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On today’s episode The Champs chop it up with legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The only boxer in the history of the sport with a record of 50-0, Floyd sits down with the Champs and talks about his boxing history and much more!
Stories of his battles with Connor McGregor, Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, just to name a few, Money Mayweather beat them all! As he breaks down his battles inside the ring Floyd also talks about his battles outside the ropes.
In this episode Floyd opens up on how influential his Father has been to his career and how he evolved from “Pretty Boy” Floyd to “Money” Mayweather.
As we play another game of “Quick Time with Slime”, Floyd clears up rumors about T.I. and his relationship with 50 Cent. Money Mayweather gives us that mogul talk, discussing his business ventures with HBO and Showtime, and creating the ever popular shows “24/7” and “All Access”, respectively.
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Ina_ Ahmed
Ina_ Ahmed Hace un hora
Wooah he said I kick ass for a living
Dave Freeman
Dave Freeman Hace 3 horas
Floyd ethered ti
053gekketurk Hace 9 horas
this guy is a legend, an inspiration, TBE wish we could enjoy longer of your fights champ!
ayyan ch
ayyan ch Hace 15 horas
Floyd "MONEY"Meaweather Is The Besr Ever To Walk The Boxing Ring Hands Down " MONEY" "TBE" " After " MOHAMMAD ALI" Hands Down History Hes Best To Ever Walk Boxing Ring Ever TBE ALI
Armando Hectic
Armando Hectic Hace 16 horas
So you can't root against him Cause he's black is BS! What does it matter WHAT HE IS!! He's a FIGHTER AND A PERSON! Just because I don't like him as a fighter, it doesn't automatically mean I'm going to dislike him as a person. Supporting someone just because of ethnicity is a form of racist view.
Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson Hace 20 horas
My thing is this Floyd is one of the My things is this why do people my thing is this nore be cutting my thing is this what the dude just came my thing is this I dt know what I was gonna say
Marcus Sopris
Marcus Sopris Hace 22 horas
Showing love to denver ayyye
Makaveli Ridah
Makaveli Ridah Hace un día
Floyd u didn't prove you were the best lol. You faked retirements to avoid the best prime fighters in WW for years. Avoided Williams,Margarito,Winky,PRIME Cotto,younger Mosley,Pacquiao 2009-2012,Martinez 154lb. Floyd you already got your ass beat by Castillo lol.
IamAski Hace un día
Floyd Is the mf G O A T 💯 He made me work harder in the gym, I go back and watch his old fights and hbo specials so much. Him Lebron and Kobe are without a doubt my favorite athletes all time 👑👑👑
Lutab Awan
Lutab Awan Hace un día
Floyd Good Boxer that’s all 50 & 0 . And showman businessman that’s all but No Class , G That’s all
Scott Cherry
Scott Cherry Hace un día
NORE is a d@@k eater
Chadrick Hill
Chadrick Hill Hace un día
Str8 G! 🐐👑
Hakim Smith
Hakim Smith Hace un día
thefozzbots Hace un día
If it was so easy then fight Spence or Terrence.
Blackdyno47 Gaming
Blackdyno47 Gaming Hace un día
Mayweather was getting contact from N.O.R.E.
thefozzbots Hace un día
Can't think of one thing McGregor said that was racist. It's all B.S.
Naveed Mughal
Naveed Mughal Hace un día
Nore got a bag when this is was over.
WHAT'SNEW Hace un día
I'm 52mins in and haven't got 1 Jewel yet. Enough already!
Pepsta Lynn
Pepsta Lynn Hace un día
Lmao at 52:15. The way Nore pouring that drink. Lmao.
Pepsta Lynn
Pepsta Lynn Hace un día
Floyd: "My thing is this....." Nore: "Gottdammitt make some noise."
MotherTouching-Ninjas Hace un día
Nore always got his tounge in someone ass. He looks at Floyd like he don't like him but his mouth says different .
J.R. Spliff 212
J.R. Spliff 212 Hace 12 horas
Lol what?
JS2000 Hace 2 días
Did you fuck make Larry Merchant resign - LMFAO! Merchant retired after 35 years broadcasting and being 81 years of age.
C Gus
C Gus Hace 2 días
Floyd flossing for his kids and that's cool. Make sure you have that security for them too all that 300K watch talk. Some things should be kept private
Mannyak Hace 2 días
I can’t stand this self centered piece of shit
Ibrahim Kebbeh
Ibrahim Kebbeh Hace 2 días
I’ve always liked Floyd as a boxer but after watching this whole interview made me like as a person. He’s so mature 💯
Eliziah Evans
Eliziah Evans Hace 2 días
Nore drunk
UK STRAINS Hace 2 días
Floyd Mayweather I live like a king I eat a feast everyday When I leave the table I Don't give a **** who gets the letf Overs. 💯
DPLOADING 3 Hace 2 días
Subscribe to my channel channel for bangers
André Carreira de Figueiredo
André Carreira de Figueiredo Hace 2 días
This is the most immature, annoying and obnoxious idiotic interviewer I've ever had to stomach.
Maize St John
Maize St John Hace 2 días
If u gotta stress You got a sharp mind.. maybe not so much my guy
Vukosi Mashaba
Vukosi Mashaba Hace 2 días
Nore: Floyd what’s your favorite meal Floy: my thing is this 😂😂😂
C Gus
C Gus Hace 2 días
10 minutes in....Im not sure if I can listen to Floyd for 2 hrs....He talks a bit scatter-brained to me man
sportinlife jones
sportinlife jones Hace 3 días
Funny thing is fat a- racist losers and pactards bought Floyd all those Bugatti’s and a rock star lifestyle and they’re too dumb to realize it. Lol. Floyd got nothing but love for the haters. Those idiots made him who he is 😂😂😂😂😂
christopher paul
christopher paul Hace 3 días
I just watched a lot of documentaries about Floyd and I gotta say I had no idea that boy was that good..... if I ever had a problem with his lifestyle, let me humble myself and say that I was wrong and that he deserves to talk every shit in the world and do with his money whatever the fuck he pleases. That man is a legend and a true champ
Gass Central
Gass Central Hace 3 días
Floyd: im not going to dress like im 21 ...... Im going to dress like a rich toddler!
IzmSkizm1 Hace 3 días
“So many of our ancestors died reacting without thinking”🐐👑
Jermaine Foster
Jermaine Foster Hace 3 días
Lol having one is too close to none 😂
Rogerio Branco
Rogerio Branco Hace 3 días
The GOAT giving up some jewles here
King david Archer
King david Archer Hace 3 días
It’s funny how you guys laughing when keeps saying ‘my thing is this’ but you should know this is a person who believes in himself 💯 and very focused and see where he is at now.
Yougotit Boss
Yougotit Boss Hace 4 días
“ Having one is too close to having nun.” Free game
Yougotit Boss
Yougotit Boss Hace 2 días
BadLinkUpLiveStream x mother of your kids different from your girlfriend. I know that much, but it wasn’t his current female.
BadLinkUpLiveStream x
BadLinkUpLiveStream x Hace 2 días
Yougotit Boss mother of his 3 kids, plus his ig says different
Yougotit Boss
Yougotit Boss Hace 3 días
BadLinkUpLiveStream x that wasn’t his girl.
BadLinkUpLiveStream x
BadLinkUpLiveStream x Hace 3 días
Yougotit Boss ask him that now that his girl passed away
Jeremy Patterson
Jeremy Patterson Hace 4 días
Nore acting like a damn groupie
Family Fun Time Adventure & Toy reviews
Family Fun Time Adventure & Toy reviews Hace 4 días
I love Floyd but he is not attraction..He has to fight fighters that have a huge fan base already..his last fight he fought waa Andre burto only had 300k ppv...He can not sell a fight by himself..
Who AreYou
Who AreYou Hace 4 días
Floyd "My thing is this" Mayweather pop yo shit my boy but DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER FIGHT YOU WILL LOSE
DJ chuck GURU
DJ chuck GURU Hace 4 días
Dobie Stud
Dobie Stud Hace 4 días
Sweetie pie 3
Sweetie pie 3 Hace 4 días
Try the sucker punchin running mentality in octagon---chickebird runner
jasonrich4664 Hace 4 días
Mayweather comes across corny yo.. without the money a boring character
Angel Rosario
Angel Rosario Hace 4 días
This dude is about to suck Mayweather's dick. I know you are in the present of greatness, but brother you doing too much ass kissing. Never put man on a pedestal because you will get disappointed. Peace!
Chi-town Father
Chi-town Father Hace 4 días
Angel Rosario and dude will kick your azz in real life.
I I Hace 5 días
Floyd speak some jewels here ..100
Duncan Muchina
Duncan Muchina Hace 5 días
Good interview but it’s better not to keep on interrupting as TBE speaks. Earlier in the interview Mayweather was on the verge of disclosing what really transpired between him and Bob Arum when he was discussing how he wanted to be promoted in black, white affluent and Latino areas but he got interrupted and taken on another trajectory. The information he didn’t give was very important.
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran Hace 5 días
Hate him or love him, Money May Money is a wizard in the ring!!! Money has skills that pays the bills
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese Hace 5 días
This is the worst sound on ESwomen, is this a podcast?
Sweetie pie 3
Sweetie pie 3 Hace 5 días
i wouldnt pay weather for a car rental
Da1anOnlySavegeStillLivingBlueDcUptown 2020
Da1anOnlySavegeStillLivingBlueDcUptown 2020 Hace 5 días
“ this is the thing “ “my thing is this “
Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan Hace 5 días
God exist; I’m a witness ✊🏿
Kofi Afrikan
Kofi Afrikan Hace 6 días
The best of all time.
Lanette Williams
Lanette Williams Hace 6 días
He is talking all about self nothing about other and again what about the Water.....
Lanette Williams
Lanette Williams Hace 6 días
What about the water problem Floyd
Lanette Williams
Lanette Williams Hace 6 días
He will not about the water problem y not because he don't care. Get this clown out off your show.
Houston Texas
Houston Texas Hace 6 días
They should interview canelo
What Up
What Up Hace 6 días
You stay retired pussy. You old and your perfect record would be over
👑RichardTheGreat Hace 6 días
Love him,or fucking hate him,I have never EVER lost a bet with Floyd. He made me 10s of thousands of dollars. #TBE #TMT #50-0
ruhel miah
ruhel miah Hace 6 días
Man duck amir Khan full stop
Cru Hace 6 días
Love the feed but aye check this out
Sage Sarabia
Sage Sarabia Hace 6 días
Floyd gained some weight
kingchitown45 Hace 7 días
What’s the name of the drink there talking about at 2:10:30 ??????
Kevin Wares
Kevin Wares Hace 7 días
You have lost your mind bro, first hes not even at the same level of Jordan or Mohammed Ali. Floyd is good but hes not the greatest fighter of all time .Hes not at the same level of them. Ortiz beat him up until he sucker punched him, Maidana beat him fair and square but didn't get the bout. Floyd buys his fights and the fighters that fight him. Floyd being the greatest boxer is the same as if you called yourself the beat rapper lol which you are not, you know it , I know it and the world knows it.
Business Apparel Tv
Business Apparel Tv Hace 7 días
raymond3165 Hace 7 días
Mayweather is growing as a person. He has become understanding of struggle as a people. They say he's arrogant! No....he's just that good of a boxer. It has nothing to do with life situations. We appreciate cha bro. I'ma rep you till the wheels fall off. "Be strong"
Boss Man
Boss Man Hace 7 días
This was actually a pretty great interview
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