Five Nights at Freddy's Escape Room Challenge!!

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Team Edge

Team Edge

Hace 5 meses

Hey guys! We played Five Nights at Freddy's in real life! And, we made an escape room too. Let us know what you think down below!!
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Samantha Kenny
Samantha Kenny Hace 14 horas
Add a new rule or survive until 6:00 am
Sean Christensen
Sean Christensen Hace 19 horas
You should do a fnaf vid with markiplier
Juno joyo
Juno joyo Hace un día
I'm Gonna Die If I Try That!
gurdeepsamana2931 Hace un día
Iiik the whale story of the world
Rayyan Razif
Rayyan Razif Hace 3 días
mash up gamer
mash up gamer Hace 3 días
how was this in 2020
Robrox III
Robrox III Hace 6 días
Can you do the same thing but you are in a mase and you have to get in the middle and you can only use the cam 6 times
The Star Wars boi 123
The Star Wars boi 123 Hace 8 días
Fnaf:a master piece. Fnaf on a budget be like:
Johan Alexander Fauni
Johan Alexander Fauni Hace 8 días
Them trying to escape with ideas Me:kicks door and breaks door down Also me: see's animatronics me gets water and spils it at them
Phoenix Ze Protogen
Phoenix Ze Protogen Hace 8 días
Can we get another Fnaf Challenge where the Main Cast try to Survive against Fnaf Cosplayers, It would be really cool and funny
TheVirtualMelon Hace 8 días
Ryan: *Gets scared of an animotronic Also Ryan: Proceeds to look at it
Yolanda Riojas
Yolanda Riojas Hace 8 días
Can you do a video but instead of being the security guard you can be the attackers like if you agree
Heather Ware
Heather Ware Hace 9 días
Press like if You saw that light turned on
Sahak Azadian
Sahak Azadian Hace 9 días
Why was Bryan the best at the game wasn't he the most scared???!!!😆🙂
The_egg_roll Gamers
The_egg_roll Gamers Hace 9 días
Galeano og
Galeano og Hace 10 días
love god and jesus
Snp_ Shark
Snp_ Shark Hace 11 días
Davidthebeast 5847
Davidthebeast 5847 Hace 11 días
I think you guys play this fnaf in a different way but it doesn't matter atleast you did good
Amelia Strahan
Amelia Strahan Hace 12 días
Love how they copied the RE2 chess puzzle
Cody Ivvel
Cody Ivvel Hace 12 días
Since this is fnaf 3 its gonna be fnaf 4 next
M.e.l Gąchą
M.e.l Gąchą Hace 13 días
Tosca Reed
Tosca Reed Hace 13 días
I love your ESwomen channel
William Afton
William Afton Hace 13 días
Well thats just my life with extra steps
Jade mccreary
Jade mccreary Hace 13 días
can i join in when make a niter on for us me and my brother is happy that you make it and here a secret is call fredbear and nightmare that there name you forgot to but them in!!!!!!!
CallMeNoOne Hace 13 días
I got a glitch on a video where I could see peoples code names for ESwomen here they are UCD18n8j2Qqsj6IirXCRztrQ UCcmDY_tSFN3EiD_CC4ChA1w UCnqDVK3Tl71fiMrWuTfTEeQ UCvTAvi26mOZGN2ft_e9l1FA UCMv42b0mvoEbiEVQdxTPtRQ that's all I found
Dark Stalker
Dark Stalker Hace 14 días
It's fnaf 4
Tiger Olson
Tiger Olson Hace 14 días
12:13 face 😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Brantley
Joe Brantley Hace 16 días
JC GWE poops his pants
peace maker
peace maker Hace 16 días
I love fnaf so I love you
Heaven Gonzales
Heaven Gonzales Hace 17 días
Look in the hole
Natalie Eichen
Natalie Eichen Hace 17 días
Ahhhhhh haha I LOVE FNAF
Acoustic Happiness and stuff
Acoustic Happiness and stuff Hace 17 días
omg this is to easy
nawaf almeshwet
nawaf almeshwet Hace 17 días
Jennifer Hopp
Jennifer Hopp Hace 17 días
This is going to make me have bad dreams again
Bridoggster Hace 18 días
Did you know that they dead kids
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming Hace 18 días
Them: It’s a pretty simple game Jigsaw: it’s a pretty simple fun game That’s what’s in my head
Margaret Redner
Margaret Redner Hace 18 días
I was just watching the black light flash light part. He was like, "What does this mean? How does it help??" Me, who has played tons of logic games: "How do yoy not know how logic works!?" I got very annoyed.
SwampFox Industries LLC
SwampFox Industries LLC Hace 18 días
cool I love fnaf
Fritzy Hace 18 días
0:42 no joke them eyes and costume I actually freaked out so much I didnt sleep the whole night I'm not even joking because my alarm clock lights is red so it looks like those eyes :(
FireStone The Pride Knight
FireStone The Pride Knight Hace 19 días
I have a nightmare foxy costume too I really want to scare people just like you gis
Dank Memes
Dank Memes Hace 19 días
Fnaf ar be like:
RosalinaA A
RosalinaA A Hace 19 días
4:47 is it me or is there lights passing the camera....
Constantino Aguirre Vilar
Constantino Aguirre Vilar Hace 19 días
Arturo Paredes
Arturo Paredes Hace 19 días
They say “ITS A SIMPLE GAME” ...... 1 live left
Arturo Paredes
Arturo Paredes Hace 19 días
Lives 0
Senix_ Pl
Senix_ Pl Hace 19 días
They need to upgrade costumes xd
Sarah Bodill
Sarah Bodill Hace 19 días
Welllllllllllllll not a very simple game if you know it well -.-
Lukáš Hace 19 días
Guys I want play with you 😂
ryan smith
ryan smith Hace 20 días
That’s 😎
Donavan Anderson
Donavan Anderson Hace 20 días
Five nights at Freddy's characters are children stuck in suits because somebody killed them
Peter Filou
Peter Filou Hace 20 días
That fun
purple guy
purple guy Hace 20 días
you should do a fnaf three vid
Glitch Hace 21 un día
I know fnaf, and I saw those thing in that exact cosplay I’d beat the crap out of it
Jacqueline Flor
Jacqueline Flor Hace 21 un día
I love fnaf
Adrian ArmsHellotrong
Adrian ArmsHellotrong Hace 21 un día
I’m familiar from five nights at Freddy’s I know William Afton and spy Caulton
mccreamy 3
mccreamy 3 Hace 21 un día
Origin Sonic [Hard Mode]
Origin Sonic [Hard Mode] Hace 21 un día
At 0:42 Did anyone notice red eyes in the back?
Noob Kid2
Noob Kid2 Hace 21 un día
0:42 :o look at the top right
Jessie Peplinski
Jessie Peplinski Hace 19 días
You mean left
Emiliano Guillen
Emiliano Guillen Hace 21 un día
Ok so I’m just trying out the way you guys have to go get some stuff for the kids to come home
XProGamer :v
XProGamer :v Hace 22 días
Buen video
Dam C
Dam C Hace 22 días
I love you guys! You make good videos!
Aiko Itachi Hinata
Aiko Itachi Hinata Hace 22 días
I think if you sleep there in a second in the room its to much satisfying
hoody and masky
hoody and masky Hace 22 días
Brian:I'm the serity gard) me: ITS A NIGHT GARD:
Mr. Noop
Mr. Noop Hace 22 días
The Fnaf VR 😂😁😂😂😂😤😌😭
Rock pickmins land
Rock pickmins land Hace 22 días
They're possessed by the souls of dead children
Sebi And Flib
Sebi And Flib Hace 22 días
If you don't know any thing about the lore of fnaf, don't do fnaf. and those costumes suck.
ELCRACK pinxe crack
ELCRACK pinxe crack Hace 23 días
Im spanish
Waxs Dog
Waxs Dog Hace 23 días
Arman Cabrera
Arman Cabrera Hace 23 días
0:43 did anyone notices withered bonnie
Iza Tea
Iza Tea Hace 24 días
Joey, amazing omg bro-
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