Forced to Close Down Bunker Branding??? Citywide Lock Down....

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mattdrdr.dr matt

James Cutrell
James Cutrell Hace 6 horas
My grandmother had died in 2018
Rudy Hinojosa
Rudy Hinojosa Hace 8 días
As always a good video even tho it wasn't much ur a good guy and good to entertain the fans hahaha hope your family abd your brothera family the best
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Hace 9 días
29°49'22.7"N 98°45'04.9"W
Ranstone Hace 15 días
Trying to grow my hair out, so I guess this is a good time...
Eric Bollman
Eric Bollman Hace 16 días
I've been following this guy for a long long time but somehow I missed what happened to his brother. Anybody help me out here?
luciann Hace 15 días
He passed away from cancer
Shane Yates
Shane Yates Hace 17 días
All the kids in Waverly Ohio well all of Ohio schools are out of school for the rest of the year so they won't be going back to school until the beginning of 2021 that is ridiculous all of these kids really needs their education and they really need to be in school learning
Seth Dunlap
Seth Dunlap Hace 19 días
That barber shop story is the most Texas thing I have ever heard!!!!! 🇺🇸
EdgarTheMeddler Hace 27 días
a drunk barber sounds dangerour lol
Your Editor
Your Editor Hace 27 días
They got so much spring break and I got 3 days ;-;
Nicholas Nielsen
Nicholas Nielsen Hace un mes
Eyes are a little puffy man, keep doing what you love, find your happiness
Bubba Smith
Bubba Smith Hace un mes
Glad to see you up and about and still have a positive view on life.
Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner Hace un mes
My deepest condolences to your family. Mark was a very funny and kind hearted person and he will be missed by all of us.
Martin Sprick
Martin Sprick Hace un mes
Ride it home buddy. Nobody gets out alive. Us included. Love ya Brother.
Samuel Elder
Samuel Elder Hace un mes
Gene Hasenbuhler
Gene Hasenbuhler Hace un mes
Well you still have online unless you got lazy!
Zakk Allen
Zakk Allen Hace un mes
wait ur a vet shout out to u are a awsome person
Mari Schaaf
Mari Schaaf Hace un mes
Do you have any off the Ranch t-shirts?
Roland Christanell
Roland Christanell Hace un mes
Am I the only one, who is wondering, why they have a german name? like "Hauptstrasse"
J_BUX Hace un mes
Your kids aren't doing online school like basically the whole country?
Wade Mock
Wade Mock Hace un mes
That's the most Texas thing I've heard sounds like a western drinking whiskey in the barbers shop including the barber
Terry Renner
Terry Renner Hace un mes
So is Renner Home Inspections
Layah White
Layah White Hace un mes
We’ve been closed for a month in California (silicon valley) and it’s been extended to mid May..... ugh!
Brenden Andringa
Brenden Andringa Hace un mes
I’m kinda late but I loved this video. Don’t apologize for nothing, you’re doing great Brother.
J Kong
J Kong Hace un mes
wow... brav.....e..i..diot...
Dale W
Dale W Hace un mes
A little off subject from this video.....You & Meredith are a great couple, and it is reflected in the kids too. Sorry, to hear about your recent challenges, but you all have great strength to make it through! And, if you ever get around to making Mere clones, I might be inclined to order one. 😁😁😁 Thank you for sharing your days and stories!!
Ron JL White
Ron JL White Hace un mes
New to the channel man and I'm sorry for the loss of your Brother. Sent here by Cleetus in a round about way. Seen you on the race roster and heard the news. I'll be tuned in and watchin.
Schylar Davis
Schylar Davis Hace un mes
Heads up TDLR ain’t no joke, those barbers could get in serious trouble and lose their licenses for performing those cuts.
Nicole Seago
Nicole Seago Hace un mes
I love what you're doing and everything but making a joke of this isn't cool.
Samantha Flynn
Samantha Flynn Hace un mes
Love the mark story💕
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Hace un mes
Matt... are you doing anything for FD's or firstrosponders? we are 2-3 of several Departments in our county doing anything Medical related... just thought i'd ask.
Devien Confer
Devien Confer Hace un mes
I like the school closings but as a senior I'm just a little bummed out that I won't be able to have prom or a proper graduation.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Hace un mes
My siblings have been out of school since three weeks ago
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy Hace un mes
Aren't u a preeper? U should be ready for all of this
Rudol Von Stroheim
Rudol Von Stroheim Hace un mes
Awesome yall like the descendents? Like the band?
Caity Murchison
Caity Murchison Hace un mes
In the future you should make fun scrubs and vet ranch scrubs too! I’m going to college for vet tech and I personally think it would b cool to see some of your fun ideas!!
Beard Bro
Beard Bro Hace un mes
Grow your beard out already! We all want to see it!!!
Beard Bro
Beard Bro Hace un mes
R.i.p. Mark we all love him and keep the bunker branding going if the government says no, Then you should say go. Freedom isn't free you have to fight for it!
Dak_ Evil
Dak_ Evil Hace un mes
Howdy from the trucker side of things!
Whit Runion
Whit Runion Hace un mes
Dude, thank you for posting these videos. For all of us in SA that religiously watch are bringing much needed comfort. These are hard times that you and your bride are walking through with us. My wife Annette and I always watch your videos together and it always makes us smile.
Dave Stump
Dave Stump Hace un mes
I really hope you feel support from your subscribers! I had stage 4 non- hodgkin's lymphoma but I'm in remission for now, I also have some other issues, sjogrens syndrome, hypertension, etc...I can't imagine the pain and discomfort Mark was having to endure! He was strong until the very end actually, it's the very beginning for him! You all are in my prayers! BE SAFE, GOD BLESS!🇺🇲🙏❤
nicholas langevin
nicholas langevin Hace un mes
We understand....🤜
Levi Rissler
Levi Rissler Hace un mes
Just gave two different hospitals your info Matt get to work! lol
Collin Crow
Collin Crow Hace un mes
Sorry for ur loss I don’t u , or ur family personally but y’all seem to be so normal in all the best ways and not perfect but I feel like that’s what makes ur channel perfect bc no matter what u care abt everyone and rlly do spread a positive message
Terrance Kellogg
Terrance Kellogg Hace un mes
Thoughts and prayers Carriker family.
Jeff Lovett
Jeff Lovett Hace un mes
That is bull$&!# land of the free but we are aloud to leave our homes
penny davis
penny davis Hace un mes
OffTheRanch....I started out about a month ago watching Mark's Videos and I really loved them so I liked and subbed to your Channel today. :) God Bless You and Your whole Family. Love Your Dad.....Ya'll stay safe...Much Love From Ohio
Isaak Velazquez
Isaak Velazquez Hace un mes
Rest In Peace Mr mark. He will be missed.
Y YIII Hace un mes
Good to see your family is well! Our condolences to your family! One thing, home schooling children is easy. My wife home schooled her four children, two girls & two boys. Now, One daughter is a nurse with 4 children, the other is a stay home mom with 2 boys, one son has 7 years with the United States Air Force with two girls & the other works local no children. All three with children home school and love it. Parents need to love, raise and teach their children. Guess what if you teach them there will be no one to blame if they are struggling or not doing what they are supposed to do. Most parents use public school as a babysitter for their children and blame the school for problems. Some are in private schools, they are a lot better than public because the parents have more of a say in what their children are learning and involved with. Parents just be parents, if you did not want to love, raise or teach your children then you should not have had them. God Bless everyone!
Rob B
Rob B Hace un mes
Make face masks please!
lightning Hace un mes
Gathering those people for the hair cuts was really really stupid. You're gonna have death on your hands if any of those people get the virus
Cody G
Cody G Hace un mes
lightning consider this, the flu kills 30k-80k Americans a year at around 1% death rate, if coronavirus transmittal more and has a higher death rate approx 3% as of now, assume 240k Americans die every year. Heart disease kills over 750k Americans every year...
Michael Atkin
Michael Atkin Hace un mes
You don't have to explain or apologize
Fishingdadjimmy Hace un mes
How can I get more info on the scrubs
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez Hace un mes
God bless!!!
llIlIllIllIllIlI lIllIIlIllIlIllI
llIlIllIllIllIlI lIllIIlIllIlIllI Hace un mes
You should make a video on all your channels about bunker branding printing corona virus supplies to people and other businesses that could use them.
Jonathan Llaneras
Jonathan Llaneras Hace un mes
I mean I couldn’t come up with better ideas
Curtis Francisco
Curtis Francisco Hace un mes
My sister's clinic could use some she has a vet clinic here on the rez her clinic is called Native Healing LLC
Gillian Silvester
Gillian Silvester Hace un mes
My the police here in 🇬🇧 are beinga bit OTT. So havebwen told to cool it a bit. We understand why you haven't been on . And having your hair cut here, is a no no, 2 meters have to observed between people at all times, if they're not immediate family from your household. Stay safe.
Ryan Braunstein
Ryan Braunstein Hace un mes
Can you make masks? I think it would be great for your branding.
Cole Roth
Cole Roth Hace un mes
Please teach us how to make a proper mask
PapaLuLa Hace un mes
Matt buddy, I love your family and this channel but you spend 10 minutes talking about the lockdowns and demonstrating a basic knowledge about how germs work, then you go (quote from Tropic Thunder...not a word I normally use) "Full retard" with the barbershop idea. SMH
Oh h yea yea oh yea yea oh yea yea oh yea yea Oof
Oh h yea yea oh yea yea oh yea yea oh yea yea Oof Hace un mes
please be safe man we all love your videos and take it slow.
John M
John M Hace un mes
Matt govenor Abbott said today all texas schools closed till may 4th. #DontTellMere
Punt Hace un mes
Good luck with everything that’s going on. 👍
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. Hace un mes
OK,how many people are WAY overdue for their hair cut? I can do some of it solo,but not the way that my favorite lady does it.I'll have a mullet B-4 long.
Sam Preston
Sam Preston Hace un mes
In my province in Canada if your told to self isolate(stay at home for 14 days) usually due to contact with an infected person or being out of province/country and you refuse/neglect to self isolate they can fine you 1000$ then 2000$ and if a third time 10,000$
Byron Mitchell
Byron Mitchell Hace un mes
Just wanted to say im sorry for the lost of your friend and your brother i used to watch all your vids all the time just been hitting rough patches in my life
James Miles
James Miles Hace un mes
Is all the mural stuff in bunker 1.0 gonna go into bunker 2.0??
seraphechelon01 Hace un mes
Hold strong brother and stay safe. Btw... question... I got one of the TP come and take shirts... why is the collar on yours soooo much thicker and flat? Mine is skinny and drunk af. Keep the faith and family close. Bless you guys.
Coty C
Coty C Hace un mes
I just got my toilet paper shirt in yesterday.
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Hace un mes
Matt, its the first time that I downvoted one of your videos. Its shocking too see that you don’t take this COVID 19 pandemic serious. You not only lost my subscription but also my respect.
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