Frankenstein Is Not the Name of the Monster! (feat. Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell) - Drunk History

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Mary Shelley comes up with the story of “Frankenstein” to impress her cool writer friends and winds up creating a timeless horror classic.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Up&Coming Hace un día
"Oh my god, I'm pissing out of my balls!!" Was I the only one cracking up at Elijah Wood there?
Lucy Bickerton
Lucy Bickerton Hace 4 días
Came for Will Ferrell, stayed for Rich Fulcher
volcom05345 Hace 5 días
Lmfao Im only 40 seconds in and this has me dying.
Penelope Hace 5 días
This is just the best thing I have ever seen in this life and all of my past lives and will be in all of my next lives. What. WHAT. RRRWHAAAT. WUUUUUT. WHHAAAAAAAAAAT. WHUUUUUUUT. KKHHUUUUUUUUUT. I still say that to an unbelievable situation that has been revealed.
D bro
D bro Hace 6 días
Herman or adam were the real monsters name 😏
DAISHORYUJIN 95 Hace 8 días
Taco ,which is interesting, sounds like an indie folk band
Cash Velasquez
Cash Velasquez Hace 13 días
The yell!!!
Ellie van cauwenberghe
Ellie van cauwenberghe Hace 13 días
And so he was never seen again ... until later 🤣🤣😂😂👌👌
Jex G
Jex G Hace 14 días
Rich Fulcher is a gem. I love how he esp has Bob Fossil energy while drunk. 😂
Fast Break Nation
Fast Break Nation Hace 16 días
Evan Rachel Wood tho 🥵😍😍
Nina Zuzanne Kessler
Nina Zuzanne Kessler Hace 16 días
Mary Shelly looks and moves a bit like the queen in "Shrek", if anyone remembers her, I could not stop comparing the two when watching this.
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn Hace 17 días
“Never to be seen again, until later.” The Muse speaks through him!
Aniruddho Chowdhury
Aniruddho Chowdhury Hace 18 días
Are you cereal?
Girl in the Striped Sweater
Girl in the Striped Sweater Hace 18 días
Will Ferrell looks like Marilyn Manson lol
Jen Waddell
Jen Waddell Hace 19 días
ElizabethJae Hace 25 días
And Mary looked at them and said.. “ Really!?! Are you CEREAL?!”... 🙃🤣
Veronica Baragona
Veronica Baragona Hace 27 días
Omg it’s such a manifesto 🙏🏼😆😭☝🏽♥️
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q Hace 29 días
I’m so happy that he called Victor the “creator” because if one more person calls that college drop-out a doctor I WILL kill their fiancé without second thought
John Brown
John Brown Hace un mes
What does Frankenstein, Your God, and Sherlock Holmes all have in common??
John Brown
John Brown Hace un mes
I'm glad you gave these people a chance at acting. They did a good job and have potential.
Davide C.
Davide C. Hace un mes
Frankenstin Nice quote
John Leahy
John Leahy Hace un mes
are there any interviews with the actors/actresses/writers/creators of these episodes/stories ??? please anyone know???
John Leahy
John Leahy Hace un mes
i think this is my favorite story and story teller, but also a shout out to all the stories told by jordana brewster or something from criminal minds
Alberta Adams
Alberta Adams Hace un mes
Lol. Left out big chunks of the story.. Hilarious though
Mikooljohn Hace un mes
That lady on the table telling stories could cast as those Queens on Shrek live action lul
David Hochstetler
David Hochstetler Hace un mes
Whattttt. Whattttt. Whatttttt. Whatttttt.
Iwant Cookies
Iwant Cookies Hace un mes
Frankenstein’s monsters name was adam
Lemuel Delvalle
Lemuel Delvalle Hace un mes
He named his monster as Frank.
spider guard
spider guard Hace un mes
I love Mary's jaw line
awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf
awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf Hace un mes
No one thought of cutting out some of the "what's" lol
Sheesh Hace un mes
Cre- ay- tor...???
Romy Potash
Romy Potash Hace un mes
If anyone care the monster name was Adam ...
Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde
Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde Hace un mes
Top three Drunk History for sure.
Jimin's Favorite Wife
Jimin's Favorite Wife Hace un mes
Isn't that Elijah Wood in there too
Henri Joki
Henri Joki Hace un mes
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Hace un mes
The Creation is never referred to as a monster in the book iirc
Aimee Inkling
Aimee Inkling Hace un mes
I would have liked this video to have been an hour long.
2006glg Hace un mes
I read this book 10 times in high school. I don't know why. That said, I love this portrayal.🤣🤩
midori cchi
midori cchi Hace un mes
Michael Read
Michael Read Hace un mes
Oh my god im pissing out of my balls
luupi Hace un mes
Get Matt Berry to do one!
Johnny coolaide
Johnny coolaide Hace un mes
Frankenstein Was The Monster, And His Creation Was This Growing Sponge. He Was Learning.
Anna G
Anna G Hace un mes
Why does the monster look like Alice cooper?
Death_by_ Crane
Death_by_ Crane Hace un mes
Frankenstein was a coward. No one can change my mind.
Joesiah Day
Joesiah Day Hace un mes
Really are you cereal?
Likanen Länsi
Likanen Länsi Hace 2 meses
He looks like marilyn manson =D
Lindsay Chambers
Lindsay Chambers Hace 2 meses
The name of the scientist..
Rider Missy
Rider Missy Hace 2 meses
This gave me shrek vibes
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia Hace 2 meses
Fucking proof of lizard people!!! Look at her eyes at exactly 4:15 she blinks sideways. Mother of god
Greg Greg
Greg Greg Hace 2 meses
Are you cereal?
Obivious Oblivion
Obivious Oblivion Hace 2 meses
Fuck... I'm drunk and this is an amazing show
Life, Love, & Lattes
Life, Love, & Lattes Hace 2 meses
The what scene had me like....choking on my dang food laughing.
Sara Hace 2 meses
I will use "pissing out of my balls" from now on.
Sara Hace 2 meses
Evan Rachel Wood is glorious in this one! 🤣😂
MoochieJr Hace 2 meses
This show is a national treasure.
Los Be Beast
Los Be Beast Hace 2 meses
I would love to drink with this guy lol
George T
George T Hace 2 meses
Great actress! Who is that?
MsAnubisia Hace 2 meses
This is like a drunk "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and I'm kinda into it tbh.
Christyn McClure
Christyn McClure Hace 2 meses
Please tell me there is a bloopers version of this episode somewhere. There is no way I would have been able to keep my composure during the What scene hahaha
Joe Jurecki
Joe Jurecki Hace 2 meses
If you like Frankenstein, you might like this!
Clemens Kindermann
Clemens Kindermann Hace 2 meses
The correct pronunciation (transsribed for native English speakers) would be "Frahnkenshtein"!
G Ryan
G Ryan Hace 2 meses
Rich fulcher is a legend😂
Sakina Masalec
Sakina Masalec Hace 3 meses
Evan Rachel Wood did a fantastic job
Felorina Lorch
Felorina Lorch Hace 3 meses
Rock Mcawesome
Rock Mcawesome Hace 3 meses
Frankenstein was the name of the monster. Mary Shelley charter 16.
o0bookwyrmknight0o Hace 3 meses
Counter-argument: Frankenstein is the monster’s name because a child inherits the last name of their father.
Alex Paterson
Alex Paterson Hace 3 meses
The funniest drunk history ever! Great job
montecristo1845 Hace 3 meses
How much electricity does 11 “whats” conduct?
lahel light
lahel light Hace 3 meses
that's Dolores!
majed8192 Hace 3 meses
Man if you haven't already just go right now do yourself a favor and read Frankestine, people !! It's the scariest and the greatest horror novel maybe in existence, Frankestine haunts not only his creator but every single one who reads it
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