FORTNITE *SEASON 11* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer

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New Fortnite end of season 10, season 11 (chapter) 2 event countdown gameplay live stream!
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Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown Hace un día
Chunksta Castillo
Chunksta Castillo Hace 3 días
Rip fortnight
TGD Gaming
TGD Gaming Hace 4 días
Xme so boring right
Abenezer Shewangizaw
Abenezer Shewangizaw Hace 4 días
henrietta martinez
henrietta martinez Hace 4 días
Hey this video has 20 million views why aren’t they going to teamtrees
Games Ameer
Games Ameer Hace 5 días
I love you I games Ameer Share Like Subscribe I give video of the incident that took place in the world
Crxcked_ Arham
Crxcked_ Arham Hace 5 días
At the end there was a piano version of the fortnite theme and it made me tear up
David Hill
David Hill Hace 8 días
I think there's going to be a black hole
Jaycee AHille
Jaycee AHille Hace 9 días
Mario ماريو-
Mario ماريو- Hace 10 días
@t free accounts fortnite
Nick TheNija
Nick TheNija Hace 10 días
2 days I watch the live stream A whole day wasted it
Bianca GT
Bianca GT Hace 10 días
Hold on
Melissa Armstrong
Melissa Armstrong Hace 11 días
salty will stay and they put in wailing woods
Melissa Armstrong
Melissa Armstrong Hace 11 días
salty springs
Cody Torres
Cody Torres Hace 12 días
Yo I posted a fortnite video clip of a hacker killing me check it out! It was so stupid
dark768cloud santino
dark768cloud santino Hace 12 días
mason Jibba
mason Jibba Hace 13 días
She is ugly hahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mason Jibba
mason Jibba Hace 13 días
Do yo know alana fart
Kng Savage
Kng Savage Hace 13 días
You made so much money by doing nothing 😂
Debra Barrow-Moton [Garside JHS]
Debra Barrow-Moton [Garside JHS] Hace 14 días
PETER KARANJA Hace 14 días
Who 8hours staring at a hole
Just Max
Just Max Hace 14 días
EVENT EXPLANATION TIME: So at first we all thought that it was all the events well hahaha man we are stupid but anyways if you didn’t notice while we were saying our goodbyes to our sacred locations well the rockets directing this meteor well when the orb exploded the rockets went into rift? But what dimension did they go to well they saved all seven dimensions and while they did that all seven black holes were hidden in the trailer of chapter two THE METEOR LOOP: So we thought there were 80 dimensions that were constantly going in through the top of the meteor and where the meteor will hit well they were right it was a loop they were going through a infinite time loop well it clearly was not infinite but the loop is real So we’ve come to this a black hole wait 2 days and let the black hole disappear into chapter 2 If you read this entire comment well cool
Logixx Hace 15 días
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Nubmaster69 -
Nubmaster69 - Hace 15 días
Pls give me the present 🎁 Nicname: Tualetniy-Nub69
Punish Phax Punish Phax
Punish Phax Punish Phax Hace 16 días
Fortmasterhector Hace 16 días
XXMODZ -_-YT Hace 17 días
+20 million views damn Typical Gamer
Da2potatoz 0W0
Da2potatoz 0W0 Hace 17 días
kim goodwin
kim goodwin Hace 17 días
FaZe_ Spyrom
FaZe_ Spyrom Hace 18 días
make sure to sub to FaZe_ Spyrom
edgar Hace 14 días
you suck more content you r trash
edgar Hace 14 días
FaZe_ Spyrom nope
sebastian richter
sebastian richter Hace 20 días
i love you typical gamer
Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna Hace 20 días
I post memes on Instagram @your_daily_meme_account go follow it
Reverse music
Reverse music Hace 20 días
Can I hit 10k subscribers?
Noah Castrejon
Noah Castrejon Hace 20 días
20M views and only 400K likes 👎
KF Brothers
KF Brothers Hace 21 un día
Hi guys subscribe my channel I subscribe back 👍🏼❤️🙏
The Immortal One
The Immortal One Hace 21 un día
One hour of game, seven and a half of a black hole
MrEpicBruh Hace 22 días
Who else gets pissed when no body looks up
Travelers 4ever
Travelers 4ever Hace 21 un día
Get 13,500 Fortnite V-Bucks Now @t
Z17 FN
Z17 FN Hace 22 días
Omg 20 million views
Jarrett Zayas
Jarrett Zayas Hace 23 días
WRwaleTV ·
WRwaleTV · Hace 23 días
My snipes are nasty... am I a pro at fortnite?! Check it out!! Like: PS4 Comment: PC/XBOX/MOBILE
Chayse Adams-lawyer
Chayse Adams-lawyer Hace 23 días
It your trash and you know it clap your hands you cant even build you build like your mom's DM
Matt. exe
Matt. exe Hace 23 días
Dam this man got some paper
Robiah Hace 24 días
Rip Fortnite v: 2011-2019
Malachi Jean-Pierre
Malachi Jean-Pierre Hace 24 días
I look like a black hole
Rodrick Uhuru
Rodrick Uhuru Hace 24 días
lyndsay moffett
lyndsay moffett Hace 24 días
powerful mate
savage x
savage x Hace 24 días
Jorge Meza
Jorge Meza Hace 24 días
snorkeltott Hace 25 días
Ravi’s Media Movieshop
Ravi’s Media Movieshop Hace 25 días
The cube and the monster didn’t do anything in the live event We thought they will
PRØ GÆMER Hace 15 días
Well that's what we get for thinking
Abdulhadi Wesmi
Abdulhadi Wesmi Hace 25 días
Abdulhadi Wesmi
Abdulhadi Wesmi Hace 25 días
أسوء مصور
Nia Alexis
Nia Alexis Hace 25 días
Nice !!
Alex ANTONY Hace 26 días
Please sub to me and I will sub back to you.
TMB Coolnicknick
TMB Coolnicknick Hace 23 días
Alex ANTONY bet
Gold Fire
Gold Fire Hace 26 días
Event starts at 1:13:36
Skelos Gaming
Skelos Gaming Hace 27 días
Game go bye bye
Lewis Saunders
Lewis Saunders Hace 27 días
Who just skipped to the event
Mr Edgar
Mr Edgar Hace 27 días
Hey, if you're a gamer like me (I really am not), please check me out, YOU WON'T REGRET IT
bs Hace 27 días
has nobody ever asked who is sending these missiles?
Mr Edgar
Mr Edgar Hace 27 días
Hey, if you're a gamer like me (I really am not), please check me out, YOU WON'T REGRET IT
TMS_ Power
TMS_ Power Hace 27 días
Who else was watching?
Mr Edgar
Mr Edgar Hace 27 días
Hey, if you're a gamer like me (I really am not), please check me out, YOU WON'T REGRET IT
Natalie Baynham
Natalie Baynham Hace 28 días
Who wasted 8 hours
Luis Alexander Hernandez
Luis Alexander Hernandez Hace 28 días
raw vegan fruitarian
raw vegan fruitarian Hace 28 días
This popped on my youtube feed. Wtf. Go outside..
Kiyahbear Lol
Kiyahbear Lol Hace 28 días
Fortnight sucks
Daniel Rebollar
Daniel Rebollar Hace 29 días
Odio tus. Videos
sb studio99
sb studio99 Hace 29 días
FeddHD Hace 29 días
Watch my 20 bomb on my ESwomen
RADgaming Hace 29 días
cool gameplay
Oscarot Gibosin
Oscarot Gibosin Hace 29 días
BrandonJustPlays Δ
BrandonJustPlays Δ Hace 29 días
I can’t believe this is his most popular video now. A fortnite livestream. God this channel has gone to absolute dogshit.
Amelia Campos
Amelia Campos Hace 29 días
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