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We don't make the rules: Paul HAS to marry his mother-in-law! 'I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson' is now streaming.
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Tim Robinson's Focus Group Sketch | I Think You Should Leave w/ Tim Robinson | Netflix Is A Joke
There is no such thing as an ordinary interaction in this offbeat sketch comedy series that features a deep roster of guest stars.

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Anicodeaufo 59
Anicodeaufo 59 Hace 3 días
I love how the room turns on Paul. Fuck Paul.
sky Hace 4 días
the fucking dab... lollll
Joe West
Joe West Hace 5 días
I watch this once a month. Sometimes twice.
Shift4g Hace 7 días
Why the heck is this on YT but not Loaded Nachos?!
DGneoseeker1 Hace 7 días
Wait... how can you marry your mother in law without it being bigamy and therefore not a legal marriage?
Mitchell Rhodes
Mitchell Rhodes Hace 9 días
Oh nice!
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Hace 9 días
God I hate paul
Adam M
Adam M Hace 10 días
This is fucking terrible. Why did so many people tell me to watch this?
TheSpiritOfTheTimes Hace 9 días
You are a moron adam
abitucker Hace 12 días
i quote this video daily
Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez Hace 13 días
I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching this. The man's facial expressions, his tone, the way he taunts Paul. I love all of it.
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford Hace 19 días
xPorsum Hace 20 días
I have netflix but I prefer watching these on youtube because I keep getting the urge to scroll down to the comments section which doesn't exist on that platform
Raj Dutta
Raj Dutta Hace 23 días
216 people love their mother in law
Games Cubes
Games Cubes Hace 24 días
The show was is fucking golden
IamSpacedad Hace 25 días
The actor playing the old man in this is Ruben Rabasa - an experienced veteran actor who has been in tons of stuff since the late 70s. He does normally have an accent, but he's playing it up even more than usual for this sketch. He's fantastic and steals the show of the whole series for good reason - his comic timing is impeccable.
Katt Esperanza
Katt Esperanza Hace 23 días
Thank youuuuu 🥰
Gordy McKaig
Gordy McKaig Hace 26 días
You can use this in any circumstance: "a good __ that doesn't __ off when __ "
Gordy McKaig
Gordy McKaig Hace 26 días
He admit it!!
Leebo6666 Hace 27 días
213 people LOVE their mother-in-laws.
Roberto Anglero
Roberto Anglero Hace 28 días
I remember watching the old man on sábado gigante when he was younger. I’m talking late 80s and early 90s. I know he’s Cuban but I can’t remember his name
Travis Vogel
Travis Vogel Hace 29 días
*you have no good car ideaaaaaasssss*
Derik Kraft
Derik Kraft Hace un mes
This is low key one of the best comedy sketches ever. "You flinched with the bottle paul"
ziroth12 Hace un mes
just off the rails enough to be hysterical but not so much to be incoherent. brilliant sketch. the old man needs more work
Evan Brailey
Evan Brailey Hace un mes
You yourself, admitted yourself, that you suck
Joe West
Joe West Hace un mes
It’s been 3 months and I’m back to say this is still the greatest 3mins of television in history.
Charlie Burris
Charlie Burris Hace un mes
Freaking love this series!! Have watched them all like 10 times, showing everyone i know. My favorite is the date night fully loaded nachos. " i was going up there to complain about the rule"? Lolololol
Rudy Requeno
Rudy Requeno Hace un mes
OMG He admit it. PAUL sucks!
TMo Hace un mes
What does the old guy say at 1:17? Digispec? The captioning says "teacher's pet". Haha.
TMo Hace un mes
@Jeric White lol. Makes sense now. Started the confrontation between the two.
Jeric White
Jeric White Hace un mes
TMo he did say teacher's pet haha
Mark Extra
Mark Extra Hace un mes
This sketch is actually brilliant. Ford had to recall steering wheels that were detaching while people were driving. The premise is that someone requesting a steering wheel that doesnt whiff out the window while driving is ridiculous but its actually true!
dfnkjaws Hace un mes
Somebody please give this old man his own show....
winkoman3 Hace un mes
Why do I feel like I've been Paul in a situation like this before?
FijiUnited Hace un mes
nwo foe
nwo foe Hace un mes
the Government has you watching this garbage while they steal and murder their way through the world.
nwo foe
nwo foe Hace 15 días
I'm not Paul. And I'm not leaving just yet.
Bernard O'Leary
Bernard O'Leary Hace 15 días
Shut up Paul
Alejandro Simian
Alejandro Simian Hace un mes
The old man is Will Forte in make up and no one can convince me otherwise
Alejandro Simian
Alejandro Simian Hace un mes
@zack viola I know. I'm just saying he looks like will forte in old man makeup. Jokes
zack viola
zack viola Hace un mes
@Alejandro Simian the old guy in this skit is played by Ruben Rabasa, a cuban actor... hence then accent
Alejandro Simian
Alejandro Simian Hace un mes
@zack viola what? Yes, I know he also played an old man in a different sketch
zack viola
zack viola Hace un mes
different sketch
Jared S
Jared S Hace un mes
Tadhg Lattimore
Tadhg Lattimore Hace un mes
Almost forgot to watch this today...
cpcampbell3 Hace un mes
I live for this sketch. None of of my friends like it/ understand it. They probably love there mother in law.
steph r
steph r Hace 22 días
I couldn't stop laughing. I can't to use some of these lines in an actual meeting. Might be my favorite sketch. Teacher's pet!
Michael L
Michael L Hace un mes
It’s my favourite sketch in years
mudbreedman79 Hace un mes
I have played it so many times, my wife is reciting it in my face, but we replace "car" with "......" ideas.
Brian David
Brian David Hace un mes
cpcampbell3 203 people love their mother in law
Najá Kreisman
Najá Kreisman Hace un mes
bones are their money worms are their dollars
Katt Esperanza
Katt Esperanza Hace 10 días
they'll pull your hair up, but not out
gabe Hace un mes
imagine thinking this is funny. this is the dumbest shit ive ever seen
John II
John II Hace un mes
Luke Draper
Luke Draper Hace un mes
Okay, this car is everything!
Erik Wade
Erik Wade Hace un mes
Ah he totally flinched!
L. Lovingood
L. Lovingood Hace 2 meses
This is quite honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I quote it daily which makes no sense to anyone and have watched it at least 40 times. Who’s the most popular now Paul? 😂
Subzero PandaZ
Subzero PandaZ Hace 2 meses
you flinched at the water bottle so now you have to marry your mother-in-law
wicklanderzulawski Hace 2 meses
The first time I saw this sketch, it didn't do anything for me. But once I keyed in on the line "Who is the most popular now, Paul?" and the idea of this guy having to totally overcompensate because he can't hang in the focus group and how easily he can sway the other grown adults into acting like middle schoolers, it hit more for me.
Jack Ward
Jack Ward Hace 2 meses
Best scene in a very underrated show
mbolduc Hace 2 meses
This show is fuckin' genius
trick morris
trick morris Hace 2 meses
Can someone please tell me who plays paul
Ajot Hace 2 meses
Wini :P
Juan McLean
Juan McLean Hace 2 meses
This is the best. I shit the bed every time I watch it
CurlyFries Hace 2 meses
The real message is to get a good steering wheel that doesn’t fly off while you’re driving
glassandtv Hace 2 meses
LeaveDenbyAlone Hace 2 meses
I lost it when he dabbed.
BariLax Hace 2 meses
I'm confused, was that supposed to be funny?
BariLax Hace 2 meses
What a spectacular failure.
LeaveDenbyAlone Hace 2 meses
Yes, dumby.
Dan Hauer
Dan Hauer Hace 2 meses
It's been over a month now. I'll bet Paul is going to bed every night with his mother-in-law next to him and thinking, "Why, oh why, did I flinch when he landed that bottle?"
lazlo lazlo
lazlo lazlo Hace 2 meses
XD random
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford Hace 2 meses
Who is the most poplular now, ppPPPpaaaaaauuuhhH
The Friend of Many Squirrels
The Friend of Many Squirrels Hace 2 meses
Shut up Paul
Kyle Brouwn
Kyle Brouwn Hace 2 meses
Thanks dan avidan for recommending this, it was pretty funny
dynaboyj L.
dynaboyj L. Hace 2 meses
I never noticed before that Paul never actually says his name? The old guy just goes “Shut up, Paul” and everyone rolls with it
Mitch Hace 2 meses
177 people love their mother-in-law
roger niccoli
roger niccoli Hace 2 meses
I actually do
itsmececilzz Hace 2 meses
somehow, despite the fact that this sketch is full of adults discussing a product that is only usable by adults, Tim Robinson managed to perfectly encapsulate sixth graders and I’m here for it
swagzilla3000 Hace 2 meses
Where did they find this gem of a man
Darediafol Hace 2 meses
Change the thumbnail idiots, don't give away part of the punchline
Bruno Giambroni
Bruno Giambroni Hace 2 meses
Best sketch on the show
Shane Hernandez-Garcia
Shane Hernandez-Garcia Hace 2 meses
I bet Paul likes cars that are big and have slippery steering wheels
Dan Hauer
Dan Hauer Hace 2 meses
He probably bought the car that already had his mother-in-law in it.
Jack Nix
Jack Nix Hace 2 meses
Paul Sucks!! His car would probably have a steering wheel that slips out of his hands when driving
sama flame
sama flame Hace un mes
Uh no. You got it wrong. I’d be embarrassed and delete that comment.
Dan Hauer
Dan Hauer Hace 2 meses
Is that what the genius old man was saying? I thought he was talking about a steering wheel that flies out of the car, never to be found again.
Marcello Abbate
Marcello Abbate Hace 2 meses
A GREAT steering wheel that does not whiff out of the window while I'm driving!
Anicodeaufo 59
Anicodeaufo 59 Hace 3 días
RIP Joergen Oh nice!
Brad Lacke
Brad Lacke Hace 5 días
Esteering WHEEL
RIP Joergen
RIP Joergen Hace 14 días
I wrote it down
Martin Hogg
Martin Hogg Hace 2 meses
That is a good idea!
Shakra Hace 2 meses
I love how the bottle flip was the deciding factor that makes everybody lose their shit. "HE LANDED IT AND YOU FLINCHED, YOU HAVE TO MARRY YOUR MOTHER IN LAW!!!!"
SuperComicFanboy 616
SuperComicFanboy 616 Hace 2 meses
I for one think Paul has no good ideas and has to marry his mother in law.
djslinkk Hace 2 meses
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