FKA twigs - holy terrain feat. Future

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FKA twigs

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FKA twigs ft. Future
‘holy terrain’
Director(s): FKA twigs & Nick Walker
Production Company: Object & Animal
Exec Producer(s): Morgan Clement & Justin Benoliel
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography: Natasha Braier
A.D: Ev Salomon
Styling: Matthew Josephs
Hair: B. Thomas
Make-up: Daniel Sallstrom
Production Design: JC Molina
Choreography: Tovaris Wilson & Theo TJ Lowe
Dancers: Latonya Swan, Yuki Murauchi, Frankie Freeman, Lexee Smith, Zaya Newborn, Caryn Mueller, Tydryn Monet, Tori Caro
Edit: Andy McGraw @ Cartel
VFX: The Mill
VFX: Cartel
Nebula Design: Teun van der Zalm
Special Thanks: Jake The Bull

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blackbird163 Hace 6 horas
OMG yessss! Love it girl
K Trina
K Trina Hace 7 horas
For everyone hating on Future feat - twigs wanted him on a track, means she had a reason, respect that, she has her vision. I only wish the guy appeared in the video, he always has terrific style.
*Wait.... Where the hell has the eye on her stomach disappeared to?*
Joschua Hace un día
Yung Rapunxel by Azealia Banks
issa m æ ł ï şş ā
issa m æ ł ï şş ā Hace un día
They literally need to make a vampire movie so FKA can play Akasha the vampire queen
YoRHa11Z Hace 2 días
Why is this song not on the radio but Normani's shitty flop song Motivation is? Like what is hip hop radio doing?
you ain’t my boyfriend
you ain’t my boyfriend Hace 2 días
her voice is so unique omg
you ain’t my boyfriend
you ain’t my boyfriend Hace 2 días
this deserves more recognition!
Kanishka Bhardwaj
Kanishka Bhardwaj Hace 3 días
Can someone please tell me what the Hindi sounding backing vocals are? They are so good and nostalgic. I guess I've heard them somewhere and there is a separate song of those chantings.
David Peterson
David Peterson Hace 3 días
If Aaliyah and Marilyn Manson had an offspring.... She's fucking awesome
Michelle Abreu
Michelle Abreu Hace 3 días
Damn ❤️♥️❤️
henrymiller81 Hace 4 días
WTF einfach WUNDERBAR !!!!
Dr. Smiley Face
Dr. Smiley Face Hace 4 días
henrymiller81 I know
Andrea Hace 4 días
What sweet poison...
JaShin Hace 4 días
The group choreo at the end is so well done
Aust Sant
Aust Sant Hace 4 días
I wanna see bts of the choreography!! This is so amazing!!
Don Kapsalon
Don Kapsalon Hace 4 días
please don't let future ruin the whole album..
Kirs Tron
Kirs Tron Hace 4 días
God damn it I love her.
Radius Hace 4 días
I’ll be honest, her last few songs have been over my head music/video wise, but I always love her lyrics
Lilly Brown
Lilly Brown Hace 4 días
If aaliyah, Sade and Mya had a baby it would be this uniquely beautiful creature
Marc Larouche
Marc Larouche Hace 4 días
why does this sound like a song tinashe denied
Dr. Smiley Face
Dr. Smiley Face Hace 4 días
Marc Larouche right
Singh Songs
Singh Songs Hace 4 días
this is lit
chavoksg 60
chavoksg 60 Hace 4 días
Gypsy Season
Halley Bruno
Halley Bruno Hace 4 días
Fka twigs is bomb and this song is so empowering but FUTURE is a clown. He is exactly the fuck boy that Twigs is singing about.
Roberto L.
Roberto L. Hace 5 días
I sense some Madonna's Frozen vibes here (and I love it): - desert ✓ - overall dark, cold theme ✓ - witchy feeling ✓ - middle orient elements ✓ - hands focused dance ✓ - a deluded woman ✓
yay yay
yay yay Hace 5 días
she's like human nagini
Emily Hace 5 días
This choreo😩
shon giles
shon giles Hace 5 días
Lyrical creativity. Formally Known As turns subjects we've heard all too much and makes them interesting again. Twiggs turn the mundane into magnificent; true talent.
JentoSchaf Hace 6 días
hot witch summer
undram selenge
undram selenge Hace 6 días
Cant get enough of this
Amigo Muchachos
Amigo Muchachos Hace 6 días
This is so fucking good. I think I'm in love with her.
Karma Koma
Karma Koma Hace 6 días
Wow! Black witches are so cool!!! Salut from Russia!
Kamila Utegen
Kamila Utegen Hace 6 días
this moment 1:44. Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Karolina Lisowski
Karolina Lisowski Hace 7 días
Oh? This? ssslappington!
dxccount Hace 7 días
She is one of the best artists in the world.
Tinashe who???
Nookie Thephithack
Nookie Thephithack Hace 7 días
She really underrated..great video
Queen Shadey
Queen Shadey Hace 7 días
Once you go 0.75x speed you don’t go back
Queen Shadey
Queen Shadey Hace 7 días
Once you go 1.25x speed you don’t go back
MGEE Hace 2 días
Make up your mind
Cellophane: emotional holy terrain: anger home with you: bop
Beatriz Zampilis
Beatriz Zampilis Hace 3 días
Looks more like taking your own vitality in hands and playing with it... For me...
linda lohan
linda lohan Hace 4 días
this doesn't seem anger to me. More like pitty? Please, talk!
shahar fy
shahar fy Hace 7 días
I miss Arca's production
shahar fy
shahar fy Hace 6 días
@nana 007 but she didn't produce it even though she has a credit on something very minor in the production... I miss her production here as she is not even a co-produced here... I didn't say anything about the writing...
nana 007
nana 007 Hace 6 días
This Song Arcra help to Write and She Posted on Twitter
Lore Industries
Lore Industries Hace 7 días
The female version of Sasuke Uchiha
Skeleton Harvester
Skeleton Harvester Hace 7 días
Why is FKA TWIGS having this loser ruin her track w his auto tune jibberish? Why not partner w amazing real singers and musicians like yourself? Like Saul Williams! Now that would be dope!
Sammy-Joe Samuels
Sammy-Joe Samuels Hace 7 días
Its a song for trap witches
notwit Hace 7 días
i was born like this stalkers had nothing to do with it stalkers were the holding back i saw you all along underneath it all, your intention you can't stop me or pin my self-done only development on your intereference
Holly Taylor
Holly Taylor Hace 7 días
Egyptian witchcraft 😍 apis bull and my desert sands. 💓
nayara frances
nayara frances Hace 8 días
essas mulheres fazendo bicicletinha são tudo!
Joseph Romero Rojas
Joseph Romero Rojas Hace 8 días
I'm still waiting for a collaboration with Tinashe!!
Juliana Jesus
Juliana Jesus Hace 8 días
very good
kutie k
kutie k Hace 8 días
Víctor Alexander
Víctor Alexander Hace 8 días
Sabrina Vibes
Vini Arruda
Vini Arruda Hace 8 días
Tudo pra mim
L Gsus
L Gsus Hace 8 días
¡Que vivan Las brujas de todos lados del mundo!
Rico Dupree
Rico Dupree Hace 8 días
ik y’all seen that lost is it artistic or religious
Dr. Smiley Face
Dr. Smiley Face Hace 4 días
Rico Dupree goat where😂😂😂
dxccount Hace 7 días
Rico Dupree most artists nowadays put religious symbols in their videos
ChiPipil Hace 8 días
Reminds me of Madonna’s Frozen~
IytsChyyLove Hace 8 días
“ Hot pink when you open up my SWEET thighs “ 🤪
Andrew Mendoza
Andrew Mendoza Hace 8 días
How come she look like Tinashe
Alexey Katiev
Alexey Katiev Hace 9 días
Comparing to “Home with you” and “Cellophane” it is a boring bullshit.
CrispyMallow Hace 9 días
I actually like futures verse
Manu Macron
Manu Macron Hace 9 días
this is graceful
A H Hace 9 días
Who’s here after watching the twitter video where that buff white guy lap dances on that other white guy?
LeA'nda Shaw
LeA'nda Shaw Hace 9 días
Go head twigs 💜
edwin rick
edwin rick Hace 9 días
Another creepy artist. Basically GAGA influence so much nowaday
musa masibo
musa masibo Hace 9 días
Puddinz Hace 9 días
Was listening to this when i was high asf and now im so addicted to this song and her
Ariana Leichnitz
Ariana Leichnitz Hace 9 días
I wish someone would make an edit without future lol
Aline Alves
Aline Alves Hace 9 días
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0 Hace 9 días
Shes always killing it!
Nadia Ayye
Nadia Ayye Hace 9 días
Yung Rapunxel called, she wants her dumbass red eye contact back.
Mother Brain
Mother Brain Hace 9 días
hot and weird
Hassan Ali Khan
Hassan Ali Khan Hace 9 días
Sonar 🐋🐳🐬if you hear it
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