Gaali Soch Samajh Ke Do | Stand-Up Comedy by Rivu Ganguly [2020]

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Rivu Ganguly

Rivu Ganguly

Hace 2 meses

You shouldn't abuse. But even if you do, Abuse Responsibly.
This is the last stand-up video of the series that was recorded at The Aakash Mehta and Friends Weekend Recording Festival, 2019.
I edited this video myself and a lot of hard work has gone behind this small video. Hope you enjoyed! Please SHARE it with your friends and family. Friends mostly. LIKE the video cause that's barely any effort & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for upcoming videos. Also COMMENT similar experiences with gaalis. I want to know !
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Shot at The Aakash Mehta and Friends Recording Weekend Festival, 2019
Venue : The Habitat, Mumbai
Directed by Anuj Mehta
Shot by Dishang Popat, Sanket Sharma, Harsh Shah, Vivian Castelino & Vriddhi Sawlani
Sound Recording by Yash Barse & Swarada Bodas
Sound Mixing & Mastering by Rudra Narayan Gunin & Ritabrata Dass
Written, performed and edited by Rivu Ganguly
Special Thanks : @KuchBhiMehta @Ritabrata Dass Rudranarayan Gunin, Ayan Chatterjee & many more.
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Rivu Ganguly
Rivu Ganguly Hace 2 meses
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haris kakar
haris kakar Hace 26 días
Bro madar is also the word for mother but its from persian language. I was shocked when i realized how much gaali has evolved taking words from different languages and creating new gaali's
DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer Hace un mes
Nice meme
Myaansh and Divit Singh
Myaansh and Divit Singh Hace 2 meses
Are der any places to learn stand up comedy?
harsha here
harsha here Hace 2 meses
Oh bhai mast video hai 😂..
Mrugen Patel
Mrugen Patel Hace 2 meses
I like your You're best at comedy 😂
Omkar Jawale
Omkar Jawale Hace 4 días
Saumya Bhardwaj
Saumya Bhardwaj Hace 6 días
That Bengali accent is the cutest ❤️
Tahir Shah
Tahir Shah Hace 8 días
Dad nhi dadar🤣🤣🤣
kundan kumar hukka
kundan kumar hukka Hace 9 días
Very nice video
An analytical Human
An analytical Human Hace 11 días
sowjanya adduri
sowjanya adduri Hace 12 días
You will be fine...your videos are too good...I love the way you talk at the end of the video which shows your passion n love towards your job... We love you😘😘...n all the best for your future endeavours...n one thing I subscribed your channel man
Pratik Bohara
Pratik Bohara Hace 14 días
Nice video sir
Shahima Khan
Shahima Khan Hace 15 días
persian language mai maa ko maadar or dad ko pidar kehte hai!!
charmi gala
charmi gala Hace 18 días
Love your accent and comedy too ❤
bolju Hace 21 un día
Superb content, amazing delivery, your accent is an advantage, waiting for you to come out with more videos, it was an amazing stress buster
Aaisha Ansari
Aaisha Ansari Hace 22 días
Mann you were awesome.....Mann come to Udaipur. We will be so happy to host you and I know people will love love love you. 💖😘...i had a blast laughing at this one ..
Java Programming
Java Programming Hace 22 días
Spanish me madre hota hai
prashant kumar
prashant kumar Hace 23 días
Tik tok pe aao
Rosting Lala
Rosting Lala Hace 23 días
Archana ukey
Archana ukey Hace 24 días
Dad nhi DADAR😂😂
Ishika Mukherjee
Ishika Mukherjee Hace 24 días
This guy has a typical Bengali accent😂😂😂 He can be identified as a bong just by his speech 😂
Vaishnavi Kashyap
Vaishnavi Kashyap Hace 26 días
Please come to Chandigarh!!
sanjit Kumar
sanjit Kumar Hace 27 días
Ae madar chai diyo
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh Hace 27 días
Not good
dinesh borkar
dinesh borkar Hace 27 días
Hard boss..
V. Ajith
V. Ajith Hace 28 días
Good dude keep it out
mellow trap breaker
mellow trap breaker Hace 29 días
Keep it up bro ur too good... ❤❤
SURESH KUMAR Hace un mes
Bekar comedian
Qadeer Ahmed
Qadeer Ahmed Hace un mes
Madar is a Persian word meaning mother
Abhishek Philip
Abhishek Philip Hace un mes
Keep uploading more content
kuldeep Gagat
kuldeep Gagat Hace un mes
😀😀😀🤣too funny bro
Saurabh vyas
Saurabh vyas Hace un mes
Ha bhai ye gaali wala scane india me bot alg hi h
kapurthala comicc
kapurthala comicc Hace un mes
Punjab tour sir
Gita Dutta
Gita Dutta Hace un mes
Whats with the ......being from.kolkata
Anand Singh
Anand Singh Hace un mes
Bhai bahut sahi hai mast hai bro 😂😂 I enjoyed
Utsav Kumar
Utsav Kumar Hace un mes
Keep up. You are generous. And if u come to Chennai. I will be in the audience.
Utsav Kumar
Utsav Kumar Hace un mes
Hey mann. I praise your hard work at home. Keep it up. I am in your support to rise. Come to Chennai !!!!!
manav pardeshi
manav pardeshi Hace un mes
ekdum jabarrrrrr bhai among the best sets ever seen also ma is mom dar means everday
Zeya ul Mustafa
Zeya ul Mustafa Hace un mes
tumhada bangal me comedy koro na tum...
Arkan ghanchi
Arkan ghanchi Hace un mes
It is Farsi word Madar called mother
Smoltownboi Hace un mes
You've learnt good editing
Rrcdia Paahhtn
Rrcdia Paahhtn Hace un mes
Wish you luck bro. I loved your art. Thanks !
Apurva Gupta
Apurva Gupta Hace un mes
I am going to ask everyone to watch this video and the other 2 also You are hilarious!!
Balwantsingh Ranawat
Balwantsingh Ranawat Hace un mes
Broooooo chod diya . Can't stop laughing
Dipti Kulkarni
Dipti Kulkarni Hace un mes
Kudos !!!
Ritu Karmakar
Ritu Karmakar Hace un mes
Sported the beard pretty well. Keep it on your face☺️. Your stuff is good fun🙌🏼🙌🏼
Aditi Lallit
Aditi Lallit Hace un mes
The editing is amazing ngl
rachna priya
rachna priya Hace un mes
even if this was short it was quite good
Prerna Ghode
Prerna Ghode Hace un mes
Why is this guy so underrated 🥺🥺🥺
Shomini Das
Shomini Das Hace un mes
First time I saw u...nd I just liked it so much!! Carry on...!
peacemaker Hace un mes
The name Madar was invented from gobi in era of 2014 and then Coronavirus came in the time of go go bi...
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Hace un mes
Do shabd aur bol Bhada nhi lagega ☝️🔥😂
Viney Bhatia
Viney Bhatia Hace un mes
SDM_DRAGON 2005SDDPLM Hace un mes
bro awesome stand up, I want this stand up's part 2, please bro, amazing timing and script.
MAYANK GUPTA Hace un mes
Randhir Kumar
Randhir Kumar Hace un mes
achchha tha
Tik tok vs ESwomen
Jagga_Daaku Hace un mes
Very good humour.....
Anshu Narayan
Anshu Narayan Hace un mes
bro upload more videos. your videos are funnier than others
Shubham Jain
Shubham Jain Hace un mes
China, covid 19, kim jong un
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh Hace un mes
Priyanka Jaiswal
Priyanka Jaiswal Hace un mes
Nick Patel
Nick Patel Hace un mes
Patna aaja bhaii.
sagnik mitra
sagnik mitra Hace un mes
Can you do a piece on Mohun Bagan and East Bengal... Bengal's madness for football
Deepak Kujur
Deepak Kujur Hace un mes
First time I'm watching you sir.... You nailed it sir.... Awesome.. Maza aa gya ❤️love you so much sir😋
1 Day
1 Day Hace un mes
dhar ka matlab pakar naa hota haii
desighee Hace un mes
Yaar please yeh pehle aur aakhir waala extra-loud music ka trend band kar do. Please. It genuinely hurts the ears. I actually enjoyed the content and look forward to your future work but please don't blast my ear drums before and after your work.
Muzaffar Shah
Muzaffar Shah Hace un mes
Mather and pidar are Persian words for mother and father ( sometimes used in Urdu as well)
lekhraj tiwari
lekhraj tiwari Hace un mes
hitesh mahato
hitesh mahato Hace un mes
Waiting to see you live Rivu👍
Ranik ReX
Ranik ReX Hace un mes
Oh.. Kaka... Patiye diyecho!!! Same destination....... Love from Sharjah ✌️❤️…
Vignesh Prasad
Vignesh Prasad Hace un mes
bohot sahi bhai!!!
THE DHONI ERA Hace 2 meses
Kl Rahul Doing Standup
Rahul Dutta
Rahul Dutta Hace 2 meses
Keep posting these !! You are superb at what you do.
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