Funniest Design Fails EVER

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Funniest Design Fails EVER! We're looking at some funny pictures and photos of the dumbest design fails! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and watch the last one Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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James Rowe
James Rowe Hace 4 horas
Back view
Belle Hace 6 horas
On 3:27 Totally imagine mixing insect 🦟 killer in your dinner! Haha 🤣
Lili Carr
Lili Carr Hace 9 horas
lia is soooo pretty
Sonyas Clownery
Sonyas Clownery Hace 9 horas
Yo tf is she transphobic
Peeled fish Ratatouille
Peeled fish Ratatouille Hace 9 horas
Sniperwolf if the urinal is sideways you can see the persons weenier
Jared Terpenning
Jared Terpenning Hace 12 horas
I not obout the og stuff I’m obout the stols in the vid
Fernando Ontanon
Fernando Ontanon Hace 14 horas
They didn't invite me to their pool party eatheir
Layla_Grapes ÙwÚ
Layla_Grapes ÙwÚ Hace 14 horas
I started watching you and I can’t stop 😂
A̸s̸h̸- C̸a̸l̸l̸ m̸e̸ a̸s̸h̸y̸
A̸s̸h̸- C̸a̸l̸l̸ m̸e̸ a̸s̸h̸y̸ Hace un día
Thos baby cups things are for facial stuff, i have seen them at t.j.max they trash thoooooooooooo
Jennifer Hendricks
Jennifer Hendricks Hace un día
3:45 you should redo that sentence.
Exclusive o Grid
Exclusive o Grid Hace un día
At 7:33 the test meant that your result you could die but you didn’t die
Briaiskool Hello
Briaiskool Hello Hace un día
😂😂😂 I could not stop laughing 😂 SHE is funny like the vid if she is 😋😋😋
Kanno Marquez
Kanno Marquez Hace un día
Kimberly Mayes
Kimberly Mayes Hace 2 días
My mom spild salsa in her car today
Kimberly Mayes
Kimberly Mayes Hace 2 días
My mom spild sousu in today
Evan juniorfluufy
Evan juniorfluufy Hace 2 días
You look like Lisa Guerrero from inside edition
Ott Family
Ott Family Hace 2 días
Lia:U need to be skinny go on theses stairs Me:lilhuddy-
Lissette Is dumb facts UwU
Lissette Is dumb facts UwU Hace 2 días
At 5:27 she says you must be this skinnyyy me: I am that skinnyyy tho
Michelle Nelson
Michelle Nelson Hace 3 días
The manikin has it hand down its pants
Alone Hace 4 días
Gacha Cookiecake
Gacha Cookiecake Hace 4 días
What if you go head first down that slide 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ItzMeYuki Hace 4 días
Lia:One wrong step u fall Me:*Jumps all the way* or *walk steep stairs*
Aasia Momin
Aasia Momin Hace 4 días
I laughed for hours
Aasia Momin
Aasia Momin Hace 4 días
U made me laugh soo much
Harpyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Harpyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 4 días
i don't know what happened...I think i'm addicted...I clicked on ONE of ur videos and now i'm binge watching😐
Maddie’s Gaming
Maddie’s Gaming Hace 5 días
The one that asked have you ever been in the accident that resulted you death. You can be dead in an accident but the doctors can bring you back to life so you can say yes.
Kali Beres
Kali Beres Hace 5 días
I'm an OG
Idalia Flores
Idalia Flores Hace 6 días
You shoul do reating to hoverboard fails
Lina Playz Roblox K
Lina Playz Roblox K Hace 6 días
The face lids are like a thing like aaaaa HMM I forgot but it's like things that make your face bootiful;-;
julienne isabelle tuburan
julienne isabelle tuburan Hace 6 días
You look different
BubbleGum_ Gacha*
BubbleGum_ Gacha* Hace 6 días
On the put some salsa on your GPS why did I think about grandparents at first... -_-
Electric_ Gacha
Electric_ Gacha Hace 6 días
Oops my duck went oof
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson Hace 6 días
sniperwolf be like: tHatS illeGal tO Put bUg SprAY oN youR bOdY
Satisfied Moon
Satisfied Moon Hace 6 días
5:22 those stairs are like roblox bloxburg stairs
Carla Marquand
Carla Marquand Hace 7 días
I am a boy and that is not normal do you look like the other two on the side
Itz_Josef Agmata YT
Itz_Josef Agmata YT Hace 7 días
like fnaf!
Emma Serban
Emma Serban Hace 7 días
Why can't you kill germs in the dark
Hebron B
Hebron B Hace 7 días
Anyone else hear the fortnite knocked sound effect
alice_playzz Alice Wecker
alice_playzz Alice Wecker Hace 7 días
Ya know girls would be waaaayyy more comfortable with urinals than guys probably are
alice_playzz Alice Wecker
alice_playzz Alice Wecker Hace 7 días
Those baby lids are face masks and my mom got it for me and I drank some of it and I bout died when I tasted face mask
Giselle Wackerly
Giselle Wackerly Hace 7 días
Lol in roblox royal high I had to deal with 7 Karen’s with nobody in my dam team TT^TT
Anya Burrell
Anya Burrell Hace 7 días
Zekiah Torrente
Zekiah Torrente Hace 7 días
SSSniperWolf: Hello guys its me@ Me: Hi me! 𝚡𝙳 ʟᴏʟ 𝑳𝒎𝒂𝒐
Tsz Nok (Sophia) Yeung
Tsz Nok (Sophia) Yeung Hace 8 días
anyone remember I forgot the R
Gacha Venus Ùwú
Gacha Venus Ùwú Hace 8 días
The ad pops up Is that old laptop still trying to boot up Me: I am trying to make this ad boot up so I can watch a video
Destinee Krol
Destinee Krol Hace 8 días
The face is a face mask
Lily Williams
Lily Williams Hace 8 días
Some people say to do the dirty is a sin so that means we ARE sins so if so adem and eve (I can’t spell) are not but they started them (if u believe in them) I just thought of that.......
Anna Anna
Anna Anna Hace 8 días
How is she in her old house
Catherine Jaffke
Catherine Jaffke Hace 8 días
i love your videos
Leonardo Arias
Leonardo Arias Hace 8 días
yes I have been in an accident that resulted in my death(in fortnite I drove a golf cart off the map so yea)
Celine Blais
Celine Blais Hace 8 días
There are four peaple in the photo she's just hiddin
JustYour AverageDoofus
JustYour AverageDoofus Hace 9 días
*_F E T U S F A C E L I D S_*
Barbaraplayz Hace 9 días
At random times I start laughing cause ur vids are max IM DEAD Hahahahahhahahahaahahahahhahahah 3 FARTS
JuAtzler makes Moves
JuAtzler makes Moves Hace 9 días
You cloud be dead and than live Again if your hart stops Biting and then it Beats Again
The little k channel
The little k channel Hace 9 días
ThAtS iLLeGaL!!!
Oliver Dayton
Oliver Dayton Hace 9 días
Anthony James
Anthony James Hace 9 días
1:06 that is not a drink that is a face product I seen it and used it before
oceansidewolf leoa
oceansidewolf leoa Hace 9 días
Are you sniperwolf if my phones red or little lia if my phone red cause it is my phone is broke so now you just redwolf or black lia
Michael San Jose
Michael San Jose Hace 9 días
5:06 back view only. 😓
Donna Faulkner
Donna Faulkner Hace 9 días
That switch is the same as my grandmas she has that as well and in the dark I pressed the water button so everyone in the house woke up wet Oopsies
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez Hace 10 días
She said we are all ugly
Leia Dixon
Leia Dixon Hace 10 días
survey: have you been in an accident that resulted your death* me: so..clara afton are you here?
Leia Dixon
Leia Dixon Hace 10 días
but the way she said skinny-T^T
jean khelsey de leon
jean khelsey de leon Hace 10 días
who else thought she also trapped kids on her basement
Amelia Bull
Amelia Bull Hace 10 días
Did anyone notice on the Dino shorts bit that she had a malted wheat ring
Patrick Sims
Patrick Sims Hace 10 días
It's not normal
Priyanka Priyadarshini
Priyanka Priyadarshini Hace 10 días
LOL! The 4th pair of legs were of the woman whose dress is partially visible🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 took me 5 minutes to figure it out
•Cøffee Wølf•
•Cøffee Wølf• Hace 10 días
Black golds logo colors looking kinda looking like sum- I won’t say anything but like if you get it
Tyrone Jackson
Tyrone Jackson Hace 10 días
She looks kinda fat now
Torcher Galaxy_Panther7
Torcher Galaxy_Panther7 Hace 11 días
No neck edd :D
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