Game Theory: How Mega Man DOOMED Humanity!

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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I haven't talked about Mega Man in... wow! A very long time! Today Theorists, we are going to remedy that! When I think of Mega Man, I tend to think of the amazing gameplay rather than any deep, overarching story. That was an oversight on my part as the lore within the Mega Man universe is CRAZY! Did you know that Mega Man will bring about the end of all human life? No? Well put on your helmets, we're digging deep into this franchise!
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Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan BakerEditors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest LeeAssistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Epic Game Music
Epic Game Music Hace un mes
I've played like every Mega Man game and I never really thought about the plot as a whole until now. Mind blown!
Retro Arsenal
Retro Arsenal Hace 13 horas
If you never realised this until now, then you’re stupid.
captain rainbow
captain rainbow Hace 5 días
@Mudkip cool!
Mudkip Hace 5 días
@captain rainbow you were the 69th reply
captain rainbow
captain rainbow Hace 5 días
Colt Lyles
Colt Lyles Hace 6 días
Fake Movies Real Trailers
Fake Movies Real Trailers Hace 15 horas
Ok, mad scientist who makes combat robots for world domination, making an immensely powerful robot as his last action... sounds familiar.
Fake Movies Real Trailers
Fake Movies Real Trailers Hace 15 horas
Seems like he’d be great friends with Doctor Gero.
Bruno Evangelista
Bruno Evangelista Hace 18 horas
No body gonna see this video 2 Milion of acess
Claudio Ferrazzini
Claudio Ferrazzini Hace 18 horas
I mean, he didn't REALLY win. His goal was to rule the world, not to end humankind. But the rest of the video is definitely correct.
Giordano Tucci
Giordano Tucci Hace 21 un hora
10:02 Top Ten rappers Eminem is too afraaid to diss.
rachel thundyil
rachel thundyil Hace un día
is it me or is matpat's dr wily voice sound alot like a janitor from somewhere....
Bella Crayola
Bella Crayola Hace un día
Mat pat:ain’t nobody watching this Video:has over 1,00000 veiws
cow dog
cow dog Hace un día
They didn't do the intro
Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer Nelson Hace un día
Matpat: megaman classic megaman x megaman zero and zx as well as megaman legands Megaman battle network fans: ..........WHAT?
tj1990 Hace un día
Algorithms don't equal views. This video has more views than nearly all videos after it so far as of writing this. People want to see theories of old games too ya know! That's why many of us loved this channel, for the Mario's, and Zelda's not the fnafs those were kids.
Philip Tsurkan
Philip Tsurkan Hace un día
Hmm.. Dr Wily Caused The Virus that killed thousands of humans... Sounds like Corona.....
Dennis Hårdén
Dennis Hårdén Hace un día
You cant just choose the parts of a design document that fits your theory and dismiss the ones that wont, your theory is incorrect not the devs. Sloppy work.
Gamer2312 Hace un día
i dont like Megaman dat much he let carbins live >:(
bZayr Hace un día
Wow. You weren't kidding. I just got to this vid. I'm one month late. Curse you ESwomen.
Anders Åsblom
Anders Åsblom Hace un día
But aren't Carbons technically a continuation of humanity? I mean, only pure humans would be extinct. But humanity itself would live on through Carbons.
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
Some Person You Have no Association With :p Hace un día
iM a BiG bOy!!1!1
Jeremiah Williams
Jeremiah Williams Hace un día
This really helps with the saying You Learn By Your Mistakes
Darkryker 19
Darkryker 19 Hace 2 días
Boxter. Wally
Jethro Escamilla
Jethro Escamilla Hace 2 días
Justcallme'Shorty' Hace 2 días
Matt, gotta throw your theory a curveball here. Carbons are... NOT Humans at all. In Megaman Legends, Carbons are treated as a sort of genetic cattle. They are Humanoids, but as far as we know, NOT human because Juno says their population needs to be controlled, lest they go rampant. In addition, Sera mentions she intends to reset the Carbons population, but the program's intended specifics are a little vague. Another point is that when MML was released, megaman ZX was not a thing. So, whilst its good on paper, there is NO way to link ZX to Legends. IE, no biometals either. Although thats a separate point entirely, since in ZXA, Albert says only those who bear Albert's DNA can megamerge. Qualms aside, it's good SOMEONE out there remembers our beloved blue bomber enough for a YT video. Thanks
Jaden Nguyen
Jaden Nguyen Hace 2 días
6:02 I don’t know how I saw this but the number is same as introspective’s sub count
Ultra Zombie
Ultra Zombie Hace 2 días
Dr wah-wee
JoelJames2 Hace 2 días
MatPat: "Wily is innocent" Also MatPat: "Wily wins and all of humanity suffers for it"
christian ventez abadia
christian ventez abadia Hace 2 días
Problem with your theory and all megaman lore: At megaman X8 new reploids suppose to be inmune to virus and fight by their own will
Prince Asbel Archive
Prince Asbel Archive Hace 2 días
No one will watch this video! - FF to August 9th, 2020: 2,648,529 views. To compare, the two most recent videos for TLOU2, "Ellie Is NOT Immune!" & "Joel's Choice Meant Nothing!" have 1,749,862 views & 2,381,513. Mega Man beat them both. The moral is, not everything about 2020 is bad. ;)
Vince Edmarq Roque
Vince Edmarq Roque Hace 2 días
Dr. Wiley just bulk up ok
Ty Van Buskirk
Ty Van Buskirk Hace 2 días
Awesome theory! This makes me wonder though... in Mega man x Dr Cain excavates X in Dr. Light’s old abandoned lab. However that lab was in mega city. What happened to mega city? Did it all get buried? Did crud blow up? Though that is an interesting thought, here’s another one. In Dr. Cain’s journal, he says that X is a quantum leap ahead of the technology that the world uses today. The thing is... X is 100 years old. Not to mention, Dr. Light made high-end thinking and free will robots 100 years ago. And yet all this time humans have just been using robots to do tasks and... wait... Wily in his academy days... OMG! It seems that Wily’s plan of having robots be both extra speedy and strong while being under the control and order of humans actually ended up winning in favor of Dr. Light’s plan for the last 100 years. Dang Wily.
ItsAbs0 Gaming
ItsAbs0 Gaming Hace 2 días
How and where does the MegaMan Battle Network series fit in?
Chase Bolton
Chase Bolton Hace 3 días
This sounds like metal sonic
Its.serotonin Hace 3 días
But I love the mega man franchise
Mitzen Meezer
Mitzen Meezer Hace 3 días
The only wrinkle in this is that he never mentions the one original content in the Gameboy Mega Man series--Mega Man V, with the Stardroids. Where he manipulates alien robots.
rdh288 Hace 3 días
Yeah, this is pretty much cannon. Although it was the evil energy, not robotenza that became the maverick virus and there's no implication that it contained Wiley's consciousness.
???????? ????????
???????? ???????? Hace 3 días
@rdh288 thanks for the read most people I find saying evil energy is the maverick virus only use dookieshed as a source and make up excuses.
rdh288 Hace 3 días
@???????? ???????? It's from the (sounds crazy, I know) timeline of the Mega Man universe on the Japanese website for the Mega Man Zero Collection. A virus made reploids go maverick before X was created. From a separate source, X was created in response to events in Mega Man 8, and was started before the Power Fighters, which probably is set before Mega Man 10. Of course, that promo website is gone now, so who knows how cannon it was. It's transcribed at
???????? ????????
???????? ???????? Hace 3 días
And there was actually no implication that evil energy is the maverick virus and it think that can't be the case because duo said himself he destroyed all the evil energy on earth.
Killian B
Killian B Hace 3 días
Wiley's final solution, eh?
Mega kidicarus
Mega kidicarus Hace 4 días
1:23 Not to mention that there are multiple timeline splits, but, that might be best to note as a Film [Anime] Theory.
Jonah Thayer
Jonah Thayer Hace 4 días
Gotta love that cheerful thumbnail
Barış Nalcı
Barış Nalcı Hace 4 días
Psy duck looks like a god of the pokemons. Can you make video of dont truest psy duck... =)♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️
Ash 236
Ash 236 Hace 4 días
I can't defeat airman
Mr tengumann crafter
Mr tengumann crafter Hace 5 días
Nice job mat you came to the same thought I did. :D
captain rainbow
captain rainbow Hace 5 días
No offense but if this and your other megaman theory are true then wily winning wouldn't be bad
black link
black link Hace 5 días
You could say that the virus was insurance that if zero was defeated the person who defeated him would just take his place
Metroplex Hace 6 días
6:36 so Terminator
ice killer
ice killer Hace 6 días
Mega man is in the tv🖥
Adrian Black
Adrian Black Hace 6 días
Mega Man is not a robot
TheRhuen Hace 6 días
Yep, the only series with a background story more apocalyptic than Legend of Zelda.
Ian Kunesky
Ian Kunesky Hace 6 días
I understand it doesn’t deal with the theory that much, but zx is my favorite set of games so seeing it touched on so briefly upsets me a little.
walkingmadness Hace 6 días
the real question is did wily do more stuff before he was found in x2 because the enemy called serges was implied to be wily uploaded into what may potentially be an artificial body he made himself, though the wiki(checked it because I had trouble remembering serges' name) implied that wily may have indeed used the virus to transfer his consciousness or atleast aspects of it into robots/reploids
AceOnTheRails Hace 7 días
9:45, I'd like to suggest you check out "reploid revo", that channel covers this in great depth and explains why Zero turns good using that same design document
The Failanx
The Failanx Hace 7 días
FegaMan is the best version of MegaMan no one can convince me otherwise.
Ariel Joy
Ariel Joy Hace 7 días
Even Me Playing the first game and it broken: NOOOOOOOOOO! ITS TRUE!!!
Ariel Joy
Ariel Joy Hace 7 días
me when i saw the pic of this video: NOOOOOOO!
doodle dud
doodle dud Hace 7 días
theres still life though
That one Guy
That one Guy Hace 7 días
Game theory: Willy is innocent Also game theory: Willy ended humanity
andrei vasiliu
andrei vasiliu Hace 7 días
I don't think willy is good anymore
X_yuri and moon_X
X_yuri and moon_X Hace 8 días
Me I love the ness sans thing
dayana yazbek
dayana yazbek Hace 8 días
If ya want something to theorize about that gives ya a totally unique feeling like Doki Doki Literature Club is YOU and ME and HER it has a lot to theorize about an you’ll love it I swear
GDGH 21 Hace 8 días
you always amaze me mat always....
DrxQuinnx Hace 8 días
MegaMan Battle:, The Power battle series actually shows how Wily told bass about Zero being his latest creation in a secret ending
DrxQuinnx Hace 8 días
Here's the ending it's from the second game, both games are Japanese arcade releases
The3Dluxe Hace 8 días
Zero being made by Wily isn’t just a theory. It’s outright confirmed in X5.
pretictable_ dice
pretictable_ dice Hace 8 días
if you remove the and ex when he said znx it will turn out zex
Ryder Johnson
Ryder Johnson Hace 8 días
Wily = coronavirus ?
Robert Lancaster
Robert Lancaster Hace 8 días
I was recommended this coz its game theory (:
Lullaby Hace 8 días
Lol, I passed out mid video, I don’t think that mental e tank helped... Though that could be cause I didn’t sleep for a day
方素月 Hace 8 días
方素月 Hace 8 días
Romondoto Hace 8 días
Am I the only one that was blown away
animegx45 Hace 9 días
So glad the Battle Network universe ended better.
ric boi
ric boi Hace 9 días
you say turning himself into virus hmmm that reminds me of someone a yeah william
Hero Syndicate
Hero Syndicate Hace 9 días
Legends was awesome once you change the setting for turning in the options
John Kenneth Oliva
John Kenneth Oliva Hace 9 días
I know this is not related to the video but Matt I dare you to solve this. :) :) :)
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