Fooled Around and Fell in Love

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Listen to “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” by Miranda Lambert featuring Maren Morris, Elle King, Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes and Caylee Hammack:
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Debbie Spence
Debbie Spence Hace un día
LOVE it!!!!!
thomas roberson
thomas roberson Hace 3 días
I’m old school rock and roll. That was FANTASTIC.
mary blackwell
mary blackwell Hace 4 días
Blake's a freaking idiot's will be just like johnny cash without miranda die an old and lonely man serves him right stupid is what stupid does
Troy Upshaw
Troy Upshaw Hace 4 días
Not Elvin Bishop, but not bad. Not bad.
Jeremy Wagner
Jeremy Wagner Hace 7 días
Love it Miranda Lambert can pull anything off adding Ashley McBride to it was just awesome way to go ladies
Nananananannana Hace 8 días
The red haired girl is way better than all the others put together.
Teresa Outlaw
Teresa Outlaw Hace 8 días
Can't stop listening to this. Elle King's blues/raspy voice is AWESOME!
Teddy TeoSanto
Teddy TeoSanto Hace 10 días
Great job all gave this song a much better Country edge than it already had !
Brandi Schacke
Brandi Schacke Hace 10 días
If you're going have women sing the song it should have been changed I must have had a million guys sing it from a woman's point of view not a man's it would have been a better fit.... I definitely would have bought the song...
Brian Eller
Brian Eller Hace 10 días
Epic songs never die, they just keep getting re-recorded - Goodnight Mickey Thomas and Elvin Bishop, wherever you are!!!
WESTON KNIGHT Hace 11 días
hungry for truth
hungry for truth Hace 11 días
WOW....LOVED IT ....
AS Hace 11 días
I love you Susan ❤️
Sheri Lynne
Sheri Lynne Hace 12 días
Omg amazing as always!!!!!
KAREN BROWN Hace 12 días
Miranda you rock David from Detroit 🙏🌠
Sherrie Alexander
Sherrie Alexander Hace 13 días
This is her song she fooled around and she fell in love with Brendon
PandaSkye Hace 13 días
Best Cover Ever!
Heather Mcteer
Heather Mcteer Hace 14 días
Amazing collaboration❤❤❤❤
Hydrick Hendricks
Hydrick Hendricks Hace 14 días
i thought this would be just a boring cover, but my oh my! Stunning!!!
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson Hace 15 días
Thank you ladies for an absolutely incredible rendition of this song! Standing ovation- thunderous applause- showering the performers with dozens and dozens of roses in appreciation( not a bad trick for one fella, eh?). Amazing job
R.D. Sheldon
R.D. Sheldon Hace 15 días
Elvin would be proud
R.D. Sheldon
R.D. Sheldon Hace 15 días
Judee Taylor
Judee Taylor Hace 15 días
Serious cannot get that much talent on a stage for less then a billion!
Steve2 Me
Steve2 Me Hace 16 días
I have a smile
Belle Beglinger
Belle Beglinger Hace 16 días
Quarantine jams am I right
T.L. Engle
T.L. Engle Hace 16 días
Thank you for keeping the song the way it was written. Outstanding performance young ladies.
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams Hace 17 días
This is my absolute favorite song ❤️👍
Sara Sounds
Sara Sounds Hace 17 días
This is awesome 🙌
Timothy Forsythe
Timothy Forsythe Hace 17 días
This is good but why did they bill it as Miranda Lambert since it is a trio of talented young women?
T.L. Engle
T.L. Engle Hace 17 días
Dillon Burt
Dillon Burt Hace 18 días
Some of the best female voices doing it today. Elle King is the Alpha in this group of badasses!
C. Galin
C. Galin Hace 18 días
Jodi Cassidy
Jodi Cassidy Hace 18 días
Wow! Absolutely amazing!!
Stephen Mattison
Stephen Mattison Hace 19 días
Elle King ftw on this track!!! Amazing!!
John Lee
John Lee Hace 19 días
As much as i love Maren and Miranda! Elle is just mind blowing!! I first saw her on Live From Daryl's House! Wow what a group!!!
shogun 012
shogun 012 Hace 19 días
they should have changed the pronouns, song would make more sense.
Bluntly Blondie
Bluntly Blondie Hace 20 días
Such a great harmony of so many great voices.
Tina Howard
Tina Howard Hace 21 un día
Women kicking Ass. Hope they win the Award on the ACMs . Garth Brooks better not win it.
Jeff White
Jeff White Hace 21 un día
Sarah Trimble
Sarah Trimble Hace 21 un día
Elle King reminds me so much of Joe Cocker here 😭😭
Jimmie Spurlin
Jimmie Spurlin Hace 22 días
Just WOW!! Got chills. Great memories.
Rod Daniels
Rod Daniels Hace 26 días
They sound great together
Jeanie Thompson
Jeanie Thompson Hace 27 días
Great job, Girls!
Jamy Parworth
Jamy Parworth Hace un mes
I JUST looked up the original 2 days ago and THIS popped up! The BOMB girls! Touche! 💕💰💕
Stacy Cakes
Stacy Cakes Hace un mes
So glad they included Elle in this amazing line up, she deserves to be recognized, I feel like she's been underrated and over looked for too long.
Larry Canupp
Larry Canupp Hace un mes
Generic. If one cannot "top" the original song, or change it in such a way that it becomes a new song, then don't waste my time. Very pedestrian sounding. Oh, and.... you should have not broken Blake's heart!
Kat Bowl
Kat Bowl Hace un mes
@Larry Canupp Stale performance? Nonsense. You must just be plain deaf.
Larry Canupp
Larry Canupp Hace un mes
​@Kat Bowl You must be vocabulary deaf. You don't understand what, "tone" is. I didn't say anything about Miranda's tonality. She has fantastic tone and I love her voice. I just don't like HOW she sang the song. It was too close to the original and her performance was stale.
Kat Bowl
Kat Bowl Hace un mes
You must be tone deaf.
Barbara Earley
Barbara Earley Hace un mes
Love this
Anne brien
Anne brien Hace un mes
We love you Miranda.❣🇨🇦
Steve2 Me
Steve2 Me Hace un mes
This is me but didn't know
Steve Reed
Steve Reed Hace un mes
This reaffirms just how good Micky Thomas does this song.
sherri collins
sherri collins Hace un mes
Wow!! You girls blow it away. Amazing 👍
Vanessa Sears
Vanessa Sears Hace un mes
Erin Allen
Erin Allen Hace un mes
Absolutely love this!
Juan Antonio Vargas
Juan Antonio Vargas Hace un mes
Dedicación a las porras, que andan dando lástima por las calles ...
SWA SWA HANK Hace un mes
I'm still waiting I've loved you forever girl you and your voice are what dreams are made of your a cowboys dream
Well they censored my comments from a few days ago. Why? Nothing bad was said. Do they not appreciate comments from the cloth??
Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets
Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets Hace un mes
This is really great. Literally can't stop watching this video. As a video editor myself, I find it amazing how they were able to string together so many different takes. There are obvious flaws, like how some of the solo singers' voices don't match up to the videos. Also, the guitar solo was strung together from at least 2 takes. At 2:18, you can hear the note slide up being blended together from two audio tracks. Same guitarist, same guitar, just two different takes of the same solo melded together. Nonetheless, I don't think it detracts from the magic of this many talented musicians in one room playing a great rendition of a classic song.
Raulz Nero
Raulz Nero Hace un mes
Wow, beautiful ladies and beautiful voices!
Thomas Eiden
Thomas Eiden Hace un mes
Elvin Bishop must have her in his dm's lmao love this song
Cindy Viana
Cindy Viana Hace un mes
Amazing collaboration. Love the way they added they touch.
The Natster
The Natster Hace un mes
Miranda can I just say: Entertainer of the Year!!!! Yes it's time!!!!!
Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan Hace un mes
Very cool !
judy gentry
judy gentry Hace un mes
judy gentry
judy gentry Hace un mes
curt Last
curt Last Hace un mes
Just perfect! Well done! So much tallent in one area! Please do another!
M C Hace un mes
Spectacular rendition of this Great old song by Elvin!! Miranda and rest of band etc are Terrific!!!
Todd Clark
Todd Clark Hace un mes
Yes i did yes i did lord help me.
So true
So true Hace un mes
빨간팬티요정 Hace un mes
kevin sakakeesic
kevin sakakeesic Hace un mes
I just fell in love with all the lovely ladies...
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