Five Nights at Freddy's Escape Room Challenge!!

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Team Edge

Team Edge

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Hey guys! We played Five Nights at Freddy's in real life! And, we made an escape room too. Let us know what you think down below!!
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Maślanka Pl
Maślanka Pl Hace 5 horas
Lubię to po polsku nie możecie się nauczyć polskiego proszę was
Jeremy Simpson
Jeremy Simpson Hace 7 horas
Why didn't they just break open the machine like j-fred did?
Panos gamer 16
Panos gamer 16 Hace 23 horas
oh wow they finaly did another fnaf video and first EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT FNAF
Phantom Links
Phantom Links Hace un día
They got the clue on the wall from residence evil two💀
YaBoi Thunder
YaBoi Thunder Hace un día
Do a part 2 escape room.
Carbon Hace 2 días
1:16 Bryan’s new profile picture
Vanessa Guzman
Vanessa Guzman Hace 2 días
Answer to the first question and part 1 Endoskeleton
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes Hace 2 días
I honestly want those plushies
Μαρια Μαρκακη
Μαρια Μαρκακη Hace 3 días
You dont know the hole story of FNAF seriously
Toy storm Troopers
Toy storm Troopers Hace 3 días
I know about that is a funny
Denton Bramble
Denton Bramble Hace 4 días
My trick is 2 shut the doors rrever
Nicholas A
Nicholas A Hace 4 días
Everything fine until you see a yellow rabbit with a knife
Jasminka Kozić
Jasminka Kozić Hace 5 días
I LOVE the fnaf things
TOY CHRIS plush perduchin's
TOY CHRIS plush perduchin's Hace 5 días
I loooooooooovvvvvvvveeeee five nights at Freddy's
They are not technically monsters, they are lost souls that are stuffed inside suits therefore they possess the suits
Bradley light bear
Bradley light bear Hace 6 días
there are dead souls of the children who let the puppet posses the animotronics and they want revenge
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Diaz Hace 6 días
His eyes turn to red at 0:40
Rachel Agramonte
Rachel Agramonte Hace 6 días
0:39 when he say "from a plae like chucky cheese 2 red eyes light up on the left and when i relized i was like nope
ManiacalMac Hace 6 días
Only nightmare animatronics
Julissa Alfaro
Julissa Alfaro Hace 6 días
Their not monsters there children
Chrisstie Anderson
Chrisstie Anderson Hace 6 días
So you don’t want to do the FBI OPEN up!
Just Me
Just Me Hace 7 días
kelly macias
kelly macias Hace 7 días
In FNAF 4 there are no cameras, foxy should be in a closet in the same room as you. You are playing as a child and you physically have to go up to the door, listen to breathing and close the door. Don't shine your flashlight at the animatronics they will jumpscare you. And also you haven't watched Game theory, Fnaf is really complicated. I still love you Team Edge
Aidennadar 272
Aidennadar 272 Hace 8 días
" defend of ANIMATRONICS "
william delos reyes
william delos reyes Hace 8 días
Bobby is gay 😂🤣🤣
EmiCraft Chile
EmiCraft Chile Hace 8 días
Skyler Shankland
Skyler Shankland Hace 8 días
Resident evil reference
Sander Hockey
Sander Hockey Hace 8 días
The creepy part is that they had the nightmare version of fnaf masks
•Nightmare Wølf•
•Nightmare Wølf• Hace 9 días
Which members were the FNAF characters?
12:14-12:17 what the heck is happening?
Andrew Akkawi
Andrew Akkawi Hace 10 días
Or is that what FNAF is or is it. (People who know the Lore know what I am talking about)
oshie koshie
oshie koshie Hace 10 días
Did any body else catch that the clue that they made was taken from the resident evil 2 remake with the same puzzle
A. Rocks
A. Rocks Hace 10 días
I love fnaf
Sara yotued
Sara yotued Hace 11 días
We want more of this👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Trex Bk M
Trex Bk M Hace 11 días
Fnaf is not scary
Kahliyah Sherman
Kahliyah Sherman Hace 11 días
I know every fnaf character even characters who aren’t even in the game like foddy
Drake Niday
Drake Niday Hace 8 días
xoxogenio Hace 11 días
xoxogenio Hace 11 días
Taifoon Gamer
Taifoon Gamer Hace 11 días
6:47 who’s that mysterious man no one notice
Phantom GhostFazbear
Phantom GhostFazbear Hace 11 días
You should invite me to play me as Funtime Freddy I'll bring a Bonnie plush to throw at you
Maria Aviles
Maria Aviles Hace 12 días
At 0:42 did anybody see nightmare freedy before he scared bryan and J-JFRED
Tjxck Hace 12 días
bonnie was wood from the channel wood
Ginge chicken
Ginge chicken Hace 12 días
I love when they do fnaf based videos 😂
BR3 3ZY Hace 12 días
0:43 who else noticed the red glowing eyes?
Eleanna Velasquez
Eleanna Velasquez Hace 12 días
Eleanna Velasquez
Eleanna Velasquez Hace 12 días
They’re not monsters there are many in the Tronics it’s five nights at Freddy’s
Sabin Orr
Sabin Orr Hace 12 días
Michelle Filpo
Michelle Filpo Hace 12 días
Fnaf was gonna be made with live but then Scott removed the live since you would only get one live
Davis Flowers
Davis Flowers Hace 12 días
Love ❤️ five nights at Freddy’s
Nancee Walker
Nancee Walker Hace 13 días
* my scary side * I'd love to do that! * my gut * plz no... * me personally * I want to really bad... but from experience in FNAF... I'd like to be the person scaring... PLZ HIRE ME!!!
Richard schaunaman
Richard schaunaman Hace 13 días
What's Five Nights at Freddy's?
Flamecat Hace 13 días
Well five night’s at Freddy’s are not monsters they are animal Tronics not monsters 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Mewtwo Gaming
Mewtwo Gaming Hace 13 días
Animatronics are basically robots which were used to play in a pizza eating place. Someone called Purple Guy who acted as the security guard lured kids into a employee’s only room and killed them. Then those souls possessed the suits and the metal inside and became full of life with the kid’s souls inside. The reason they would go after the security guard who is you is because they were killed from someone in the exact same suit so they would attack anybody in a suit that looks like it. C:
Emi Hace 13 días
Oh I would hug everyone
Htake Tin Lay
Htake Tin Lay Hace 14 días
Do fnaf 2
Tramp Tutorials
Tramp Tutorials Hace 14 días
0:32 simple! Simple SIMPLE 😡😳
Ignacio Albarracin
Ignacio Albarracin Hace 14 días
Can you do more of these video but whith different people like bobby kevin?
Bloon Mages
Bloon Mages Hace 14 días
Can we see the view of the monsters
Julie Matthis
Julie Matthis Hace 14 días
Remember there's nightmare foxy nightmare Bonnie and nightmare chica nightmare Freddy
Richard schaunaman
Richard schaunaman Hace 14 días
It Was FNAF Escape Room Challenge
Tholakele Malinga
Tholakele Malinga Hace 14 días
Rileydam09 M
Rileydam09 M Hace 14 días
Cassi Coetzee
Cassi Coetzee Hace 14 días
James Ornelas
James Ornelas Hace 14 días
I now the game
Cico N' pape
Cico N' pape Hace 14 días
I want FNaF fugure or plush but im From Bosnia and i have only 2 dollars do you now where i can buy FNaF Tfigure or plush for 2 dollars
Eli The NightGuy
Eli The NightGuy Hace 15 días
What’s a rock
Jack Bossepticeye
Jack Bossepticeye Hace 15 días
Go Watch Eddie Vr He Calls It Five Nasty Ass Fools
Suspended Flame
Suspended Flame Hace 16 días
imagine if someone makes this video as a fnaf fan game
Brian C
Brian C Hace 16 días
\/\/ W VV
Kam Langione
Kam Langione Hace 16 días
There is a point in the actual video game that foxy puts his arms up and he is supposed to run attack the security doors
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