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After witnessing the horrors of the Crimean War firsthand, Florence Nightingale set out to transform the field of nursing.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Scwhein Hace 3 días
I thought nigthingale is a Pokèmon
T Rob
T Rob Hace 4 días
He's short and hairy but he's do-a-ble.
Ian Crawford
Ian Crawford Hace 9 días
She didn’t seem *as* drunk as the majority of people on the show
Jaelynn Reed
Jaelynn Reed Hace 9 días
I have never learn so much like I wish my school could let us watch ever ep of this
Yassine Diy
Yassine Diy Hace 10 días
She actually got it right the first time at rhe start of the video and then like some placebo effect took place and she said it the way he had critisized her before !
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson Hace 13 días
These two are cute
Firey Ruby
Firey Ruby Hace 14 días
Dare say that The host was quite taken with the woman whom was story telling.
Firey Ruby
Firey Ruby Hace 14 días
Honestly, No hate to Florence Nightingale. Like she is an excellent role model for everyone. But, I feel like in the 1830s I would’ve just peacefully married because I’m not resilient at all.
Astute Lunacy
Astute Lunacy Hace 16 días
I’d strongly recommend anyone who are interested in her story to look up Mary Seacole. Another woman who was involved in the Crimea war and a form of nursing.
Kbp Cree
Kbp Cree Hace 21 un día
Hey she’s Kathy from friends 😄
Hybrid - Fahrer
Hybrid - Fahrer Hace 21 un día
Wow, well done Ms Nightingale and thank you for your service!
Seannyboy70 Hace 23 días
I watched the intro 6 times and cried laughing???? "..da muddah ov moddan nersin'.".
Tyrone Ingram
Tyrone Ingram Hace 26 días
"Gimme my fuckin booze bitch".....oooooo such a mean drunk.
Tyrone Ingram
Tyrone Ingram Hace 26 días
I can see that she's a mean drunk
Vince Roady
Vince Roady Hace 27 días
Minka Kelly makes my flopper jump
BezBog Hace 28 días
Florence was hot... just sayin'
Victor Creed
Victor Creed Hace 28 días
I think it would be even better if the story tellers are really drunk, instead of pretending.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Hace 29 días
Ooops. Wrong. Queen Victoria DID not give the Order of Merit to ANYONE. It was inaugurated by her son Edward VII after Victoria was dead. HE awarded it to Florence Nightingale. The video is right give or take a year as to her age, for she got this aware in 1907 and was born in 1820. But if Queen Victoria was still "kicking" as this video states, it was only the bucket. And really, it's very difficult to see how you got THAT wrong. I mean, were you DRUNK or something?
Sean Nurse
Sean Nurse Hace 29 días
Crimea river hahahaha
Sophia Finstad
Sophia Finstad Hace 29 días
Paget Brewster is my hero
Grant Hoggan
Grant Hoggan Hace un mes
Drunk Paget Brewster is basically exactly what I expect drunk Emily Prentiss to be like, lol
Fredric Hallas
Fredric Hallas Hace un mes
Soooo did those two get a drink after this? 🤓
Daniel L
Daniel L Hace un mes
Crimea..... River. LOL
Franco Flores Pérez
Franco Flores Pérez Hace un mes
stop at 1:10 thats the face ur momma did when she told u to get inside ur room
Elizabeth Hace un mes
I love when Paget Bruister does drunk history!!! She’s one of the best in my opinion
Gabriel Pieratti
Gabriel Pieratti Hace un mes
God I wanna be her friend
Taylor Fausett
Taylor Fausett Hace un mes
She is so great!!!
Dib Irken
Dib Irken Hace un mes
You think doctors would have known that infection causes more chance of death than a bullet wound? You needed Florence to tell you that? Damn.
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar Hace un mes
Omg Kathy!
Help Ricardo get 200 subs without any videos
Help Ricardo get 200 subs without any videos Hace un mes
I hate when women swear i have no idea why it pisses me off
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas Hace un mes
Florence Nightingale also apparently discovered the cure to aging. How come no one talks about that?
Joie Teh
Joie Teh Hace un mes
Isn't the actor of Florence also the actor of Dove in titans?
scummy man
scummy man Hace un mes
the prettiest version of florence i’ve seen in my nursing career fosho
johndnicoll Hace un mes
#1 - Minka Kelly as a brunette. 🌋 #2 - “I want you to do it. Not because you’re a man. Well, kinda.” 🤣
Jan Tuts
Jan Tuts Hace un mes
0:50 "Affluent means rich" - GTA radio commercial
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Hace un mes
How many of these did paget Brewster do?
sinohui3 Hace un mes
This host narrating this episode is a tad too aggressive.
The Triptastic Team
The Triptastic Team Hace un mes
Padget Brewster is the best
Shark Girl
Shark Girl Hace un mes
6:05 the queen’s “what happened in Crimea” was done so perfectly
TheeBabyDollJenny Hace un mes
Lmao I always fall in love with Derek. Mudda uh muddun nudduhn.
Poppy Wood
Poppy Wood Hace un mes
where is Mary seacole at tho
shantanu panda
shantanu panda Hace un mes
We NEED to have drag queens/kings here
Karla Mitchell
Karla Mitchell Hace un mes
Love this.. #nurselife
Alura Hace un mes
this episode of criminal minds is weird
Bluntly Blondie
Bluntly Blondie Hace un mes
She comes off as an angry lesbian Feminist.
CPFlintoff Hace un mes
Who? Florence Nightingale or Paget Brewster? And also, who the hell cares? Do strong, competent women scare you that much?
Ale Hace un mes
This lowkey made me cry, she was awesome🙌🏼
Emily Pfeifer
Emily Pfeifer Hace un mes
Paget Brewster is my all time favorite
Erdem Olcay
Erdem Olcay Hace un mes
Constantinople? How much booze you got before recording? It was Constantinople until 1453. So lets forget about the 400 year old gap for the new city name "istanbul" right? Sure..
Gabi Hace un mes
I love Paget, she’s so funny
Anuraga Tottey
Anuraga Tottey Hace un mes
Thatbookain'tusedtoday !!! notatall !!!
SuperForkbeard Hace un mes
Florence Nightingale was a great woman. Potty mouth though. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-xHWtXSKSQSY.html
mickey7411 Hace un mes
Yea no Nurses.Right. What do you think Nuns were doing. You people are idiots. Just because there was a White WOMAN first at something that was already established or someone was Black...doesn't make it like it's some worldshattering event. You didn't invent or make anything better just because your Black or some snowflake White Women. LMFAO! All you people are clowns .
mickey7411 Hace un mes
This is so hilarious. There WERE NOT Blacks sitting taking notes or Black nurses. Jesus Christ stop with the snowflake lying revisionist BS .You idiots keep adding peoples that were NOT THERE so Blacks won't get their feelings hurt. How pathetic. Knock off the BS.
stillwatersrundeep Hace un mes
How is it that hospitals existed before there were nurses? Did the doctors change the bedpans themselves?
Literatouristin Hace 2 meses
My history teacher in nursing school was madly in love with nightingale.
Marjorie Cam
Marjorie Cam Hace 2 meses
“The muder of mudern nursing” Gets me everytime
Taru Hace 2 meses
I love her :)))
priit mölder
priit mölder Hace 2 meses
Minka Kelly should have been Yennefer...
The Last Dispensation
The Last Dispensation Hace 2 meses
This is hilarious!!!!!
Azir Irfan
Azir Irfan Hace 2 meses
Is that denzel
Serena Chheuy
Serena Chheuy Hace 2 meses
THERES A WEBTOON BASED OFF OF THIS AND I JUST FOUND OUT its called Doctor Elise (aka Lady with the Lamp)
awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf
awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf Hace 2 meses
Woman wouldn't even have been near a battlefield if not for her....
[REDACTED] Hace 2 meses
I hope her great grand-nephew was watching this
Kev E. Kev
Kev E. Kev Hace 2 meses
It's fun watching Paget Brewster
Raging Rachel
Raging Rachel Hace 2 meses
What about her hate for Mary Seacole after they met for a few times during the Crimean war?I do still admire Florence though.
Elena Swan
Elena Swan Hace 2 meses
Florence: *is in her 80's* Queen Victoria: *looks the same*
Zezre Hace 2 meses
Wasn’t she racist?
borderlands skag gang
borderlands skag gang Hace 2 meses
Damn I'm horny right now
Salty Rust
Salty Rust Hace 2 meses
Just because every sentence has fucking in it dosent make it funny this is not funny
Delly cruz
Delly cruz Hace un mes
Shadow Killer wellllllllllllll I laughed sooooooo
Dank Fanfiction
Dank Fanfiction Hace 2 meses
But Mary Seacole,
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