Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia - A FUTURE SHOWDOWN

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Motivedia - Boxing

Motivedia - Boxing

Hace 3 meses

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With the Wilder Fury fight happening tonight, we present a matchup, further down the weight classes, that looks closer to fruition than ever before. Ryan Garcia won another dazzling first round knockout last week to put himself into world title contention. And whilst it's a huge step up and a substantial risk, he eyes up Gervonta Davis - one of boxings hardest punchers, as his next challenge.
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gervonta davisRyan garciaGarcia vs davisdavis vs garcia

mark cuando
mark cuando Hace un día
Tapat nyu yan kay casimero oh kaya kang enoue iwan kung lng kung tatagal yang dalawa ! 😀👍😂🤣
Razor jaw86
Razor jaw86 Hace un día
I wanna see Tank vs Devin first
Anthony Fiasco
Anthony Fiasco Hace un día
Why hasn't Haney vs Gervonta happened yet?
wai sing fook
wai sing fook Hace 2 días
Davis fights cans
Ryan would win . Just watch
Beebee M
Beebee M Hace 2 días
Just stay away from promoters like crooked ass don king.. he fucked boxing...and mike tyson.
MegaloStriXe Eel
MegaloStriXe Eel Hace 3 días
I would like to see a Teofimo Lopez vs Ryan Garcia fight.
Moto Jado
Moto Jado Hace 3 días
Underestimate like pacman He will shock the world
Apocalypse 2385
Apocalypse 2385 Hace 3 días
Basically they want to fight each other and everyone else to wait out for Lomachenko to get old and slow
NEW ANGER Hace 3 días
Garcia be humble ( no bragging) you're not that good.
Hector Bertrand
Hector Bertrand Hace 3 días
Este chavo García anda muy creidito necesita bajarse de esa nube por k todavía le falta toparse como con un Tiofimo lop,vencer a un lomachenco y para que eso pase le van a cuidar la carrera con puro buenos pero para nada.lo mismito k a Canelo eso ya se esta viendo.hoy en día de Canelo para acá ya no existen los buenos boxeadores eso ya se acabó.
Andrew Bees
Andrew Bees Hace 4 días
Ryan needs to wait. All these fighters are tying to get him young cause they know if they have a chance to win it’s now. Not saying he’s gonna go on the be the greatest fighter ever. But he has potential and a good team he just joined. I can only see improvement which is why I say wait to make these fights with guys in their prime. Don’t make the Canelo mistake
CYRAX KKCB2MO Hace 4 días
Manu The Great
Manu The Great Hace 4 días
I would like to see that fight but I think Garcia should grow a bit more then take that fight even if he losses it won’t be the end
bless viku
bless viku Hace 4 días
Tank Will kill this boy
Amjid Ali
Amjid Ali Hace 4 días
This fight aint happening for another 5 years, right now tank would eat him
KC Wright
KC Wright Hace 4 días
He’ll get knocked out in the first round, khan was fast but no chin
Toyin Hace 3 días
Who told you Ryan doesn't have a chin? There's no recent proof that he has glass jaw.
drawfirst Hace 5 días
Top quality video..nicely done.
jesus caban
jesus caban Hace 5 días
What are they waiting for!!!!? For our World to come to an end!!? Put them to fight now dammit!
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez Hace 5 días
He’s good but man with the media , I pray he doesn’t let get to his head. If stays humble and doesn’t allow the fame to get to his head , then he could be a really goo boxer. Many get way cocky and look , they stumble and screw up there career and get stain with bad reputations. Just stay humble Garcia. Your young man but don’t let the fame and the hype screw you up.
T Spazz tha Rapper
T Spazz tha Rapper Hace 5 días
Garcia not ready for tank davis im srry he'll get his career ruined
zzzzzsleeping Hace 6 días
These people just talk, talk and more talks. They are afraid to fight each other. THE OLDER MEXICAN GREATS, FIGHT TO DEATH.
Chosen One
Chosen One Hace 6 días
Shut up Ryan
weneverkeptem Hace 7 días
Mike was 19 and won, give this kid a chance
Ignacio Becerra
Ignacio Becerra Hace 7 días
Abdalla Hammo
Abdalla Hammo Hace 7 días
I think ryan garcia could win the match if it happened. It is speed vs power,speed has power intact speed is power so If ryan stays punching his fast shots that has power we might see tank on the ground
C Bruce Strickland
C Bruce Strickland Hace 7 días
I love that statement "ain't no safety on this Glock".
juan pacheco
juan pacheco Hace 6 días
Did he think when he got his glock that they stop making them????
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Hace 7 días
With Mayweather involved in this, I dont see it happening because of a money dispute. If it does happen they both will have another 8 to 10 fights under their belts...thats a long way out from now.
Mick MC
Mick MC Hace 7 días
Garcia fast hands. Tanks power. I sit on sideline for this one. If I had to bet I choose Garcia prob.
The English man The English man
The English man The English man Hace 8 días
Ryan is biggest star there
Zander Hace 8 días
easy ass win for garcia
Oscar Andrade
Oscar Andrade Hace 8 días
Davis is scared...mayweather knows that...he don't wanna loose the cash flow just like when he bitched out to fighting mcgregor in the octagon
James savage
James savage Hace 7 días
@Oscar Andrade Real boxing fans know connor McGregor played it safe and called out, an old brittle hand retired mayweather. Didn't call out any young and active fighter who were willing to scrap with him all 12 rounds. Dude got tko by a defensive fighter who's known not to have knockout power. Not a single weight devision that he'll win a world title from 140: Taylor/Ramirez 147:Manny/Spence/Crawford 157:Charlo/Rock 160: Canelo/GGG/Andrade Connor knew his best were floyd mayweather
Oscar Andrade
Oscar Andrade Hace 7 días
@James savage u living under a rock man...mcgregor fought mayweather and he's an mma fighter...mcgregor lost in mayweathers world and now even mayweather wanted an mma fight but little bitch wants to fight with no kicks or elbows or throwdowns...if someone comes out of their sport into yours its only fair u come out of yours into their world but mayweather too bitch
James savage
James savage Hace 7 días
Why would floyd fight Connor when he's a boxer?
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe Hace 9 días
Gervonta davis win this fight, because Garcia not prepared yet.
Justin Ccc
Justin Ccc Hace 9 días
Geovani his head like a pug
Gustavo Ramirez
Gustavo Ramirez Hace 9 días
yall cant assume davis gon knock em out🤦🏽‍♂️ jus wait till da fight happens then yhu will see
marcus24000 Hace 9 días
i like this new youngster but he is getting the same problem they all have dont get cocky and stay normal.
Ruata Jagando
Ruata Jagando Hace 9 días
Ryan needs to stay more rounds with his opponents to get experience, Dude keeps getting knock them out in the first round.... XD
real top
real top Hace 9 días
Whats the song?
kailopi59 Hace 10 días
kailopi59 Hace 10 días
FURY VS Davis ?
Casandra Villeda
Casandra Villeda Hace 10 días
Ryan Garcia 💯💪🏽🇲🇽🔥🐐
Sralaine 007 o-007
Sralaine 007 o-007 Hace 10 días
Ryan Garcia is Not Ready for this guy Davis. Ryan Garcia can not Win,... Not yet
Manifest Nobility
Manifest Nobility Hace 10 días
If they both keep winning. In 3 to 5 years this will be a super mega fight
Hades Hace 10 días
I think tank would win but I don’t like how immature he still is he’s older than most of these fighters and still doing little kid shit
PjXu98 Hace 11 días
I honestly think Devin Haney vs Tank Davis is a better machup.
Romeo Tango
Romeo Tango Hace 11 días
Garcia is too young and needs more experience. That's why Canelo lost to Mayweather.
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz Hace 11 días
No chance against tank
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman Hace 11 días
Tank will KO Garcia BUT Tank will get outclassed by LOMA
Dylan Harvey
Dylan Harvey Hace 11 días
Ryan is the new mike Tyson
Joel Mejía
Joel Mejía Hace 11 días
I,m not speak english but I wonder; why all the boxers agains García are smallest than Him?
Little Gremlin
Little Gremlin Hace 11 días
I got tank beating that one but I would hate to see young boy to take a Loss like that early in his career Garicia you biting more than u can chew u are a good fighter but you not ready for that Baltimore pain
Israel solano pichardo
Israel solano pichardo Hace 11 días
Another Oscar de la hoya Who think he is gabacho Jajajajaja
Giovanny Navarrete Velastro
Giovanny Navarrete Velastro Hace 11 días
Davis is like 26 Years,he has more expierence 1 o 2 more years an ryan is ready.
Kapuss Floyd
Kapuss Floyd Hace 11 días
Ryan Garcia will HAVE TO AND NEED TO AND A MUST! HE USE HIS SIZE, POWER, SKILL, TECHNIQUE AND EVERYTHING HE'S LEARNED, IN ORDER TO ACTUALLY JUST GO OUT AND BEAT THE TANK DAVIS. Gervonta Davis has way more odds and a chance to win this fight. Garcia should fight Haney!
Herbert Alvarez
Herbert Alvarez Hace 11 días
These two fighters have not made their quota with the big sharks. They have to (produce more money) fight many fights before fighting each other. And that's just the politics in sports nowadays. UNFORTUNATELY!
Ryan will beat davis if davis doesn't run in the ring like mayweather he is another runner that's not boxing
Meme Machine
Meme Machine Hace 12 días
height , reached? havent you learned. the pac
Tom Kard
Tom Kard Hace 12 días
Davis already seems punchdrunk. Hes going to get his clock cleaned if He thinks the Toughguy act is going to get Him through the fight. When Your punchdrunk, You have lost to many braincells to be effective and intimidation dosent work on fighters, It pumps them up.
Alfredo Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez Hace 12 días
I think the coronavirus is winning!
Liger Angry
Liger Angry Hace 13 días
Can't wait to see somebody getting his ass whipped ,swallen and bloody😒
Miisterious doom satanas ramirez
Miisterious doom satanas ramirez Hace 13 días
Team Garcia all day!! ( Gamboa vs Davis Gamboa with his feet hurt and Davis could do shit)
Aobakwe Sedumedi
Aobakwe Sedumedi Hace 13 días
Tank is unstoppable 👍2 times world champion
I do Stuff
I do Stuff Hace 13 días
I say he should Wait 2 years and get more seasoned. I just think we will see a better fight if Ryan gets more experience.
The Truth
The Truth Hace 13 días
Davis will bbq Garcia ass in the ring
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Hace 13 días
Gervonta keeps running 😂
Hassano Hace 14 días
This is definitely gonna be the best rivalry of this decade, floyd and oscar all over again, ryan and gervonta gonna sell out fasho💯💯
Allan Tolentino
Allan Tolentino Hace 14 días
Davis has not only having power but he also has speed and TIMING. I go for Davis.
Joel cabrera
Joel cabrera Hace 9 días
I’m a Garcia fan but I feel like tank will be winning.
Orn Chrisss
Orn Chrisss Hace 10 días
Allan Tolentino no one asked nigga 😂
Rick Pelland
Rick Pelland Hace 14 días
Tank beat pedraza, a boxer that DOES NOT block his head at all. Fuckin hats and horns to the lil puppet??
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Hace 14 días
Garcia still 2 or 3 fights away from being ready for Davis, if they fight now it will be Canelo Vs Floyd all over again
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera Hace 14 días
2 good jund boxers
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