we should listen to next
Mila Flores
Mila Flores Hace un mes
Sheen Hunter
Sheen Hunter Hace un mes
The badass no smoking blonde is from The American Horror Story??!
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