First win on Season 11 Fortnite

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Hace 29 días

I queued in when the update dropped and won my first game on chapter 2 season 11 fortnite -- Watch live at

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Comikazie Hace 29 días
first win I think ever, literally clicked play when the servers came up
neon Hace 4 días
your first game is full of bots
kim g
kim g Hace 13 días
This is coooool...i love this
Muhammad Zuberi
Muhammad Zuberi Hace 14 días
I have 16 kills with a win
Muhammad Zuberi
Muhammad Zuberi Hace 14 días
LupeC2 Եհҽ ɾҽӀíɑҍӀҽ
LupeC2 Եհҽ ɾҽӀíɑҍӀҽ Hace 17 días
Same, but my ps4 broke and we got it fixed and after i redownloaded fortnite i instantly won
Antoskyy Hace 5 horas
I too won first gane
silent gaming
silent gaming Hace 12 horas
HUNTER #0 Hace un día
You can no longer make gestures when you win at the end of the game
creativeboy 101
creativeboy 101 Hace 2 días
You need sniping lessons
Elick Wolfe
Elick Wolfe Hace 3 días
Your trash
Janice Walters
Janice Walters Hace 4 días
I love creative destruction
Janice Walters
Janice Walters Hace 4 días
Hah hah😂😂😂
Hallzae Hace 4 días
14:37 dem leeegzz
Shante Jackson
Shante Jackson Hace 4 días
Don't like
Shante Jackson
Shante Jackson Hace 4 días
I unliked because of you you just want to sniper your dumb
Bronwyn Seaborn
Bronwyn Seaborn Hace 5 días
I am actually MadMaxterYt
Mrki Gaming
Mrki Gaming Hace 5 días
Can smone give me batlle pass? My name is UrKe_KD_Lucky
Devi Serenity
Devi Serenity Hace 5 días
Hell no
gachalife boy progamer
gachalife boy progamer Hace 6 días
Yeah boi
Shaila Khalid
Shaila Khalid Hace 6 días
Your aim is bot first two kills😂
Jana Borisova
Jana Borisova Hace 7 días
Nai hybavata igra prekrasnae 😁
Xiaxix xx
Xiaxix xx Hace 8 días
Bruh they made the games full with bots your first time
Debbie Murphy
Debbie Murphy Hace 9 días
The most underrated fortnite player Comikazie
O-L -E-K
O-L -E-K Hace 9 días
Allah'ın noobu
Ali Amiri
Ali Amiri Hace 9 días
But that whole game is bots!
Mega Time
Mega Time Hace 9 días
I bet fornite is gonna be back and mine craft long gone just sayin mincraft gotta make that update good
Dylon Exley
Dylon Exley Hace 10 días
I won my first game as well
Elli Naughton
Elli Naughton Hace 10 días
Tfue can you add me on fortnite my name is jackladjones and today I got 5wins
Tylan Lockett
Tylan Lockett Hace 10 días
I'm better than you 1v1 Monday November the 4 add me let's 1v1 I win I get everything in the item shop footnote name solowillmill
igetBeat Hace 10 días
I won the first match too
Yeeday 2
Yeeday 2 Hace 10 días
I just hoped on my first real solo game on chapter two and got a 10 bomb and won it’s too easy
Jennifer I
Jennifer I Hace 11 días
Mao 666 dislikes the devil is here
HiGuy Pokemon900525
HiGuy Pokemon900525 Hace 11 días
i got a win on my frist game two
Petar Blagojevic
Petar Blagojevic Hace 11 días
I know bro i meet bots too!
isa fener
isa fener Hace 11 días
I kinda dark try to put your brightness on max
Josh Scarce
Josh Scarce Hace 12 días
What do you mean kid iPad graphic and textures are way better than pc
Ayden Phongsavath
Ayden Phongsavath Hace 12 días
Dude i somehow suck at fortnite but i still won with more kills
RAG3_Xtreme Hace 12 días
Comi will regret take the grey pump over the purple tac
Bikesh bhetwal
Bikesh bhetwal Hace 12 días
Ur a bot ...who leaves a purple tac in place of a gray pump
Caleb Wisehart
Caleb Wisehart Hace 12 días
I literally got 19 kills for that first match
One Sick Assassin
One Sick Assassin Hace 13 días
I Houston code fresh
Frailin Feliz
Frailin Feliz Hace 13 días
Like si eres bueno jugando Fortnite
Levi Lopez
Levi Lopez Hace 13 días
U are the worse sniper
Matteo Tejedor
Matteo Tejedor Hace 13 días
Dude I have an alt account so I hopped on that like october 30 and i had to do the first game thing and everyone was booty i dropped a 42 bomb
___lrb ___
___lrb ___ Hace 14 días
Im gonna start playing again havent play since s5
Gazmend Rexhaj
Gazmend Rexhaj Hace 14 días
Andy Bell
Andy Bell Hace 14 días
I won aswell
Treysin Taylor-Parata
Treysin Taylor-Parata Hace 14 días
sweting on us we get it your good
Ádám Ferge
Ádám Ferge Hace 14 días
You killed me
Muhammad Zuberi
Muhammad Zuberi Hace 14 días
Hey subscribe me other wise your mom will never let you play
Muhammad Zuberi
Muhammad Zuberi Hace 14 días
SpArkX Hace 15 días
I win first game too but with 20 kills lol
KLS TM Hace 15 días
Tlmb Gold
Tlmb Gold Hace 15 días
I got 16 first game lol
Anda Abdellatif
Anda Abdellatif Hace 16 días
Lile fre fir
Anda Abdellatif
Anda Abdellatif Hace 16 días
Fortnite best
Verica Oro
Verica Oro Hace 16 días
Like brzo
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace 16 días
Epic battles 🕹
Gavin Haiflich
Gavin Haiflich Hace 16 días
my first game on season 11 was a 23 kill and that is going to be my record for a while
Sarah Lepick
Sarah Lepick Hace 16 días
Comment if loserfrot is better than ssniperwolf like but how is better at sniping?????
Sarah Lepick
Sarah Lepick Hace 16 días
Sarah Lepick
Sarah Lepick Hace 16 días
Boris Ban
Boris Ban Hace 17 días
This is only torutial bots have names
Jacobb Hace 17 días
Why can’t I get slow motion
Nino Seiti
Nino Seiti Hace 17 días
MATTPRIME Hace 17 días
damn he camped the whole game
John flores jr.
John flores jr. Hace 17 días
This guy sucks at amying
Tom Raft
Tom Raft Hace 18 días
This game was only bots
Meisam Ali
Meisam Ali Hace 18 días
Play as a looser
haimide haimide
haimide haimide Hace 18 días
you are trash
Bibi Sofia
Bibi Sofia Hace 18 días
No one: Literally no one: Comi: •sees epic shotgun• Imma pretend I didn’t see that! •Leaves epic shotgun and keeps the grey one•
xzytes bbb
xzytes bbb Hace 2 días
I don't know who else will do that LMAO EPIC SHOTGUN: *kill me*
SeNora Spikes
SeNora Spikes Hace 19 días
VyanGamer567 Hace 19 días
There all bots at the start
Luis Alberto Rodriguez Boullosa
Luis Alberto Rodriguez Boullosa Hace 20 días
Comi:"One Win Every 10 Minutes.." Me:One Win Every Month...
Kurupt 166
Kurupt 166 Hace 20 días
Just started playing 40 minutes ago for the first time. And won... Getting kills is easy and addicting. I think I am hooked
Fara Garoruga
Fara Garoruga Hace 21 un día
"That guy is a sweat", he said while hiding in his builds 90% of the game
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