G-Eazy - I Wanna Rock (Official Video) ft. Gunna

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“I Wanna Rock” ft. Gunna Out Now! smarturl.it/xIWannaRock

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Carolyn Gibson
Carolyn Gibson Hace 22 horas
You ain't shit when it comes to a quren
Carolyn Gibson
Carolyn Gibson Hace 22 horas
If I fucked with you your game would be over
Tyler Duratny
Tyler Duratny Hace un día
SOOO... Analyzing the plot 8 months later... An insane Joker-esq [criminal, maybe?] person, seduces tf out of a hot doctor to pull off an incredibly dangerous heist. The hot doctor also whips the foreign 180 though the town flawlessly. Then our main character uses the money to throw a small party with friends? With tons of strippers.
Dewpk Hace 2 días
Was searchin for music, found this... I'm disappointed in you, ESwomen. Very disappointed.
Jeremy Bradley
Jeremy Bradley Hace 3 días
Love this track..go hard..much love
PugslyCooper9 Hace 3 días
Wait... so G-Eazy doesn’t eat bacon?
Ahmad Sadeqzadeh
Ahmad Sadeqzadeh Hace 6 días
Luis Ramirez Añazgo
Luis Ramirez Añazgo Hace 6 días
el rap es una porqueria denota una falta de talento gigantesca ...
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor Hace 6 días
I have been in chronic pain for over a year and when I listen to G eazy it makes me move and I hurt my shit Love him
Salvatore Cantarella
Salvatore Cantarella Hace 8 días
apexlakota Hace 8 días
Anyone wanna play warzone?
Ahmed Abdelazim
Ahmed Abdelazim Hace 9 días
why this song sounds like rack city
Calvin Thieme Backup
Calvin Thieme Backup Hace 11 días
Completely carried by the best ngl
Ady Lethal
Ady Lethal Hace 11 días
Vadim Hace 12 días
G-Eazy: I don't fuck with Xans I grew up on Pac! Gunna: Melssedebehh... Plessedehh...
mek Hace 12 días
may 24 he a gemini but he aint got his rock, but happy birthday to him
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez Hace 13 días
It's a tough crowd remember get a grip bigolbitch duh
presh xd
presh xd Hace 13 días
The Spotify version is different 🤔
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war Hace 13 días
Did he get a rock?
COVID-19 Hace 15 días
я хочу камень
Destiny Martinez
Destiny Martinez Hace 16 días
You are not my girl d
Katarina Ćulibrk
Katarina Ćulibrk Hace 16 días
Gemini... That explains a lot
Jason Georgilas
Jason Georgilas Hace 16 días
Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez Hace 17 días
I was looking for Twisted Sister. What is this shit?.......
Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez Hace 7 días
@PugslyCooper9 Fuvk you too
PugslyCooper9 Hace 7 días
Fuvk you
Simple Man Airsoft
Simple Man Airsoft Hace 18 días
Trash ass song
Never _Say_When
Never _Say_When Hace 18 días
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets Hace 19 días
Am I the only one who ended up here thinking it was a different song by the same name
Safia Khatabi
Safia Khatabi Hace 20 días
"I'm gemini, no limit i got me myself and i . when i say it her and i that was a lie " thé best songs : Beautifull & damned . no limit . me myself and i . him & i
Mariah Nicole
Mariah Nicole Hace 21 un día
Whenever i listen to this song my boyfriends always like oh fuck what i do oh not me well then who you gonna fuck someone up arent you and i dont know why i said i just really like this song and he says but the only version of you that listens to it is the salty scrapy spitting kicking punching slapping vular most vulgar of vulgar shit coming out of your month that girl thats the only one who listens to that song the same girl who told me i can go fuck myself or can watch like the little bitch i am me with g eazy if i every had the chance lol
Vincent Ramirez
Vincent Ramirez Hace 21 un día
hey what up bro
Ася К
Ася К Hace 21 un día
На 2:26 женщина шепчет "Нам пора"?
terijade333 Hace 21 un día
G-Eazy wants a rock, then give him a rock.
Nikki k
Nikki k Hace 22 días
Halsey-you should be sad G eazy- just wanna be friends...sike when i said it was you and i that was a lie. Burn!!
Maya Flores
Maya Flores Hace 22 días
two different lines from different songs "me myself and I" from Me Myself and I, "No limit" From No limit.
Abhay Mali
Abhay Mali Hace 22 días
G-Eazy is Dude Rapper🔥
Kripto Hace 23 días
i want Iraq
Damien Saints
Damien Saints Hace 25 días
Sofija J
Sofija J Hace 25 días
Yeah Young Gerry, it's gettin' scary Oh I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) 1da finna let the raw bass drop (uh) If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then I don't want friends, I just want M's (M's) I don't follow trends, I just follow tens (tens) Every other week I'ma make a M (M) I told her, if you make it hard turn it to a ten (ten) I'm the type to drop the top while she gives me top Still the white boy in the club who can't Milly Rock (rock) Still the same and I made a milli of a pop (pop) Come to the land of the hyphy, I'm a juggernaut (juggernaut) I don't fuck with Xans, I grew up on Pac (grew up on Pac) I get love in Houston the way I rap a lot (I rap a lot) I don't eat bacon, I don't fuck with cops If I kill the best alive, then it's suicide May 24th, I'm a Gemini (I'm a Gemini) Not a one hit wonder, this is why I'm hot (why I'm hot) No Limit, all I got is Me, Myself & I When I said it's her and I, that shit was a lie (yup) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) 1da finna let the raw bass drop (uh) If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then I feel better that I made it in Louis sweater on my new bitch, she Canadian (Canadian) We gon' let the haters hate again (hate again) Top blown, while we speedin' in the latest Benz (latest Benz) Latest Benz, Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz) Go under, she said ain't nobody better than (better than) She give me head, make me feel like the president (the president) I'm cumming while I'm thumbing through these presidents Pay me cash or what (what) Gunna in his bag, and this watch cost a car (car) Gotta shine like a star (shine) We above all the law (law) Way too many drugs, I do not trust a cop (nah) I ran into the plug and I'm not running off (off) I love my niggas all, swear my mom made a boss (yeah) No, we're not showing love, it's a line you did cross (cross) None of my bitches scrubs, this is a dime just to talk (talk) Sneak dissin', ain't playin' with us then you bound to get caught (caught) I'm feelin' lil' shawty love, lookin' fine when she walk (walk) I might just spend a lil' dub, I keep mine in the vault (vault) We landin' in for the club, I be flyin' like a hawk Flyin' like a hawk (yeah) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (rock) 1da finna let the raw bass drop (uh) If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you can hate me then
İZ Müzik
İZ Müzik Hace 25 días
ayrana bak ayrana bak diye geziyorum evde
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 27 días
1:14 me in Warzone waiting for enemys on the staircase in the big skyscraper in downtown xD
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Hace un mes
we get it you wanna invade iraq
Priyanka Kumar
Priyanka Kumar Hace un mes
Beautiful song , beat nice , rap nice , sound nice , feeling nice 😍🔥🥃👍👌🍫❤️♥️
Anand R. Misir
Anand R. Misir Hace un mes
Twisted Sister:Lemme show you how it's done
Jumpsuit 97
Jumpsuit 97 Hace un mes
Logic: I'm biracial G-eazy: I'm a Gemini
Nayely renteria
Nayely renteria Hace un mes
My birthday is May 24
Aria Makri
Aria Makri Hace un mes
If this video doesn't give u Joker vibes i think u need to rewatch this and the movie !!
Karolos Karolides
Karolos Karolides Hace un mes
starting to think Gunnas first name is Feat.
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war Hace un mes
Did he get a rock?
Benjamin Saunders
Benjamin Saunders Hace un mes
Twisted sister be like
Rytis Gilys
Rytis Gilys Hace un mes
Whos there after plunt
Kendrik Doughty
Kendrik Doughty Hace un mes
I love G's extra verse
twood Hace un mes
Someone give this man a rock😂
Creative Man
Creative Man Hace un mes
This is desecration, i can't believe that someone is really using a title of such an epic Rock anthem for such garbage "music". This is like a spit in the face of all normal people, this should not exist.
Zombifyer ILC
Zombifyer ILC Hace un mes
Twisted sister. In 2020
Olaf Grüneberger
Olaf Grüneberger Hace un mes
Gunna flow too hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Victor Damasceno
Victor Damasceno Hace un mes
Ouch, the verse 1:05 😎🤘🏻🔥💥
Dorothy Roy
Dorothy Roy Hace un mes
Calling Janet Mills do you still want to support our mills?
Dorothy Roy
Dorothy Roy Hace un mes
Thank GOd that a paper mill in Jay blew up in Jay and nobody got hurt paper who needs paper right? How ironic my dad lives there?
Josiah Cox
Josiah Cox Hace un mes
Still one of the hardest songs ,plus gunna
Gary G
Gary G Hace un mes
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-IuBC7I2WNAM.html Same beat as Royce Da 5'9's D12 diss
Isis Palma
Isis Palma Hace un mes
This reminds me of suicide squad the part were Dr.quinzel meets the joker
Caleb connor
Caleb connor Hace un mes
this sucks. i thought it would be a cover of Twisted Sister's song "i wanna rock" but nope. YOU CAN'T STEAL THE NAME OF A FAMOUS SONG AND REBRAND THE NAME OF THE SONG YOU DIPSHIT
Payden Brown
Payden Brown Hace un mes
Make him the next joker
Dorothy Roy
Dorothy Roy Hace un mes
Where’s Queen 👑? Elizabeth the 2 nd?
Dorothy Roy
Dorothy Roy Hace un mes
Ask Benjamin Franklin only I know the codes I’ve met him only if I can get to him do you all catch my drift?
David Rodrigues
David Rodrigues Hace un mes
Brazilll ❤
peter bair
peter bair Hace un mes
i dont fuck with xans i grew up on pac!
JoeythKing 1
JoeythKing 1 Hace un mes
Everybody gangster until g-eazy wants a rock
Guillermo Nieves
Guillermo Nieves Hace un mes
I don't need bacon, I don't fuck with cops.
colson Richard
colson Richard Hace un mes
This song should be in sucide squad 2
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