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cash shotchartcash vs flightcash reacts to flightflight reacts

Magnus Heaney
Magnus Heaney Hace 14 horas
I’m dead😂😂😂Cash’s reactions to Flight are hilarious
Oj TheWaterBearer
Oj TheWaterBearer Hace 18 horas
This nigga Flight got to be a fire sign, leaning towards Leo because of his delusions. Leos love Sniffing they own farts
Oj TheWaterBearer
Oj TheWaterBearer Hace 19 horas
WTF is this react-seption video...lol
Anthony Small
Anthony Small Hace un día
Doing commentary on a commentary of a commentary....
floresboys 1304
floresboys 1304 Hace un día
A reaction inside a reaction inside a reaction?
Poopz -
Poopz - Hace un día
Bruh... flight actually said "thats like top 10 excuses in america", my guy, if theres actually such a thing you would occupy the remaing nine spots for it.
red wolf
red wolf Hace un día
6:40 bro he was frozen in time
Jordan Bedelll
Jordan Bedelll Hace 2 días
Flight looks like an autistic sea turtle
Vuk Randjelovic
Vuk Randjelovic Hace 2 días
5:49 you know you're bad when 3 Cashes laugh at you at the same time
D Cooper
D Cooper Hace 2 días
I feel dumb watching flight sometimes
William Xiong
William Xiong Hace 3 días
16:25 flight thinks this is 2k
WAFFLES gg Hace 3 días
A reaction to a reaction to a reaction?
Erzion Legario
Erzion Legario Hace 4 días
Flight reacts by june.
Michael Oney
Michael Oney Hace 5 días
Flight prolly a cool dude when he’s not talking about basketball
C Wasson
C Wasson Hace 5 días
Every time flight reacts to something I have stroke
Bucket Hace 5 días
Flight be the type of dude to challenge cash to a MMA fight, get his ass whooped and then talk like he won.
Micah Jumbeck
Micah Jumbeck Hace 5 días
Little late but can’t believe that flight went to school, sounds like he only went to pre school just to know some words and numbers
Hudson Andrews
Hudson Andrews Hace 5 días
Why is flight wearing a bucket hat inside.🤔
Beanie Khalifa
Beanie Khalifa Hace 6 días
On average flight lmaooooo how did diamond like your stupid ass haha. He dont know math at all 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
Gabriel Hamilton
Gabriel Hamilton Hace 6 días
Flight is dumb
crazyboynathan 4
crazyboynathan 4 Hace 7 días
Flight really do be on weed
Hussein Abdul-Rahim
Hussein Abdul-Rahim Hace 8 días
Two cashes are arguing at the same time is insane
J Beck
J Beck Hace 9 días
That bucket hat is a really bad look for flight.
Fishii Hace 10 días
Sometimes I actually wanna punch flight square in the face to justify for his stupidity.
YOUNG UUB Hace 11 días
No one: Flight:It DeFEATS ThE PUrPoSe
xd_C_Atom 9
xd_C_Atom 9 Hace 11 días
Cash: I wanna get my handles better Flight: water bottle
Jordan Martini
Jordan Martini Hace 11 días
This is great
Andre Blount
Andre Blount Hace 11 días
Flight is a 3-pointer flop.
Andre Blount
Andre Blount Hace 11 días
Flight is just the featherweight he just don't know what he's talking about cash needs some ball handling drills from the expert who can teach him where he can get some experience that's what's making cash nasty becomes more than average basketball player he will become a pro basketball even his other friends will also be on the equal level.
Bajito Hace 11 días
i don’t know where to look in this vid
just some minced garlic
just some minced garlic Hace 11 días
Either flight is one of the best trolls of all time, or the dude really is simple af and thinks he’s actually good. I cant even tell at this point.
Orion Noth
Orion Noth Hace 12 días
Cash is reacting to flight reacting to cash reacting lmao
Hunter Hose
Hunter Hose Hace 13 días
This is a reaction of a reaction of a reaction
Mr. Kopdabest
Mr. Kopdabest Hace 13 días
I can expect cash to get good in june but flight? Nah
Nemiyah Scott
Nemiyah Scott Hace 15 días
20:30 best laugh ever
Trump Build the wall
Trump Build the wall Hace 15 días
This is a reaction on a reaction on a reaction
Ryan Alper
Ryan Alper Hace 15 días
In this there were four intros let that sink in
Anthony Rotheram
Anthony Rotheram Hace 16 días
But is no one gonna mention that cash edits his videos and edits out a lot of the misses while flight doesnt edit his videos at all. They realistically shoot the same percent🤷‍♂️
Exce11ent Hace 16 días
Flight is so stupid with the ball handling stuff
Exce11ent Hace 16 días
Damn! Those muscles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evan Hace 16 días
The fact that cash is having the same reactions as he did to flight getting crossed. 😂😂😂😂😂
KMichael Henderson
KMichael Henderson Hace 16 días
Imagine reacting to somebody who is reacting to you.
Dylan Hodge
Dylan Hodge Hace 17 días
He really gave you warm up dribbling moves to practice to get up to a 95 overall
Andrew BANASIEWICZ Hace 17 días
Cash reacts to flight reacting to cash reacting to his shot chart bruh 😅
Rocky Flores
Rocky Flores Hace 17 días
My favorite line " Flight I whoop yo ass what you mean naw" to damn funny
Kanaan Burgess
Kanaan Burgess Hace 18 días
I like cash but he really did have an excuse for the 1v1 vs bone collector he should have just accepted his lost
Im_like_hunter Poppa
Im_like_hunter Poppa Hace 18 días
This is like a pre recorded zoom call😂😂😂😂😎😎😎
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet Hace 18 días
Reacting to a reaction from a reaction...... At 5:52 there are 4 reaction boxes
Charles Villahermosa
Charles Villahermosa Hace 19 días
Hey cash we have the same play style 😁
Joshua Dillon
Joshua Dillon Hace 19 días
He knows his hot spots so he shoots there instead of doing this bullshit round hook no look shot
Nyjel Ashley
Nyjel Ashley Hace 19 días
Bruh Flight said “you’re not a weight lifter. You’re just a dude who lifts weights” 14:51
Ethab 1205
Ethab 1205 Hace 20 días
Flight delusional bruh
King ParK
King ParK Hace 20 días
and this why : DROG IS BAD. you delusional CLOWN!
seeni boyyy
seeni boyyy Hace 21 un día
6:06 more facecams than Ls on flights shotchart.... wait never mind
Nemiyah Scott
Nemiyah Scott Hace 21 un día
Low key this had me dying cuz he used flights saying 23:24
Nemiyah Scott
Nemiyah Scott Hace 21 un día
Flight is 6"3 and..legit can't dunk 22:39 Cash is 5"9..what tf
Nemiyah Scott
Nemiyah Scott Hace 21 un día
How is he D riding..he's legit showing stats... NUMBER DONT LIE FLIGHT.. my fault he prolly think they do 19:45
Nemiyah Scott
Nemiyah Scott Hace 21 un día
Stick to ESwomen flight 15:54
Daniel Bosse
Daniel Bosse Hace 21 un día
When the ESwomen inception goes 5 deep
Skarilla Monson
Skarilla Monson Hace 21 un día
Past Cash: "Flight, I know you're reacting, stop hating." Flight: 😑 Present Cash: AHAHAHA, SEE I TOLD YOU, I PREDICTED IT!
Chris Karananos
Chris Karananos Hace 22 días
Where is cash’s w/l record mentioned?
Justin Mccombs
Justin Mccombs Hace 22 días
I couldn’t keep watching once flight bragged about his 95 ovr handle 🤦🏽‍♂️😭
Keshia Chivaza élève
Keshia Chivaza élève Hace 22 días
Stop mopi abuse start flight abuse
Paul Stepansky
Paul Stepansky Hace 22 días
This is a video within a video within a video within a video
JDMskiddz Hace 23 días
this man cant be serious
Mat thew
Mat thew Hace 23 días
"flight saying the dude cant pronounce the names well" Him:you know zeon williamson is good and akunpo sucks and jay ay morant wont last long
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Hace 9 días
Rudy Go Bert😂
Notta Singer
Notta Singer Hace 11 días
And paskal seykam does not deserve to be an all star
Louis Giguere
Louis Giguere Hace 23 días
So you was reacting to flight reacting to cash reacting to your shotchart... That’s like 4 reactions on top
Thomas Klein
Thomas Klein Hace 25 días
Flight can’t be self-critical. He thinks he’s the shit. If he was self-critical then he might get better.
spartakush_ Hace 25 días
But u clearly can see that the guy who made this vid was a fan of cash and the guy who made the video of flight was just hating him
ItzMochi Hace 25 días
Nobody: Flight when he gets the funnies: 👁👅👁
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