Flat Earthers vs Scientists: Can We Trust Science?

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We started a podcast! Listen to a follow up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in our first episode: 馃憠anchor.fm/radicalempathy 馃憟
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Jubilee Hace un mes
We started a podcast! Listen to a follow-up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in this first episode: 馃憠anchor.fm/radicalempathy 馃憟 - leave us a voice message after listening! After many requests, we're happy to share this episode of Middle Ground with you all! In this episode, we explore belief, science, and how our experiences shape our worldview. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 20 d铆as
@Lucrecea Nazar they wont bring flat earther that can debate well. Like eric dubay. They just wont.
Gaudio Wind
Gaudio Wind Hace 20 d铆as
@Owen Heart so it's quite by chance that Moon is only full when they are opposed. And the moon is dark when they are apparently close together. And also all other Moons match perfectly with a Sun which is farther, farther way and the Moon reflects its bright. It must be the Devil again! Come on, my friend! Open your eyes. God wouldn't do it. Don't you say He is perfect and wants to save us? He wouldn't trap us into that, would He?
Lucrecea Nazar
Lucrecea Nazar Hace 20 d铆as
Jubilee why didn't you bring dave Murphy he is flat earther
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 20 d铆as
@Gaudio Wind dont promote lie. You liar
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 20 d铆as
@Gaudio Wind i always observe moon and sun. Moon doesnt rely on sun.
Graham Whittle
Graham Whittle Hace 4 minutos
This was so much more boring than all the other videos
Elvenhood Hace 9 minutos
I got frustrated but I had some good laugh too. Flat earthers are hilarious
Midway Thunder
Midway Thunder Hace 13 minutos
Im a Christian and I think the flat earth theory is bologna
Green N Grub
Green N Grub Hace 16 minutos
Kickstarter campaign: fund a trip around the 'globe' with the idiots and non-idiots on it.
jan steyaert
jan steyaert Hace 18 minutos
It's not the scientists who don't want to listen to the flat earthers... It's the other way around! They are so sure of their belief that the earth is flat that they refuse to go into a conversation with anyone that says otherwise.
Fire Magi
Fire Magi Hace 21 un minuto
My question is why I could understand why the us would want to take the moon landing to say they where the first on the moon and such but why would the entire world want to lie about the earth being a globe like if it was flat why not just say the earth is flat like why. Edit oh he said something about it later but still they say the government is lying what about the entire rest of the world
Adrien Hace 25 minutos
These guys must not have taken a plane in their lives
The Definition Of Life
The Definition Of Life Hace 25 minutos
I'm a christian and let me tell you I'm not a flat earther.
Lucy Parrucci
Lucy Parrucci Hace 36 minutos
So do they think the moon is flat as well?
jonathan lopez
jonathan lopez Hace 44 minutos
with out sience, she would not have a camera to zoom in
stacey chirumhanzu
stacey chirumhanzu Hace 48 minutos
I am a Christian, and flat earth is not biblically based. Infact a lot of scientific discoveries go hand in hand with what the Bible says.
Gentrit Bajrami
Gentrit Bajrami Hace 51 un minuto
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to go to the moon to get moon rocks鈥 - Dan, The Water Man
stacey chirumhanzu
stacey chirumhanzu Hace 52 minutos
I am a Christian, and no the Bible does not say the earth is flat. And a lot of what the Bible says actually goes hand in hand with science discoveries, some of which prove that the Bible is true due to the scientific evidence that goes hand in hand with the Bible.
Angel Contreras
Angel Contreras Hace 53 minutos
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to go to the moon to get moon rocks鈥 -Dan The Water Man
Morgan Dodson
Morgan Dodson Hace un hora
What does the government gain from lying about this? Sure in the 1960's I get but why would they still keep it going?
Krishna Gade
Krishna Gade Hace un hora
Karen鈥檚 Vs Educated people
clash ott
clash ott Hace un hora
flat earthers were looking like sexual predators
Silvia j
Silvia j Hace un hora
So my question is flat earthers what鈥檚 at the edge of the earth and your saying if I fly to Hawaii than I can鈥檛 go straight form Hawaii to Japan I would have to go back over the USA over the Atlantic oceans 馃 but you can get from Hawaii to Japan because ding ding the Earth is a globe, dumbass flat earthers
Gianna Gubitosa
Gianna Gubitosa Hace un hora
If ur a flat earther like the comment If ur not say not in the comments For the record I believe it is globe 馃寧
Tine Hace un hora
Can they be kinder to Ali?
enntense Hace un hora
This was so painful. You know...I wonder where those flashes of light that are satellites on a clear night are going?......I think the word I'm digging for is orbiting...
SadCatDad 9/11
SadCatDad 9/11 Hace un hora
You can tell this lady surrounds herself with complete idiots because she鈥檚 going into a conversation with highly educated scientists and still assuming she鈥檚 the smartest person in the room.
vRize-_- Hace un hora
Scientist; finds real evidence Flat-Earthers: I SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON ESwomen
Ami Devine
Ami Devine Hace un hora
This is the most frustrating video
I like Cats
I like Cats Hace un hora
I love how they say 鈥楾he Government鈥 has covered all these things up... they do realise that there are multiple governments on this planet, right...
vRize-_- Hace un hora
They should have put kyrie Irving in this 馃槫
niki Lucker
niki Lucker Hace 2 horas
i volunteer to make a go fund me to send these poor souls to space
brittany ball
brittany ball Hace 2 horas
Jubilee it is absolutely abhorrent that you give any screen time to "flat earthers". This is not a topic that can be debated, spherical earth is not an argument, it is a cold hard fact that cannot be disputed. What is wrong with society today? I really like this series where you bring people together to debate topics, but let's keep it realistic, please. There should be no debate to be had or aired over a proven scientific fact. Can we trust science - seriously, how ridiculous. You are doing nothing to help the world with this video but spreading falsities and propaganda.
Mr. Mute
Mr. Mute Hace 2 horas
That sounds like a username, dAnThEwAtErMaN69
Dustin Auigbelle
Dustin Auigbelle Hace 2 horas
16:28 atmospheric disturbance AtmoSPHEREic
Marcelo Santos Santana J煤nior
Marcelo Santos Santana J煤nior Hace 2 horas
What is wrong with this woman?
Kyel Perkins
Kyel Perkins Hace 2 horas
馃寧 馃寧
Sam Davies
Sam Davies Hace 3 horas
This is a valuable exercise in the pursuit of truth. when we have continued open dialog and a willingness to follow the evidence regardless of where it takes us we can grow and learn how to deal with other world issues. Respect, honesty and patient perseverance from both sides will yield rich rewards. Introspection and self criticism is not what everyone is willing to do but if we can set a precedent of how we can go about this we can only win. One two or even ten discussions on this topic will only start to scratch the surface of the issues at stake and I hope that this can be ongoing. Well done to all the participants. From what I can see you are all on the face of it honest truthful people. Both truth and deception are enormous ideas and need to be explored to absolute exhaustion. Good luck going forward. I will not tell you which side I am on I would just like to encourage you all in your pursuit of truth. Regards Sam
Flook D
Flook D Hace un hora
Scratch the surface of what issues?
Gabriel Hace 3 horas
An inteligent man said ,, 2 things are infinite in this world the univers and the human stupidity' '
Sundor Mr.
Sundor Mr. Hace 3 horas
People are already getting ready for the trip to Mars, and here are these people who argue over if the planet is flat or not
Anybody's guess
Anybody's guess Hace 3 horas
The question should be;Can we trust fairy tales?
MrZombiekiller23 Hace 3 horas
Atmospheric fog!?!? Like you are really trying to tell scientists and doctorates that they aren't educated enough in their own field lmfao, these people will never not believe what they already believe
Alexander Noethiger
Alexander Noethiger Hace 2 horas
If there was atmospheric fog, i wouldnt be able to see the moon, or stars billions of lightyears away
Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar Hace 3 horas
Disclaimer : 3 scientists were harmed in making of this video.
Daniel Ferguson
Daniel Ferguson Hace 3 horas
Most Christians don鈥檛 believe in flat earth. Thanks for sharing these videos.
MrZombiekiller23 Hace 3 horas
It's really sad to see that woman try so hard to cling onto her dead husband by keeping alive his crazy conspiracy theories
baku ix
baku ix Hace 3 horas
I mean i like the fact that the whole conversation is not like a little "war", but they should go for the evidence instead of talking about the genesis of both of the theories. The whole flat-earth theory is based on religion, on ancient books, people back then were writing about their experience (they couldn't see earth from the rocket or land on a moon) so back then they were doing "research" by making like experiments or by deducating. But the globe theory is based on knowledge, on things that people experienced through years of deducating. So the flat-earth theory is like standing in a one place with science, they literally make experiments which were made by people 2000 years ago. +flat-earthers don't have that big budget to build a rocket, and just see the globe.
cutewaringninja Hace 4 horas
i basically agree with everything the scientists say except god they lie to themselves and say god isn't real even though there is more evidence that they could ever comprehend. they also do not want to look at that evidence. they walked into that video one sided and only believe one thing they are not open to whats around them
Alexander Noethiger
Alexander Noethiger Hace 2 horas
I mean there is no evidence that god existed, and there is no evidence that he hasnr existed. I dont believe him because if he had all this power, why would he let so many horrible things happen
blumobean Hace 4 horas
Ok, so this globe idea is a conspiracy. Now, if you were going to perpetuate a conspiracy, wouldn鈥檛 you want to gain something from it. Who gains anything from globe vs flat, nobody. The water man said the Salton sea didn鈥檛 show any curvature. Well go to a port, watch ships go out and appear to sink. What the hell causes that, curvature.
blumobean Hace 4 horas
Ok, so this globe idea is a conspiracy. Now, if you were going to perpetuate a conspiracy, wouldn鈥檛 you want to gain something from it. Who gains anything from globe vs flat, nobody. The water man said the Salton sea didn鈥檛 show any curvature. Well go to a port, watch ships go out and appear to sink. What the hell causes that, curvature.
Victor Quiles
Victor Quiles Hace 4 horas
Flat Earther- 鈥淭hey鈥檙e following quite a bit of the university of scientism, which is the believe of what鈥檚 written.鈥 Don鈥檛 they follow the Bible? Lmao
AIG buckets
AIG buckets Hace 4 horas
Take them skydiving.... they'll know what the Earth is like
Laagan nga PANDA
Laagan nga PANDA Hace 5 horas
When u spend trillions of money and just to go to space to get a photo of earth and photoshopped it.... Ok brain cells are malfunctioning 馃馃馃
Flook D
Flook D Hace un hora
鈥淎 photo鈥 EPIC, Himawari-8 and Elektro-L are taking and uploading full hemisphere shots several times every hour. How many photos need to be taken to qualify as more than one photo? Blue Marble 2 was collated from many low orbit shots. At that time there were no cameras in high orbit to take full hemisphere shots. Some people are wholly incapable of thinking before & after that one picture.
eddy rod
eddy rod Hace 5 horas
These scientists really are trying to respect these people鈥檚 opinions
Pearl Lu
Pearl Lu Hace 6 horas
" you are dealing with smart people " - The greatest Ali
Pearl Lu
Pearl Lu Hace 6 horas
damn the flat earthers are so hard to be in conversations in oh my gosh.
Lil Russ
Lil Russ Hace 6 horas
if they don't think NASA is trustworthy, then why are they using NASA as a citation?????
Pedro Hace 6 horas
I am really sorry for those people, they are living a non truth live, and that is pretty sad.
Raina Abrahamson
Raina Abrahamson Hace 6 horas
lol do the flat earthers think that at the edge of the world there is a magical portal and then we end up on the other side of the world? XD
Konstellashon Hace 23 minutos
They think Antarctica is an ice wall like a pizza crust and North Pole is center of the disk.
PAPA SMURF Hace 6 horas
Hold on i need my popcorn
oh yeah yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah yeah Hace 6 horas
I don't know if these people actually believe on flat earth or if they are trolling us..
SJ Hace 6 horas
Who else feels Eddie Bravo should have been here?
Zion Piercefield
Zion Piercefield Hace 6 horas
Every time they can start the discussion the person directing changes the discussion before they can bring facts.
Jerca K
Jerca K Hace 7 horas
you see what you imagine...
YoungerSquad Hace 7 horas
I'm just gonna be honest here... when you ask a question about "who thinks the other side is uneducated?" and the people that have presented 0 data and just keep repeating their hypothesis with no facts, all set forward, it gives you some insight to the level of intelligence. Notice the people who have dedicated years of study to this are remaining calm and presenting stats and valid arguments and the "flat earthers", who base their minds off of free ESwomen videos and web content, all work to insult the opposite side. AND NEVER USE RELIGION AS AN ARGUMENT. It is just a subject that provides 0 common ground. Religion will never solve an argument when data and statistics are involved.
NathanApproves Hace 7 horas
Of course the flat earther's name is Wendell
Mia. Clare
Mia. Clare Hace 7 horas
Please bring in an astronomy professor to these people 馃槀
Jesp Hace 7 horas
When he said that you have to take the bible seriously, I knew he was wrong lol
Big dog
Big dog Hace 7 horas
Lmao these scientists really be getting annoyed by these dumbasses
JCoMoto Hace 7 horas
She's lost in her beliefs.
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders Hace 7 horas
鈥淵ou are now about to witness the power of street knowledge鈥
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos Hace 7 horas
OMG, They had models right there! they could just point a light to each model and see if time zones would be possible. step 1: point a light, stept 2: see if any part of the world is dark, setp 3: call someone on another part of the world, ask them to go out side and see if it's darker than it is where you are at that moment, setp 4: see which model represents reality
Mix-Tape Hace 7 horas
Freak why鈥檇 they have to be Christian
Flook D
Flook D Hace un hora
Alexander Noethiger It doesn鈥檛. The origin lies with Samuel Rowbotham in the 19th century who was unhappy with the way science was changing the world around him and went off on a religious bent denying anything scientific regardless of whether what he said actually made sense.
Alexander Noethiger
Alexander Noethiger Hace un hora
@Mix-Tape that doesn't describe a dlay earth
Mix-Tape Hace un hora
Alexander Noethiger actually the Bible says the contrary, it actually mentions the concept of space before people knew about it. 鈥淗e stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing.鈥 鈥璊ob鈥 鈥26:7鈥
Alexander Noethiger
Alexander Noethiger Hace 2 horas
Because thats what the bible says. A flat earth. So silly.
E X T C M U S I C Hace 7 horas
so if the earth is flat, is every other planet flat? is the moon flat? if the sun isnt flat whats to say the earth isnt? if every planet is flat including the sun/stars why are so many pointing at earth? how was the earth created flat not round? how does gravity pull everything down not around? because if the earth is flat gravity wouldnt work as it does now. oh wait, i forgot, jesus told you.
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders Hace 7 horas
How in the hell is the Bible being referenced in a scholarly debate? That is the very best way to discredit yourself.
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