Funniest DESIGN FAILS To Ever Happen !

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Azzyland - Funniest DESIGN FAILS To Ever Happen !
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Chocolate boy
Chocolate boy Hace un hora
4:55 Free bell to ring
Chocolate boy
Chocolate boy Hace un hora
2:30 I feel bad for him XD
Chocolate boy
Chocolate boy Hace un hora
2:20 I wanna do that that looks fun
Magical Unicorn
Magical Unicorn Hace 4 horas
Thank you azzy you made me feel so much better bc I accidentally traded my neon unicorn my best pet in adopt me
Michelle Ko
Michelle Ko Hace 4 horas
4:48 that happened to me on my vacation
chantigi# Love
chantigi# Love Hace 10 horas
Addison Stevens
Addison Stevens Hace 11 horas
Me sees thumbnail: well if if that’s not illegal I don’t now what is
Mackenzie boom man boom
Mackenzie boom man boom Hace 12 horas
AimBrozz Giannisyt
AimBrozz Giannisyt Hace 17 horas
Omg azzy yr so funny yr the best person in the world and i love u i not pass this vid with oit laughing
Titus Leutwyler
Titus Leutwyler Hace 21 un hora
I died of laughter 😱
Gracie Lingner
Gracie Lingner Hace un día
go azzyland
Judith Coonrod
Judith Coonrod Hace un día
Azzy I am such a big fan
Rolando acaba
Rolando acaba Hace un día
My baby piegion die
Rishi Rai
Rishi Rai Hace un día
Rishi Rai
Rishi Rai Hace un día
SavageMonkey 105
SavageMonkey 105 Hace un día
3:17 one of the stairs in our house is like that so all our guests trip
Cotton Candy Swiss
Cotton Candy Swiss Hace un día
0:44 I have a toilet like that at my summer camp
Sonic Kirbys
Sonic Kirbys Hace un día
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Hace un día
you are Very nice and kind
Lauren archdeacon
Lauren archdeacon Hace un día
She be mean 3:56
Josey Mize
Josey Mize Hace un día
0:53 Omg my preschool had that but opposite side in a mirror in front of the open one
Haydo Fox
Haydo Fox Hace un día
The slide I really want to go on it. It looks sooo AMAZING
Jan Francis Apache
Jan Francis Apache Hace 2 días
7:03 azzy used the crossbow firing sound from Minecraft
Amanda Roberson
Amanda Roberson Hace 2 días
Everyone’s arms are the length of there body lol
Cynthia Donovan
Cynthia Donovan Hace 2 días
Scotland Douillard
Scotland Douillard Hace 2 días
Um.... all of them are fails to me but if your reading this you or she has so MANY SUBS LIKE!
Cathy Mckinney
Cathy Mckinney Hace 2 días
I live in Canada tooo
Brooke Davison
Brooke Davison Hace 2 días
I was thinking if these doors could talk.... Well baby i
Olivia King
Olivia King Hace 3 días
wow the lady has such a big belly how ON EARTH did she need a test
Wilson Meneses
Wilson Meneses Hace 3 días
lulu mussad
lulu mussad Hace 3 días
Now I want AzzyLand as my teacher her facts are more fun than my teachers 👩‍🏫
Scott Seay
Scott Seay Hace 3 días
Zach Boudreaux
Zach Boudreaux Hace 3 días
8:01 this looks like the demon mom from Coroline
Caleigh Arthur
Caleigh Arthur Hace 3 días
That fridge is messed up
Pika's Gacha Cookies
Pika's Gacha Cookies Hace 4 días
Me reakts when theres an ad: What do want from me Why are you here for me Why aren't you scared of me WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!!!
Epic Potato's 4 life
Epic Potato's 4 life Hace 4 días
Narine Groodyal
Narine Groodyal Hace 4 días
One thing that i want to tell you is i have a water can and it also jas a MESHORING WHEN IT IS NOT CLEAR
陈旭升 Hace 4 días
animation dog!
animation dog! Hace 4 días
2:08 yeah but anything is a Better love story than Twilight
MelonThePotato Hace 4 días
Pause at 3:55 thank me later
gachacosplay bro2008
gachacosplay bro2008 Hace 4 días
3:55 free nightmares for sale
gachacosplay bro2008
gachacosplay bro2008 Hace 4 días
1:58 did she know about 2020
sunpoint jean
sunpoint jean Hace 5 días
it's called art
Ranvier Ibanez
Ranvier Ibanez Hace 5 días
Heather Short
Heather Short Hace 5 días
There is no better love story then twyie light
Bella Sandhu
Bella Sandhu Hace 5 días
My hockey coach overworked me and it hurts to laugh and you made me laugh hard
Iqra Jainal
Iqra Jainal Hace 5 días
Comment for azzy Comment2 for gloom Like for both
Sean Cormack
Sean Cormack Hace 6 días
everyone eating physics out the window
Sherwin Mata
Sherwin Mata Hace 6 días
Please do not turn off the light switch it also operates the elevator!
Ivo Barakoski
Ivo Barakoski Hace 6 días
Ivo Barakoski
Ivo Barakoski Hace 6 días
why do you love me
joseph mackenzie
joseph mackenzie Hace 6 días
5:32 when it's full
Melee Maniac
Melee Maniac Hace 6 días
is there really a bathroom where men and women are alloud
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Hace 6 días
Play Ozzy can you react to Masha and the Bear
cheetoh books gamez
cheetoh books gamez Hace 6 días
Azzy on roblox I friended u plz accept my username is cheetohbooks
DeCrazy DoDo
DeCrazy DoDo Hace 6 días
Azzy.. It's 0.1%. that sink slide is the 0.1% out of the 99.9% of slides.
Amanda Caldwell
Amanda Caldwell Hace 6 días
These design fails are hilarious it shows how peoplé have no common sense or just plain stupidity in the world today😂😂😂😂 Lord Help US I have been RMAO this whole video.... Thank you Azzy aka Azzyland 💜💜💜💜
Emily Williams
Emily Williams Hace 7 días
Lil' Lilypad
Lil' Lilypad Hace 7 días
Smart 🧐🤔🧐
Eliana Karch
Eliana Karch Hace 7 días
I saw a traffic light on the side of the road and I said to my mom design Fail
HON KIT OWEN MA Hace 7 días
Nobody: Not a human: Not even a germ: Not even a single micrometer: Pauses at 0:54
John Gair
John Gair Hace 7 días
Azzy we are bored stuck at home
Elena Didi
Elena Didi Hace 7 días
I have earpods tow
Mickey Averett
Mickey Averett Hace 7 días
Do you have a cat??????????????????😺😼😺😼😹😻😽😿
Pamela Le Blanc
Pamela Le Blanc Hace 7 días
How’s watching this in 2020? ⬇️
Cools Funny
Cools Funny Hace 5 días
Nvm I’m dumb
Cools Funny
Cools Funny Hace 5 días
I I’m it did not come out in 2020
Ww D3
Ww D3 Hace 5 días
This came out in 2020
Cools Funny
Cools Funny Hace 5 días
I I’m
Adam Edgell
Adam Edgell Hace 7 días
i have "the mug that wont fall over"
carlos cardenas
carlos cardenas Hace 7 días
Cute lion so cute
Olivia Shuttle
Olivia Shuttle Hace 7 días
8:28 Just put a stick in it
gladys. regidor
gladys. regidor Hace 8 días
Those stairs are there for no reason but the only reason its the is for spraining your ankles
Gacha Ami XOX
Gacha Ami XOX Hace 8 días
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