Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Marco Hace 55 minutos
I feel like there are no theories more pointless than ones about Minecraft. Its a universe made up by somebody but then sold to a company which now mass produces new additions and now you are taking spinoff title mechanics into lore consideration when even the lore book itself was just casually made up for kids just so that they have more merchandise to sell. I just dont see the point.
Kylie Hace 2 horas
Then did u know if u dye a sheep blue then spawn a the magic guy i can't even spell his name but yeah if u spawn him he will change them to red sheep so do u think they are having a war?like villages are blue ream and the the evil ones are red team?
Kylie Hace 2 horas
Wait he new that secret?
Angie yonaga
Angie yonaga Hace 2 horas
Wait maybe the souls in soul sand are people who have done bad things in life and there send to heck
Sealz Hace 5 horas
I was messing around with locate command and when I did igloo I found some chamber with a villager and a zombie villager with an arrow pointing to a zombie villager
Ahmed Bismilla
Ahmed Bismilla Hace 6 horas
Next theory: The Soul sand Valley. Why are there ghasts and skeletons? Souls?
lord dambeldoor
lord dambeldoor Hace 6 horas
Don't you think that you are taking this game too seriously i don't think the developers even thought about all of that but this is entertaining so thank you
Madison Villarreal
Madison Villarreal Hace 6 horas
Me seeing this on 1:05 am on July 5👁👄👁 💧
Frog Gamer
Frog Gamer Hace 6 horas
Have you ever noticed that on the firecharge has a smiley face 🙂🙂
GamesKing Hace 8 horas
Low budget technology can bypass simplisafe
ST0RZ Hace 9 horas
for some reason i fought a vindicator and it did freakish amounts of dmg
Will Duck
Will Duck Hace 11 horas
6:57 tell that two vision
Sinswolf Hace 12 horas
You know, this whole talk of life and death is interesting, I always wonder and think of immorality (mostly in games), more specifically, the ability being able to die over and over again. Most games just brush this feature under the rug and everyone goes (even me at times) "It's just a game, whatever" but other games make it a part of the game and lore, an example of this is dark souls (sorry, that's the only one I can think of right now). The fact that you can die and come right back up is explain away in the lore (if you can find it). I wonder what side does Minecraft take. Is there a greater meaning to the respawn mechanic in Minecraft. I wonder . . .
Esmé Hace 12 horas
Do undertale!!!!
Salad Boi てぇ 後で
Salad Boi てぇ 後で Hace 14 horas
“The dark souls”
Brian Cha
Brian Cha Hace 14 horas
They don’t actually convert the villagers
Deconverted Man
Deconverted Man Hace 15 horas
no where in the game do you learn how to make a portal to the nether...
Allycat Gerard
Allycat Gerard Hace 17 horas
I was actually flying around the nether to explore the new update and I while going through an area that had a bunch of towers of basalt when i found an incomplete nether portal with blackstone, polished blackstone, and cracked polished blackstone and a chest filled with a bell, fire charge, and an chestplate
6,969 subs challenge? xXjAcKpLaYzzXx
6,969 subs challenge? xXjAcKpLaYzzXx Hace 18 horas
Are piglins related to drowned? They both like gold
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu Hace 18 horas
Netherite is the best
Susnigdha Sarker
Susnigdha Sarker Hace 18 horas
The zombie infection
RP 1.5
RP 1.5 Hace 19 horas
Can you talk about the soul fires and soul biomes
eeVeePlayz 78
eeVeePlayz 78 Hace 19 horas
I have a weird Minecraft theory “not really a theory” ok so here it goes ‘’I love how in Minecraft we pop out of nowhere as an adult and we know what to do but don’t know our purpose there in that world or au,I’m guessing 1 purpose is to free the grief of the mine craft ancestors by they didn’t finish they started but it could be something different” I could be wrong or right with that “theory” but I think I did good
eeVeePlayz 78
eeVeePlayz 78 Hace 19 horas
I meant bc not by sorry
0G8 Hace 20 horas
0:15 Netherite! Time travel?
Holt Vansell
Holt Vansell Hace 20 horas
I think the enderdragon is good, why? Because... She probably is trying to protect the egg being so desprit that she will use slaves to protect it (endermen) and it just gets taken away by us, her life, and her egg.
Blake Hace 23 horas
i have a couple theories,with the new update of soulsand pushing the player up in water and magma pulling you down, the souls of the lost civilization try to keep the last player afloat as to not go extinct. another theory: with the new enchantment "soul speed'' when you walk or sprint and then when you look behind you, you might be able to see some souls crying and then dicipating(sorry for bad spelling)
Angela Spooner
Angela Spooner Hace un día
What a theory
Angela Spooner
Angela Spooner Hace un día
Matpat: I’m going to get a prediction right Disney: I don’t think you have the capability for that big man
HD gamer chris
HD gamer chris Hace un día
Please make. A theory About. Minecraft cave sounds
Kool aid
Kool aid Hace un día
But Sven didn’t die
William Foldenaur
William Foldenaur Hace un día
It’s also pretty suspicious that they have cages in their mansions
CD Wilson
CD Wilson Hace un día
Minecraft: exists Matpat: wait that’s illegal
Marc Haas a.k.a. Tyrannex, The Destroyer of Minds
Marc Haas a.k.a. Tyrannex, The Destroyer of Minds Hace un día
Now tackle Pigstep.
feel sad
feel sad Hace un día
Creative mode explained next episode
rubygamingonline otano
rubygamingonline otano Hace un día
What about the wither
Zi Xiong
Zi Xiong Hace 23 horas
he has an episode on that already on the channel! it's pretty cool
Unbelaurable Hace un día
To add on with the idea of inserting lapis into the villagers heads. The reason why vindicatiors have separated eyebrows is because the unibrow got drilled through
Josh Delaney
Josh Delaney Hace un día
Wait svens not dead
Fun with Ellie
Fun with Ellie Hace un día
Theory: Steve is a soul.
MetaBerry Hace un día
10:22 "hAr har har" That voice crack tho
Gabriella Crush
Gabriella Crush Hace un día
Justin Ruiz
Justin Ruiz Hace un día
Hey Jr
Josh Turner
Josh Turner Hace un día
What about the massive portals in villages
Super Wolf Pup
Super Wolf Pup Hace un día
I has theory idea! On Minecraft dungeons! :D At the beginning of the intro of the level Obsidian Pinnacle, instead of jumping right into the intro that tells you your goal, “Blah blah blah save the villagers” there are some “quote unquote” unintelligible noises. These noises, when reversed, say “Fight your way out and you’ll survive.” Weird little Easter egg, right? What’s weirder is that it cuts off in the middle of the word “survive.” But.. why?
Sharp Shark
Sharp Shark Hace 2 días
KOKI 111
KOKI 111 Hace 2 días
Cool but what about Witches why they're not with Evokers Vindicators or Pilligers ???
Davis Azarya Lahope
Davis Azarya Lahope Hace 2 días
the achievement called those were the old days
Dyllon Oliver
Dyllon Oliver Hace 2 días
When it said tiny and vicious I looked at my kitten while biting my hand 🤣🤣🤣
Mackadamia Nut
Mackadamia Nut Hace 2 días
He here he’s there he’s everywhere! Who ya gonna call? Psycic friend fredbear!
Jayden Bainbridge
Jayden Bainbridge Hace 2 días
I have a theory idea, the new nether update has warped blocks that sound like enderman screams when you place it down, confusing.
Ethan M
Ethan M Hace 2 días
Are you sure that the evokers are using souls MatPat because if you look at the texture for the Totem of Undying, it has a large nose like a villager so I think maybe they are using villagers to make the Totems and that they get their power because of the villagers souls? Not sure though?? :)
Capall Liath
Capall Liath Hace 2 días
HEY!!! it might be blue eyes ultimate or twin burst vindicator dragon XD
Capall Liath
Capall Liath Hace 2 días
its either emerald of ancient debris
Diamondclaws Hace 2 días
Can't wait for new theories because of the nether update! Keep it up!
whoosh if you r gay
whoosh if you r gay Hace 2 días
Do a game theory about the new nether update and the tragic unknown thing that happened in the nether
The little rockruff
The little rockruff Hace 2 días
the vex reminds me of the homumculus of fmab they are powered by 1000s of souls in the form of the philosopher stone
havana animates
havana animates Hace 2 días
Hey here's a theroy for you; When I was flying around minecraft I saw a broken nether portal that had some crying obsidian, right beside it was a chest of gold and saddles and other stuff also the area around it was nether blocks
Le Tian
Le Tian Hace 2 días
0:15 wow. What a joke
YellowStar Gaming
YellowStar Gaming Hace 2 días
Minecraft Conspiracy Theories.
Kristina B.
Kristina B. Hace 2 días
Hey game theory how are you do a game Siri on how old the monsters got there in the first place or maybe do the game theory on the hog lines or The pig wins
Timur Cadir
Timur Cadir Hace 2 días
are the soul textures from the seven deadly sins?
JustXj101 Hace 2 días
Me: this is fine Me thinking: this was supposed to be a child friendly game Me: *curls into foetus position*
Official Gjivity
Official Gjivity Hace 2 días
Experience in Minecraft let's you enchant just like souls in dungeons let you use artifacts
Noops Krof
Noops Krof Hace 3 días
Imagine you have 50mb left in your phone and it stops in the merch sponsored video.
EddysAmazingChannel Hace 3 días
Theory:the evocers tried to make steave with an ancient biulder skull and a zombie skull with soul sand and put it on wool it doesn’t work and yeet you to some ware random and you come to life here is how the creeper came: the evocers were trying to attack villages long time ago Pacificly the iron golems with something explosive so they combined a creeper with a pig so the pig would explode when they get close to them cause who whould expect a pig but someone spilled green die on it and they said screw it were using this
Cargod RotMg
Cargod RotMg Hace 3 días
8:37 inputs h3ntai eyes??
The True Baloney
The True Baloney Hace 3 días
MatPat: Evokers is the only person with the power of life and death Coffin Dance Men: “何?!” (NANI?!)
Kai The Great
Kai The Great Hace 3 días
Agreed I see diablo out of it :P
Nutty171 Hace 3 días
And it seems the Evokers haven't perfected their powers yet either. Vexes actually slowly lose their health and die some time after being summoned.
51 RAIDER Hace 3 días
Why was I watching this at nigh?!?
Xero Kai
Xero Kai Hace 3 días
Next theory steve is a demi god
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