Fortnite added a FLARE Gun!

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Hace un mes

Flare gun but you cant find it for 4 hours...
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Samx904 Gg
Samx904 Gg Hace 3 días
Couldn’t be me😭
bigslimmdawg1979 Hace 4 días
Rip flare gun
pequenopedrinho Hace 4 días
cool, but where are the minecraft parody videos?
Shadow Knight38
Shadow Knight38 Hace 5 días
Funny how the video ends with oofs
Shwifty Hace 7 días
when lachlan realizes that hes been using the fare gun the wrong way
Florijan Dalipi
Florijan Dalipi Hace 8 días
The flare do not kill people
Salty Sam
Salty Sam Hace 8 días
Imagine still playing fortnite😂
1000 subs without any videos
1000 subs without any videos Hace 12 días
lol I find flare guns all the time
Chiwo Hace 12 días
U sware alote plz stop
Snippet Plug
Snippet Plug Hace 13 días
5:13 lol
Walter Hace 14 días
The flare gun can find people but why can't it find my dad
Caleb Saidel
Caleb Saidel Hace 17 días
Imagine losing i can’t 10:25
Jaxon Corbin
Jaxon Corbin Hace 18 días
10 Out of 10
Oladapo Sokunbi-Jones
Oladapo Sokunbi-Jones Hace 18 días
theres a glicth to activate god mode i think he has god mode glucth so u cant eliminate him🤔🤔🤔🤔
Aura Hace 18 días
Felix Playz
Felix Playz Hace 19 días
NotYakko Hace 21 un día
Dude no way, fortnite has the pyro update from Team Fortress 2!
Connie Snead
Connie Snead Hace 21 un día
well bad aim
Zevi 76
Zevi 76 Hace 22 días
You never see lachlan were another skin
Angel_ Fortnite45
Angel_ Fortnite45 Hace 22 días
Shoot it in the air
Ali Hasssn
Ali Hasssn Hace 22 días
انت كمان مرحبا مليون مبروك ٩٣
Nijen Maharjan
Nijen Maharjan Hace 23 días
Hi can you send me the battelpas my name of Fortnite is Nijen 348
Mya, Gymnastics for ever
Mya, Gymnastics for ever Hace 24 días
I have captain eamrica
Mya, Gymnastics for ever
Mya, Gymnastics for ever Hace 24 días
How did you not see it
Mya, Gymnastics for ever
Mya, Gymnastics for ever Hace 24 días
You passed it a million times
1k subs with 2 vids Challenge
1k subs with 2 vids Challenge Hace 25 días
Who else is happy that Lachlan uses meme sounds now. 👎🏻👎🏻
big kilo sosa
big kilo sosa Hace 25 días
Lachlan is it freezing over there😂😂😂😂love you mate.
STOOPID Things 103
STOOPID Things 103 Hace 25 días
Henchman skin?????!????!!!!!?
DarkestKnight Hace 26 días
did any one notice the skin lacy was wearing in the beginning ITS A HENCH MEN FROM LAST SEASON!!!!!!!!!
Collin C
Collin C Hace 26 días
Who is watching this when captain America came out
Soccer pro Fortnite
Soccer pro Fortnite Hace 26 días
Who else saw the flare gun under the stairs in present park when he got the Vic roy
Mr. 900
Mr. 900 Hace 26 días
When's the flare gun only challenge coming lol
FIN skipzy_
FIN skipzy_ Hace 26 días
watch my new video
ToxicxBodies Hace 27 días
When did this skin come to the shop
Ursula Valdivia
Ursula Valdivia Hace 27 días
It’s because they have an added it yet now they have
Philip the fish also I’m 11
Philip the fish also I’m 11 Hace 27 días
The way it just burns everything is satisfactory and op.u see a one by one flare gun them then there dead or at least no cover
Gregoria Esquillo
Gregoria Esquillo Hace 27 días
PUBG: We Have Flare Gun Fortnite: We Have Flare Gun
Oriol Roca
Oriol Roca Hace 27 días
Oriol Roca
Oriol Roca Hace 27 días
Sneaky Thief Gaming
Sneaky Thief Gaming Hace 27 días
firefly stink bomb gun.
Cesar Mendonca
Cesar Mendonca Hace 28 días
Does lackey know that we’re in the middle of summer?
Help Me
Help Me Hace 28 días
5:27 he actually gets the flare gun thank me later
UK Leaked Music
UK Leaked Music Hace 27 días
Help Me no thanks I wanna watch the full vid
Sebastian Alvarez
Sebastian Alvarez Hace 28 días
i just noticed he has the old henchman skin from when season 2 started
Deanieeee94 Hace 28 días
Can I be in your next fashion show
Warzone_Clips Joshua
Warzone_Clips Joshua Hace 28 días
no the P90s have a glitch we’re the billets don’t penetrate
Kroubiq PL
Kroubiq PL Hace 28 días
UK Leaked Music
UK Leaked Music Hace 27 días
Kroubiq PL aim
நமசிவாய வாழ்க
நமசிவாய வாழ்க Hace 28 días
Hi brother how r u please please your help
pink tubby boi
pink tubby boi Hace 29 días
love ur vids
Jakie Person
Jakie Person Hace 29 días
Somebody else made a costom skin of Lachlan and the channel is trimix
Flaming Storm
Flaming Storm Hace 29 días
When he hits someone for 200 with a charge shotgun: “200 pump
Zevi 76
Zevi 76 Hace 12 horas
Yea rember the old gray pump back in chap 1 season 1 it hit max for 225
Royal Aidan
Royal Aidan Hace 27 días
rip pumps
Itzz Jaser
Itzz Jaser Hace 29 días
Copied Pubg
kayden graham
kayden graham Hace 29 días
kayden graham
kayden graham Hace 29 días
Lachy is a bot because the p90 is broken
ZPS_Ewor 173
ZPS_Ewor 173 Hace 29 días
I respect the time Lachy
Allen Bolina
Allen Bolina Hace 29 días
time to add a flamethrower
Alan Puchowski
Alan Puchowski Hace 29 días
Shoot it in the air
1,000 followers with no video
1,000 followers with no video Hace 29 días
Wow!!! Lol
Psychomcbeefy Hace 29 días
Pro tips how to get a kill with a flare gun Hit ur shots Hit ur shots Get good
Michelle Justice
Michelle Justice Hace 29 días
Lachlan, the point is always to have fun. Duh. ☺️
Felix K.
Felix K. Hace 29 días
Fortnite: * gets a flare gun * PUBG: Get a load of this guy
Josh Pope
Josh Pope Hace un mes
What skin was that
Hector Mercado
Hector Mercado Hace un mes
Lol lmao this guy couldn’t find this for five hours gee epic
Pls help I’m Trying to get 100 subs without a video
Pls help I’m Trying to get 100 subs without a video Hace un mes
Read name
eddie diaz
eddie diaz Hace un mes
nice content
Wiremu Perenara
Wiremu Perenara Hace un mes
the compact smg is broken.
Ibz ktv
Ibz ktv Hace un mes
"Who else went straight to the comments"😂 Thanks nexiph for commenting on my video
Matthew Sabogal
Matthew Sabogal Hace un mes
Casually comes across every Mythic item in one game
Shelina Trenado
Shelina Trenado Hace un mes
i find a flare gun in every chest I search
Edison Kwa
Edison Kwa Hace un mes
Me playing new fortnite season,Me getting purple smg Every game
Vivaan Nerali
Vivaan Nerali Hace un mes
A *NEW* Battle Royale Experience!
NEW *MYTHIC* Gun Game!
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