France vs Argentina - Full Game Highlights | FIBA World Cup 2019

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MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

Hace un mes

2019 FIBA World Cup - France vs Argentina - Semifinals - September 13
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Luis More
Luis More Hace 28 días
Q es final, semifinal? Q es
pavlo198 Hace un mes
1:46 muy buen movimiento! y 3:49 muy atento a todo el campo
GalaxyTraveler Hace un mes
This Argentina team is really good!
yan bay
yan bay Hace un mes
CE N T U R IO Hace un mes
I saw Africa vs Argentina! Who is France?
Bike Maurice
Bike Maurice Hace un mes
Manu Ginobili style ^_^
Jose Anibal Sotto
Jose Anibal Sotto Hace un mes
This was a great game between two great teams, Argentina miss too much!!
Σαββας Σεργιου
Σαββας Σεργιου Hace un mes
For some unexplained reason, though we are so far from each other Greeks love Argentina!!!🇬🇷🇦🇷❤
Jason欧阳子锋 Hace un mes
Question? there is no NBA player in Argentina or is just me who don't recognize all the player?
Jason欧阳子锋 Hace un mes
Except Luis scola, I remember him as Yao's teammate
Paye 19
Paye 19 Hace un mes
Compazza is really something
Ridz 39
Ridz 39 Hace un mes
Frank offence has improved a lot
Enrique Lopez
Enrique Lopez Hace un mes
Que Paso amiguitos?
sonicbun Hace un mes
beats team USA but loses to grandpa Scola lol.
rch tuaz
rch tuaz Hace un mes
fucking scola a monster
BTS Show
BTS Show Hace un mes
di na kailangan ng 7 footer para manalo determinasyon at shooting yan ang ginawa ng argentina
玉川佳キン Hace un mes
Best regards to Luis Scola! Rockets fan from China!
Alorcu 7
Alorcu 7 Hace un mes
Qué bien juega Argentina tío... es impresionante. Nos vemos en la final, hermanos latinos 🇦🇷🇪🇸 que gane el mejor.
Always Unit G
Always Unit G Hace un mes
I remember manu and scola being 2nd before against U.S, watching the final later
Dr. Idris Avci
Dr. Idris Avci Hace un mes
Scola in uncle drew mode
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Hace un mes
In China we have a nickname for Scola -- "The Diamond", because his name in Chinese sounds like "4 carats". Now seeing his performance in this game, I should say that he is a real 💎 -- not only his name but also his long-lasting dominance on the court.
Lawrence's Vlog
Lawrence's Vlog Hace un mes
Amazing fans from Argentina. Pure Passion right there. All game long they were standing singing chanting shouting. And in the end when Scola hugs Ginobili I got juicy eyes watching. And the way they celebrated after the game. That’s a beautiful moment right there. I’m not Argentinian but I feel proud. Go for Gold Argentina! Vamos!!! Love and Respect 🇦🇷♥️🇵🇭
Adrian G.
Adrian G. Hace un mes
Team that relies on their own talent will play for the gold. That is becoming more and more rare these days therefore much respect to Argentina.
Felix Lievano
Felix Lievano Hace un mes
Los arbitros sinvergüenzas dejaron a Francia sin final, un robo total. Soy chileno y comento lo que veo de manera imparcial y profesional ante todo
Spanglish Reactions
Spanglish Reactions Hace un mes
Claro, y también los árbitros tienen la culpa de todos los malos tiros triples y tiros libres que no metió Francia? ajjajaja
John Leonard Daño
John Leonard Daño Hace un mes
Both team passing skills are so damn good.
PENG REN Hace un mes
Argentina play as a master team!! love from China, Louis Scola the man!! I love his play since 2002 world cup in US, then 2004 Athen Olympic. and even more luckly, he joined Houston Rockets to team with our big man Yao Ming, and Tracy Mcgrady, that is nice memory for all the Chinese basketball fans. I hope nothing but the best for Scola and Argentina, hope you guys can get the champion. cheer for your victory.
wantobefree ofabaya
wantobefree ofabaya Hace un mes
Great! All spanish speakers in the finals....
pakistani rapist
pakistani rapist Hace un mes
When Argentina played Nigeria, at a point in the 4th q Nigeria took the lead makes believe that the Nigerian lads tried
Reymundo Caputulan
Reymundo Caputulan Hace un mes
before the Worl Cup started, nobody thought that Argentina would be in the Finals...
charls fire
charls fire Hace un mes
Team football Argentina revenge in Basketball at worldcup
A DRIS Hace un mes
Campazzo can play in the NBA. 🔥
Louisa Hernandez
Louisa Hernandez Hace un mes
Legendary scola
Doddy BJ
Doddy BJ Hace un mes
The Hispanics win the Cup... skills n guile...
John Llyod Sureta
John Llyod Sureta Hace un mes
Spain vs Australia please :)
Marcos Wang
Marcos Wang Hace un mes
Argentina can win without messi 👍
Alex Raul Santos Lozada
Alex Raul Santos Lozada Hace un mes
I have been watching Scola since I was like 10 years old. I always wonder why nobody denied the use of his Left hand he never used that hand for Shit
C Homes
C Homes Hace un mes
Poor number 1 for Argentina had the worst last 30 seconds lol. Misses dunk, goal tending then gets rejected.
Ronald Jacinto
Ronald Jacinto Hace un mes
who would think SCOLA can shoot 3s? damn hes a beast.
Divicati Hace un mes
Aregentina too smooth - love that team basketball.
agustin Hace un mes
In your face Macrón!
2333 233
2333 233 Hace un mes
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck Hace un mes
Again! The excellent connection, the movement of everyone, the unselfishment and the effort to defend and grab the rebound. I said, it was really like beyond Spurs basketball. I was really amazed with Argentina since their 1st game on this WC. Just like their Football team, they showing now the real Game of Basketball.
sky P
sky P Hace un mes
Argentina > France > Serbia > USA.... I respect all USA teammate fighting for the win. I just disrespect guys quit the team.
AkoSiJuan Jr
AkoSiJuan Jr Hace un mes
Kobe Bryant
Pete Platano
Pete Platano Hace un mes
How many 39 year olds can go beast mode like Scola? Respect.
Hugo Hace un mes
Argentina is white!
i love rice
i love rice Hace un mes
the king of FIBA: number 4 of argentina, the everlasting diamond
Jwen11 Hace un mes
Japeth aguilar naglalaro sa france no.25😂
guwapitz Hace un mes
in a dream match between 2018 warriors team vs this argentinians squad,who do you think gonna win?
Au Jun
Au Jun Hace un mes
They can beat USA but can not win over Argentina really ?
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner Hace un mes
My man Scola schooling the kids and bringing them back to school
Jeff Horn
Jeff Horn Hace un mes
The two players in thumbnail looks like their having some anal fuck....😭
caronte demonio
caronte demonio Hace un mes
Cydo Sanchez
Cydo Sanchez Hace un mes
I wish they beat the Illuminati Spain
Zero Two
Zero Two Hace un mes
congrats team argentina
Keep Smiling
Keep Smiling Hace un mes
I grow up watching scola in 4 (pf). But now his playing 3 (sf). He's amazing and the FIBA GOAT!
HeatUpdates 305
HeatUpdates 305 Hace un mes
Basketball these nuts, this looking like the soccer World Cup with these European teams
Ferdinand Agustin
Ferdinand Agustin Hace un mes
These Argentinians are not the real ones, MOst of this are Italians
Roberto Marini
Roberto Marini Hace un mes
Cinderella story???? Hahaha, no way man! That's a full power playing team
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri Hace un mes
Oynot Po
Oynot Po Hace un mes
manu 8:52
Lautaro La Fuente
Lautaro La Fuente Hace un mes
9:23 lo arruinarás !
Bráulio Sabino Salongue - BSS
Bráulio Sabino Salongue - BSS Hace un mes
Congratulations Argentina
Arvin Fernandez
Arvin Fernandez Hace un mes
What the heck! What's with Scola sprinting full court for two straight possessions like he's not 30 plus or something. Very amazing!
Mery Ia
Mery Ia Hace un mes
Orgullo argentino 😍
Gelo Torremocha
Gelo Torremocha Hace un mes
8:53 Kobe and Manu
Afternoon Hace un mes
Scola is crazy, I remember watching him in the old Rocket team in 2000s a lot, and everyone in that team are all retired, but Scola is still playing in such hight level. Respect from China!!!!!!
ogie38 Hace un mes
That Campazzo guy is really good.
Tony Trees
Tony Trees Hace un mes
OG Louis
Jay Money
Jay Money Hace un mes
8:53 Kobe & Ginobli!!!2 of the greatest shooting guards to ever play 🐐🐐
High Haaaaays
High Haaaaays Hace un mes
I think the deciding factor here is the PG. Campazzo really outplayed Ntilinka and is a more efficient play maker. But hey, Ntilinka is just 21 a bright future ahead for this young man! Props to both teams! I was rooting for France in this tournament.
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