Flat Earthers vs Scientists: Can We Trust Science?

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We started a podcast! Listen to a follow up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in our first episode: 馃憠anchor.fm/radicalempathy 馃憟
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Jubilee Hace 7 meses
We started a podcast! Listen to a follow-up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in this first episode: 馃憠anchor.fm/radicalempathy 馃憟 - leave us a voice message after listening! After many requests, we're happy to share this episode of Middle Ground with you all! In this episode, we explore belief, science, and how our experiences shape our worldview. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 7 meses
@Lucrecea Nazar they wont bring flat earther that can debate well. Like eric dubay. They just wont.
Gaudio Wind
Gaudio Wind Hace 7 meses
@Owen Heart so it's quite by chance that Moon is only full when they are opposed. And the moon is dark when they are apparently close together. And also all other Moons match perfectly with a Sun which is farther, farther way and the Moon reflects its bright. It must be the Devil again! Come on, my friend! Open your eyes. God wouldn't do it. Don't you say He is perfect and wants to save us? He wouldn't trap us into that, would He?
Lucrecea Nazar
Lucrecea Nazar Hace 7 meses
Jubilee why didn't you bring dave Murphy he is flat earther
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 7 meses
@Gaudio Wind dont promote lie. You liar
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Hace 7 meses
@Gaudio Wind i always observe moon and sun. Moon doesnt rely on sun.
vain drain
vain drain Hace 4 minutos
Mia F
Mia F Hace 14 minutos
I lost a lot of brain cells listening to the flat earthers 鈥渆vidence鈥 馃拃
dou.05 05
dou.05 05 Hace 31 un minuto
You can鈥檛 call scientists uneducated and use a religious book to explain things. You just can鈥檛.
Evan Suddreth
Evan Suddreth Hace 37 minutos
If you look below the video it has "context" and it's from Wikipedia and literally it has an earth with letters and it's not flat. lol
Definitely Not Quinn
Definitely Not Quinn Hace 47 minutos
Christians do not believe that the earth is flat the Bible has lots of metaphorical verses
Azo Pienyu
Azo Pienyu Hace 49 minutos
Flat earthers: The Earth is flat Scientists: The Earth is round Me: The Earth is Otsutsuki's food
Shirin Hossain
Shirin Hossain Hace un hora
I didn't know thinking the earth was flat is a thing 馃槀馃槀
Case Carpenter
Case Carpenter Hace un hora
She sad San Clemente island was 60 miles away from Dana point, does she realized that Cuba is 90 miles away from the coast of Florida.
Limi Thonger
Limi Thonger Hace 2 horas
not even a single soul: Jubilee: 0:04
Melvin Splash
Melvin Splash Hace 2 horas
how ironic that the self professed "globe denier" has the biggest, roundest head on the planet..
Vikho Ltu
Vikho Ltu Hace 3 horas
difference between scientists and critical thinkers. CT they are uneducated Scientists they are wrongly educated. Seems scientists are more thoughtful.
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Hace 3 horas
Come on, why you gotta only find flat earthers are Christian
H Rosso
H Rosso Hace 3 horas
that face is creepy AF
shine a light
shine a light Hace 3 horas
Pear shaped Earth, is full 'to the brim' with Word Salads, straw-man fallacies and the absence of physical and repeatable evidence.
Amit Roy
Amit Roy Hace 4 horas
I don't know how I got here! This is just weird!
Khunbish Hace 4 horas
Gah damn these must the kind of people who think trump is doing great things too.
JYFRE Hace 4 horas
In 30 minutes of video they have said any flat earth evidence lmao
Alexander B铆l媒
Alexander B铆l媒 Hace 4 horas
16:26 Flat earther arguing about atmoSPHERE :D :D
Kevin Unger
Kevin Unger Hace 4 horas
At 2:50 I鈥檓 a Christian also. You do not understand the Bible. It does not say it鈥檚 flat. You give Christians a bad name.
okhstorm Hace 5 horas
This is America's education divide
Keko Rules
Keko Rules Hace 5 horas
I just lost braincells and my keyboard watching their stupidity
Fifa Messi
Fifa Messi Hace 5 horas
Man called Literal SCIENTIST uneducated
Conor Lynch
Conor Lynch Hace 5 horas
Flat earthers have less then one brain cell
Area Of Effect AOE
Area Of Effect AOE Hace 6 horas
Thousands involved in the moon landing, Russia and the rest of the world were watching. Why would Russia lie for America's sake? As well as the other countries who picked up a broadcast from the moon on their own. Other countries that contribute to and send actual astronauts to the international space station? What benefit is there to lying about the earth's shape?
Alice Rose
Alice Rose Hace 6 horas
shelley made me want to pass out
Jerry L
Jerry L Hace 6 horas
Make astronauts vs flat earthers
Raely Makovere
Raely Makovere Hace 7 horas
Area Of Effect AOE
Area Of Effect AOE Hace 7 horas
The fact that it's Flat Earthers Vs actual scientists, they already lost. I think I'll much rather take the opinion of the experts. How do we even still have this debate in 2020? It's crazy, but at least entertaining.
Hell N Degenerates
Hell N Degenerates Hace un hora
2 of these people are not even scientists, they are paranormal investigators.
Tom Perkins
Tom Perkins Hace 7 horas
10:06 got me annoyed
intellectual Raccoon
intellectual Raccoon Hace 8 horas
i will solve this now .. if NASA is lying check with Roscosmos .. they are not american so they will tell you if the earth is flat or not.
Alex Hace 8 horas
Also dan looks like the type of person that would disagree with everything you say just to piss you off
Lots of explanations but no proves,,all flat earthers are up to now June 6th 2020, would like to see 1- single solid scientific proof that the earth is a ball and spinning wen the earth is in reality 3/4 water..etc, etc
maya cerney
maya cerney Hace 8 horas
The very fact that we are standing and have 3 dimensions to move in prove that we are living in a globe 馃槀
yankeecantrell Hace 8 horas
Im sure im not the only person on this random wierdo video rabbit hole on youtube........right? (Also, why are all the xtra weirdos from California)
intellectual Raccoon
intellectual Raccoon Hace 8 horas
4:37 well honey the Said "亘爻胤賳丕賴丕" meaning that we flattened it for you to live on .. and in another place said "丿丨丕賴丕" which made it into a globe so we go with the science here. there is no absolute text in the Quran that says "the earth is Definitely flat" and if you do jump off planes you should be the last person who thinks the earth is flat because you literally can see the curvature when you're free falling specially if near a coastal area.
ScorchFC Hace 9 horas
The title should be: Idiots vs Scientists: We should trust science?
MrLightMan Milk
MrLightMan Milk Hace 9 horas
The earth is flat..
Ten Pherellel
Ten Pherellel Hace 9 horas
Do u see Mount Everest from America??? Hmmm........馃馃馃馃馃
Sumaya S
Sumaya S Hace 9 horas
I love people when they think
Bidwat Raj Pokhrel
Bidwat Raj Pokhrel Hace 9 horas
Why is it that Everytime they get into a topic the crew shouts "COOL DOWN"
JaydeWing The dragon
JaydeWing The dragon Hace 9 horas
Oh please don't bring Christianity into this i don't even wanna be on the same planet as these guys a planet which is round might i add
Sack Demon
Sack Demon Hace 9 horas
I bet the flat earthers doesn't even know what anyone's talking about
MrLightMan Milk
MrLightMan Milk Hace 9 horas
I know everything and I鈥檓 a flat earther
CHAD_threckos666 Hace 9 horas
Biblically based scientist of the flat earth Hmmmmmmmmmmm
CHAD_threckos666 Hace 9 horas
Dan the "truth seeker" doesn鈥檛 want to listen to the truth
Maxi ?!?
Maxi ?!? Hace 9 horas
Yenno, if you look closely outside an airplane window, you can see the curve of the earth馃槀
Araya K
Araya K Hace 9 horas
Next up: dinosaurs are a myth and penguins don鈥檛 exist 馃拃
MrLightMan Milk
MrLightMan Milk Hace 2 horas
@Legion No I'm serious, the earth is totally flat. I'm too good for yall
Legion Hace 2 horas
@MrLightMan Milk No and no. I hope you're trolling.
MrLightMan Milk
MrLightMan Milk Hace 9 horas
Dinosaurs are a myth though and the earth is flat
Yeemo Trash
Yeemo Trash Hace 9 horas
I love how confident the flat earthers are in their beliefs....it just makes them look stupider
Multi Skyz
Multi Skyz Hace 10 horas
10:13 鈥渢hey think we鈥檙e uneducated?鈥 THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN HIS VOICE LMAOO
Yeemo Trash
Yeemo Trash Hace 10 horas
I keep forgetting there are actual people who believe the earth is flat
amy big daddy
amy big daddy Hace 10 horas
Dovax !
Dovax ! Hace 10 horas
What does the goverment get out of lying and saying that the earth is a globe and not flat? What's the point of it? These people clearly need to get their brains checked
Starfighter7806 Hace 10 horas
well, this makes Christians look bad, the Bible doesn't teahc that the earth is flat. just thought i would say this so people don"t think all Christians are insane...
Thicc_Pepe_Boi Hace 10 horas
I just came back here rewatch this Video. I was watching SpaceX Launch.
I would have just started throwing punches...
Arion Hace 11 horas
This sadly is one of your worst videos. Flat earth believers, or people who believe in conspiracy stories(, and you cannot call them theories, as this term is reserved for scientific use only), are poor minds who fell victim to their basic psychological needs of security, approval and control over their lives, which they feel can be satisfied by oversimplifying matters that they don't understand. While it remains necessary to treat such people in a humane manner and respecting them as people, it is very misleading portraying their opinions as respectable or even reasonable in any way. Also, the media makes the message. The way in which you convey information, insights on flat earth views, in this case, is very lacking and again, misleading. It is an absolute necessity to state very clearly, before entering any public discussion, what the circumstances are, meaning that you need to clarify that there IS a wrong opinion, that there IS a scientific consensus on the other side of those who were misled. Having them discuss a disproved belief, which actually doesn't allow for a proper discussion anyway, in a 50/50 pro/con ratio is nothing but false balancing, setting a false starting point for the topic. If you wanted a realistic approach, you should have confronted 1 believer with like a 1000 scientist. And no, that's not unfair, it's the only reasonable approach to such an intrinsically misleading discussion. While we're at it - promoting this stupidity of a video by putting a rhetorical question like "Can we trust science?" in the title makes things even worse. It encourages us to watch the video with a sceptical mindset, where scepticism is nothing near appropriate. And I'm not saying it is bad to use such questions in titles altogether, it'd definitely fit an analysis of mistakes made in science, questioning the ethical principles or something. But using it here just propagates, and I know I'm repeating myself, but this is very important, a BELIEF that's is empirically proven to be WRONG. Soooo, I sincerely hope this doesn't just disappear, unread and unnoticed, though even if it does, I'm glad I at least put it out there. I know it's been half a year since the video released, yet I figured I'd rather comment now than not at all. Also, please excuse any language mistakes, I am not a native speaker.
Ved Srikar
Ved Srikar Hace 11 horas
I view the other side as uneducated. Flat dumbers:oh yaa Scientists: IDGAF
M酶ses 228
M酶ses 228 Hace 12 horas
This hurts my soul.
Ved Srikar
Ved Srikar Hace 12 horas
The internet has played an important part in confirming my view on this topic Flat Dumbers: Oh Yeah. Scientists: That鈥檚 the problem
Nothing will change if you vote for me
Nothing will change if you vote for me Hace 12 horas
You'll never win an argument with idiots or religious people.
Afiq Danial
Afiq Danial Hace 12 horas
that woman just didn't want to lose.lmao
Gravity Clipz
Gravity Clipz Hace 12 horas
I like how the flat earth Earther鈥檚 skills don鈥檛 even apply to science or knowledge that much. Besides it definitely is a fact that all scientist know the earth isn鈥檛 flat. I鈥檓 not sure if the flat earth鈥檚 are just being a troll or serious because I would be sad if they really believed the earth is flat
Rahul Krishna
Rahul Krishna Hace 12 horas
Do astronaut vs flat earther next
Eren Hunter
Eren Hunter Hace 12 horas
Trying to explain to the flat earther that the earth is round is like telling a kid that his/her imaginary friends isn't real
Danny Gwirtz
Danny Gwirtz Hace 12 horas
It must suck to be this paranoid, and that paranoia had nothing to do with drugs.
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno Hace 13 horas
Cringe level: maximum
Sophia Orcino
Sophia Orcino Hace 13 horas
This is hurting my brain
Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia Hace 13 horas
This was difficult to get through 馃樀
Presty Testy
Presty Testy Hace 13 horas
Hasse& Sture
Hasse& Sture Hace 13 horas
If they would send a homemade rocket 50ft upp they would see the curv of the earth
Chrstphre Campbell
Chrstphre Campbell Hace 14 horas
this is too disorganized.
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