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In 2016 a Florida man attempted to run from Boca Raton, FL to Bermuda in a home-made, inflatable plastic bubble. Reza Baluchi had been warned by the Coast Guard that any efforts to attempt his journey would be futile and result in severe legal and financial retribution. However, Reza’s convictions and ambition left him undeterred by such threats - he’d been waiting his whole life to do this and nothing was going to stop him. This is the story of that fateful journey as told by the man who attempted it.
To donate to Reza's new bubble, visit: gf.me/u/xg6bpy
Watch our follow-up interview with Reza: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-_8WToJs5bwQ.html
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VICE Hace 28 días
For more information about Reza’s charity projects, visit: www.runwithreza.org/
Don Juan
Don Juan Hace 6 días
Dear Reza and anyone ignorant enough to support him: He will never make it. The design of his craft, the coastal winds, and the lack of substantive propulsion makes his journey entirely impossible. His "hydropod", is a poorly thought out contraption. He cannot go fast enough to compete with ocean currents and winds that, in both attempts, pushed him Southwest rather than his intended direction Northeast. This man is obscenely ignorant and actually thinks he can do this. He thinks that he was "stopped" by the Coast guard and "impeded" in his "journey", when the truth is that he never traveled anywhere. He was carried by tidal currents until he was over near the edge of the coastal continental shelf, and was then pulled by the very OBVIOUS and WIDELY known tradewinds, and currents South. He never "traveled" anywhere under his own power. I commend his free spirit, and his want to explore but his thought process about the whole thing is lacking the most basic of commonsense. Learn how to sail, to navigate, and most importantly get someone who understands boat design to engineer your vessel. Some welded aluminum struts, basketballs and a large inflatable pool toy is going to get you to Bermuda?...Da fuq? Then the dude takes umbridge with people who had to spend in excess of $150,000 saving him because HE is incapable of understanding logic. I can only imagine the conversations the Coast Guard had about this MONUMENTALLY STUPID man.
angela Lazon
angela Lazon Hace 10 días
It would work if u had other people with nauticle skills
Ca Sera sera
Ca Sera sera Hace 11 días
You guys suck do real stories
Yeshuas Return
Yeshuas Return Hace 13 días
VICE omg please tell me this dude at least brought some weed. Cause that’d be a BORING run halfway through without any ganja 😂👍
Elijah Jenkins
Elijah Jenkins Hace 5 horas
I had this idea forever ago...
Lily Pearl
Lily Pearl Hace 8 horas
mama Joe
mama Joe Hace 9 horas
Damn just let the man run to Bermuda
Jacob Britton
Jacob Britton Hace 10 horas
If he made it and back he would be history
zac sanders
zac sanders Hace 10 horas
This is bullshit. I know it didn’t cost to taxpayers that much to go rescue that man. He wasn’t even in need of rescue. Besides who gives a fuck how much it cost the taxpayers for him to go do this. Trump has millions of dollars put into a goddamn space force protecting us from nothing. People seem perfectly fine with that🙄🖕
Al gsta
Al gsta Hace 12 horas
Moral of the story "U.s.a the land of the free" isn't so "free" at all
Ricky H
Ricky H Hace 12 horas
They wont let him go through it cause he would of found out the Bermuda Triangle is bullshit. I bet all those ships and planes got shot down by the government.
Blurryink Hace 14 horas
The least you could’ve done was let the guy take his GPS and equipment out of the bubble before you sank it :(
Blurryink Hace 14 horas
Another Florida man at it again
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson Hace 14 horas
Every sailor or motor boat wisher man cargo ship put there hands in mother nature
ES Jurado
ES Jurado Hace 15 horas
Wow that's pollution for sinking the bubble
Pink Beyblade
Pink Beyblade Hace 16 horas
Me kinda look like a ompa loompa
CJ Jordan
CJ Jordan Hace 17 horas
Crazy guy rite here 😂😂
Adam Oakes
Adam Oakes Hace 18 horas
Did he eat his own shit
Timothy Trimble
Timothy Trimble Hace 19 horas
protect this man at all costs
CristMuller 99savage
CristMuller 99savage Hace 19 horas
They know what's in the Bermuda and want no one too see ( truth)
DerBärtigeBaron Hace 21 un hora
Typical Florida Man
Jean Muhairwa
Jean Muhairwa Hace 21 un hora
Brilliant crazy ideas
Bela Bear
Bela Bear Hace 21 un hora
Pirate with bubble??
Alan Shenanigans
Alan Shenanigans Hace un día
florida man...
No U4201
No U4201 Hace un día
Let the man walk to barmuda he wanted to and no bs about the coast gaurd risking their life its a f'n bubble the ciast gaurd just didnt want to deal with a guy in a bubble walking to barmude and hey it would be one hell of a world record to set
Martique Johnson
Martique Johnson Hace un día
Scumbags couldn’t just leave him alone?
Adrian John
Adrian John Hace un día
Tach team one to base we have a bubble that needs destroyin,... Roger that tach team one fire above and beyond the call of duty, over,... Roger that base roger thaat!
DJNITRO ALLY Hace un día
America is dumb the guy was chasing his dreams and then u shoot down his bubble neah worst choice to stay in america
Andreas mathiassen
Andreas mathiassen Hace un día
The coast guard got a point in: it was too warm in the bubble. Which is the reason he stopped running. Sitting watching a movie on a record attempt, is kind of pathetic if you ask me. But the sinking of his property was to marginalize a tax paying citizen. I am sure they had no right to destroy his property.
don lam
don lam Hace un día
I dont mean to burst his bubble but he is a bubble head.
R3DN3CK GAMING Hace un día
since when do they care about whats safe for someone.....
Robert Lundgren
Robert Lundgren Hace un día
coast guard had no buisness destroying his bubble his property ! coast guard should be sued
Mister Squiggles
Mister Squiggles Hace un día
This guy is an idiotic and is wasting tax payers money.
Shadow Boxer
Shadow Boxer Hace un día
The great white that had been following him for a couple of hours was extremely disappointed.
Shadow Boxer
Shadow Boxer Hace un día
Sure, one person does it and pretty soon you have people running all over the ocean...It will look like the tent cities of california.
Stephen Fewson
Stephen Fewson Hace un día
America, the land of "do as you're told"....lol
Alexandru Cocean
Alexandru Cocean Hace un día
He gets a pass to whatever heaven he desires ! Amazing and original guy !
Cellooo Hace un día
god damnit florida man?
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Hace un día
Assholes literally burst this man's bubble.
Mr. Night
Mr. Night Hace un día
The Bermuda triangle releases corrosive gasses, in bubbles, that corrode iron and other metals.
7DEADLY_ Hace un día
We still want an episode of just Igor “the Fish” Vice make it happen 🗣
larazanz Hace un día
Florida Man is the Superhero 2020 needs
Ikillyou Last
Ikillyou Last Hace un día
The coast guard was alerted by the higher ups to stop that man. Their clearly hiding something.... either aliens or Atlantis. Or the garden of eden which explains whole ships and planes disappearing😯
Mob G
Mob G Hace un día
Pause at 0:12 with captions on and read
Aggelos Frost
Aggelos Frost Hace un día
notice dis guy on glasses acting like pussy and talking about safety. DO you even have safety in your hood or at the products you consume? Blockhead
JCW871 Hace un día
“You catch fish, hit his head, and he get coma.”
henrywsnow Hace un día
Here's an idea, if the coast guard is so concerned about his well being give Reza a direct communication to your office. He reports in twice a day. Let him call in the help if he needs or wants it.
Keiran Shearer
Keiran Shearer Hace un día
Strange they sink his stuff where all boats and planes go missing
Mert Hace un día
Was Forrest Gump's run inspired by this guy? Or other way around?
Noway Müller
Noway Müller Hace un día
And tippical US Shoot first ask later!
Noway Müller
Noway Müller Hace un día
Up to 120c? This must must be burned a life and be still DEATH!
Krad Links
Krad Links Hace un día
If the man has a dream then let him do it. Help him.
In land they have a car in sea we have a bubble vehicle
Anthony Buckets
Anthony Buckets Hace un día
So in the end, the coast guard just adds some more plastic to the ocean!
DashCamDave Hace un día
The bubble boy would be proud
Stu D
Stu D Hace un día
They really bursted his bubble.
T. Mitchell
T. Mitchell Hace un día
Guys remember, the USCG is obligated to rescue the guy if he gets into trouble. They don’t want him putting his rescuers at risk as well as unnecessarily wasting tax payer dollars when the inevitable happens.
happyono pie
happyono pie Hace un día
How did this dude get a hold of that much refrigerant
Lee Pink
Lee Pink Hace 2 días
This man is living life, seriously!
Johnny Dotson
Johnny Dotson Hace 2 días
Yeah last time I checked we let a man literally free fall from the edge of space, have someone tightrope walk across the fucking Grand Canyon, AND let a teenager across the Alantic ocean in a damn sailboat but apparently this is taking it too far? Sure being in a hot bubble on the ocean can be tiring, but still.
bmoe sucka
bmoe sucka Hace 2 días
freedom here in america is an illusion they are trying to take our guns now .what do u think will happen once they take our guns
Mr. PuppetMan and Fortnite
Mr. PuppetMan and Fortnite Hace 2 días
“You hit fish, he get coma” - Crazy Australia Athlete *what ever year this was in*
Angelica Love
Angelica Love Hace 2 días
The real forest gump 🤘🏾💯💙🤞🏾
starsky Hei Hei
starsky Hei Hei Hace 2 días
Stupid man
Nabeel Syed
Nabeel Syed Hace 2 días
For real how can we start a petition for this, I want him to cross the Bermuda triangle in a bubble, it's quite possible he may actually survive
megachef04 Hace 2 días
Only a Florida man 😂
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Parsons Hace 2 días
I think he needs to start smaller. Perhaps trying to bubble from Miami to Bimini in the Bahamas first, with someone in a regular boat alongside him for safety?
Adzy82 Hace 2 días
3:35 “ I use this hit fish head then get coma “ 🤣
RuFo Hace 2 días
Wow the knock off navy had to “save” him
Optimistic Daze
Optimistic Daze Hace 2 días
Dudes a complete badass
joe collins
joe collins Hace 2 días
How we live life.....move around in your bubble....being a risk to urself and affecting others negatively....and justification is bending rules to suit u,ur thunking
Angelo Acosta
Angelo Acosta Hace 2 días
Who the hell is someone to tell us humans here on earth what to do and not to do lmao fuvk em follow yo dream!!! Dont let nun stop you
Matthew Hickman
Matthew Hickman Hace 2 días
maybe he should have invested that money in to something that wasn't meaningless and dumb.
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