Frankenstein Is Not the Name of the Monster! (feat. Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell) - Drunk History

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Mary Shelley comes up with the story of “Frankenstein” to impress her cool writer friends and winds up creating a timeless horror classic.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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ENK 64
ENK 64 Hace 2 días
Wish they'd cast Evan Rachel Wood as Captain Marvel, she's so expressive. Brie Larson is basically a mannequin. Seriously Lisa from Team America was more expressive.
Moon Stone
Moon Stone Hace 3 días
A lot is missing from the story, but this sums it up and hilarious to boot.
E-Man5805 Hace 4 días
That’s basically his son he created. Wouldn’t your son have your last name?
L A Hace un día
He was called "the Creature" in both the original 1818 printing as well as the 1831 rewrite. Mary Godwin Shelley, who had born 2 children by the time she wrote this from she 17 to 18, made it clear that her creature was representative of unloved children and the story related to the results of bad parenting. So, you hit the nail on the head! The creature is the unloved metaphoric child of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein. The unloved part is shown through, partially, through his lack of a name.
Viccatrix Hace 5 días
Frankenstein is the sir name, he created the monster thus it's his son, he didn't name it so its name is just its creator's sir name and is named Frankenstein *Facepalm*
kraanz Hace 5 días
Everyone: OMG EVAN RACHEL WOOD, OMG Me: Who the fuck is Evan Rachel Wood? Why is her name Evan?
Daniel Puig
Daniel Puig Hace 5 días
Greg Fries
Greg Fries Hace 6 días
this is the best one evar!
Shelly Lyons Cline
Shelly Lyons Cline Hace 6 días
Oh my God I laughed so hard at Evan Rachel Wood's performance at the end that I literally had an asthma attack 😂😂😂
Teeleer Hace 10 días
I think the monster's name was Adam, as in Adam and Eve since he was the first of his kind
Tskmaster Hace 11 días
Does the doctor have a name? Yes, Frankenstein. If the doctor had a son, what would be his name? Frankenstein. In the allegory of the MONSTER being the doctor's SON, what is his name? The unwashed masses: "Anything but FRANKENSTEIN!"
frank ierooo
frank ierooo Hace 11 días
Ok but Evan Rachel Wood looks like she can be a character from Shrek like a princess or somthing
frank ierooo
frank ierooo Hace 11 días
Will looks exactly like Frankenstein from penny dreadful who also looks like Marilyn Manson 😭💀
Jaye B
Jaye B Hace 13 días
Her face is so expressive, she looks like a cartoon. Amazing performance!
thatonechickyousaw Hace 14 días
I wish y’all would post Rasputin! It’s the funniest one!
IfYouDisagreeYouAreWrong Hace 15 días
so... drunk history isn't funny, nor are they actually drunk. It's entirely scripted and then re-shot OVER the scripted "drunk" person talking...
Danielle Moynihan
Danielle Moynihan Hace 15 días
why does Frankenstein look like Marilyn Manson though
Isabella Castellano
Isabella Castellano Hace 16 días
"Are you cereal?"
Brody Hawker
Brody Hawker Hace 16 días
Best one yet
maayan cohen
maayan cohen Hace 16 días
VV I-I /\ t? I died😂 Evan Rachel Wood killed it!
Ra Pop a
Ra Pop a Hace 17 días
Yellow skin?
jdash861 Hace 18 días
I just discovered Drunk History is soooo much better when drunk.
angelsheart85 Hace 18 días
ENK 64
ENK 64 Hace 19 días
Rich Fulcher is a bloody scream 😂😂😂
HughJasole Hace 21 un día
Who knew 25 seconds of saying ‘what’ was comedy gold
Mr.t Whitie
Mr.t Whitie Hace 21 un día
1st off it was not in his basement.. this all took place in his dorm room.. 2nd imagine hearing this thing growl next door to you..??
VariablePenguin Hace 22 días
The monster was Victor's son. Therefore, his name was also Frankenstein.
Nevada Adie
Nevada Adie Hace 22 días
Arpan Dey
Arpan Dey Hace 23 días
0:35 best part 😂🎉it gets me everytime
phillip grande
phillip grande Hace 23 días
...and he was never seen again, until later HAHAHAHAH
Observable Observer
Observable Observer Hace 23 días
Marry Shelly's Frankenstein is a book about how the environment we grow up in shapes the person we become. Sure, the "monster" does some heinous things, but essentially he was just an unloved child. His environment never taught him anything besides hate, fear and violence. So these were the only means of connecting with people he ever learned. Therefore the people around him are responsible for what he became, especially his "father" Viktor Frankenstein. From this perspective everybody is a monster in this story.
HUUUGE Hace 24 días
That night was also produced the first popular vampire fiction. Overall, a good night for horror. It also produced a weird psychedelic acid trip of a story that could either be classified as body horror or pre-lovecraft lovecraftian horror (but it wasn't that good, so who cares).
Glassballoons s
Glassballoons s Hace 25 días
Westworld SS3 Recap
Master D
Master D Hace 25 días
so.. ferrell is acting like a mentally damage person, again
The Terbear
The Terbear Hace 26 días
He skipped alot of the middle part of the story lol.
zenzeon Hace 26 días
Will Ferrell looks like Meatloaf from the “I will do anything for love” music video
Daniel DuVernay
Daniel DuVernay Hace 26 días
You got the entire plot f*cked up, but I’ll forgive it cause I like the show.
Dave Schwartz
Dave Schwartz Hace 26 días
Anytime Waters is legit cracking up you know it's a good one.
Gabe Newton-Wild
Gabe Newton-Wild Hace 27 días
I can't tell the difference between drunk Rich Fulcher and sober Rich Fulcher
vermithrax Hace 27 días
There are a lot of great people in this series, but Evan Rachel Wood sets the standard by which I measure all others. Also, I think calling the monster Taco is a very oblique reference to Young Frankenstein (or should I say Frahnkensteen?). A Dutch pop singer called Taco had a small hit with a cover of Puttin' on the Ritz in the '80s.
radical Hace 27 días
i mean,,,, he’s supposed to sort of be victor’s son, so technically the creation is a frankenstein
Ravyn Darksong
Ravyn Darksong Hace 28 días
(feat. Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell) Okay we'll ignore Elijah Wood
Enmanuel Rivera
Enmanuel Rivera Hace 29 días
Wait... isn’t that Evan Rachel Wood?
Peace in the Middle East
Peace in the Middle East Hace 29 días
That girl laughing during the story is everything lol
Carole Ann
Carole Ann Hace 29 días
Her pronunciation at 1:34 made me really cry; too funny! 😂🤣😂
Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts Hace un mes
so, was frankenstein the monsters name?
Andrew Hamlin
Andrew Hamlin Hace un mes
For some reason, it's even funnier when you remember Victor Frankenstein was a college drop-out.
Rome Yu
Rome Yu Hace un mes
Referred to Frankenstein as being the doctor not the monster. Halfway he referred to the monster as Frankenstein.
Daniel Fernandez
Daniel Fernandez Hace un mes
Kai The Army
Kai The Army Hace un mes
The what's at the end really had me rolling
Jeff Light
Jeff Light Hace un mes
I miss when they had historians explaining history and they just got so drunk they were funny. Historians trying to overexaggerate everything because they're going to be on TV is a lot less cool.
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace un mes
Nobody mentioned that the dude on the left is Elijah Wood
oxy 75
oxy 75 Hace un mes
No shit...
Erin Reynolds
Erin Reynolds Hace un mes
Actually, the name of the monster originally created by Frankenstein was called Adam.
saifulanswer Hace un mes
What what what what what what 😂
Gian C.C.
Gian C.C. Hace un mes
the "what" part kinda freaked me out lol....hes in that drunk phase where anything could come out lolol
kravanamjesecu Hace un mes
By far the best Drunk History...for a while Jaleel White with Bass Reeve was my favorite but this is superb!
melina villegas
melina villegas Hace un mes
Oh so Frankenstein ain’t real then oop- a lil dumb moment
Kaden Slays
Kaden Slays Hace un mes
4:44 COD zombies
Ricardo Morales
Ricardo Morales Hace un mes
This is BS. Drunk history had actual historians actually drunk. Rich Fulcher is not a PHD in literature on anything remotely similar, he's an actor in a mock forest with other actors, so he's not even drunk? is he acting? What's the point of the sketch then? A voiceover of a guy talking drunk? Evan Rachel Wood is amazing in this but what's the point?
Mr A to Z
Mr A to Z Hace un mes
The "monster"look like Marilyn Manson
Michael corrigan
Michael corrigan Hace un mes
This one sucked
TheLynx Hace un mes
Am I drunk or is Elijah Wood also in this?
michael protzmann
michael protzmann Hace un mes
I just peed a lil
Chardonnay Jackson
Chardonnay Jackson Hace un mes
Justin Hoar
Justin Hoar Hace un mes
The actors lip syncing this must have had to do so many takes from laughing. I know I wouldn't be able to keep my cool
Athenz Minz
Athenz Minz Hace un mes
no cap the actress playing Mary Shelly ison point with the lip syncing lmao
Vader MT
Vader MT Hace un mes
i missed the Seth Rogan? WHAT? WHAT? bait much?
Isaiah Villarreal
Isaiah Villarreal Hace un mes
I saw a woman with both arms full of the monster and his bride tattoos, all in love. I say what’s his name ? She replies Frankenstein !! I tell her no that’s the Dr’s name . Do you know the bride didn’t love the monster? She replies She didn’t!!? Didn’t you see the movie. She replies No , I’ve never seen the movie............ I carve tiki style Frankenstein’s monsters . I even carve “the monster “ on them sometimes.
The MusicThrills
The MusicThrills Hace un mes
Am I the only one that thinks Seth looks like Manson like that
Vermont Bouldering
Vermont Bouldering Hace un mes
Elijah Wood only in this to deliver that piss out my balls line lmao
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