FULL FIGHT | Ryan Garcia VICIOUSLY KOs Francisco Fonseca

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Che1424 Hace un mes
Announcer had that line in his back pocket. “A new tank in the 135 pound division” 😂
Adrien THE PROBLEM Broner
Adrien THE PROBLEM Broner Hace 2 días
Righteous Ness
Righteous Ness Hace 4 días
Perry Lashad ol
Dank_Dorrito Gamer
Dank_Dorrito Gamer Hace 7 días
Che1424 yeah😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
MoMoMain24 Hace 9 días
@Karl Kindle Ryan is gonna have to catch him first he has some of the best foot work in boxing
MoMoMain24 Hace 9 días
@Oscar Rosal couldn't agree more I love BOTH so I dont know if I like that fight lol but I gotta go with loma as much as I hate to say it
Tony Tone
Tony Tone Hace 4 horas
Glass chin 101
RIOT LTSpam Hace 7 horas
Isaac Gibson
Isaac Gibson Hace 13 horas
I legit would have to lose almost 50 pounds to be a lightweight and im only 14 lol
Josh Baca
Josh Baca Hace 17 horas
Brown pride!! Let’s go RG!!
nicko esteban
nicko esteban Hace 20 horas
09:30 se pone a rezar para que se levante como si le hubiera dado con un misil🤣🤣🤣👍🏻
Xach Amirjanya
Xach Amirjanya Hace un día
What are you want to see its a Riyan Garcia
RiZe Diamond
RiZe Diamond Hace un día
This is a real fight, not like ksi and Jake paul
Diego Cordova
Diego Cordova Hace un día
Ryan vs ksi rip ksi if they do
Da DUP Burrito's
Da DUP Burrito's Hace un día
whos stronger manny pacqiao (like) ryan garcia (comment)
Da DUP Burrito's
Da DUP Burrito's Hace un día
whos stronger manny pacqiao (like) ryan garcia (comment)
50 Macks
50 Macks Hace un día
Someone tell ryan i want to see him to try this to lomachenko and devin haney.
DJ OU Hace 2 días
11:33 pause he knows hes got'em
Future Baller
Future Baller Hace 2 días
I feel sorry for them fans spending over 100 dollars to see a 30-40 second fight
Leanna Mitcx
Leanna Mitcx Hace 2 días
If you realise, fonseca did not even touch ryan’s face.
Phillip Bob John
Phillip Bob John Hace 3 días
Ryan is an absolute badass
tatiana guzmen
tatiana guzmen Hace 3 días
am i the only one that new that the ace family met ryan garcia before fighting🥰
elvis salazar
elvis salazar Hace 3 días
garcia vs davis
Armando Pontiano
Armando Pontiano Hace 3 días
Prayer is the best defence pacyao and garcia is the same style i hope garcia be a sacisful boxer
Rosinante s
Rosinante s Hace 3 días
Lakas ni ricci
hamz maulana
hamz maulana Hace 4 días
The next Amir Khan,, wkwk
Mukesh Danu
Mukesh Danu Hace 4 días
07:41 fight starts
Miles Gibson
Miles Gibson Hace 4 días
How they gonna turn a 30 sec fight into 13 minute vid
Pikachu Hace 4 días
2.8k haters keep growing 😘🤣 haters going to hate.
Jason Arriesgado
Jason Arriesgado Hace 5 días
Naoya Inoue VS. Ryan Garcia..👍👍👍
Jason Arriesgado
Jason Arriesgado Hace 3 días
@Pikadead dont judge early..😄😄
Pikadead Hace 3 días
@Jason Arriesgado wont happen. If inoue moves up by then ryan will be a weltherweight
Jason Arriesgado
Jason Arriesgado Hace 4 días
@Pikadead thats a great fight when it happens.. inoue is just a humble guy, with a power punch too..👍👍
Pikadead Hace 4 días
Ryan wins easy inoue has a lot of power but there is a huge weight difference
Mark Anthony Fabro
Mark Anthony Fabro Hace 5 días
7:45 fight
헬스남좌 Hace 5 días
돈을 받은거 같다. 상대선수사 얼굴을 안때린다.
Rj1220ful Hace 5 días
Yea tank bouta eat him up
Pikadead Hace 4 días
Not if he fights the way he fought against Gamboa
Diego Tiscareno
Diego Tiscareno Hace 5 días
Ryan Garcia into got me getting goosebumps
Zest Hace 5 días
Francisco after getting knocked out is me after busting a nut
Kayne The Great
Kayne The Great Hace 5 días
Here's a tip how to beat Garcia Have a GREAT timing
Lucky Gabe
Lucky Gabe Hace 6 días
How much did these people pay to watch this 2 minute fight
ESTABLISHED IN 1982 Hace 6 días
Dads daughters were looking at the video 🤣😂😂😂
Buknoy Da Great
Buknoy Da Great Hace 6 días
Tank better be ready fo real.
Buknoy Da Great
Buknoy Da Great Hace 4 días
@Pikadead he's got the same body as Dela Hoya err'time they ain't trainin the go fat lol
Pikadead Hace 4 días
He isn't. They showed a video of his speed 2 days ago without his shirt and he is fat lol
Bob Owen Verdadero
Bob Owen Verdadero Hace 6 días
D D Hace 6 días
9:42 who is the announcer Ksi “ jake Paul, Logan Paul” all he had to say was “any of the Pauls I don’t care”
Cheers To You
Cheers To You Hace 6 días
He's still not ready for Tank.
Cheers To You
Cheers To You Hace 4 días
@Pikadead He's still not ready for Tank.
Pikadead Hace 4 días
Took Tank 8 rounds to beat Fonseca...
Saul Martinez
Saul Martinez Hace 7 días
It looks like they record Francisco with a bug eye camera 😭😂
N8tive Hace 7 días
Lol garcia should fight ksi
Never Die
Never Die Hace 7 días
10:34 Thats high five did more damage than fonseca
Erik C
Erik C Hace 7 días
Stay away from the light!!
nic d
nic d Hace 7 días
What Garcia give dude at the end there some kind of medal? What was it.
Wittawad Daopong
Wittawad Daopong Hace 7 días
มาจาก TikTok
Gabby Abobo
Gabby Abobo Hace 8 días
Whos the girl winking fam
Rick Santos
Rick Santos Hace 8 días
Ryan Garcia, having a long reach, should focus on improving and strengthening his straight jab....this will keep his opponents at a distance and becomes easy prey for him....If Ryan remains as what he is today, he could go a long way in the sport and might achieve what PACMAN has.....
Chill Cruz
Chill Cruz Hace 8 días
There’s a 90% chance of you getting knocked out if you fight this guy, that’s brutal lol
Cacho Arteaga
Cacho Arteaga Hace 8 días
A si les apagaba la luz yo en la secundaria hasta que luego me la apagaron a mi en dos ocaciones claro que fue con alguien de más peso que yo y pues la pegada no tiene el mismo efecto pero con los de mi camada ni yo m la creía pensaba no de seguro esta figiendo pero cuando me paso ami la verdad ni se siente solo caes y también cuando caes te quedas sorprendido jaja ja
WJ Hendricks
WJ Hendricks Hace 8 días
Ryan Garcia well done but Logan and Jake Paul will beat you up bro no joke
Elmafusa69 Hace 8 días
I hate how much involved the Paul brothers are getting they are so annoying and add nothing of value to the sport lol
Pikadead Hace 4 días
They brought more fans and viewers to boxing
X- GAMING Hace 9 días
7:57 RIP mamba and gigi
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Todoroki Is A Beast! Hace 9 días
10:47 dat friendship tho ✊🏼
Bryguyfilms Hace 9 días
8:58 thank me later
Migs Brecia
Migs Brecia Hace 9 días
Whats that two garbage jake and logan paul doing there..dont toxify boxing please
LEGENDVRY RR Hace 9 días
5:30 man she on ROBOT mode
Brian Orozco
Brian Orozco Hace 9 días
Who else thinks Ryan Garcia vs george kambosos would be a sick fight??
Josue Eguilon
Josue Eguilon Hace 9 días
Rayan García más letal que el coronavirus
Edgardo Santos
Edgardo Santos Hace 9 días
Tank.. You got a problem!!
Kirk Marcus Jaravata
Kirk Marcus Jaravata Hace 9 días
thx ryan farcia for wearing 24 on your shorts
Zokir Ergashiv
Zokir Ergashiv Hace 9 días
Edmer Paul Ubongen
Edmer Paul Ubongen Hace 9 días
marioni bruno
marioni bruno Hace 9 días
Jesus loves you
ZacDicoot Hace 9 días
9:23 Ryan is like “YO LEMME PRAY BRO!!!”
IMNODOCTOR Hace 9 días
When a fighter keeps shouting after he wins a fight, it means he was seriously scared to lose when he fought his opponent.
Miles Gibson
Miles Gibson Hace 4 días
IMNODOCTOR bit he didn’t
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez Hace 9 días
Asi es el box con esas pegadas mortales
John Stewart
John Stewart Hace 9 días
Fight starts at 7:40
ER Hace 10 días
8:10 this looks speed up
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 Hace 10 días
That fight end up faster then when i take a dump
aldrigde_ Hace 10 días
When the entrance is longer than the actual fight.
Jeremiah Acosta
Jeremiah Acosta Hace 10 días
The reason Ryan Garcia wins is because he tricks his opponent and makes himself and his moves seem unpredictable ,so he throws fake punches often so the opponent will never know if it's real or fake
Shmoke Qweed
Shmoke Qweed Hace 10 días
Ryan Garcia vs Adrian broner?😂
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