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fortnitefortnite battle royalegameplaylazarbeam

Gh0ul 9
Gh0ul 9 Hace 13 horas
5:01 aaaah the battle plass
Mladenka Mitrovic
Mladenka Mitrovic Hace 16 horas
Your so funny
Evie Beggs
Evie Beggs Hace 19 horas
5.3k dislikes Wow they has no sense of humour 😂
Evie Beggs
Evie Beggs Hace 19 horas
Which season has been the best Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Season X Chapter 2 season 1 Mine is season 8
LEVI RAMOS Hace un día
i eat nooty
I shit myself
I shit myself Hace un día
Who elz wazing 1n 7894
Julie Jones
Julie Jones Hace un día
I tried to send your friend request but it won’t let me in I’m on iPad
Anda Panda
Anda Panda Hace un día
Minecraft is better.
Dark _
Dark _ Hace un día
When I was in my first game of fortnite chpt 2 I didn’t realize that they were all bots. So with my key binds being all messed up, I left the match. I basically missed out on a free win.
jack orrill
jack orrill Hace un día
Who's Barry
Sally Smith
Sally Smith Hace un día
There all bots the FIRST game
Still Chill
Still Chill Hace 2 días
I left my first game
Dribble King2K
Dribble King2K Hace 2 días
if you see this, hello
Peacock Plays
Peacock Plays Hace 2 días
Gooday gooday
XD Tanay
XD Tanay Hace 2 días
Chapter 2 has so many bots Maybe l could win against them 👇🏽
Jaime Henning
Jaime Henning Hace 2 días
NinjaPixieLily Hi
NinjaPixieLily Hi Hace 2 días
i placed 20th i think
Aqua Form
Aqua Form Hace 2 días
Lies no beach bluffs or
Adesh De Silva
Adesh De Silva Hace 2 días
Bro let’s go
Esmeralda Lopez
Esmeralda Lopez Hace 2 días
Don't attacc me, but the emote at 7:00 reminds me of jungkook asking armys to put their army bombs down...
Bolshevik Mapper
Bolshevik Mapper Hace 2 días
please why do you create shit that minecraft will defeat again anyway?
DylPlays Hace 2 días
You can’t have a slurp factory and not not have slurp juices 🤨
Pro Dahnj
Pro Dahnj Hace 3 días
Look at laser beam When a 7yr old takes crack for the first time 0:20
YOUTUBE BROS Hace 3 días
You’re a bot
fire plays games LV
fire plays games LV Hace 3 días
U can swim
Nuke Town07
Nuke Town07 Hace 3 días
Teammate high fives , a lot like TF2 no ?
The Dude
The Dude Hace 3 días
I saw the live event!
penny and fishy
penny and fishy Hace 3 días
Haven't played fortnite in ages. Just came to check this. Still looks the same
EpicMadGamer Hace 3 días
If you started you are at fortnite
Ksk Gg
Ksk Gg Hace 3 días
i lost too
CrazyLumberWizard Hace 3 días
Mr_ Sir
Mr_ Sir Hace 3 días
I’ve never played this game.. looks cool though
Kic Vazuto
Kic Vazuto Hace 3 días
Lazar: that’s definitely a bot. Me: that player has been playing since Season 8, bots were never in the game that Season.
Aaron Gallagher
Aaron Gallagher Hace 4 días
Change your picture to gingie
Normalspider383 Hace 4 días
No use code dragon 81
dogger nation
dogger nation Hace 4 días
Minecrafter AwwMan
Minecrafter AwwMan Hace 4 días
Haha, nice try......but... *You're banned from minecraft faker*
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Hace 4 días
James Vaccola
James Vaccola Hace 4 días
Tilted towers and there are no more
Anthonyyy Hace 4 días
Jason’s dream came true
Majik Watters
Majik Watters Hace 4 días
Dads that don’t like Fortnite:yay 2 days later oh not again
Britney Singleton
Britney Singleton Hace 4 días
Laser beam I saw you in solo
XxmazemobilezZ Maze in Roblox
XxmazemobilezZ Maze in Roblox Hace 4 días
If ESwomen let me say # dumb shit Science so I’m piss off now
Patrickgachadino777 Parker
Patrickgachadino777 Parker Hace 4 días
I think I can kill u
Ninja pro 99
Ninja pro 99 Hace 5 días
I’ve got the whole map
XD Orb
XD Orb Hace 5 días
On the lobby of his second game there was a purple skull trooper
Kennia Alvarado
Kennia Alvarado Hace 5 días
Only people who play chapter 2 can like this me : I DO
Mr Edrick 132214
Mr Edrick 132214 Hace 5 días
Lazarbeam you sad that you did no see The event how come Mr fresh video it watching the live event with him and your friends
Strife Hace 5 días
Even I won my first game and i've never one a single game.
Teddy Martin
Teddy Martin Hace 6 días
Lazerbeem are you crap
Gustav_longboard Hace 6 días
0:33 my swedish soal is feeling proud🇸🇪
Arron Delaney
Arron Delaney Hace 6 días
im level 142
sNiPeR gUy
sNiPeR gUy Hace 6 días
Bad FPS wow 60 FPS for controller and pc 240
Jovonne Wilson
Jovonne Wilson Hace 6 días
Used code lazar
Zachary Hace 6 días
2 weeks later still waiting for the boing vid
Maria Choudhry
Maria Choudhry Hace 6 días
Could add mehh wddsdddd :-D
Drake Addesso
Drake Addesso Hace 7 días
What if they added a yeet trail
Flacky Hace 7 días
Don’t worry Lannan, I didn’t win my first game either. I got deleted
ELITE Cookie
ELITE Cookie Hace 7 días
Thank god finally a battle bass overview that only covers the important things
Macho Hudson
Macho Hudson Hace 7 días
I got 12 kills and won on my first game
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming Hace 7 días
I wish I can play fortnight it takes a long time to just get in a game and too many updates so quick I don’t like that fortnight will lose mine craft all games will win I become a fortnight hater
Ram Chand
Ram Chand Hace 8 días
Marley sad fortnite
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Hace 8 días
Leo Almighty
Leo Almighty Hace 8 días
Code lazar
jo Hace 8 días
Lazar der was capter 3
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Hace 8 días
I am tier 60
Stuart Yuan
Stuart Yuan Hace 8 días
Does anyone else feel like whenever he says booger it sounds like bugha?
logan Slaughter
logan Slaughter Hace 8 días
Those arnt real people those are bots
Veronica Delcid
Veronica Delcid Hace 8 días
I Saw the new fortnight skin in the trailer
Shadow's Place
Shadow's Place Hace 8 días
I'm not sure I like the boats as much as i liked the planes in the other chapter. But I am giving it a shot and starting to enjoy what you can do with the boats - as they are not limited to the water!!
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