Fortnite YouTubers WORST EDITING MISTAKES! (Tfue, Ninja, FaZe Kay)

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Fortnite ESwomenrs WORST EDITING MISTAKES! (Tfue, Ninja, FaZe Kay) Streamers Who Forgot To Edit Out Things in Videos!
Streamers & ESwomenrs In This Video:
Faze Kay Jarvis:
Ninja & Courage:
Sypherpk & Kid:
Tfue & FaZe Cloak:
H1ghsky1 & FaZe Blaziken
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Music provided by Chuki
Check him out here

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GameGoat Hace un mes
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Raania Cat
Raania Cat Hace 23 días
Datboithefroog Dank Gang
Datboithefroog Dank Gang Hace 24 días
Did anyone see at 8:50 he spelled tfur instead of tfue
PinetreeJR :3
PinetreeJR :3 Hace 25 días
ur mom gay
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer Hace 11 horas
Bruh he took his hand and he automaticly reload and there is no garvity
Lil Killy105
Lil Killy105 Hace 3 días
For the last FaZe Kay clip the school clock could have been not working
rift_ kitty
rift_ kitty Hace 8 días
Subcribe to my channle plz
Griffin Drennan
Griffin Drennan Hace 9 días
did anyone else notice he put "Tfur" not Tfue XD
Deyan Pop-tomov
Deyan Pop-tomov Hace 10 días
top right of the screen srsly man
Deyan Pop-tomov
Deyan Pop-tomov Hace 10 días
Cubi Teddy
Cubi Teddy Hace 20 días
star harris xx
star harris xx Hace 21 un día
James the JAM
James the JAM Hace 22 días
FaZe Kay and Jarvis 0:39 2:25 9:21
David Naumann
David Naumann Hace 22 días
sitthixay khammounheuang
sitthixay khammounheuang Hace 22 días
faze kay uther hand wus on the conchroler
Wolfy Longear
Wolfy Longear Hace 23 días
Who noticed tfur 8:17
Xx Rekan Plays
Xx Rekan Plays Hace 23 días
Hold up hold up did everyone see this at 8:51 really brue the worst mistake was butting tufe name wrong In to T F U R brue 😂😂😂😂
Toriano Hanna
Toriano Hanna Hace 23 días
Why you hating on FaZe
leave me alone
leave me alone Hace 23 días
He spelled true wrong
pokemon031310 gaming
pokemon031310 gaming Hace 23 días
8:19 it said tfur 🤣 in the corner instead of true... lol
Dat boy Salvador
Dat boy Salvador Hace 22 días
True bruh
TERPPA GT Hace 23 días
8:15 TFur lmao
QuantumXX Hace 23 días
the faze kay thing inst that bad tho
Watersheep Worker
Watersheep Worker Hace 23 días
Thur lol
Deadshot Hunter
Deadshot Hunter Hace 23 días
That intro earned you a dislike
TWK Rayman27
TWK Rayman27 Hace 23 días
Game goat do you even know how to spell it’s tfue not tfur
Bunnyfish Hace 23 días
faze kay was holding the controller
grayson goins
grayson goins Hace 23 días
Dude faze Kay has a scuf controller he has paddles he can use with one hand
Zachary Se'Ale
Zachary Se'Ale Hace 23 días
why so many grown ass men playing a game obviously made for little kids?
sT Mar
sT Mar Hace 23 días use at 7 mins
Kooki Hace 23 días
Im new to youtube and my goal is to not commit these mistakes in my life xD
Neha Srivastava
Neha Srivastava Hace 23 días
Lol it auto reloaded
DEEP Hace 23 días
Æķø xX
Æķø xX Hace 23 días
Lol do you not know Faze May has 2 hands😂😂
Beasty Hace 23 días
omg dude jarvis mistakes kills me
The Uzumakikay
The Uzumakikay Hace 23 días
What type of monster listens to the the voicemail lady say the entire phone number anyways ??
Vhirtue takes walls ツ
Vhirtue takes walls ツ Hace 23 días
Kay clicked x and r1 with right hand so left was off controller
The Uzumakikay
The Uzumakikay Hace 23 días
I mean the first one is explainable.... Guns reload on their own sometimes
Skelliebonz Hace 23 días
1:16 he was holding the left stuck forward
RecK ClipZy
RecK ClipZy Hace 23 días
This dude is eehh cause clearly u know this guy hate faze kay and his lil brother
Saylboat Slimes
Saylboat Slimes Hace 23 días
U must be losing subs like crazy considering every 7 seconds there was an add
Jaedon Barrett
Jaedon Barrett Hace 23 días
Ok faze Kay still had one hand on the controller and all he did after was jump so..yh
elmer kyan viray
elmer kyan viray Hace 23 días
Wow ninja is so gross
Tanner Bos
Tanner Bos Hace 23 días
You know Kay can move when he has one hand off the controller
Cassie B
Cassie B Hace 23 días
Just so everyone knows, the thumbnail is NOT in the video.
Wolfiesocool QJBBEAT
Wolfiesocool QJBBEAT Hace 23 días
You lying bitch they want to subscribe to your bitch ass
EzZy_10 10
EzZy_10 10 Hace 23 días
0:00 I had the best luck! My cat got hit
Cozmics Hace 23 días
On I:15 his hand in the left has the controller and he moved
TheDiamondSamurai Hace 23 días
At 8:28 he spelt true tfur
NFGx_R3FLEX Hace 23 días
1:16 there’s auto run
Patrick Imperial
Patrick Imperial Hace 23 días
these weren't actually bad except for faze kay.
HaBloh Hace 23 días
What season did you you start to play? Like: 0-4 Reply: 5-10 (Btw I’m trying to reach 50 subscribers!)
Emmanuel Ya Boi
Emmanuel Ya Boi Hace 23 días
That picture of the girlin th3 thumbnail was so bad it was probrablly your worst editing mistake
Clout ll
Clout ll Hace 23 días
AuxChord Hace 23 días
8:44 look its tfur
davidgamer Hace 23 días
Raven 332211
Raven 332211 Hace 23 días
Kay hit that shot live because he hit x and it jumped and it was auto reloading
yeio YT
yeio YT Hace 23 días
If I don’t get luck I’m unsubscribing and disliking the vid
bfl loui
bfl loui Hace 23 días
I had luck
pierce harman
pierce harman Hace 23 días
yeah his hand came off the controller and he stopped looking around in game
connor farley
connor farley Hace 23 días
FaZeReaper 10
FaZeReaper 10 Hace 23 días
It said tfur
King Richard
King Richard Hace 23 días
did cloak change his numbe cuz if not then WE GOT HIM BOIIS
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway Hace 23 días
He didn’t changed his name a hacker said give me your name or I won’t ban you So he gave his name to the hacker it’s better than getting banned
Trendy Hace 23 días
This dude really hates faze Kay for no reason... btw you really looked at a blurry clock in the backround just to expose him even though we all Know his videos are scripted
Blaze_ Cloudz
Blaze_ Cloudz Hace 23 días
For true he’s uses his over hand and in the fast forward clip he doesn’t turn because you use your mouse to do that
QSG_S7 Hace 23 días
#8 tfur???
Send toe pics
Send toe pics Hace 23 días
worst editing skills goes to u instead of Tfue its tfur u dumbass
Jarred Els
Jarred Els Hace 23 días
Dude faze kay's hand was still on the controller... u dumb
Richard Mellouie
Richard Mellouie Hace 23 días
1:09 hes just jumping and reloading you can do both with the right hand
Ori Lustman
Ori Lustman Hace 23 días
I played with faze Jarvis once, he's so fucking toxic
Unlucky Alpaca
Unlucky Alpaca Hace 23 días
He pu “tfur”
RAMZ Hace 23 días
1:10 he is still holding the controller and could easily jump like how he did and move. i know i can do that atleast
WahmenRespector29 Hace 23 días
You got clickbaited
Free Ticktoc
Free Ticktoc Hace 23 días
10:18 tfur ???.?.?
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