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We're all little amorphous goo beings on the inside. Literally, we're disgusting in there. And did you realize we all have a SKELETON inside of us? Dude that is truly revolting. I started this paragraph full of fuzzy feelings for goo people and now I wanna vomit
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[The Washington Post] Fortnite is live again with a new map and more ways to level up. See the new map.
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TheFerretJuice Hace 23 días
Lawrence will always be popular.
xdude228 Hace 24 días
"You dont get to be #1 without knowing what you are doing" You guys have made videos showing that the guy that made PUBG had NO idea what he was doing.
Grimance Hace 25 días
Fortnite shouldn’t have rebooted. I played Save The World when it came out and the game has gone downhill
Bri Hen
Bri Hen Hace 25 días
New word: Ballnaddguler
rickyJcTV Hace 26 días
I was triggered by this video, I'm still trying to get that fucking achievement on Halo 3...
TheCoper COper
TheCoper COper Hace 27 días
People still playing Fortnite... this truly is the darkest time line!
JRaww Hace 27 días
Yeah y’all said it right bloomers 😂
Cameron Padron
Cameron Padron Hace 28 días
3 years if you got the alpha 😜
Bill's Channel
Bill's Channel Hace un mes
Looking forward to Fortnite's Chapter 13....
Clueless Gamer
Clueless Gamer Hace un mes
Fortnite is like the PTSD version of battle royale. I get motion sickness just by watching streams.
gutmanlapd Hace un mes
Dude the transformers hate NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't attack my childhood
BasedKnight Hace un mes
Yet save the world is still in paid early access despite being a f2p game
KingMidasTTV Hace un mes
Lucy Ford
Lucy Ford Hace un mes
The new gender is fluid..........
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Hace un mes
Just go back to taco Tuesday man even racists like tacos
Backhand Things
Backhand Things Hace un mes
send noods
bzeffer Hace un mes
What was Epic thinking? 6 year olds don't know the Konomi Code! It's up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start/Select
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace un mes
Maybe they could try supporting Save The World for once?
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Hace un mes
forgets what's important and concentrate on greediness . Imho Epic did everything to slowly kill off the game , like who else can pull of Beta version just not to pay Play Station
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville Hace un mes
"It's A Great Year For 2's." Lol! 😂😂😂
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville Hace un mes
monika laosi You have a huge point there, they did do a lot to kill the game, but do you think that this new "Chapter 2" is going to last!? 😄😁
monika laosi
monika laosi Hace un mes
forgets what's important and concentrate on greediness . Imho Epic did everything to slowly kill off the game , like who else can pull of Beta version just not to pay Play Station
NukeDukem 614
NukeDukem 614 Hace un mes
That Lawrence ass tho
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace un mes
When you’re not creative enough to have a real event to cause a stir so you turn off your servers for two days so kids rage and make sure EVERYBODY knows something is
NukeDukem 614
NukeDukem 614 Hace un mes
NukeDukem 614
NukeDukem 614 Hace un mes
That one bit at 5:40 sounded like Xev
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy Hace un mes
Fortnite is cancer
Funnygamera1ex Hace un mes
I love how the thumbnail image, for the game on your console's dashboard or games list, is 50% darkened out. Even the "FORTNITE" text is darkened. So they can add fishing to the game, but just not a decent, eye candy thumbnail for the game!? That's some great logic!
elitebeat DURNT
elitebeat DURNT Hace un mes
Oh fucking wow but still no free pve how about no
okow tina
okow tina Hace un mes
I loved that transformers movie. So many bots died in the beginning.
Sambone Hace un mes
No thank you give me solitaire I was literally playing solitaire when i watched this
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace un mes
Your face gives me nightmares
tcdTBOC Hace un mes
*Insert Ristas laugh*
aola wili
aola wili Hace un mes
Your face gives me nightmares
BombasticTyrant Hace un mes
league has black holes, dark star skins!
Jimmy Berglind
Jimmy Berglind Hace un mes
Ooh this Early Access looks good... Lol
Zenn Exile
Zenn Exile Hace un mes
The Casino rebrands itself a faster more modern Chuck-e-Cheese. I see what you did there...
TCWCrazyZaku Hace un mes
I actually love hotrod/rodimus prime.
Gustaf Lyckman
Gustaf Lyckman Hace un mes
How they make the "F" with their fingers says alot about their personality. Adam made it so its the right way for the audience. Lawrence made it the right way for himself.
Dallias Lafave
Dallias Lafave Hace un mes
MzHunni Bunni
MzHunni Bunni Hace un mes
Epic's approach and never ending disappointment just burned me out from want to invest money into gaming company that once gain popularity and gets load of cash flow forgets what's important and concentrate on greediness . Imho Epic did everything to slowly kill off the game , like who else can pull of Beta version just not to pay Play Station with money they make lol If Money matters over " Baby" that you have created and was loved by many is that MORE important to you . I wanna game to have good times , shoot some stuff be silly and get away from bull of daily living hood stress , not encounter x5 more by playing game that Used to be enjoyable . But that's just my humble opinion !
Josh350 Hace un mes
So basically the same game but with a 2 infront of it... bring out Electric Boogaloo the sqweakel.
[REDACTED] Hace un mes
When you’re not creative enough to have a real event to cause a stir so you turn off your servers for two days so kids rage and make sure EVERYBODY knows something is going on.
KahlevN Hace un mes
How DARE you Lawrence, the Transformers Animated Movie was incredible and amazing. Animation was excellent, story was impactful, acting was well done. You've lost so much nerd cred by questioning it's quality, let alone never seeing it.
Hunt Creative
Hunt Creative Hace un mes
Fortnite was doing this no matter what and this wasn’t a reboot. Just a new map... but sure make news up :3
None Ya
None Ya Hace un mes
please just kill the toxic game -.-
Matt Skora
Matt Skora Hace un mes
You gotta admit, it takes some fucking balls to take one of the most (if not THE most) popular games right now offline for almost two whole days.
Rob John
Rob John Hace un mes
Your face gives me nightmares
Rob Kish
Rob Kish Hace un mes
I would love to see any game stay as popular as fortnite for multiple years, most AAA releases cycle within a year. But nice clickbait.
Captain Obvious!?!
Captain Obvious!?! Hace un mes
Takes 3 dudes to report about 1 game lol sooooooo “original” with so many gaming news channel 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ just find a regular job please!!!!!!!!
Swittle Hace un mes
Captain Obvious!?! More like captain oblivious
Shamar Soule
Shamar Soule Hace un mes
Does anyone know when save the world become free
Bloody Psycho
Bloody Psycho Hace un mes
I dont enjoy its gameplay, but this video game babysitter is very creative at holding attention
HellfireCignus Hace un mes
I loved when they asked how it is doing on Twitch and then showed footage of Ninja playing. lol Twitch sues.
unsteddie music
unsteddie music Hace un mes
Fortnite is the best shooter if you comment, you like to get slapped in the face by sausages
unsteddie music
unsteddie music Hace un mes
Even my saved settings were sucked into the black hole
Harawanagangsta Hace un mes
Still no news on the shopping cart on their store.
Jon S
Jon S Hace un mes
Still can't watch Optimus dying without tearing up.....fck you Hot Rod NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET
UnNuclear Hace un mes
Come on guys, Floop figured out how to do the F hand way back in Spy Kids.
J Robert
J Robert Hace un mes
Imagine cleaning the fucking laptop.
Kloqdq Hace un mes
League 10 year was big gamer moment.
Sentry F.P.H
Sentry F.P.H Hace un mes
Remove Minigun, stealing fishing from Minecraft. Dance moves, incorrectly named the AUG,feeling like Fallout with the benching... SCREW THIS GAME.
drock Hace un mes
Y does one of them look like a pale thanos
Ghost Ravenstorm
Ghost Ravenstorm Hace un mes
Checks out Mugsy jeans. Discovers they're $98 for a single pair. Thx no thx. I'll stick to JCPenny & Amazon Prime. K thx bye.
Josh Gonzalez
Josh Gonzalez Hace un mes
When will league get it's blackhole? Quite literally right around the time you uploaded this video lol
RawrStickers Hace un mes
The Halo 3 achievement "Two for one" is still the only Halo 3 achievement I don't have to this day. Thanks for being it up Adam
john black
john black Hace un mes
you suck. git gud
leezeebub Hace un mes
Does lawrence not know the game has had challenges since the beginning? They arent new to this update, just the medal system is new. Same objectives in a different package.
L4Disillusion Hace un mes
This game is pure cancer.
xManzi Hace un mes
Wait... What... You are shaming transformer movie??? I WILL RIP OUT YOUR OPTICS!!!!
Jeedy Jay
Jeedy Jay Hace un mes
You have no reason to be hating on the Tranformers movie, like that.
Brandon N
Brandon N Hace un mes
Lol all this time without a new map Also doing this so soon after BL3 launch is pretty ballsy
EliteC64 Hace un mes
🤖 *First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside - oh shit what are we gonna do now - wait I still function, wanna bet - Till all are one - DANIEL!* 😉
RanmaYagami Hace un mes
Genders in Fortnite now: Male, Female, Fluid. ... what? Makes more sense than "Goo"
raynfir Hace un mes
The "Goo person" is gender fluid...*mic drop*
scitechian Hace un mes
WhyteZeroOot Hace un mes
I remember when Fortnite was pre launch and it was supposed to be a squad survival game with a small pvp mode
sizzilin124 Hace un mes
It's kinda crazy how no one including epic gives 2 shits about the save the world version
Kailey Nadine
Kailey Nadine Hace un mes
2:45 This is what you came for
Tom Ives
Tom Ives Hace un mes
I wonder if this new fortnight will allow us to *FREE HONG KONG*
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